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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2011 10:49 am
by willowtree

I've totally been here the whole time... Right?

So how're you? I'm SO GLAD it's summer. Like, SO GLAD.

Also, HAPPY CANADA DAY FIVE/FOUR DAYS AGO! :D (All Independence Day I walked around with a Canadian flag for all the American tourists that come here.)

I'm really tired right now 'cause I stayed up all night writing and reading this AMAZING Merlin fanfiction which made me cry because it was so good.

Anyway. Hello: Ashley (remember me? xD), Sammy, Kymmi, Roo, Pheebs, and anyone else. :D

~ Hanni 'The Pet' Nod ~

(By the way, is anyone else EXCITED for the 15th? I'm waiting in line to see it with a bunch of my friends and I'm totally bringing Red Vines. I'M SO EXCITED.)

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2011 11:38 pm
by 21Twilight21
Hanni~ Hey Hanni :D!! Ooh yeah you've been here the whole time :P! Haha!
I'm soo glad it's summer too!!
Yes I'm soo excited! I can't wait for the 15th :D! I'm planning on getting lots of friends together and making a big deal out of it lol!

☮ ♥ ツ Kym

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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:55 am
by aussie-twigirl
Hello ladies :)

Gosh, the lex is rather quiet.... =( where is everybody?? (excluding Hanny and Kym, of course!)

Well, I am *loving* being on holidays... I've forget just how fabulous they are! I love waking up in the morning knowing that I don't HAVE to do anything today, if I don't want to!! Haha.. but I have done a few things like, clean my desperately-needed-to-be-cleaned room (I was make paths in the paths! lol!) and sorting all of the last semester's paper and what-nots into a tidy folder (good riddens!!) but other than that...nothing eventful! and. it's. so. awesome. haha. what a big update (rant/rave) of nothingness...apologies!

TSB- thank you!! Yes everybody definitely does need to the come back.... :(
Very.. hence the rant about holiday nothingness lol
Yay!! Awww, I know you'll be great!!! I remember being sooooooooooooooooooo nervous!! But that feeling only lasts for a second.. and then it's excitement and fun!! Enjoy your holidays while they last!!
Believe me, I would if I could!! That's a long time with no rain =( I hope you get some soon... Australia was in a drought for several years (it rained, but not enough).. and we had fire bans and water restrictions but this year it's rained soooo much. It'll get better soon! =)
Hope you had a good Independence Day!! I LOOOOVE Australia Day (our equivilent)!!!
Oh!! Bushfires are no fun either! We have them too in the Summer =(
=( yucky heat is just yucky hehe.. so try and stay cool!! Go swimming and eat lots of iceypops (? I don't know what you call them!?! lol) and icecream
Haha, that's okay.. I now know what 100f is in my terms!!

Hanny- Hello!! I'm good =) how are you?!?! It's not summer for me.. cold yucky winter with lots of rain and coldness!! But I hope you're having a good summer!?
Happy Canada day to you!!!! Sounds like you had a good day!!
Me!! Excited is a total understatement! ... 7 sleeps!!!!!!!!!

~Paige xo

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:19 am
by PhoebeJ
Guys! This may be my last post before I go away!
I'm going to Tanzania for 5 weeks on Monday, but my boyfriend is staying over till then so I probably won't get another chance to post :(
I get back on August 13th, and I shall post as soon as possible! And of course I will be putting lots and lots of piccys on fb!
Anyway, I hope everyone is ok and that you all have a wonderful summer (winter for Paige :P) and I shall look forward to talking to you all when I get back!!


Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:39 am
by 21Twilight21
Hello! Just a quick post because it's 12:35 am and I'm exhausted lol! I went to the movies with my friends to see Cars 2 (I loved it by the way lol! Even if it was a cartoon!) and I just got home not too long ago so I wanted to stop by and say hi! I'll post more at a decent hour :lol:!

P.S Fee-B I was actually wondering earlier in the day when you were going on that trip because I remember you saying you wouldn't be able to see HP7.2! I hope you enjoy it :)! I'll talk to you when you get back ;)!

☮ ♥ ツ Kym

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I know I said in my last post ^ that I would post the next day, but these past three days I've been busy so I couldn't post lol!
Yay only five more days until I can watch HP 7.2 :clap:!!

