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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:43 am
by 21Twilight21
Yay I'm posting lol! I should be doing my homework, but catching up on posts is more important ;) lol!
I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter! I had half of Thursday, all of Friday and Monday off from school so my mini-break was awesome lol!
I've been busy these past few days so I haven't posted much, but I'll fill all of you in on what's been going on even though it's not much lol! I either had homework to catch up on or I was spending time with friends and family! On Saturday I took some more Senior pics and that was fun lol! I took these ones with one of my cousins because we are going to have a graduation party together and these are going to be on the party invitations! I'm so excited to see the pictures and what the invitation looks like! In sixteen and a half days my Senior year of high school will be over :O!! I can't believe graduation is almost here! School is starting to get soo busy now that all the final preparations are starting! Wow after I typed all that up it doesn't sound like I've been so busy lol!

Fee-B~ Omg that sounds so scary to think about getting kicked out of your home! I'm soo sorry that your dad didn't get the promotion :(! I hope everything starts working out and it doesn't come to you all having to move out!
How is your friend doing??
:D I'm soo happy for you lol! *Does happy dance!*
Aww that's soo cute!! I love how he was there to comfort you :)! Omg soo cute!! Love it love it LOVE it!! Can you tell how excited I am about all of that?? Lol! That is so cute!
That's such a difficult thing to be involved in! I know I've said this many times before, but if you ever need to talk about anything you know you send send me a message here of on FB ok ;)? I'm not the best with giving advice, but I will listen to whatever, for however long it takes!
Lol that's good that they helped!
Yay that's great news!
I wish it would rain here! It hasn't rained here since the end of August/September! We've had lots of fires this year too :(! We had another today!
Lol we'll both be excited over all that cute stuff involving the guy lol!

Sam~ Yay vacations are awesome! I think you always have the most interesting pictures! They're either pretty, funny, or creative lol!
Wow that's a lot of stuff! I need to get a life because I never have lots of things going on in a week the way you do a day :lol:!
That's so cool that you got to go to the concert and you enjoyed it! I hear that it can be a bit dangerous because people end up getting punched or step on lol!
Ooo that's a bad combination! I wouldn't have the patience to deal with someone who acts like a kid then acts like a jerk!
Yeah honesty really is the best policy :lol:! People are more understanding when they hear the truth instead of finding out about shady stuff that goes on!

Derek~ Hey it's nice to see you posting :)! I feel like I don't really know you very well since we haven't really had full conversations in awhile (or maybe at all?) lol! Hopefully you'll have more time to post though!

Jitterbug~ Yay you can finally post again lol!
It was lonely without you posting!
Wow that's excited that your first year of uni is almost over! I bet it doesn't even seem like it!

TSB~ Thanks for the Easter wishes! I hope you had a great Easter!
I'm going to be a bit lonely again without a massive post from you :'{, but I'll try to be strong and defend our Edward, Stefan, and Dimitri (even though I haven't seen any Dimitri haters around here :lol:!) while you are away working hard so don't worry lol!
Eww all that homework sounds terrible!! I can see why you needed to go work on that instead of replying to posts!
I've wanted to read the PLL books, but I'm kinda worried that the show won't be as fun if I've read the books! I know that's probably not true since I've read lots of books before watching the movies, but I feel like I'll know lots of spoilers for the show lol!

I hope that everyone is happy, healthy, and loving their life at the moment :]!!

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:12 am
by vampyre_princess
Kym~So I take it not many people were posting??
I managed it, even with things happening that I need you guys for :/ but that's all sorted now :D

Yeah it doesn't seem that long ago that my mum was bringing me and all my stuff up here :( but it has been an amazing first year :)
so if you are graduating this year what are you going to do next year?
Cause if I have it right, you graduating high school makes you a year yonger than I am (well a school year younger than I am)

Much Love,
♥Pixie Fey Jitterbug♥

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 4:25 am
by PhoebeJ
Hey :D
I am so so so happy right now!

Alexa - The weather has been amazing hasn't it! Loving it! But it's not so good today :( Sadness...

Pixie - Ahh I see! I need to revise...I've done barely any and my exams start in 3 weeks :(
Ok, well I'm glad things are better :)
You should! I actually think it's impossible to hate it!

