Rob's Halfway House -- #8

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by velvet409 »

Good evening ladies!

So much to catch up on!

First off my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by the terrible storms last week. I'm so glad that all of the HH sisters in that area came through it safely. Unfortunately there were so many who didn't. :(

I had a nice weekend with my parents. They went with me on Saturday when I bought this. I didn't really want a new one but the transmission was starting to go in my old one so I didn't have a choice. I like it though. I also bought the soundtrack for WfE and have been listening to it almost constantly the last few days (including right now). Such beautiful music. I'm going to see the movie again tomorrow night with my coworker. Yay!

BD pics in EW and People~ :swoon: That is all.

Royal Wedding~ I didn't see it live (sorry but I refuse to get up that early :lol:) but I saw several snippets on various channels later. Kate's dress was gorgeous; she looked like a princess but her dress was still fashionable and classy.

Mel~ I'll keep my fingers crossed your appeal for your son's school goes in your favor. I don't know how the school system works in the UK but here you don't get a choice of schools. Where you go is determined by the district you live in, unless you want to pay to send your child to private school.

Tracy~ Awesome ActionRob photos. He's certainly having a fun time with you.

Marielle~ Congrats on the new Twihard in your family! And a male to boot! :thumbsup:

Tammy~ Beautiful wallpapers as always. Yes today was my birthday. THANK YOU for my present! :hug:

Caryn~ I still can't get over how much my parents like the movies. Most of their commentary this time revolved around how amazing the chemistry between Rob and Kristen is. My mom is actually attempting to read Twilight but it's been sporadic; I try to encourage her as much as I can. Great WfE gif! I loved that scene; the faces he's making to the baby are so cute. You're killing me with all the lovely Robcrack but what a way to go!

Amy~ I see you've discovered how to work the picture post function. Keep 'em coming!

Ginnie~ I was wondering how far you got before they announced that the launch was canceled. When I found out I hoped you weren't stuck sitting on the highway somewhere. Sounds like you still had a good weekend though, even with the sick kiddies. Once again I feel like I haven't seen you in ages when it's actually been less than two weeks. :lol:

Susie~ Actually the suggestion to watch the movies always comes from them; I don't even have to make an effort. 100 guests for SonnyBoy's grad party? Yikes! Where are you having it?

Sorry if I missed anyone. I read through 10 pages in one sitting so something was bound to have slipped through the cracks. I'm off to read some fanfic. Have good night!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Susie »


Geez! I made a list of all the Halfway House birthdays and thought I was on the ball, but since the weather here is not at all like May, I hadn't fully realized we were in May!! (We have NO April birthdays here at the Halfway House, so I've been snoozing all month.)Thank you, Tammy - for alerting us!

I just finished teaching my evening pronunciation class and thought I'd check the Lexicon before leaving. Good thing I did or I might have missed Christina's birthday. My class went really well - only 8 students, but that is actually the best. They love the class, which is great.

- Good luck with the musical - that sounds like a bit of a challenge! The red cooler - I don't understand - was the boy in there just playing, or had he been in there ever since the storm??? I was worried that he was suffocating.

- 100 people at our house, but mostly outside and not all at once since it is an open house. This is actually a fund raiser of sorts - Daughter Dear got over $1000 at her party! All those little checks add up.

Tammy - I'm just breathless over that WfE banner you made. Sometimes the simple shots are the best, especially when you're dealing with such classic beauty as Rob. I also love what you made for Christina!! It's like Rob is saying, "Come on Christina, lets go through this door....." I'm not sure where that leads, it's up to Christina to decide!!

Amy - Oh No!!! Your hubs threw away your magazine!!! He didn't know that you would gladly tape it up again! I've finally trained my hubs in not to touch any Twilight/Rob magazines. Actually, he put them in a special place - all together!

JennJenn - I agree that Christopher Walz is good looking - on screen he is compelling, such a great actor.

Desiree - I'm glad you're stopping by even though you are busy. What is your presentation about? It will be over soon.

OK, I'm leaving school now - I haven't been home for 13 hours! YIKES

See You Tomorrow!

EDIT- Christina - NICE CAR!! SPORTY!!!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Jazz Girl »

Good morning Sisters!!!

Happy Hump Day!!
I'm posting a wee bit early as I have a training tomorrow and I'm sure that I'll be running crazy and have no time to post. With all the beauty coming out of London, how could I not celebrate hump day?!

NewJen~ I giggled at your question about Rob as a groomsman or best man. I’m kind of doubting it. He’s just now at that age where it’s really common for friends to start getting married and, honestly, I’m betting he’d pass up the chance. I don’t think he’d want to be a distraction at a friends wedding, and he knows he would be. I always thought the Anglican vow of “to worship thee with my body” was quite beautiful, giving understanding to the idea that physical intimacy should be considered sacred between partners, that it should be as much spiritual as sexual.

