Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by PhoebeJ »

Chels - Hehe I will answer in this post.
Ooh you should so do that. I love fanfiction.

Hanny - Well done you! :lol:
Awww Winnie the Pooh. Yeah it is a Winnie the Pooh word! lol. It's all cold and snowy and blustery here too. I am so cold!
A new camera??? That's so awesome! Lucky you!

Kenzie - I love your name by the way. Have I said that?
Hehe I may try one today. I know I should.
Christmas is awesome! My birthday's in January. it annoys me how it's so close to Christmas though.
Ewww snow! I hate snow. It's all cold and wet and people throw it at you. However it is very pretty, and I have today off school because of it. So I'm not complaining!
Haha true!

Paige - Oh that sucks. We had a pretty good summer I think. I don't really remember to be honest lol. Bad winter though :(
It is ages. But I don't have enough money to buy it for myself so I don't really get a choice! lol.
It was sooo good! I actually cannot wait until I can read the second one! OMG really??? That would be awesome!
Oh it's very very pretty! Just inconvenient and cold and stuff. I love rain! It's so awesome!
Yeah yeah yeah!
Hehe they're not that bad. I'm just glad I didn't take Physics. That would've destroyed me! Me too! Haha.
Wow that sounds awesome! I'm sure you'll be fine next year :)
Woo it's so exciting! When's your birthday?
Hehe he does sound it :P

Kym - You and Paige write so much to each other! lol.
Hell yeah! Winter clothes are the best! Woo for winter birthdays!
Haha don't worry, didn't sound rude! lol. I will be careful not to read! Yes! I love love love Dimitri! He is so awesome!
Yeah it sounds like it's going to be amazing. I can't wait! Bit nervous about it though, It's going to be so different.
Haha yeah I know! I'll be able to see it.
Hehe I made my mum buy me one today =P haha.
Thankies :)

Sam - :( Poor you! I would hate to not see my friends. I hope someone visits you!
:lol: oh well at least you can try!

And now for the army thing:
Katniss, Peeta and Gale - Because they are extremely awesome!
Harry, Ron, Hermione etc. - They can do awesome magicalness!
Sirius, James, Lupin, Snape, Dumbledore. (I know all these people are dead, but I still want them.) Actually why not have Voldermort too. He may be evil, but the guy can fight.
Damon and Stefan and Caroline (tv Caroline, not book Caroline.)
Sonea, Akkarin (if he wasn't dead...), and Cery - They need no explanation.
Auraya and Mischief - because I love Mischief and he would be totally awesome in an army.
Aslan - He's a lion!
And of course I must have my twilight Vamps, and the wolves and Nessie.


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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by nightrunner »

pj~ i thinking boarding would be much more awesome....

sam~ hey :) things in the uk aint half bad ta :D

ive been snowed in today :( my parents borrowed my working back door key and the pile of snow outside my conservatory was too big for me to open the door :/

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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by roo-roo91 »

Okay, but first I want yours and a few others opinions, I also need to know if you mind fics with language in it. F-bombs and all.
I'll email you the part I have atm.
Yeah. It's going to get disturbing at times. I'll warn you. And I insert myself into the story, seeing as its pretty much a nightmare of mine.
And good list.
Aww poor Lexus.

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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by aussie-twigirl »

It's Friday yay!!! The Ashes are on again today and it's in my home city, Adelaide!! :) Oh and Aus is soooooo gonna WIN!!! ;) And we have some sun yay! Tomorrow's going to 35C which is awesome! =D

TSB- yay for december 1st! December and January are my fave time of the year! Christmas, New Year and my Birthday woo! And it does feel like a new start! I can't wait for this year to be over!
You posted like 2 mins after my last post... can't believe I didn't see it!
Really? We don't have that many thunderstorms (or rain) during summer... it's usually really hot and dry.
hahaha cool! Woo for december!
=) I have no idea, how could be forget our fave couple :P I totally get what you're saying! I'm glad you could understand me too cause I didn't think I'd explained it right before.
This might be a HINT/SPOILER... don't read if you really don't want to.. invisible ink:
Don't give up on Dimitri yet... just read spirit bound! And when you say Dimitri dies... do you mean the end of Shadow Kiss (3rd book) when he becomes a Strigoi?? I'm a bit confused. READ SPIRIT BOUND! :P
Bah! Adrian is not meant to be with Rose... although he is sweet with her. It's like the Edward-Bella-Jacob love triangle all over again. I don't really think that Rose wants to be completely with Adrian... her heart is Dimitri's. Oh read spirit bound as quick as you can. there's so many Adrian/Rose/Dimitri developments that I can't keep contained for much longer haha. But I know you have school stuff so no pressure.
haha.. i know in the first 2 books he trys to get in the way of Dimitri and Rose SO MUCH! I hate it. That was so cute of Dimitri to do that. He was VERY jealous! Which proves that Rose and Dimitri as meant for eacch other! =) Hmm, well Adrian did grow on me so we will see! ;) Haha Awesome! Yeah, it would be good to read it at about the same time as each other.. only 5 days to go I think!
That's classic!!! That makes me want to re-read twilight again!! but after vamp academy next week!!
Oh they really should! But i only want people to be team edward if they're going to agree with us and really try and understand it!
Aww. I'm not even gonna talk about it! Wow you guys have midnight releases for DVDs? That's actually pretty awesome! We only have midnight releases for things like the iPad and stuff... never dvds and only ever in the biggest city (think australia's version of NYC)
Me too.. I'm a few weeks behind as well. Grey's isn't on Aus tv until next year. But I love it so much that I get it online! I just can't wait. Same with Gossip Girl and TVD! Although TVD is a week or two behind the US, I can't wait for it, it's just easier to get it online. And GG isn't even on Aus tv. Whenever they've put it on here, it's never done well so they take it off, or put it at ridiculous times. Which I don't understand, cause lot's of Aussie girls love it. I think it might be because it's a season and a bit behind the US.. everyone just watches the DVD =P
Back to grey's though (got sidetracked there) I can't remember which ep i saw last, but i think I'm 2 or 3 eps behind!
Wow, we talk A LOT!! =) Love it <3

Hanni- New Camera! Woo!!!! Now you can take heaps of pics (sammy style) and post on FB!!!
Oh you sooo should.. that would be awesome! Do IT!!!