TSB~ Yes sadly not only has the Teen thread been quiet lately, but pretty much all of the Lex has been slow :?!
Lol yes it's awesome being on break :) and deciding what you want to do for the day! I'm glad you are enjoying it and getting necessary things done :lol:! It's a great idea to clean whenever possible!
Yes they do because it's so lonely :(!
Thanks for the advice :D! I keep saying to myself that there are other people out there that will be going through the same thing as me and that the nervousness won't last forever! I'm definitely enjoying my free time while I have it lol!
Yes it's so terrible to be without rain! On July 4th we had a small chance of rain, but it only sprinkled for a few minutes =(! Monsoon season is fixing to start so hopefully we will get some rain soon! It's crazy how the weather is... some places are flooding because of too much rain and others are in droughts :lol:!
Thank you =] I had a great Independence Day! I spent it cooking out with my family! When is Australia Day??
Yes they are horrible!
Haha! I am trying very hard to stay cool! Swimming is a must! We call them popsicles lol, but yes both those and ice cream are perfect for this hot weather!
Ok that's good because I don't want to make things too complicated and too much of a hassle!

Fee-B~ I kinda talked to you about your post in my last post (lol!), but I have more to say now lol!
I hope you have a great time in Tanzania and I'm looking forward to all those pics! Hopefully you won't last too long to post because I'll be leaving for uni on August 20th and I don't know when the next time I'll be able to post after that is! I guess we'll have to see when it gets closer to that time though lol!

I can't believe I'm about to celebrate my one year anniversary of joining the Lex on the 12th =O!! Time has gone by soo fast!

☮ ♥ ツ Kym

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:52 am
by vampyre_princess
Sorry that I have kinda disappeared lately, but being home again means limited internet :cry:
I'm dreading going to see HP... it will make me cry and it will officially be the end of my childhood :cry:

Kym - Hey :) did you work things out with your friend?

Chrissy - Hey :) how are you? Thanks for the tag on the picture on FB... didn't think my HP obsession was quite that obvious :lol:

Hanni - could you possibly send me a link to the Merlin fanfic??

Phoebe - Hope you have a great time :) you miss my birthday though :cry:

Paige - don't know if I saw when you finish your exams, but I'm sure you did/will do great! Little miss brainbox :lol:

Chrome - Hey how are you?

Much Love
♥♪Pixie Fey Jitterbug♪♥

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:11 pm
by 21Twilight21
Yay my one year Lex anniversary is tomorrow :clap:! :D

Jitterbug~ Lol having limited internet sucks!
I feel the same way about HP! I'm excited, but it's so sad that this is the end! It's a bittersweet moment!
Yes I'm still trying to work past everything, but I'm really trying to work things out with my friend! I need to truly learn to forgive and forget if I want things to work out!

☮ ♥ ツ Kym

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 7:22 pm
by BlueStarEgo

My one year Lexiversary is tomorrow (too)! Lol. I know it says I joined sometime in March, I did, but I didn't begin posting until July 14.

Thanks for the book suggestions. I have The Uglies on my list to download sometime soon. I've begun reading The Pretty Little Liars series. LOVE the show, LOVE the books. I'm glad they aren't exactly like each other. I'm on Flawless, which is number two. I should be done with this one soon and I'll start the third book soon after.

Have any of you read the "My Blood Approves" series or the "Mortal Instruments" series?
I don't understand all the hype with the MI books. I can't get passed the first few chapters. It's boring me to no end. I guess I'll try to finish it soon. At least read the whole first book before I call it horrible. Lol.

I had to drop out of my summer classes last week. I haven't been feeling well. What are you guys doing? I know Pheebs is gone for a while.

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 7:34 pm
by 21Twilight21
Chrissy!! Thank you :D!
That's so funny that you mentioned that because I was just re-reading the first few posts in the following months after I joined the Lex (I was bored :lol:) and I seen when we first started talking lol! So tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of when you first really started posting here :)!
All those books sound awesome! I've heard many great things about those books (except for the MI series... I've heard mixed reviews lol) :)! I haven't read any of those, but I plan on it!
Aw I hope you started feeling better soon!
I'm trying to enjoy my summer break before I start uni at the end of August, but it's soo hot and boring :lol:! I'm doing good though :)!

Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2011 7:42 pm
by BlueStarEgo
Kymmii: Ha, yea I was reading our first conversation we had here not too long ago.
What are you reading right now?
Thanks you. I've been feeling a lot better, but there's still some pain every now and then.
I KNOW! It's been SO hot here. That;s why I've been in the house. Nothing like an air conditioned bedroom. Lol.
Have you been seeing some of the nail designs I've done recently? I tried to make a new post on the nail thread here, but i accidentally hit the wrong keys while typing and erased my entire post! Plus, you can only post like 6 links and I had way more than 6 to show you at the time. Even more now. Have you tried any since you're done with school for now?