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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Dazzled_by_Cullens »

Well Thank you for all the BDAY wishes my lovlies!

And of course now i need to wish my most awesome muppet extraodinaire lovely London gal SASSY SARAH the most HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVER!!!

Hello all newbies- I am Megan also known as Megs/McMegs. Whichever name you choose I shall answer too, lol. I just turned 27 yesterday and live in Chicago, IL.

Janny-OMG I love your description of the anita blake novels! Jezz now I want to go and read them too-but honestly I don’t have the time to start a new series! Ekkk yes sad I know, but the life had gotten busy.

OK will come back laters when I have more time to post properly. Having a crazy backside day that is beyond words to describe and my head is currently underwater i believe, lol. Man over board! But i really want to give a shout out to the bday girl. Love and hugs to you all!
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Ally_Cat »

animegaijingirl wrote: EDIT: obs, surely the pee question doesn't work as vamps can't pee, tho they can't get people preggers either so maybe I'm wrong... ;)
[ Post made via Mobile Device ]
I was thinking the same thing Becs! Haha, however if they can I would choose Jasper because he is my favorite and that is all the reason I need.
Speaking of Jasper - I love Jackson, but whatever those makeup/hair people do to him to make him "jasper" is awful and kills his natural good looks - I digress. But anyway, look for some images from the japanese manga versions of the Twilight series and the illustrated addidtion of twilight (not sure if they are the same graphics, can't find any of both same parts to compare) for some really hawt true to description pics of Jasper.

Johnny & Laura - I was lucky to get to hear them when Sarah was here visting. They are both great musicians, loved their stuff :D

Hello Newbies!! I'm Ally, a fellow southerner (shout out to vampnerd) in South Carolina. I'm a junior in college studying Business - specifically Finance (yay its so exciting :roll: ) That's it for now, not very exciting when my life is classes and homework 24/7.

Becs - FB is being a jerk and I can't find the FB message I sent you with the beginnings of our anime discussion. No rush on you, but if you get a second one from me it is because I've got stuff to add but a missing message. Stupid Facebook.

Finally - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the recent celebrators :D Wish I had an income so I could send you all cute, fun gifts.

Me stuff:
1) it seems like I need to think about my top 5 list, or whatever its called. a new project :D
2) It's been crazy week - 2 tests and a paper. Still have 2 tests next week and a big report due monday plus an event Thursday that my duo is over. I will survive!
3) Got an A on my Finance exam - I wonder how much an A it really is, since my prof. grades based on mean and standard deviation aka my 70.4 last time was an A b/c it was the 2nd highest in the class. Gotta keep those grades up so I can go to a fancy grad school in a couple years.

That's it for today ♥hugs all around!!
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by vampirenerd »

So before I drag myself to bed (which makes me feel old since it's only 9:45) I had to come on here and comment. On my way home I heard the new Selena Gomez song. I was listening to it and was thinking how I really liked it, then the dj says it's her and I was like "no way". I must say I'm glad to finally hear a Disney Channel star that can actually sing, and sing songs that aren't annoying as heck.

Anyhow, my day has been LONG and boring and I wanted to go to BAM to check out some of these books but I ended up having to work until 9. So, I'm going to be an old person and go to bed early lol
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by PaulinhaBrasil »

Hello newbies! My name is Paula, I’m 28/Gemini, a crazy Smutty Book Addict from Brasil. Welcome!

Welcome BACK Soniaaaaaaaaaaaa! *hug*

Nucking Futs Obs – Yeah, that is pretty much Sherrylin Kennyon’s style, but Disney??? Are you kidding me?!?!?!? If that is so, read Emma Holly and you’ll be spoiled for life! Yay for Anita Blake” :D

Janny – Anita Blake, I have them here, whispering to me, calling… I think I’ll start after finishing this one I’m reading, The Perfect Lover by Stephanie Laurens. Then it will be us 3 fangirling :lol: !!!

Jen – Joins us!! Now I’m really reading Anita!! *excited sigh* :mrgreen:

Twilight question:
I would be stranded with Emmet and I would just say “Pass the Vodka”! hahaha The Mythbusters proved that it is as effective as bodily fluids. BTW do Stephenie Meyer’s vamps pee :?:

Vampirenerd – Hi! Check out my blog for some books reviews. It is a work in progress but one I love. I ♥ smut too and you just found the best place where the smut lovers gather!

Me news:
Still looking for a job. Things are tight around here and sometimes I think I’ll have a panic attack, but in the end I seem to draw patience from the ether and carry on. My cousin asked me to make the sweets he sells in his restaurant, let’s see how this will work out.