Sam- i think i have that same problem. Free time? What's that these days!? Stupid busy-ness! =P
Yep! Really? When do your seasons start?
Haha. Well really i don't know any different! Christmas is warm and sunny for me! And I wouldn't have it any other way! I actually love that song! Although it doesn't really apply to me! haha
Oh sorry! I should of said HI!! Woo for butting in!! You can butt in anytime! =D
Is it good you're in tools! I would find them boring myself! But the tool guys i'll take any day! Are these the customers you're talking about as the tools guys? Or the guys that work in tools?? I'm curious ;)
Lucky you! Have lots of fun!!

PJ- It does suck! But sun today and tomorrow!! =D
:( It will be worth the wait! You'll see!
It's good that you like it!! yeah... it's only really early stages but still something to look for! there's no actors, director or script yet but it's still pretty awesome!
Well I like listening to rain and smelling it.. but i don't like the wetness and coldness. Loved your snowy FB pics!
Oh physics is so hard!!
Yeah, it's pretty cool. I hope so.. we start specialising next year. And basically have all biology subjects. So biology will be expanded! So much harder! =(
It is! Uh, January 4th! 19 baby!
Love you're army! Everyone's is basically the same... with a few modifications! ;)

Alexa- aww, being snowed in sounds sucky! I saw on the news all the snow you've being having. Gosh, it's a lot!

Woo Cricket! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi!! =P

TY KYM!! =)
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by i am bella »

Stress. Semi-formal. 50 dollar dress. Work the same day. Gahh.

@PJ: I think I've got someone coming to visit tomorrow at least! Not sure about Saturday or Sunday... :(

@Alexa: Yay for things being good! :D
And I want your snow. Meh.

@Paige: Our seasons are the 20th or 21st. We have March 20th for Spring Equinox, June 20th for Summer Solstice, September 21st for Fall Equinox, and December 21st for Winter Solstice. I think those are the right dates...
I think if I'd grown up with a sunny Christmas every year, I'd like it now too, but Christmas is just supposed to be snowy for me!!
I'm talking about the guys that work in the tools department, haha, it's sadly mostly old men that come into the tools department as customers....haha

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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by 21Twilight21 »

Hey everyone :D! I just wanted to stop by for a quick post! I have an eight page research paper that I need to write because it's due tomorrow and I haven't started it lol! I also have five tests to study for so sadly I don't have time to chat tonight! I just wanted to let everyone know why I can't reply tonight!

Oh yeah and I had to post to say..... OMG! OMG! OMG! TVD was amazing :D!! Haha!
Thanks Chrissy for my banner:
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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by The girlie-wolf »

Hey, Chels, Piege, Shira (I seriously need to find a new name), Kimmy, Jappers, Lexy, Kenzie and Hanny Mo :D
I wasn't on in such a long time.. it's so weird.
Sorry I was barely on, I was super busy and I still am. Too many projects and exams and homework and on top of that my milion hobbies... -sigh*
But it's Hannuka so I have a week off so i'll probably be on as much as I can, which will be more then the last few months, that's for sure lol

So what is going on here?

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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by roo-roo91 »

Oh it is Hannukah now isn't it.
And hai Shai.

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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by PhoebeJ »

Hey everyone! Had another day off school today, 4 day weekend :) hell yeah!

Alexa - I know! I've ALWAYS wanted to board, but we don't have enough money. I'd love to though, it sounds awesome.
Sucks about being snowed in! I haven't been out either though, although that was out of choice :lol: I still hate snow!

Paige - It's in your home city? That's awesome! But we are so going to win =P
Yay for sun! We had sun today, it's melted most of the snow woop! Everything looked so pretty all sunny and snowy.
That would be very awesome :) I love it when they make books I like into movies lol.
That is true...it does smell awesome. I love standing in the rain! But not when I'm in a good mood, I can only do it when I'm upset and it always cheers me up.
Hehe thank you :) I went out specially to take some pics. I got soaked thanks to my brother throwing snow at me and a snow plough driving past and literally covering me in horrible icy snowy stuff. I was so annoyed!
I cannot do biology! I used to be really good at it, and then I suddenly got really bad lol.
That's so close to mine! I'm January the 9th. Isn't Kym like the 7th or something?
haha yeah I know! They are all awesome though! If we combined everyone it would be an epic army. That was such a good question!

Sam - Well that's something to look forward too :)

Kym - Hey :) :)
Eww that does not sound fun at all! Good luck! Haha.
Cannot wait to watch it! I think I may wait until we get it on Tuesday though, we've caught up with you now!

Shai - Heyyy!!!! You came back! Yay! Woop! Hugsies! You most definitely need to post more often!
Happy Hannuka my lovely! Hope it's very awesome :D :D :D

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Re: Teen Thread -- Ages 13-19 (Tweens are welcome!)

Post by DramaPrincezz013 »

Happy Friday everyone! I have to go sing for Mormons tonight. Those darned things. ;)

Paige - Don't get me wrong, I love Stefan, but I'm for Delena all the way. Damon's just... better, in my opinion. ;)

PJ - Haha, well thank you. :D :oops: Aww, like I said, I love snow. And call me crazy but I like to get hit with it too. :lol:

Shai!!!! :D
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