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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by CappuGirl »

The sassy Sarah wrote:
*Sings. Well she says sings. More like screeches* Maria. I just met a girl named Maaarrriiiaaa. Did you hear back from the interview? What’ Mr Dark eyes say?
That one really made Blondie's Maria sing in my head now. For days. Thanks for that. :lol:
I didn't hear from Mr. Italian-eyes-but-is-totally-Finn-who-moved-in-town-to-play-for-a-local-sports-town-few-years-ago-but-works-as-telemarketer-too. Wow, the sports teams in this town must be paying their players badly. I guess they only called for the ones that got hired. oh well, that was... and experience. I feel kinda funny about it since I didn't know if I even actually wanted that particular job. I guess he saw that i wasn't fit for a marketing job like that. I don't like pushing products to people like telemarketers do. I like the kind of customer service where the customer is actually glad that I'm talking to him/her, you know? 8-) I would have loved a job though. Oh well, another day, another job application. There's actually a new ad this week. It's a waiter/cook/customer service-job at a all-you-can-eat-place. I'd like restaurant work. I'm not quite sure I'm 100% what they're looking for either, but I'll put in an application for purely recreational reasons. :lol: Well I would have to write up that application and I do like writing...

I was totally loving the awesomeness post that is Ter's. :lol: You go girl! Tackle that temp. All though I do suspect that if he did not fall for the pushed up glitter-thing, maybe he is.. you know.. gay. i'd totally be staring at your boobs by now. and look; you got Ninna's panties on a twist. What's with her; trying to rescue the poor temp?
Oh. And hey, Cody wants you to whip him? Or whip you? lol. this thread surely isn't for the younger generations...

New Dr. Who. I haven't really been watching this lately. is it still the same show or another new one? That guy on lil Sami's sig does look kinda cute. Maybe I'll check it out.

BTW, where's our Star tripping Sami aka Big Sami from around here? Miss heeeeeeer! ♥

Janny & Sid. Sid seems awful naturalistic and comfortable with his nudity. :lol: Are you sure he isn't a Finn? Just one ancester from like 8 generations back would do. The sauna culture sticks so thick. lol. I could totally picture Sid around here in summer time, running butt naked from the sauna to the lake with all the other finn boys. :lol: OK, I'll shut up now in the fear of Janny's wrath.

btw, I still think they should have a sauna in the Twilight movies' sets for the wolf boys. Then they'd actually be warm and have that warm after-sauna-glow, you know... Well, Ninna might know.

I'll run for the hills now. Just sending lots of love to my sisling lexter Paula ♥♥♥ *hugs and smooches*
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by SarahGoddard »

SenorGimp wrote:(apologies for the short length of this post, I just read for ages, and then promptly forgot everything I read (stupid lack of coffee), so...)
Obie, do what you did with me when you were trying to get me in line...
bust out the studded whip.
gotta go,
Much love,
So you dont post for ages, I big you up big time in mine then I get no reference and instead your straight in after Obie wanting her studded whip...? :evil:

Sounds about right actually. Why am I surprised? Hehe :lol:
Twilight<3 wrote:David Tennant was the Doctor for the second longest period of time, save Baker. He was getting old and, as much as I loved him, it was time for a new doctor. So whether you want to admit it or not, it had to happen. So I suggest you learn to love Matt Smith (or at least tolerate him) because he's not going any time soon. The Doctor isn't supposed to be a sex symbol.
Time for a new Doctor?!
Isnt supposed to be a sex symbol?!?

My whole belief system has been questioned...need to go have a little lay down. *Lays down for 30 seconds* Sorry Twilight <3 I choose to disregard all of the above :D

Aww Ninna YOUR a sweetie...I mean Big scary Dragon ("I'm not Bean...") He's a cutie Dragon Pup I think he can be forgiven for smelling a bit when hes smile is THAT adorable!

Oh Maria if you think Matt's cute (which I do not. On top of everything else he looks like my sisters boyf who drives me insane so never in a Month of Mondays would I ever find Matt Smith attractive) you NEED to check out David Tennant. He's gorgeous, especially when he slips into his Scottish Brogue in the "Tooth and Claw" episode...*Swoons*

Currently in the middle of first day of new job. I'm not slacking, its my lunch hour. Promise. Its all going good, office is really cool. AND there's a Greggs right round the corner! Becca you know how important that is. Greggs is a really cheap bakers chain that sells scrummy pasties, sandwiches, donuts etc. You'd think I'd be sick of it given it was my first job as a Saturday girl years ago but nope - still love it!

