Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by roo-roo91 »

Doesn't look like I missed much.
But as for snow talk, none here yet. Sadly.
Also not much else to say.
Question of the day... hmm.....
I don't know, buffy or something like that. I'd love a videogame option, so I could say sonic. Oh I choose how I met your mother! Yeah... but being in sonic would be awesome.. not just for knuckles. :oops:
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by willowtree »

Damn it! I had this post, which was giant, and freaking awesome, but the stupid site deleted it.

Now I remember why I never bother trying to post again.

Well, I miss you all.

*glomps* to everyone. 'Specially Kenzie-ey, who I haven't seen in AGES.

I miss you.

~ Hanni 'The Pet' Nod ~


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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by DramaPrincezz013 »

PJ - I'm doing good, how about your self? :D And jeez I hate telling about myself. :oops: Umm I'm fifteen, I'm in show choir and love to sing and dance, I'm obsessed with coffee, I'm currently attempting to teach myself to play guitar, my favorite season is summer, I'm an only child, I'm from Alabama, annnddddd my favorite color is red. Ta-DA! Now you tell me about yourself. :P

Sam!!!!*Hugs* Even though it doesn't feel like I haven't seen you in forever because you pop up on my Facebook newsfeed all the time. :lol:

Hanny!!!!I know, I need to take more advantage of Facebook. :roll:

If you could be in ANY tv show/movie/book in the past, present or future, what would it be? And which character would you be?? This is super* tough. I don't know, I've always wanted to be Hermione on Harry Potter. That seems like a lot of fun. Or Elena/Katherine on the Vampire Diaries, which I am currently obsessed with. (:
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by roo-roo91 »

I'd also add I wouldn't be a character.
I'd be myself. Sowwy for not completing the question.
That or an original character of mine.
Crystal most likely.
Yeah.......or Maybe I'd be someone. I dunno.
Hey Kenzie!!!!

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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by aussie-twigirl »

Howdy! I'm happy today because...
- it's the 1st of December,
- it's the first day of summer (although you wouldn't know it, no sun, just rain... :()
- there's only 25 until Christmas,
- ECLIPSE comes out on DVD today AND
- Chapter 1 of Vampire Academy: The Last Sacrifice was released!
Boo-yah!!! :D :D

TSB- Well it's seems like the threads picking up a bit!! Lots of peeps have posted! :D
I know! We need to recruite some more people on to team Edward!! ha!
Hehe TSB Dictionary.. LOVE it!!! :D
Yeah, well it's out today, but I don't reckon I'll get it till the weekend :(
Yesh you really should read them! They're great! =D
Nawwww, well I'm sure you'll get there! Chapter 1 of last sacrifice was released online today! woop woop!
Me too!
Haha Google is awesome!
I know! yeah they are!!!!
Soon I hope!?
haha, thanks. I know it's a toughie. Maybe we need something a little easier! Hot Guys are a MUST!!

PJ- I know! Australia is weird and wacky, it's true!! haha =) snow seems ewww to me. I think it would be cool for a bit, but it's wet and cold and ugh!!
Really? I don't think so!! ha!
Awww. I bet you did try your best though! :) You'll be alright. What subjects are you doing btw?
No you're not! Just by getting through it is being strong! And it will be good soon =) You're welcome.
Hmmm, books. What sort of books are you into? Most of the books i read you probably know about. I reckon you'll really Vamp. Academy!! I know I do.
Do you know the author Jodi Piccoult (My sister's keeper)... well she has heaps of books that are awesome! I've read My sister's keeper, the pact, the tenth circle, handle with care, nineteen minutes and a few others. They're fiction books, but they focus on a family and stuff, and are really addictive and also really beautiful and inspiring. Check them out!

Sam- I'm not sure! Did I not have a reply to you?!?! So how are ya!? Working lots i see! Hmm, lots of tools?? And tools guys??

Chels-/b] LMAO @ you're question of the day answer! haha. Of course you can say a video game!

Hanny!!! Hi!!!! Aww sorry about your post!! Don't leave us again though, come back again! Missing ya too! :)

Kenzie- Vamp Diaries would be awesome to be in.. especially being Elena with the Salvatore bros! Mmm! =D

Question of the day- Sorry guys for the toughie! If I HAD to choose ONE show, I'd probably choose Grey's Anatomy. Think of all the FUN those docs get up to! And there are PLENTY hot guys... McDreamy for one. Alex is pretty good on the eye. Oh and Avery! haha And it would mean I'd already be a doc... and not just studying to be one. :) ...OR i'd be in Glee!!!! It would be soooo fun and the glee guys are such cuties! ;)

Hmm. I can't think of another question... someone else can put the thinking hat on!

One game I came across on google was Word Association. You've probably heard of it... but it's where one person says ONE word, and then the next person says the FIRST word that comes to mind... like Chocolate - Pudding. And so we continue with each word.