Kymmi - :O Graduation is so soon! I'm so excited for you!!!
It is scary, but I'm pretty sure it won't happen. My Dad managed to get a pretty good pay rise, so we should be ok.
She's ok now. There's something wrong with her appendix but they're not really sure what. Apparently it's not bad enough to take it out though and the recovery time from the operation is 3 weeks so they don't want to do it now if they can avoid it because we've got exams in a few weeks. But she's ok :) I saw her yesterday and gave her an easter egg! haha!
I'm so happy! Lol! And I've been doing a happy dance constantly for ages :P Hahahah!
I know! It's so cute! Omg we are gonna go out this weekend! But he's making me pick a film to watch and I have no idea which one! I never go to the cinema or see movies because I think that the cinema is the most antisocial social activity ever invented! You go out with friends, then sit in silence for a few hours then go home! It's so silly! Lol! But he wants to go so I will. But I dunno what to go see! I'm thinking Arthur because that looks quite funny. I don't wanna see Scream 4 or Fast and Furious 5, although I'm sure he would love to! lol. And I saw The Eagle the other night, awesome film! So I dunno! lol! And then I have to decide what to wear! And I'm thinking my new dress, but it's a very summery dress and it isn't sunny today so I don't know what the weather will be like because it's been amazing weather but today it looks pretty rubbish and ahh i'm panicing!!! lol!
Sorry about that :P
Aww thanks sweetie! That means a lot to me <3
Oh no! Fires do not sounds good...
Being very very excited! lol!
I am happy healthy and loving my life! And I hope you are too!


Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:51 am
by vampyre_princess
Happy :D been cheered up by the person that knows best how to :) I love him to bits and I'm glad he will put up with all my crazy, I'm glad someone will.

Phoebe~ Yeah, we are taking things slow and I have kinda made things more wierd now, as I am turning vegan, he could just about manage me being veggie :|
my exams start in 8 days o.O but I am doing a lot of revision so its all good :)

Much Love
♥Pixie Fey Jitterbug♥

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 11:12 pm
by 21Twilight21
Jitterbug~ Yeah the thread has been moving kinda slow!
Aww I'm so glad it's all sorted out!
It seems like the first year at uni always goes by fast (at least that's what I'm hearing even though I haven't gone through it yet lol!) :o! I'm so excited to go to uni!
I'll be graduating high school in like 24 days :O! I'm so excited lol! In August I'll hopefully be going to a uni that's two hours away from home!
Yeah I think that's about right!
Aww that's so sweet!

Fee-B~ I know graduation is almost here! :D I can't believe it, but I'm so excited lol! Thank you!
I sure hope it doesn't come to that! That's good :clap:!
That sounds complicated lol, but hopefully everything gets better on there own! Lol that's funny!
I would be doing a happy dance all the time if I could too :lol:! I'm glad you're happy!
Lol when you put it that way, it does seem kinda silly to go to the movies when you can't really talk much! I'm sure you two will have a great time regardless of what movie you choose! Omg I'm so jealous of you too! I've been wanting to watch The Eagle since forever!! It never played at my movie theater so I haven't been able to see it :(! Ooo that's another hard decision, to choose what to wear! I have a hard time picking outfits lol! Be sure that you are in something comfortable (and cute of course ;) lol!) and something that is weather appropriate because you want to make sure you aren't freezing or uncomfortable!
It's so much fun being happy about all this with you :clap:!
You are very welcome! It's no problem to me so don't hesitate!
Yeah fires are scary! There's been a few times when highways have been closed down because the fires were nearby! Hopefully we won't have anymore for a very long time, but it's been so windy lately so the fires start and spread very easily!
Lol having more excitement in life is fun! Especially when it's a good kind of excitement =]!
Yep I sure am =D and I'm glad you are too!

