Rob's Halfway House -- #8

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by missp »

:lol: Well, I guess it's unanimous. I simply must put WfE on my list of things to buy tomorrow when I pick up the Illustrated Guide! :clap: I also want to get The Hunger Games series as my beach read for the summer.

My friend Regina and I saw Soul Surfer this afternoon. IT WAS FABULOUS!! Such an inspirational movie! Then, we went to dinner with her hubs at a little place called The Blue Monkey. We shared a dinner of delicious grilled shrimp and chicken with fried plantains, black beans, and a mango salsa. Then, we hurried home to watch Ralph Macchio - my personal fave - and Kirstie Allie dance on DWTS. Now, after about three glasses of white wine, I'm feeling pretty "happy". Tomorrow is our spa day. :clap: I'll be sure and let you gals know how that goes!

Well, I think I'll head on over to FB to check a few messages before retiring upstairs to my private suite -doesn't that sound perfectly pretentious? - :lol: for a quick shower before bed. Nightie, Night Sweets! :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by bac »

Dear Friends of the Halfway House,
Please keep all posts about The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide in your own Guide thread found HERE. This thread should remain spoiler free. We will eventually combine the two threads (like we did for the Bree Tanner Novella).
Thank you.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by StellaBlueBella »

Hello everybody! WoW the Lex is hopping with the Official Guide threads... I almost had to 'search' for the Original HH. Lol. Maybe that's because I am dead tired at the moment. Up late trying to make sense of discount travel/hotel websites. Ugh.

Anyway, Susie, yes somehow the art of the drive by post seems to allude me. They always end up much longer than I intend for them to be.

This may be my first, TBH. Just wanted to say hi and that I am going to crash... Hope to get a chance to catch here tomorrow.

But gee the buzz here about the Guide is making my want to run to Barnes and Noble right now. Actually Costco is supposed to get, and they do discount the books! Ok shutting up now... This is how my posts always end up sooo much longer.

Bye Bye lovelies. :hello:

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies…

I would sign for insomnia every other night if the following night always gets these amazing dreams!!!!
I had such a cool Rob dream (this time not R-rated!!!)… I dreamed that I had invited Rob over to stay in Holland with me for a while to get away from the papzz and the screaming tweens…to my surprise he agreed and stayed over for a few days, we went shopping, sightseeing and the last day to the beach. It was really busy there and I was so scared that people would recognize him but we had a relaxing day in the sun and that evening we went out for dinner, to surprise me Rob had invited the whole Cullen crew and it was really nice…

I still got butterflies from that dream fluttering around…*sighs*…

Anyway, lets see what you girls are up to….

Oh yeah, anyone thanks for being my friend on FB…I really love you all…

Lulu, I can’t say I envy you for your weeks plan…a funeral and an appointment for the taxes…I’m sure that after this week you are in dire need of some good Rob-crack…
Talking about awful things, did you hear about the shooting we had in Holland this weekend…some crazy guy shot with an automatic around in a shopping mall, he killed 6 and himself…my co-worker lives very close there and his parents always go shopping there…scary…

Caryn, it must have hurt to say goodbye to those special dresses…it always hurt to say goodbye to something that hold fond memories…
Hihi, yeah I realize that FB might becoming an other addiction, much to my relieve I’m not allowed on at work, so I can only waste away my free time with it…
Don’t worry about the HP dvd, I’m jealous about WFE, you girls are getting it a week before we do I believe.
Ooh they wrapped??? Why does that bring tears in my eyes…I saw the pics and as much as I hate the papz pic I really love how cool Rob looked with that bike, I wish it was a gift for Kris…I could so see the two of them driving off in the sunset… (Rob’s channeling James Dean in that sigarette pics…)

Aww, Tonise, I’m jealous… It sounds like you have a really relaxing trip…spa and everything… I’m pretty sure you are enjoying it…