*TMI* warning

I’ve been on a weird phase lately. I have PCO and I have taken the pill for 12 years nonstop. I was used to have my cycle clocked and knowing when I would be closed for business is always a plus. But I had terrible PMS and depression, so, I decided to stop taking the pill. Now, not only I don’t have the slightest clue when my cycle is coming to an end, I only see that I’m PMSing after it is in full swing. As in I spent the last 2 weeks feeling like poo and just now, that the cycle ended and I’m closed for business that I realized what was going on. And to top that I was completely surprised by it at 4am and no pads in the house! NIGTMARE! Anyway, I feel cheated. No matter what I do, I can’t have a normal existence. With the pill = PMS, no Sexual Drive and Depression; Without the pill = PMS, and the possibility of Endometrial Cancer when I’m 40. I know that a shinny happy existence is utopic but gosh… I need a break; all this has taken a tool on my quality of life and made it grey… several shades of it. The worst part is, I got my sexual drive back and there is no FREAKING way I would have sex without knowing that have a secondary birth control method. I simply don’t trust condoms, not on them alone.
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by CappuGirl »

It's alive, ALIVE! :lol: The thread, that is. Thanks for Honey for pointing it out on FB or I might have not remembered to check all day, or even week. Thanks for NEWBIES for the CPR!

Welcome to said Newbies. *waves* Wow, so many at once. Cool. I'm Maria aka Cappu; though I drink more macchiato and lattes nowdays, so should probably come up with a new name. I'm a mom of three living in sin with their daddy, but that's okay since I've got very flat hair *wink* I'm a 28yo Finn and love music, movies, TV, books, architecture and I guess cooking too.

Hmm, when it was pointed out that vampire pee might not work for that situation as human's do, I had this funny recollection that I read somewhere that Meyer's vampire's all bodily fluids are venom; including tears, pee and sperm. Then I remembered it was just something I read on the original forum a year ago. Some people there had analyzed this stuff way too much! :lol: So yeah, I'd ask Emmet to share a bottle of vodka with me. ;) BTW, good thing this was about vamps peeing on us; we all know dogs lift their leg on everything anyway...

I'm googling all these smuty books, though I might have done it before. But now I've got this great place to find them books thanks to Paula aka Smalls aka Silly Nocturnal Horndog ;) aka my partner in crime aka my unbiological sister.

you all. Happy easter to all!
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by jasmine »

therealmrswhitlock wrote:
Anita Blake--will check them out--wereleopard just made me interested. Haha Janny--Merry Gentry does multiples a LOT and those books also get smuttier as they go. And I love Laurel Hamilton, so I should like them. But first I must finish The Crystal Cave (I have to see what happens to Myrddin--that's Welsh for Merlin)

I keep telling you people--especially Paulie--if you want the "MINE" factor, freaking read the Carpathian books by Christine Feehan---great smut, the MINE factor definitely there (especially when werewolves are introduced), one girl even got obstinate so her mate just picked her up and carried her home, LOL, and a good storyline to back them up.
Im not really into merry gentry, read the first two, and they arent bad..its not really into the fearies more intpo vamps and lycanthorpes. And i just totally adore anita and her lovers..

About the carpathian'll find that people here who've read them WONT agree with you.
I read the first and boy oh boy, did I feel stupid i didnt order IAD. Paulinha warned me not to buy the rest and I totally agree.
Sorry, but i really think its badly written and the men in the book are wayyyyyyy to bossy. qa 'mine' factor is great, IF they let their woman be who they are and not FORCE them into stuff like carpathians do. Nope, def not a series for me.

Oh megs please read them when you find the time
and Paulinha, please do, i would love to talk to you about the males in it *grins*
I read anita blake before BDB so its my fav smut EVAH, but BDB is a good second place.

Cant wait for iad to come in and see if PAulinha was right :)

@paulinha, can't you tried out some other pills? A lot of woman get depresseed or pms from a pil.l, but of they try out diff ones that might help.

me stuff: online stuff is not really getting through to me lately , i dont know why. it's like i almost feel happy whwen i dont go online for a couple of days, only to be annoyed about having missed lots when i get online again. Its probably the weird weather and not really being spring yet. Maybe still part of the winterdepression.
ALso, theres been some stuff going on thats been getting to me emotionally and i just think i dont have any energy left fot other things.

on that note..i still have to get started in my EFF outfit..and its on april 25th, i really have to -make- time. especially now that i have to make a new leather skirt, because i cant find the one i already had.
Also, my blog's been keeping me awake. Im not sure how to lure people in commenting on the blog instead of on fora and facebook and stuff. And to lure new people into reading and following.