☮ ♥ ツ (Peace, Love, & Happiness) Kym

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:12 am
by vampyre_princess
Okay, so I have two annoyances right now.. so it's Rant time I'm sorry :/
Okay so this ex of mine (the guy I was with before Paul) who told me when we broke up that he had never LOVED me in the 7 mpooths we were together turned fround when me and paul broke up and said a say never went by when he didnt miss me or want to be with me or remember something about how we were when we were together. He told me that he loved me and that he had grown up and knew he meant it this time. Well he found somethings out about me that he can't cope with, and last night he was being really wierd with me, and I think I know why but basically he is being a total annoyacne, and I am going to see the rest of his family this summer and I have no idea what to do.
And next rant is about Paul :| I've tolsd him I'm turning vegan and he isn't exactly chuffed as it means he can't make me eat if I go round his as he won't know what to give me, plus it is going to make a lot of things awkward for him later on. So basically we've been back together for 8 days and I'm already ruining things :( but he cannt see it, he can't see how much of a problem we are going to end up having with it all in the end :'(

Kym ~ Yeah it does go fast o.O but it's all good fun, well at least you'll be nearer your home than I am mine :|
How did you get the peace symbol and smiley face?

Much Love
♥Pixie Fey Jitterbug♥

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Sun May 01, 2011 12:41 am
by 21Twilight21
Jitterbug~ Wow that is complicated! I can't stand guys like that who can't make up their minds!
Aw you can't blame yourself! That is something that the two of you will both have to get used to!
I'm excited to go to uni :)!
The distance from home was a big reason why I chose it! Are you still having trouble adjusting??
I googled FB symbols and found it on a website lol!

☮ ♥ ツ Kym

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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Sun May 01, 2011 5:32 am
by PhoebeJ
Ahhh so so so happy! :D

Pixie - Aww that's so sweet! I hope he puts up with all the crazy too! And that you guys make it work :)
I could so never be veggie or vegan, but I'd also never hold it against someone else who wanted to be. I'm sure you guys will be fine :)
I'm so freaking out about exams now!!!
Wow he sounds kinda mean. He doesn't deserve you if he treated you like that...
I'm sure you're not ruining things with Paul! Things are just complicated at the moment but everything will be fine :)

Kymmi - I'm so excited for you! lol!
He said he likes me! As in likes me likes me! He actually said that! :D :D :D!!!!!!!
It's really silly! lol! Yeah I'm sure we will :D We were supposed to go yesterday but he got ill so we cancelled :( and now I don't get to see him till next Sunday unless we go out on Friday!
It was such a good film! Loved it!
Exactly! I wanna wear something nice, but not die! Hahahaha!
It's so much fun being this happy! It's been so long since I felt this happy!
:/ well I hope there aren't any more! Were you anywhere near those tornadoes? Sorry I'm really bad with American Geography!
It's so much fun!
Ooh loving the symbols!


Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Sun May 01, 2011 5:50 pm
by vampyre_princess
Kym~Oh well, I'm just gonna give up and ignore him like he is doing me. See how he likes it :L
I bet you're excited I was once I'd got the acceptance :D it is an AMAZING feeling :D I am adjusting, I had done by just after christmas, but the campus is beautiful now and reminds me more of home so makes things easier, but I will be leaving in a month for a three month break anyway.

Pheobe~He will do, but he says there isn't much crazy to put up with, and that he doesn't "put up with" me :D
I was veggie, but always wanted to be vegan and being diagnosed dairy intolerent made the decision for me, so I went vegan :D he has said he will be willing to try a vegan meal if he comes and sees me - well he will have to if i do the cooking anyway, and if he cooks for me it would have to be vegan. So he is accepting it, but he says there is no way he could ever be veggie or vegan, which is fine, as long as he accepts that I am.
Plus it's my family accepting it I am more worried about o.O
Yeah, my exams start in 6 days, and I am majorly freaking out :|
He is kinnda mean, but I don't care I'm not gonna even think about him I have Paul now, and don't need bother form anyone else!
And yeah, Paul has a habit of saying that if we remember that we love each toehr we can get through anything :D

Much Love
♥Pixie Fey Jitterbug♥

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Sun May 01, 2011 6:06 pm
by willowtree
The Silence is kinda freaking the heck outta me. It's almost as bad as the Vashta Nerada, the Weeping Angels, and the Reavers from Firefly. EESH.
But pirates next week! :D

Back to witches and wizards and magical beasts, to goblins and ghosts and to magical feasts, it's all that I love and all that I need at HOGWARTS, HOGWARTS. <3
Starship is out. I'm so excited. :D

Derek! Haven't seen you in AGES! How are things? How's life? :D

Cay! How are you?

Fey~ *hugs*

Kymmiiiiiii! :hello:

Hi everyone else! zD


~ Hanni 'The Pet' Nod ~