Ok thats about from me so I be offski now.

Love and Smooches to you ALL (Thats what you get for going off with Obs Snowflake - I be smooching all my Lexlings. So there! :P )

~1/2 of the infamous Snowgod~
Sarah just needs her Lexily to get her through the day.
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Nocturnal Lure »

therealmrswhitlock : Yeah I knew about the gamerladies in here, just using my virtual poking stick to get some attention... ;-). Xbox is sucking my soul as good as ever, there just aren't that many new games at the moment... I am having a small Halo3 revival thingy in preparation of the coming Halo Reach. We got a whole clan started at work... no ladies there though.

Obie : Missed you too... If I was wearing a shirt I'd take it off for you, right now I am wearing a towel.

SarahGoddard : I'll try to stick around this time.

CappuGirl : Nope, no Finnish blood, Celtic blood... and I am not walking around naked all the time, just a lot... uhm most... oh well, just not all the time. It's because I experience temperature an average 10 degrees Celsius higher then other people. I ride my bike to work in a t-shirt while people are still scraping the ice off their car windows in the morning.

On Diabetes : Had my regular check up today and all is well, for now. No meds upgrade at this time.

Dr Who : Though I think Tennant was awesome, my fave Dr's remain; Christopher Eccleston for making the Dr someone more real with an actual mean streak and moral flaws, a somewhat more complex tough guy... and Peter Davidson, he was the first Dr I knew. I have yet to see any episodes with the new Doctor though.

Jasmine's Giveaway : Everybody signed up for that right, everybody is spreading the word right....

* looks around with a menacing glance in his eye, knowing very well the effect of his gaze. One by one he looks them in the eyes, penetrating their souls and claiming their deepest thoughts as hidden treasure as he whispers softly "remember". A thousand miles or a hundred years would not have been enough to escape his words....."remember"...*

You did remember right? ;-)

Love you all,

May the moon light your path,

Nocturnal Lure

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by animegaijingirl »

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by obieewok »

*Runs into the Lex Cafeteria - looks around - yells FIGHTTTTTTT!*

I KNEW Doctor Who would be a hot button issue.

Tennant lovers to the left, Smith lovers to the right. It's just like Edward and Jake dudes----some are going to hate, some are going to love. I, as far as Smith goes, am still on the left. But if it makes the (dude, what's a noob? I like it. Leave it to Becs to come up with some snappy Scottish curse word that's probably not even real.Gods how I want to make out with her and then steal five bucks from her purse.)Smith lovers happy, I didn't like Tennant right away either. I had never even HEARD of Doctor Who until halfway into the Eccleston season, and hubs made me watch it. Fell in love, had babies with Eccleston, and then no one freaking told me about this little thing called "regeneration". So cue my wrath when my baby daddy suddenly morphs into Tennant, looking all nerdy hot. Took three episodes, then adoption papers were filed to move the product of my loins over to Tennant. So take everything I say about Matt Smith with that grain of salt. But I'm saying it now---I don't like his face. But you know, he could probably have the face of animated He-man (he was HAWT) and the body of Marky Mark when Marky Mark was with the funky bunch, not sans funky bunch, and I still wouldn't like him right off the bat. He's probably a fine actor, and he might prove great for the role to me in a few episodes, but right now---my loins ACHE for Tennant. And I didn't find Tennant old at all. What was he, like thirty something? Unless he's drawing AARP benefits or something, he's still young. I thought because of him we got a younger crowd watching it. And while I like Moffat's whole scary vibe (not as much as Halls on here, who wants to have Moffat babies), Davies OWNED it. That man is responsible for my dreams harboring a Tennant-Obs-Barrowman smandwich, so we should all bow down and sacrifice kittens to him. Maybe the Doctor wasn't supposed to be a sex symbol, but too bad----after two HAWT ones, I'm expecting it now.

SyFy channel's movie about Giant Pirahnas staring Tiffany and Greg Brady is cheesey. Doctor Who the Tennant years was sooo not. (and this is a real thing. Mo freaking scary dudes.)

So with Becs and Sarah behind me on this (stop staring at my rump! can if you want.....yeah....) I'm going to stand by my man and say again: Matt Smith---eat balls.

Yeah, I know. I have this knack for mature conversation lol.

Sid, I swear to baby angels you taunt me like that with your tatted up toweled self and you will find a Texan chick on your door with a full suitcase of makeup to keep Janny busy while we talk. *Rawr* (oh, and glad the diabetes stuff checked out. Your too hot for Insulin. Plus, Janny's going to stay on your case and you won't be able to touch a sweet forever.)

Totally getting my Studded Whip out. Now where is it???? Oh, that's where I put it. Hmmm. I don't remember putting it in that. Gross.

So I left home early today so I could go buy the bakey and get everyone muffins. I got a really pretty blueberry one for the temp. By the way, did I mention that said temp looks like a young Dean Cain? Yeah....I know. Anyways, I brought it over to him and temp said HE DIDN'T WANT MY MUFFIN. To which I said "Are you sure? It's really really moist." Temp turned five shades of red/purple, which I'm going to call mortifibarrased and then coughed and ran from me. RAN FROM ME. I'm beginning to think that my forwardness is just being lost on the poor boy. Maybe he's an untouched or something. Hmmmm. This changes the game. Although, as I type this, he's eyeing that muffin on my desk. I bet he totally does want my muffin. I'm going to MAKE him want my muffin. Want it so much it scares him to ever look at someone else's bakery goodies again. Yeah.

Are you guys out there in cyberspace picturing my muffin or MY MUFFIN? Because it really is just a muffin. Pervs.

Sid---I'll get you a sugarfree muffin babes.

Ugh. Hubs is calling. Leave it to him to ruin my attempt to get temp to eat my muffin. Killjoy.

And Contessa-----Obs is the EPITOME OF CLASSY. What's not classy about offering him my moist muffin? I'm like the Jackie-O of moist muffins.

I hope you all sharted yourselves with this post and my seduction attempts. I shall update you on the progress of getting untouched young Dean Cain to eat my goodies later today. Wish me luck.

*Stands up, straightens her playboy bunny Tshirt that's two sizes too small and fixes her pants, which have "juicy" on the butt*

Me, not classy? Phfttt.


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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by animegaijingirl »

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by bored by the sea »

sarah yeah i am indeed going to Glasto i go to that and Reading every year. you should totally go to Glasto at least once in your life its amazing, even aside from the music! its like a small beautiful village, the first time you go (this is deffo going to sound cheesy/ cringey!lol) it really does kind of change your view of life its epic! it wipes the floor with all the other festivals around. i've got a mate who stewards every year there and he said its kind of fun.

obs just made me laugh hard with yet another genius post :)

ooh the Doctor who debate that came out of nowhere, i tell you Matt smith is just trying to woo us over with his bow tie+tweed jacket and all :lol: i miss the Tennant! lol becca "the power rangers daleks" i had a discussion with my friends about this and we were trying to think what they reminded us of and then we realised......... Lego or Duplo!! fail! lol, im intrigued to see what they do with the angels, they totally freak me out anyway.
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by blasphemous_contessa »

obs: I didn't mean to suggest you weren't a classy individual, just that you could try a different approach

also. I like to pretend I'm over the which actor was a better Doctor debate (psshaw I love David Tennant) but I just plain liek the show, and am fickle in that way in that whoever is The Doctor is The Doctor

not a sex symbol? you lie!
That one's for Ianto. Risen Mitten, Life Knife, and that old classic...Stun Gun.
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by therealmrswhitlock »

Okay--I fell in love with David Tennant a long time ago. And he will always be the Doctor in my heart. That being said, I can't bring myself to even ATTEMPT to watch the new series. The clips are wrong enough. I just can't.

Obs--thank you for making me spit on my computer screen. Again. Eat my muffin...really? So glad I wasn't drinking anything, LOL!

Sarah--Your man isn't trained yet? Doesn't he know when you say jump he's supposed to say how high? Borrow Obs' studded whip. That oughta help. And maybe I'll loan you my handcuffs, hardy har har. *gives an evil grin and slinks away* Oh yeah, and congratulations on getting a job!

Sid--Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is eating my free time right now. Mostly because I can't freaking beat it. I play for a while, and when I get stuck again I quit to avoid smashing my XBox to smithereens. By the way, since you seem to have forgotten my name, it's Jen, LOL.

Alright, that's all for now! Later lexlings!
Left my heart on the Gen Y thread....<3 my Lexily!
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by blasphemous_contessa »

Have you seen the Casanova miniseries with David Tennant as young Casanova? That's actually the reason I started watching Doctor Who cuz I remember when my dad used to make me watch the onld ones in rerun and I always thought the Who Girls were swooning the black and white ones the girl fainted about every other episode.
That one's for Ianto. Risen Mitten, Life Knife, and that old classic...Stun Gun.
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