Jaclyn, Yay for the nice weather…doesn’t it feel nice just to be able to walk out and not feel chilled…
I am planning on getting the guide but not this week, I’ll wait until easter so I have time to read it, otherwise it would end up on the pile that I still have to read.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you being able to find a job quickly. At the moment I’m a SHEQ assistant, it means I’m assisting the health, safety and quality department…

Susie, if you are the car culture than we are probably the drinking culture :lol: …Kids are worried more about there first night to the big parties than about their first drivers lessen, because Holland is so small you can do everything with public transport or bike…so the car can be ignored for a long time…

Bac, you know us, we would never spoil it for somebody else…

Some goodies:
I wish he would like at me like this
Or this...*whimpers*

All right, I better start to do some work…
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by openfire »

Happy Tuesday all,

I think I will try and go to get the Twilight Guide after work today...I really want to see it now!!

Not much else been happening here...onto the posts!

Caryn - I have to say that I really love both winter and summer - when it is all snowy & white & smells cold (does that make sense?? LOL!), it makes me smile, but when it is a lovely summers day with blue sky etc, it makes me smile too!! LOL. I just don't like the beasties that come with summer, or the having to scrape my car that comes with winter! Haha!

Chrissy - Sorry about the bus getting cancelled..that really is rubbish!! I liked Susie's idea of car sharing (if that's possible!). I really hope something gets sorted out for ya!
What colour is your mom wanting to paint the house? Is she doing the whole thing, or just a couple rooms?
I've never seen the US version Being Human, but we have the first couple seasons of the UK version. Not actually watched them yet, but I'm really looking forward to them when we do! I take it you are watching the US one?

Susie - We've kinda half named our rats, but since they look the same (LOL) we are just calling them by their numbers just now. Although already we are starting to see little differences they do from one another in behaviour & the way they move, so hopefully we will be able to name them properly as we will be able to tell them apart soon!
The Admitted Students day sure does sound interesting! Has SonnyBoy thought about what he wants to major in at all? The university I went to, you didn't really have to choose in the first year either (well, not specifically anyway; I choose Science but didn't say exactly what type I wanted to do etc).

Christina - What is Downtown Disney? Is that actually in the Disney parks? Or just the area where they are? Either way, I'm glad you had a nice time with Ginnie on Saturday!!

missp - You will have to let us know what you think of WfE!! Again, your time at Hot Springs sounds lovely!! I hope you enjoy your spa day today!

bac - Thanks for the link to our own thread for spoilers for the Twilight guide! Hopefully I will check it out later :)

Rachel - Haha, last night when I logged on to the lex, I was a bit confused with all the new spoiler threads too! There was just tons of red writing.. it's cool though; I'm really looking forward to reading the guide :)

Marielle - Yay for RobDreams!! I officially declare you the person who dreams about him the most!! ;) Very cool!!
Aww, you're so know we all love you right back! :)
Sorry I didn't hear about the gunman in Holland (only about the one in Brazil). That's so sad, but I am glad your coworker & his family are safe.
Yep the weather does indeed make you feel good! Although we are due for heavy rain from tomorrow onwards...what about yourself? Or is the good weather to stay a while?
Ah ok, I know a few people who work as a similar job as yourself. Have you thought any more about changing roles?

Well back to work I go...
Catch you later folks!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Jazz Girl »

Drive by posting this morning. I'm a busy little bee at work with little time to reply.

Susie~ Have you been peeking at my calendar? ;)

Christina~ The line at Olivander's was actually the Wand Selection. They can only do about 15 at a time, so the line gets outrageous. But, you go in and they actually go through the process of a few folks actually being selected by their wands. We didn't get to go, but I've been told it's pretty cool. Something's messing with Photobucket. They are doing site maintenance right now.

BAC~ Cool! Thanks for the heads up!

Rachel~ I'm having to resist as well. I preordered, but now I don't know if I want to wait!!

Marielle~ They haven't wrapped quite yet, but I think they were taking advantage of the opportunity Kris' birthday presented.