Oh I forgot to introduce myself to the newbees...
Im Jasmine, aka Janny, from the netherlands. Im 28, been with my beloved for almost 6,5 yrs (april 10th), and been married to him since July 24th 2008. I live with 3 crazy cats who ruin our house, but i still love them. Im a stepmom to Merlijn, who is 11. I love being creative, making clothing, jewelry, fiddling with makeup and so on.
My looks might be described as goth, even though im not one. Im into metal, mostly folk, but all other kinds aswell. But I listen to almost anything, classical, pop, etc. No hiphop or r&b though.
Ive had my own business designing, making and selling clothing, but its now a hobby again. I work at Lush Mailorder in Amsterdam. And I have a blog, which you can find in my undersign, please comment and follow :)

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by obieewok »

jasmine wrote:@oobs YEAY! *jumps up and down excitedly*
Don't forget, the first books arent as smutty as the rest. I mean, in the beginning shes even single..later on shes doing over 5(?)...some all at the same time.. :lol:
Oh.........My.........Goodness. Wowza! Anita just got a bit more interesting lol. Ok. I'm convinced, and will read, since you are going to start IAD, which I really enjoyed.

And @ Janny, I agree----I feel all happy and less anxious when I go days without being online, because honestly, I just don't have the time to keep up. But then, I log on to facebook or whatev and BAM---like sixty notifications and then I feel HORRID. So you are sooooo not alone. OH----I'm sort of kind of maybe a little getting into the Dark Hunter books---I'm finding I sort of like this Kyrian or whatev his name is more than Julian, so there is hope. And like I told Paulie, my bestbud is reading them, and I'm so friggin tired of hearing about this Acheron dude I could scream----all she does is stare at his book at Barnes and Noble because she says she's not to it yet in the series, so she can't get it yet. But she wants to, and everytime I have to tackle her in the paranormal romance section before she makes it to the counter to buy the sucker. All she says is that he's "mysterious". You'd think he had beer flavored nipples or something the way you guys love him. But now I'm all intrigued about beer nip dude, so I'm continuing.

And before anyone says anything about how much smutty books I read, I have to say this: SUCK. IT. HARD. lol. I'm a mom of two kids with a husband who thinks romance begins with cable late night programming and ends with beef jerky (it's actually a pretty good setup we got going here) so these books are ALL THAT I HAVE. Unless you want to explain to my kids why I left them for a male dancer, you let me have this!

@Vamp----Booksamillion lol. We haven't had one of those around Big Dallas in FOREVER. Ever since Borders and Barnes and Noble came to town and jacked up prices, BooksAMil packed up and ran. And yes, sometimes I hear myself recorded or something and I'm like "Who put the redneck on?" It's really really bad when I talk to family back home in East Texas. I lost my accent after taking speech classes in college. But anytime you get me on the phone with any relative/friend back home, things automatically take a bad turn and things like "Uwontto" (You want to) or "getter done" come out of my mouth and I want to face plant. Hubs, who's a Dallas native, things it's adorable while I think it's horrid. He makes me say "yall come back now, ya hear?" a lot. Buttcruncher.

And the only Disney person I'd go anywhere near is Zac Efron, and seriously, it'd only be to stare and possibly drug and drag back to my lair (aka the McDonald's playarea off Highway 20).

@Becs----YOUTUBAGE now please!!!!!!! And how is James-y-poo today? For all the newbies on here, Becs man is actually MY man, and he's on rent to her for the time being. He BEST be returned in an either "Slighty Used" or "Like New" condition or else it's about to get crunk up in here.

I have no idea what crunk or crunking is, but I'm so cool I really don't need to.

I'm GLOBAL NOW!!!!!!!!!!! I'll give you time to compose yourselves, because I know you are just as crunked up about this as I am. I mailed two packages this week, one to Brasil, which I always spell Brazil, but according to natives it's Brasil so SUCK IT and then I mailed one to Scotland. Wonder who these are going to? Hmmmm. The Scotland one was easy, because I just outsourced that shoot mushroom, but the Brasil one? I had to go to the actual USPS---and that's a scary place to go. And the chick behind the counter knew even LESS about mailing stuff outside of podunk Texas than I did. So there is a chance my package will end up in like New Zealand or the Baltic Sea, so who knows. Alls I know is that I filled out a customs form all by myself, with big girl panties on and everything. Next up on my list? I'm totally mailing something to Amsterdam, because it just sounds cool to mail something to like the Netherlands. I totally thought they were made up, just what we called our privates until Janny said she lived there. Weird.....