Susie~ Wow! Sounds like a very entertaining evening! Rob at the London premiere was just… :swoon: He seemed to be in a bit more somber mood, though, which meant less smiling and laughing and more brooding and staring. I actually loved Reese’s dress. It’s a bit sexier than she’s been choosing, but I think she looks phenomenal. I think she took a tip from one of the socialites at the royal wedding with the electric blue with nude shoes. This afternoon was actually # 4. I snuck out Friday and took in a quick viewing all on my own. I can’t help it. I’m almost as bad as I was with Twilight.

Tammy~ They are both beautiful. Just a heads up, as soon as I can get a decent still, I’m sooooo going to need one with his beautiful feet in it. I’m weird, I know. But, damn if those arent’ the sexiest feet you’ve ever seen!

JennJenn~ I did indeed. With motivation like that, it took very little effort. :lol:

Amy~ GAH!!! Loss of RobCrack!!! Ach, a tragedy. That is why all of mine is kept on the topmost shelf of my bookshelf. Of course, I have my other stashes. But, I’d feel… incomplete without my physical collection.

Christina~ Happy Happy Birthday, Sweetie!! Oooh, a car is a nice gift to one’s self, especially a convertible. I,too, absolutely love the score to WfE. One of my favorite tracks is “Jacob Returns” It’s so haunting, pulling so many emotions from you. And it matches the two times used in the film perfectly.

Tonise~ Such a large and giving heart… You are an inspiration.

MTV Movie Awards~ Don't forget to VOTE!! Voting opened at 12 noon today and will continue through June 4th. You can find all the info here.

Alright, need to run. I suppose I should sleep before tomorrow, don't you think? :lol:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies…

Didn’t our man look smashing yesterday in London…
He is looking better and better every carpet he hits…to bad Kris isn’t at his side.

OH MY! Did I miss a birthday…Dang, Happy belated Birthday Christina!! !
I hope you had a nice day…

Today and tomorrow are memorial days in Holland. Today we remember and honor those who have fallen for our freedom, especially with the second WW and tomorrow we celebrate our freedom…there are big festivals throughout the country but I’m not going I have to work tomorrow and Friday.


Tracy, that chest-flaunt is heart stopping…it’s made me gasp a little to loud…people are looking weird at me…

Jaclyn, at the moment my brother is in Spain, like always if we have nice weather they have bad weather, high waves, lots of wind and lots of rain…as you probably get it he has been having bad weather for the majority of his trip, now next Thursday he is coming home so I expect the bad weather to start next week…I saw on the weather forecast that from Monday the wind is turning to the west, normally we get rain from the west…

NewJen, I like to think that Rob has watched the Royal wedding or has seen at least a bit but honestly I don’t think he either had the time or the interest… he just doesn’t seem like the type that will watch the Royals get wed…

Susie, I was thinking the same thing about the Alice/Bella picture…it looks like wedding preparations…
It’s still Holland you are talking about, of course we don’t get a hot summer, we’ll more be likely to have a few days of extreme hot weather before it starts raining again…these long periods of rain free weather are extremely rare…I think we are slowly shifting to a subtropical climate, with dry winters (Spring and Autumn included) and hot but wet very long summers…maybe we will grow a rainforest….

Amy, we don’t have sound on the computers either but a colleague set up her laptop so we could listen to the Royal Wedding as well…
Aww, I take it hubs and little man aren’t getting dinner? They should know to stay away from the Rob-crack…
Two hours drive to the nearest cinema??? Pfffff, I’ve got three all in 6 miles…but I choose to drive the two hours to my favorite cinema at the other side of the country for big premieres…the distances difference between Holland and the US are way to big to get in good perspective…

Christina, my brother is a twi-fan as well, he went with me to see eclipse twice…my nephew wanted to come with me for NM but he had to work so he couldn’t back then. Now he has a girlfriend that likes the movies and she is showing them all to him…

Caryn, only a bit more than month to go until the MTV awards??? That means only a month until the first BD clip…I’m bouncing….

I better go and do some work...
see you all later :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by vampirelover109 »

Good morning ladies

hope your all ok sorry ive been mia been a bit down lately but yesterday was so worth it :) right i will give you the full run down of the most amazing day ever

so i arrived on the red carpet about 11:30 and made some freinds with some fellow roblovers i was in my element then i had to play the waiting game then the moment arrived and i was worried that he might not come down to where we were butr he did and he said hi and smiled and he signed and i told him i loved him :) and i said thankyou then reece came along and waved and said hello AMAZING was worth the traveling and waiting
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by SwanCullen »

Quick check in:

Christina, happy belated bday! I hope you had a great day!