Jaclyn~ :lol: Yes, oddly, the world smelling cold makes perfect sense to me. It's rather like when I say that very sunny days are too sharp for me. I'd just rather be too cold than to hot. When you are cold, there are things you can do to get comfy. When you are hot, not so much.

Gotta run, sisters.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by openfire »

Hey again folks,

Just wanted to pop in to say that I did manage to pick up my copy of The Official Illustrated Guide! :D YAY! I had a quick flick through of it in the shop and it looks so very very cool!!!! I hope I have time to look at it tonight after work!

Anyways, just thought I'd swing by with some RobLove. And then some more RobLove. And then end it with even more RobLove :lol:

Well that's me getting ready to head back to work for a couple hours tonight. When I get home, I think we are gonna have a late dinner, and then I will try and read some of the Guide before bed! :D

Enjoy the rest of your day folks!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by fi_fi »

Good Evening Sisters :wave:
Well, yet again I'm sitting down to do an early evening post, only to find that it's gone 10pm, we haven't eaten dinner yet, the laundry still needs bringing in, the washing up needs doing, I still haven't phoned my Mum, I need to write my To Do List for tomorrow, double-check that I completed my To Do List fro today, and GB and I need to complete and sign the inventory to send back to the landlord, something we've forgotten to do every night since last Wednesday. So my sincere apologies for yet another drive-by! I miss you ladies, I'm not even finding time to lurk and read your posts, so I have no idea what's happening with you all!
However, tomorrow I have a whole day off - Little H's Mum has Wednesdays off work, so I'm off as well, and other than taking GB to work and picking him up (I'm referring to it as 'the school run' to wind him up :lol: ) I'm going to be at home all day :) SO even if I have to do it in 10-minute bursts and it takes me all day, I AM going to find time to post tomorrow! (I know, I know, you'll believe it when you see it!!)

Ok, I can hear GB getting out of the shower, I'd better go and find some food for us to eat!

Love to you all

fi xx
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by SwanCullen »

Fly by posting:

:wave: been a tough few days, but I know that things are not too bad. Be back later ladies!
:grin: Proud HalfwayHouse Sister :grin:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Ilovetwilight0509 »

:lol: Ok, fist I have to say I am suck a dork. My friend asked me if I want her tickets to the WFE Premier. I got so excited I think my heart was pumping triple, but she let me know that it was a pre screaming and I feel like a fool. So grateful she thought of me, but the babysitter thing has been tough lately so I think I am out. But I already had a babysitter for Sunday and that would have been so easy too easy for me to be able to do. Lol Anyway, I feel like a fool. I rarely get that excited and I was so excited to think I could go to a premier and not sit on the curb for a day before getting in and to be able to dress up for it. It is def. the thought that counts. :heartbroke:

I could def wait on the curb though since my husband is watching the kids. I just preferred to go to the today show and so far a no go. I will share no matter what I do.

Ok, can someone tell me how to receive messages about the post? Checking it off didn’t do the trick. I will try again. I don’t know how to find us without the link.

THANKS JAZZ GIRL- I appreciate the positive energy.

OPEN FIRE-Just so I know that I am not making it sound like something else when I said I was going I meant sit on the curb and experience the outside. Lol sometimes the people in the front get in, but sometimes it is so disorganized you get nothing after sitting outside for a day.

SUSIE- plans aren’t together for the today show. My luck my friend had off this past week. I thought spring break was the week before easter. That would have worked out perfect. Anyway, still trying. I am not doing Mystery shopping this week. I am picking out carpets, doing taxes, cleaning because I just got back from seeing the author of the black Dagger series, and a whole lot of little things that needs to be done. I am banging out the to do list pretty good.

Vetvet 409- I heard they were hot, but I could wait. I am sure I will watch it a million and one times. That is a shame it leaked though.

Fi _fi no dinner at 10 pm. I would be starved. We eat around 5 or 6. Do you work late?

Have a great night ladies. I am off to read the last book in the Black Dagger series and then Water for Elephants. :wave: