Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

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i am bella
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by i am bella »

I have to re-do my profile video and like half of my other videos so I'm currently pissed at the contest. =/
I like rahhhh!!!!! It's always been my thing. =P I do love dinosaurs and rawr as well, rahh's just more me. = )
And yes! Latin is my lifeeeee. Like, legit, it's all I care about anymore. :lol:

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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by 21Twilight21 »

Chrissy~ Haha!! Well what I mean is right now you're shy and nervous because you don't really know anyone around there, but once you meet people you're gonna be out more and hopefully not worry so much :)! Yeah I get what you mean like sometimes it's hard to concentrate on the work! I know I get lazy and want to be doing other things instead of my work lol!

Sam~ I like rawr lol!
Haha I'm pretty sure you have inspired other people to take Latin without even knowing it ;)!
Thanks so much for all the help =D!

Paige~ Yeah there is a lot to learn! Hopefully I can keep up with this class =)!
Yeah I had so much fun in the EMT class!! I was so worried about working on the ambulance, but I really liked it! There was so much excitement lol!
Yeah I don't hate Damon like he grew on me, but I love Stefan! Everyone's always hating on Stefan and Edward because they are more serious and respectful, but that's what I love about both of them! Stefan would never do anything disrespectful! I love that he has morals!
Well that's still pretty awesome even if you aren't exactly close to doing actual doctor work lol! You gotta get through all of the basics to get there so it's still pretty cool :)!
Srry I haven't replied to your pm!

Yay the thunderstorms are over and the power didn't go out this time!! Haha!
Thanks Chrissy for my banner:
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by Sydflower »

I've been too lazy to reply! :/. BUT I AM BACK... If anyone missed me.

Paige- Nooo! Ive never been to Hollywood, at least that I can remember. I went to California when I was a toddler, I apparently ran away to the playground hahaha. Derek Morgan is the biggest sweetheart <3. I totally love him. And I dont know if Im on the Team Edward thread!! I might have joined, but I never actively posted! I was always on the EDC! My HATE list is like famous. TIS TRUE. And thank you for laughing at my Rubik's Cube story.

PJ- As horrible as this sounds, sometimes it is so hilarious to annoy people. ESPECIALLY MY OLDER SISTER.

Sam- Yesss, lol. I joined the teen thread before I was a teen. I felt like such a criminal but nobody knew until my 13th birthday, hahaha! Oh my goooodness, how many tweens do we have? IM ACTUALLY ANCIENT THEN.

Chrissy- Awww, dont hate school. I just like learningggg. Im such a nerd. I actually miss equations. what is wrong with me?? Although I am NOT excited to go back AT ALL.

GUYS. My freshman orientation is today. Im going to have a spazz attack. How scary. AND NAUREEN COMES HOME TODAY. YAAAAY!

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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by PhoebeJ »

How is everybody?

Chels - Awesome :D

Chrissy - Ahh yay! That's so awesome :D
Haha don't worry :lol: ok I'm sorry now, but I do not remember what you are talking about in the first half of that haha. But I'm sure I agree :lol:
I get really nervous too! Haha yes! I so do that as well! But you have a reason to be nervous, and before long you'll fit right in and you won't be nervous any more :D

Alexa - Haha oh dear :lol:
Latin is awesome! But I suppose it is also very easy to hate. I have loads of friends who think I'm crazy for loving it. I love all the cultural stuff too though :D

Kim - Brownies are the best! All mine have gone now :( But I might have to buy one from the baker when I go out today. Lol.
Well I think it's easier to learn, I think because it's closer to English than other languages, like French which I completely fail at. But we'll see which is easier when I get my exam results hahaha.
Ah yes, 6.00am is just way too early to be up! We don't have grades, but I'll be going into the equivalent of grade 11. If I've passed my exams and got back into the school that is. If not I'll leave school now and get a job. But I really hope it doesn't come to that...
I will find time! I'll have to or I'll miss you guys too much! It only takes a few minutes to post once a day lol, I'll manage :)

Sam - I like Rawr better =P haha
Yeah I'm from the UK. Oh awesome! Well I think that's awesome, but what's a JCL chapter? Sorry if I'm being stupid haha.

Paige - Ooooh pretty colours! =P
It really does need to hurry up! It's so annoying! I started reading the books last night cos I couldn't sleep. It's good so far =)
Haha thanks! Me too! All my friends in the year above are getting their results today and it's just hit me how close it is and how important these are :lol:
Haha you should do it! It's such a great feeling when you do! Hahahaha

Syd - I missed you! Haha.
Lol, yeah I know it does sound horrible but it's so true! Yes! I love annoying my brother! It is like the best fun ever!
Aww don't be scared about that. It will be fine I'm sure! Hahaha.

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Love you all so much!
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i am bella
Often Mistaken for a Bear
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by i am bella »

@Kim: Awwww, that makes me feel so good to hear you say that!! That's really been my goal lately, to get more people involved in Latin, so I really hope I'm succeeding! = )
Your welcome! I couldn't find anyone from NMJCL, but let me know if Latin works out for you and I can email the state chair.

@Sydney: Haha, I'm sure it's not a big deal. That's why we got the tweens to come here. I think we'd already had a few and the tween thread was failing....haha.
Ummm, well there's Hanny, and.... Well, she's the only one that posts, haha. Nezzie is 12 I think? But she hasn't been here in a while. I know there's maybe one or two others but I can't remember.

@PJ: I guess I'm alone on the rah thing... :lol:
JCL is the Junior Classical League, which is like a glorified Latin club thing where we do events and contests and stuff. (website for NationalJCL: http://www.njcl.org) The different chapters are the different groups. Like on the state level, the chapters are by school and on the national level the chapters are by state. The UK chapter doesn't have any information yet but hopefully they'll get some stuff up soon!

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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by willowtree »

holy, ELEVEN PAGES, as well as the last ones from the other thread! jeesh, y'all post a lot. :lol:

NEW THREAD!!!!!!! *sniffs* Sammy, I think you smell. sorry. :roll:

I'm obsessing over different books right now, so I might be MIA for indefinite periods of time. :D

Shai says hi from now Madrid, I think!

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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by nightrunner »

ah results day!!! its so scary even though i know all mine and my friends in the year above are all into uni fine

sam~ yer i think i might like it more if i was doing it in a fun way, but being forced to do it at age 11 didnt really spark my interest, even though my classics teacher was awesome!!!!
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by vampyre_princess »

Derek/Alexa ~ I’m now 18!! Lol, I missed you both.

Pheobe ~ I know you added me on fb (:

Chrissy ~ Okay so I have to get good ones then huh?

Sami ~ What’s the tattoo of?
And I’m not sure on the whole skinny jeans thing with me, my sister wears them, but then again she is STICK thin and can get away with them, me on the other hand I probably wouldn’t get away with them.

Shai ~ okay you get a ♫ with yours (:
And we’ll see what they come up with.
Yeah Jackson isn’t too good is he? but I love Jasper as a character. Though He was better in EC with seeing Jaspers back story (:

Paige ~ I added you (:
Get my exam results next week and majorly panicing ): I’ll tell you all how they go (if it’s good news)

Paul ~ lol just nick my camera… as long as I get it back!! Plus I need someone to take pics of me cutting my cake that I’m getting (yeah they are trusting me with a sharp knife!!)
Just cause you’re scared of my dad!! Just be yourself and he’ll be fine with you!
And your holiday’s been boring… so what don’t you like seeing me?!?!?! *hurt face* :cry:

Questionnaire thingy (:

Michelle/Pixie Rose (till Shai comes up with a goth nickname for me – help her out guys??)

Birthday (that we may shower you with glomps on that most joyous occassion)
August 7th

Favorite Book
it changes a lot but at the minute it is Evermore and the Immortals series

Favorite Movie
Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas – well mainly any Tim Burton film and of course all the Twilight ones and the Harry Potters

Favorite TV Show

Favorite Band
changes too much

ears pierced (once in each)

Want any?
want a tattoo on my shoulder of a fairy, on my wrist of a daisy/star/butterfly, and of a vine around my ankle

Favorite Animal
snow tiger

Least Favorite thing in the entire world!
don’t know really have a lot of least favourite things

What would you do for a Klondike bar?
as I don’t know what it is…

Do you have im or facebook/myspace?

Can we cyber stalk you?
no, well you’d get bored if you did!

Favorite thing about the lex?
meeting mew people

♪♥ Pixie Rose ♥♪

PS... Results day.. I got two C's and a D... needed three B's :cry: :cry: UCAS site is confusing me though :(

Hanny ~ How are you??
♥ away with the fairies ♥
^ follow me :) please?
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by nightrunner »

Pixie~ still good results but not if you havent got your uni place! have your teachers not helped you or anything?
some teachers were still running around organising places for people to go to uni when i got in at half 10
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by BlueStarEgo »

Paige: Yea, it got less confusing the further back I read. It was just a lot to go through. But I decided to just answer the new questions since it seems like all the comments I wanted to make had already been made :) I plan on going tot he library Saturday. I need to apply for a card. I refuse to pay for books before I decide I'm going to read them again. To be honest I'll admit, the Twilight books were maybe the first books I've ever WILLINGLY dished out money for :lol: The library is my best friend. I refuse to pay for 300+ pages I'm only going to read once. I love easy reads. Get's to the point faster :D . My to read list hs defnitely grown. I think Shai was telling me about The Hunger Games. Have you read them? LMAO @ Kurt. Honey, we'll have to share him then. I refuse to release him from my BFF grasp. NOW YOU REMEMBER THAT! :mrgreen: Study! The word alone turns my stomach :lol: I have to get back into the habit. I've been out of a school a while. I'm actually at school right now. I'm waiting on my first class! Not as exciting as it sounds lol. My nerves are off the chain.

Sam: RAWR! I just rolls from the fingertips better! :D

Kim: I'm at school now and my nerves are literally audible! I hear my ears sizzling! :lol: My face is all warm. I just pray my hands don't start shaking. I think I need a cup of coffee or something to relax. And no, before you ask, caffine does NOTHING for me lol. The first day of my Junior year in HS I drank a whole cup BLACK just to see if it would keep me awake..... I fell back to sleep.....TWICE! :lol:

Syd: The only thing I hate about school is feeling like I can't keep up. Once I get distracted my head is just gone! But, I'm gonna try my best this year to stay on track. Even if it kills me! =) Wow, you actually MISS equations? I wish I had your will lol.

PJ: I'm taking in everything you said and hoping that it's true :)

Ok guys, I'm here.... about an hour away from my 1st class, which is Biology (....kill me now!!). Wish me all kinds of good luck! :D

*this line is oober nervous and will be back with details about what happened*
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