This game is really funny when you say the absolute first word you think of so maybe we should try this out. So that everyone knows which word it is, colour it in green and bold

Okay word.... BANANA

- Paige xoxo
TY KYM!! =)
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by 21Twilight21 »

Fee-B~ Tanzania... sounds awesome haha!! I immediately thought of Tarzan haha! What are you going to be doing there??
That's too bad that you'll miss the movie, but I'm sure whatever you're going to be doing will be so awesome it won't matter lol!
Omg brownies!! I haven't had one in forever!! :O Lol! Mmm that sounds soo good lol! So you started up the brownie addiction again I see :lol:!?
What kind of books are you wanting to read??

Sam~ Yay for working in tools for so long!! Lol! That's so awesome :D!
Haha yeah it seems like you do :)!
Lol one of my aunts is like addicted to Ebay! She's always on there haha!
Ooh ok! I've never been so a Sweet 16 like that either... well now that I think of it I've never been to one haha! A few of my friends had a Quinceanera for when they turned 15, but they weren't too extravagent! Wow your cousin's Sweet 16 sounds soo cool! I would love to have a themed party! I didn't have a Quinceanera or Sweet 16 because I didn't have the money lol so I understand that! Lol that would be a lot of money to have a party and get a car!
Lol well it's so funny because I see big posts and I try to post a lot too! Sometimes I can have really good posts and sometimes no conversation comes out haha!
It seems like you got lucky lol! I know some people can get crazy during Black Friday so I have soo much respect for the workers! Have you ever gone shopping during Black Friday sales? Lol yeah it's crazy how people get so excited to go out and do the Black Friday shopping then they stay home to do Cyber Monday!

Hanni~ Aw I feel your pain! I hate when I type awesome posts and my internet messes up so it gets deleted :(!
We miss you too! This thread was practically dead for awhile so it's awesome to see that you posted lol!

Kenzie~ Yay another person obsessed with TVD!! Haha :) I love that show... well most of us here are!

TSB~ Yay for you and all the things that make you happy!! :D Sadly none of that stuff works for me lol! I'm still stuck in November where nothing excited happens, and the windy days of autumn are killing me lol!
Yay it's awesome that people are posting lol!
Lol yeah we do! I was thinking the other day when I was reading Spirit Bound, how I don't see how Team Jacob people could handle all of that disappointment lol (no offense to Team Jacob people!)! Like I love Dimitri and Rose and it's so heartbreaking to see all the stuff that they have been through and to think that they don't end up together :( omg! So I was wondering like when people are obviously meant to be together, how can other people accept a relationship that isn't meant to be! I don't know how to explain it and I don't think that made sense lol! It's like Edward and Bella are meant to be together, there is so much proof of that, so how could Team Jacob people get their hopes up trying to compete with that?? When I read about Adrian in the Vampire Academy, I just think like he doesn't stand a chance lol, but yet it's like painful to think that he might get Rose and he might not also! I love how reading another series got me thinking of Bella and Edward and how they are meant to be haha! I'm so sorry if nothing made sense in that! I can explain it all to myself, but I can't put it into words!
I love our creative words and team stuff haha!!
Well if you don't get it until the weekend then you'll be even with me lol! That's probably not a good thing lol, but I won't be able to get mine until hopefully Saturday!
Ok the HP books are going on the To Read list :)
I'm trying to find time to hurry up and read the book so when the new one comes out I can keep up with everyone else lol!
Haha well we'll give everyone a chance to answer that question and then a new one can be posted :)!
Omg Grey's Anatomy haha! I totally forgot about that! Yeah I agree that would be an awesome show to be a part of! There's so much action and those guys are hott!!

Peel Haha not very original I know! That's what I thought of though lol!
Thanks Chrissy for my banner:
~Call me Kym~ I'm on the ListV2! *Paige is my TSB* Chrissy is my Talented Artist Friend :)
^Fee-B is my dependable buddy^

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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by aussie-twigirl »

Gah! Stupid rain, thunder and lightning!! It's summer damn it! :evil: :evil:

