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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 12:27 pm
by CappuGirl
Wow Janny! Nice growth on the blog followers. How many more did you get when you put up that give away? :D

Updating the Stats:
Name: Maria / Cappu / never really had a nickname. I'd love some.
Year you graced us by being born: 1982 - Heart of Lapland, Finland
Slave to da man?: I wish!
Spawn?: 3, girl 8yo and boys 3&5 ♥
Doing anyone?: My baby daddy :lol: engaged. lol. but living in sin. which is called "wolf couple" (susipari) in Finland sometimes.
Tats/Piercings: non, i'm a virgin with this stuff. I'll pierce my ears in the next 2 years some time, preferably at the same time as my daughter. Maybe she'll want them soon when all her friends get them. I've always wanted to pierce my navel. And i want tattoos. :P
Attracted to: Nice guys/girls with an edge. I don't want to limit anything more than that. As long as it's all legal.
Turn offs: fake people, apathetic people, constant complainers, the blame is always on someone else, irresponsible, sexism, closed minded. (rudely copied from my lovely Smalls. great minds think alike)
TV Watching: Big Bang Theory, True Blood, House, The Vampire Diaries, Caprica, Supernatural, CSI's, NCIS, Psych, Ghost whisperer, How I met your mother, Brothers and sisters, Three rivers, L word, etc... and loads of shows that allow me to see lovely houses all over the World. and cooking shows.
Reading: Patricia Briggs: Moon called (1st Mercy Thompson book), Immortals after dark-series soon, 2nd book of the Dresden files as audiobook (read by James Marsters ♥ I love how his voice echoes thru my body. lol)
Favorite movie of all time: I can't just pick one. I'm a movie/music/TV lover. i called Sleepless in Seattle my favorite on my teens, but I think something like Back to the future-trilogy, Star wars-saga, action/comedy/adventure/romantic-mixes would be closer to the truth.

:lol: oh my! I totally died laughing, OBS!

Thanks for the smiles and laughs, people. Perked up this gloomy day. We've been stuck inside all day since most of us are sick. That being the kids. R thought she wasn't so she went to her friend and then came home crying hours later because her head hurt and she was warm. So she had a chewy kids' pill and took a little rest. The boys are mostly snot and tired. S just said his ear hurts. :( damnit. The tired-part makes me really worried because usually when they're sick, it only really shows at night and they're their usual wild monkeys all day. They're a little warm, says hubby but hubby doesn't know that those degrees he measured are usual for our kids. He should know; they inherited that from him. I keep waiting for them to turn werewolves. Or at least that my hubs would turn into a hot native american guy, Alex-like. I wish! xD He only has Paul's personality. And he keeps dryhumping and biting me this weekend. WTF is up with that? Major turnoff for me when he acts too pushy. Oh, wandered off subject again. Nice.. hmm, I guess I need to drive this load to the doc's tomorrow or monday.

Jobhunting high and low... Haven't heard anything from most of the places I sent applications to. No new ones at sight. I had one interview yesterday but I wasn't sure what the job was supposed to be like so I didn't know how to prepare for it. So I just tested myself with some job interview-questions I have listed here somewhere and tried to find ways to relax and get over my usual problems. Like keeping eyecontact. I always feel uncomfortable keeping eyecontact. The interview was in a small room with big windows to the river that kept pulling my attention, but I fought the urge and kept staring at the interviewer's eyes. Which were kinda awesome, almost quillette-like. The dude had a finnish name but looked totally what I'd think italian. Maybe his mama had a fun holiday 24 years ago. I wouldn't mind working with that. ;) short curly dark brown hair, dark eyes, dark brown skin and the man came to the room straight from a gym. daaaaamn. He kept looking at me and my eyes so I guess I succeeded in keeping the eye contact. It was a joined interview with another girl. She had experience in teh field of telemarketing (yep, it's f'ing telemarketing) and i talked kinda badly, I think. There are 65 other people up for the job. Mr. dark eyes will call me monday 4pm if I get it. I'm not even sure I want it because it's f'ing telemarketing and I hate telemarketers like the H1N1. But it pays pretty good and even better if I actually manage to sell stuff. And the stuff would be cellphone-numbers and such, so that would probably be nicer and easier than selling magazines. I had to fill out a paper before the interview and one of the guestions was when I can start. I put in may 3rd, because I'll need 2weeks to get daycare for the boys anyways, and by that time I should have had heard from the other places too. If they'll have me at the telem. place, I'll go try it out. At least I get something to ad to my resume...