I should so get a sticker for this. I smelly one. They make smelly stickers anymore? Smelly stickers were awesome.

If vamps can get a human knocked up, well then I say they can pee on your foot. And if it does turn out to be venom, well.....oops. That's really going to hurt. But focus on the good---you are on a freaking desert island with just one Cullen for cryin' out loud.

Hmmmm.....bossy Carpathians, eh? Might be worth a look see. What's weird is that I love to read these paranormal books where the dudes are all "I'm caveman, hear me roar" dominant types, but the moment in real life hubs tells me to "shake a leg on dinner" the frying pan goes flying out of my hand at his head. So in theory, I'm submissive, where in life I'm a total hag. So if these Carpathian dudes are all "mine" on paper, I might be into that. And what's a freaking Carpathian anyway? I see it and think fish. Carp. Fish. See?

What up Cappu???? How's that fine specimen of man you call hubs doin?

(um, yeah, I'm sort of a ho when it comes to the men that the lex girls occupy thereselves with.)

I'm bored out of my mind---it's the end of the month, which means BUDGET TIME. Since I'm in Finance we only really work at the end and beginning of the month and the rest of the time is spent playing solitaire and staring at that dude who works in sales, who is hot but who leaves TWO buttons unbuttoned on his shirt, so he's sort of a tool but easy on the eyes. Today I'm working on my Hoshin Kanri budget, and I'm pretty sure ALLY just got all excited at my nerd lingo. Hoshin Kanri is "a strategic planning initative used by companies to direct them towards a common goal" or as I like to put it "an even bigger pain in my poopershooter than usual". Oh, congrats on that Finance test Als. Pretty soon you'll graduate and become the bitter shell that I am now. Yeah!:)

Sales dude just came from working out. I'm going to go sniff him for a bit and then grab a kit kat. Smooches to all of you, tongue to a few of you. OH whatthehey---tongue for all of you!

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by animegaijingirl »

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by jasmine »

@oobs, i WORK in amsterdam....there actually ARE other cities and villages in the netherlands...weird huh :P
We live in Alkmaar, cheese city of NL. Apparantly thats something to be proud of...*frowns*

I just got a package from the USA, everyday minerals..and customs took my package(which has EEVER happened before) and i had to pay taxes. Wasnt so bad, because the package was worth like 50 euros incl shipping, BUT then theres this dutch postaloffice that has to fill in a form, and charches 12,50 euros for it! So now, i have a package that costs 50 euros incl shipping, and had t pay 22 euro MORE because of those f*tards. *sigh*/ BUt i really like the stuff i got though, so..oh wel.. It's just..i could have bought so much other stuff for 22 euros...bluh.

Carpathians...wel oobs...i dont think you'd like them. IF you didnt like the first dark hunter books, i dont think you'll like the first carpathian book. It's not very well written and they are pretty vageu about all the carpathian stuff. An the 'mine' factor wasnt like BDB, more like a spoiled kid's 'mine'....
Just ask paulinha, she wasnt too thrilled about the series either..

ahhhh the glory that is Acheron....well...he is mysterious...and goth...and handsome...and he has a dragontatt..and..well.....i was the same with the acheron book....and i felt pretty sad when i finished it..i want more acheron.. :)

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by CappuGirl »

What up Cappu???? How's that fine specimen of man you call hubs doin?
:lol: He's horny as hell. Wanna come relief him? ;)

Paula. I agree with the girls about taking another pill. Minipills might actually work. They're usually offered to new moms who are still breast feeding, because they work, but they have the hormones differently so they won't affect the breast milk quality. Maybe it would work for you. There are so many pills to choose from. I'm on Yasmin now and I'm pretty OK. Hellava lot better than when I was on Nuvaring, and *fudge* was that thing awkward and root of all evil! :evil:

I listened the first ten chapters of the first Anita Blake book today. It was pretty OK, until there were wererats. WERERATS! Oh gawd... I imagine that guy from Primeval (brittish tvshow) who has a rat-like face but is still kinda cute; and man did I laugh! :lol: I may give the book another chance tomorrow. I'll just chant "they said the first one was the worst one, it's gonna get better". 8-)

ps. made a couple of more sigs. some of them are ok. :lol:

AKA Mac de Mar :lol:
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