TSB- Aww. But the december part will be tomorrow (or it might be now, with the timezones! Stupid timezones!)
Yeah well i feel like it's winter right now... not summer.
Lol. No I get it, it makes sense.... yeah i know. Edward and Bella are meant to be together. And so is Rose and Dimitri. Oh and Stefan and Elena i might add haha! So that means that Jacob, Adrian and Damon have NO chance!! I don't understand how people become convinced that they aren't supposed to be when clearly everything says they should and so does the author, otherwise the story would be written with them together! I have no idea why people try to get or believe that there hope for Jacob and Bella together particularly, like i mean the story is completed and everything and they still think they'll be together! I just don't understand it.
Yeah, i didn't really like Adrian because Rose and Dimitri and MEANT to be together, but after Spirit Bound, he's starting to warm on me! But not enough for them to be together. Anyway, read Spirit Bound as quickly as you can, so that i don't have to worry about spoilers, so many BIG things happen in it that I'm dying to tell you!!! :)
Haha, everything can be related to twilight! Seriously.
No, it's made sense. At least to me, maybe not to non-edward people! haha.
Yeah we're awesome! =P
When does it come out for you? Yeah, i'm not sure when I'll get it. If i get it before the weekend, then I'll try not to go on about it TOO much hehe.
Yay!!! can't wait for you to finish it!!
Good Idea TSB!
Yeah, well it's my FAVOURITE show, so of course!
The word game isn't meant to be creative or anything, it's just what you think of first!


TY KYM!! =)
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by roo-roo91 »

New question.
If you could gather up an army of fictional characters, who would the army be made of.
And tell why for each character.
For me?
Hmm. I'd have.
To post a few.
Knuckles the echidna. Why:its knuckles, he probably be of some use with his strength, and hunting skills. Also I'd probably need something to hug at some point.
Dr.Facilier. why. Voodoo, hoodoo, that's all. And well..Yeah.
Spike,from buffy/angel. Why. It's frickin spike. I need a completely awesome vampire, who doesn't sparkle,(no offence guys.) and doesn't take crap.
Alejandro, total drama world tour. Why. well, it depends. Whether I'd use the 'true ultimate life form, being the reptile form, or his human one. he's cute as hell at times.
Nicholle Crystal. An original character of mine. Why, she can kick butt without much effort.. so that's a plus.
Hermoine GrangerWeasley at the end of book 7Why. Do I have to explain. She's amazing at magic... that kinda thing.
Wolverine, x-men. Why. Wolverine. Best at what he does. Tearing people to shreds.
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by PhoebeJ »

Argh stupid snow. Go away. Or snow enough for school to close tomorrow. Actually I like the second option best. Please.

Sam - Wow you seriously do sound busy! I have no life lol.
Lol I really doubt you have time amongst all the busyness to read!

Hanny - You do make me laugh. How are things? Miss you too sweetie!

Kenzie- I'm good actually :) Caught me on a good day Hehe.
:lol: Me too! I never know what to say! I'm 16(so nearly 17 yayy!) Ooh singing and dancing, that's awesome! Everyone here is so talented. I don't do anything lol. I don't like coffee, which might possibly be a lie because this guy at school has got me addicted to coffee chocolates but I'm still too scared to actually try coffee. I'm insane by the way. I've always wanted to learn guitar but I have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever. Summer is awesome. But winter is fun because you can wear warm clothes and have fires. And spring is nice because you get easter so chocolate. And autumn is cool because of the crunchy leaves. But I think I like winter best. Christmas, new year and birthday! Woo! I have a brother, stupid little thing. and I live in England (which is currently horrible and cold. I totally hate living here by the way, I've always wanted to move to America). My favourite colour is purple most of the time. But occasionally turquoise, or yellow. What else can I say...I love reading. and music. I'm currently wearing a super awesome christmas hat. I'm a bit odd. No maybe a lot odd. Particularly today (I'm very sorry you had to talk to me today =P) Ok that will do :D

Paige - It never fails to amaze me how it's summer where you are. Hehe.
Woo for December! And for Christmas!!!
We don't get Eclipse until the 6th. And I have to wait until Christmas :(
I just started reading those. Finished the first one, very excited for more!
It is ok for a bit, but then you realise that you're wet and cold and it's impossible to do anything. I hate snow.
Oh I think we will!
I'm doing Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Classics and History. And not technically failing any of them :D Yay! What about you?
Hehe if you say so. Yeah I know it will. It's christmas! Everything is good :D
I do love Vampire Academy! I love Dimitri already! I so want one of him! Lol.
I will check them out :) Thank you!

Kym- It will be awesome! I'm very excited! Hahaha yeah I can totally see why! lol. Well about 40 of us go out and we spend a few weeks in villages painting schools and clinics and stuff. And giving presents to the kids. And then we have like a week at the end where we go on safari, and go to the beach, and spend a night sleeping in the mountains, which I know is going to amazing. I'm so excited!
Yeah it will be totally worth missing it to go. But still! It's the last one!
Haha it would appear that I have. But lets be honest, they are quite possibly the best thing ever.
I'm not really suer to be honest. Anything really. I'm just very bored of books at the moment and I want something new to read.

Chels - Hey! How are you? I will totally answer the question later. Super busy right now though.


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Love you all so much!
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by roo-roo91 »

Oh its okay pheebs.
I can wait.
I'm attempting to write. Thinking of posting it on fanfic.net soon.

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