Sharing my dinner with you nice folk. :) ... -with.html

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 1:02 pm
by roseaurora
obieewok wrote:
ps----For ladies who like romance novels (because I know some don't) and are turned on by big alpha males that are Scottish---I know, I know. Romance novel? Phhfff. Turn your nose up all you want, but I'm telling you----those Maccarrick brother novels (there are only three, and no more after that) are GOOD. So do yourself a favor and buy these books by Kresley Cole at a Barnes and Noble, Booksamillion, Borders, cousin Greta's garage sale, etc; get some candles, some ribs (because I get hungry when I'm hot and bothered. What? You don't? Weird.) and lock the hubs and kids out of the house and fall in lust with these big bossy highlanders, who like to be all "mine" and boss the chicks around, but get their egos handed right on back to them by some sassy Obs-style biznatches.

And this concludes your smut recommendation for the week.
Thanks for the recommendation Obs! I am rereading the Outlander series right now and some fresh Scottish sexiness would be great too! I never realized just how sexy a kilt can be.

Paula: Outlander is a great series of books about Jamie Fraser. Its hard to classify because it is a mix of a lot: Historical fiction, romance, sci fi... its a really great mix. The story starts out in Scotland in 1945, just after WWII ends. Claire is there with her husband, they are trying to reconnect after be apart during the war. Claire ends up going back in time and finds herself in the same area in Scotland but in 1743. This is where she meets Jamie *swoon*. There are 7 books in the series right now, word is that there will be at least one more (better be! She left some cliff hangers at the end of the last one!). They are longer books, ranging from 700 to over 1000 pages, but they are pretty quick reads. Although there are one or two that are a little slower than the others. I HIGHLY recommend them! And I really really want to take a trip to Scotland now. The history aspect of the books is fantastic and spread from the '45 in Scotland (when Prince Charles tried to reclaim the throne from England) to the American Revolution... England sure had their hands full at this time in history!

I don't think there is any way I can keep up with all the posts and all the new people, but I will try my best :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, I'll have my nose stuck in my law school books most of the weekend, missing Jamie :lol:

Update on the e-book price wars (specifically with the Kindle but I imagine it will effect all of them) for anyone who cares: Its the publishers who are doing it, the "Big 5" in NY won't allow Amazon to sell Kindle edition books wholesale any longer and are setting the prices themselves, often at the same price as the hardback editions or even more than. Greedy ********!!! Random House is the only one that is letting Amazon do their own thing and negotiations are still going on with Penguin, which is why Lover Mine and Dead in the Family are not currently available to order. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Penguin does the right thing because I would love to support the authors by buying their book (for my Kindle) but refuse to do so if the cost makes no sense... and I won't buy the physical book either...

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 2:01 pm
by therealmrswhitlock
Hello lexlings! I actually have a book recommendation for anyone who likes Irish folklore, witches, vampires, and time travel. These books are really good, they're called The Circle Trilogy. The book names are Morrigan's Cross, Dance of the Gods, and Valley of Silence, and they are written by Nora Roberts.

Brief summary: The Goddess Morrigan commissions a "circle" of six to fight the demon Lillith (a vampire). She appears first to Hoyt, hundreds of years in the past when people still revered Stonehenge, as he's trying to kill his brother, Cian, who Lillith has made into a vampire. He is a sorcerer, and he's commissioned to find a warrior, a scholar, a witch, a princess, and "one who is lost", the last being Cian. Things get confusing when Hoyt is sent to our time to find his brother, Cian, who by this time has given up feeding on humans, and is out to get Lillith. After various travelling backward and forward through time, and even to another realm at one point, the circle is complete. There is romance, each book focusing on a different couple, angst, because Cian hates being a vampire and watching the people he loves die, and action, because, after all, it's about one huge battle in the end, isn't it? Really good read---one of the few I want to read again!

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 11:13 pm
by Ally_Cat
Quick Note:

I went to the Catawba Pow Wow (local native american tribe) held in town and featured tribes from the whole US.
Tons of fun, but PLUS:
I got to see in person the woman who played Pocohontas' voice in the Disney film. Unfortunately did not get to officialy meet her due to rude rednecks pushing around and away :(
Still a great Disney moment I wanted to share.

That is all.

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2010 3:29 am
by dimber
Hi there! It's really hard to keep up with all your posts, guys, even though I'm stuck at home wih nothing to do. Some days ago I had to run to E.R. because I had some bad belly contractions. It's nothing serious and the child is more than ok. But they can be dangerous from the second semester on so, since I'm finishing my 3rd month, the doctors told me to rest as much as possible. So work, no walks, not even going out for some minutes: I'm stuck in bed (or the couch) and can get up only to eat and go to the bathroom. Next week I'll have the monthly check-up with my doctor and she'll decide if I can go back to work or must stay at home until the end of the pregnancy...fingers crossed. I don't like being at home with no chance to go out but I'd anything for this child.
We still don't know if it's a girl or a boy because it is always with its legs crossed: maybe it feels that there are a lot of expectations, especially from its not-so-nice grampa (who absolutely wants it to be a boy with his name and surname). Since it seems it's stubborn and restless like mom it keeps its legs crossed and moves here and took 10 minutes last time to measure it :lol:

Well, guys, fingers crossed...I guess all this free time can be useful: I have an exam in July so I can study a bit and, who knows, maybe go back to my novel ;) At least, I have a lot of tv series and books waiting for me.
I've already seen the last episodes of The Vampire Diaries and Flashforward. I think I'll go back to True Blood and The Fringe in a couple of days :mrgreen:

Updating the Stats:
Name: Chiara
Nicknames: Dimber, Chicca, Belva
Year you graced us by being born: 1979- Italy
Slave to da man?: I'm a teacher
Spawn?: the first is on its way ♥
Doing anyone?: My husband, of's been 9 years now between dating, engagement and marriage
Tats/Piercings: 1 tattoo, 5 earrings, 1 piercing
Attracted to: curly hairs, tall guys, Ireland and all things Irish, nice smiles
Turn offs: hypocrisy, lies, bigotry, narrow-mindedness
TV Watching: Lost, Flashforward, Fringe, Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Ghost Whisperer, History channel docs, Nat Geo docs and cooking shows 8-)
Reading: Percy Jackson series, book 1; some books about pregnancy and children; a biography of Che Guevara
Favorite movie of all time: The Lord of the Rings - favourite book as well

I have a question for all of you: is there anyone working with Fimo and Cernit? I've read that it's quite easy if you're a bit "artistic" and you can make nice stuff...if the doc says I have to stay home I might give it a try. Any suggestions?

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2010 4:36 am
by Nocturnal Lure
Updating the Stats:

Name: Sidney
Nicknames: Nocturnal Lure, LostBoy
Year you graced us by being born: 1975 The Netherlands
Slave to da man?: Dayshift manager at Hollands largest cable company
Spawn?: a boy, Merlijn
Doing anyone?: As often as she let me, my wife, the beautifull Jasmine
Tats/Piercings: 7 tattoos ( dragon on my chest, Odin s ravens, pentagram with a cresent moon, two wolf paw prints with runes, a celtic knot with my name in runes and a celtic knot depicitng three wolves ) and more on the way...
Attracted to: Michievous smile, large eyes, slender neck, rock, goth or metal clothing style...
Turn offs: Barbie women, foul mouth, bossy/ bitchy, nagging
TV Watching: Familly Guy, SouthPark, MythBusters, Documentaries on the supernatural
Reading: Anything Horror, SciFi or Urban Fantasy
Favorite movie of all time: Near Dark, Bram Stokers Dracula, To Die for, The Lost Boys, StarWars, The Matrix, LOrd of The Rings

What I was missing here was games, but maybe the forum is a bit too girly for that :D

Here it is anyways...

Games: Halo3, Mass Effect 1&2, Dragon Age origins, Bayonetta, Devil may Cry, anything Castlevania, The Legacy of Kain series, The Darkness, Oblivion, Fable 1&2

love, Sidney

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2010 7:32 pm
by vampirenerd
So, first I guess I should fill out this survey thing:

Name: Emily
Nicknames: Em, Emmy
Year you graced us by being born: 1987 in Mississippi, USA
Slave to da man?: yes, training to take over the family business
Spawn?: not for awhile, hopefully
Doing anyone?: yes, my hubby of six months (we've been together for five years)
Tats/Piercings: tongue ring and gauged ears (I'm up to a six)...used to have my lip pierced twice and a Marilyn and will have those again someday...I have three starts tatooed on the inside of my right will be a fleur de lis on the inside of my left wrist, starts on my ribs (right side), and eventually when I have kids their names somewhere on my body
Attracted to: nice smiles, great humor, tatoos and piercings, and just recently facial hair lol
Turn offs: being overly cocky, bad teeth, pessimism, fakeness
TV Watching: Criminal Minds, NCIS, Glee, Clean House, and pretty much any reality show (they're good for a laugh)
Reading: I'm checking out the smut recommendations lol
Favorite movie of all time: Boondock Saints, any Monty Python movie, American history X, the original Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, pretty much anything nerdy lol

Ok, so this weekend we decided we were going to stop being a lazy, old married couple and actually go out. Friday we went out and ate mexican with a few friends and I had a couple margaritas. Afterwards we all just hung out, catching up, and drinking. Needless to say I drank WAY too much and we got home around midnight. Saturday night we went out again and I ended up drinking WAY too much and got home around 2. Well, this morning I had to wake up at 6:30 to take my youngest brother to his soccer games on the coast...which is about an hour and a half away. First of all I have a raging hangover and the smell of food on the way down almost made me sick. Then we get there and the sun is shining its little butt off. We were at the soccer fields for about five hours, and I applied SPF50 sunscreen FIVE times. I get home, look at my skin and I have a freaking sunburn!!! Of course I have vampire skin and my family makes fun of me all the time b/c they're ALL dark complected other than me. Needless to say, the next time I'm buying something higher than SPF50. My mom tried to convince me to just let myself burn...according to her once you burn for the first time it turns to tan the next times. Well, she is extremely dark (and doesn't try to tan) so maybe that works, I for one don't want to find out though.

Other than that my weekend has been extremely uneventful.

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2010 10:36 pm
by ihadanEdwardRush
I'm doing it!! I think I had done the other Getting to Know You thing so I'm accomplishing this one now. Thanks Becca for this one:

Screen Name: ihadanEdwardRush
Name/nicknames: Honey/Honeythestripper (I'm actually not using this one but Obbs branded me that so yeah I'm bragging haha)
Country: Philippines (a country from South East Asia near the equator)
Nationality(or ties): Filipino
Primary Language: ours called "Tagalog" but I speak and write English too and now just enrolled myself for a Dutch language class to be used for the work.
Year of Birth: 1982

and lastly:
Do you like me (Becca): HELL YEAH!! :)

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:40 pm
by dazzel21
IHADANEDWARDRUSH - *waves madly* Hi! Fellow Filipina.

Okay so I had a blast last Sunday. I had a, no not a night out cause we went out during the afternoon, so an afternoon out with my college friends. We went to Trinoma and drown ourselves in Red Box. I think we damaged some of their speakers as my friends tends to shout while singing a tuneless song. :lol: :lol: Had a lot to catch up.

Started watching Vampire Diaries last Friday. And I become addicted to it, didn't sleep until I was finished with the series. Now my love for Edward is tied up with Stefan. I like Damon too, though he's evil and sinister he had his moments. And he keeps the series 'alive' with his evil antics. I'm planning to get the Vampire Diaries book, although according to my good friend, Wikepedia, the tv show is a lot different from the books. I don't care I want to read more about Stefan.

Music, I can't stop listening to Never Say Never by The Fray since last night. I kept playing it on my ipod, before I fell asleep last night, after I woke up this morning, during shower, eating breakfast, my commute to work. Even now as I'm typing this I'm still humming the song...

Oooppsss, lunch break. Time sure flies fast...See you later

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:34 am
by Wingtear
*strolls in whistling, pretending it wasn't 15 or so pages since she graced her beloved lexlings with her awesome presence*

Name: Ninna
Year you graced us by being born: 1983
Locale: Finland
Slave to da man?: well, to the pup is more correctly ;) but postal worker for real
Spawn?: one little dragon-pup
Doing anyone?: not really, but I guess the hubby wishes :roll:
Attracted to: chocolate, a undisturbed nights sleep, massages and foot-baths
Turn offs: "reality" TV-shows...
TV Watching: I regret to say I watch all kind of crap while nursing, but Stargate Universe and Big Bang Theory are bright spots
Reading: the Host, at a pace of one chapter a week :(
Lex member you want to recommend: most of the, they're all great
Favorite movie of all time: right now I love Avatar passionately

What else do you people want to know? I'm the biggest dragon to ever rule this lex, I'm the bi.. female dog who runs the wolf-lovers in this thread and well, I think RPatts was one of the worst choices for Edward they could have made

Screen Name: Wingtear
Name/nicknames: Ninna
Country: Finland
Nationality(or ties): Finnish (though, I'm an Ålander in the first place)
Primary Language: Swedish
Year of Birth: 1983

and lastly:
Do you like me (Becca): I love my Becca-Boo :D

out of time, the pup is crying. See ya sometime...