Ann-Marie-I read your news on FB, and am so happy for you! I hope this helps to make you feel better soon!

See you ladies later!
:grin: Proud HalfwayHouse Sister :grin:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by openfire »

Hello everyone,

Happy Water for Elephants day for me!! Whoop whoop! Guess where I'm going tonight?? ;)

SuperJen - I actually didn't know that Church of England generally don't kiss during the wedding until last week LOL. As far as I am aware, Church of Scotland does, and so does Catholic churches here. But my wedding won't be a religious ceremony, so don't have to worry about that, and will defo have a "you may kiss the bride" moment ;)
I dunno if Rob would have watched the wedding...maybe a little of it. Perhaps his parents watched it and told him all about it? Not sure if he would have been a best man yet either; maybe he will be one day soon though!
Rob is almost my age (couple months younger than me) and therefor when I get married he will almost be the same age as me when I get married too LOL.

Susie - Your friend Mary's birthday dinner sounds like it was a lot of fun!
Thank you so much again for EW!! As soon (if ever that is!) anything comes out here that you don't get in the US, I will send it to you too!!

Desiree - Sounds like a lovely time with the family in the garden!

JennJenn - Sorry about all the rain! Is it warm at least?

Amy - Oh no, sorry your wee boy ripped up one of your Twilight mags :(
You're so sweet to offer to copy and send EdwardWallbanger to Desiree!

missp - Wow, was the little boy there that whole time?? I hope he is ok!!

Christina - Happy belated birthday!!! Sorry I missed it; I always forgot to check the front page of the forum to check birthdays! I hope you had a really good day ysterday :)
Yay for the new car!! What kind is that? I like the colour!

Caryn - Thanks for the info on voting for the MTV Awards! I voted :D But was sad to see that "doesn't he own a shirt?" didn't make it into the best line from a movie!

Marielle - Happy Memorial Day (sorry that prolly isn't the right way to say that!!). Do you do anything special for it? Sorry you have to work though!

Ann Marie - AWESOME NEWS!! That is indeed very very cool!!!! :D

I'm off now. Catch you later!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Ilovetwilight0509 »

Hey everyone, hope everyone is doing well. I read most of the 20 or 30 pages that I have missed. That took awhile. I am glad to hear most had a great day. I ended up taking a 5 hr. round trip to NJ with the kids last minute decision.

I feel bad I missed so much, but I had another trip to NJ and just came back a couple days ago. So much to catch up on.

I have not seen WFE yet. My husband and I were going to go, but we were 20 minutes late to the movie from dinner. The on the way to NJ I was just going to go by myself, but I took so long saying goodbye to the kids I blew my 2 hrs. and had to get going. I will go.

I went to NJ for 2 ½ days for a funeral, I only say that to let you know people’s minds should be preoccupied, but twilight was mentioned 3 times. I thought 2, but 3. :banghead: Can’t people give it a rest. Of course, my mom is talking about it and wants me to explain it. I should have just said I can’t do it justice you have to watch it and walk away. That would be the smart thing to do, but no I have to try and that ended with my aunt telling me that her daughter only lets her kids watch Disney. Well I wish I remembered exactly what my Psychology teacher said about Disney movies. I would have like to repeat her take on it. Someone gets killed in almost every Disney movie and my daughter has screamed from them so people should lay off. Then there is my cousin asking about me going to NY to see stars he doesn’t even know :banghead: , fist of all we just left his dead mother 2 hrs. ago Really is this really important? Anyway, I just had to tell him I have been working for the last 20 yrs. 2 or 3 jobs or 2 jobs and going to school, and when I became a mom I started a business for fun and went networking for fun, and after 20 yrs. I am making time for stupid fun. NO networking and making money for fun. Plain old stupid fun. He wasn’t mean, but really. Obviously, they don’t agree. Anyway, sorry that turned into a vent. Just trying to explain what I have been doing the last two weeks.

I can’t wait to see the movie, but what is this about invisible ink? Joke right?
Marielle- I def. like the scruff. I just don’t look at his body. His face is great and beautiful, but he reminds me of my husband in high school, not really filled out yet. Don’t kill me again. I

Jazz Girl – thanks my friends were thinking about the same as your last guess for the premiere. Has your friend gotten close enough to get a pic.? Is it just for the fun of it at this pt.? Does she tell you if it is very organized, what went wrong if anything, or how respectful people are? Does anyone make it into the movie? When I went to the WFE premier the Limo dropped Rob off too early and people that just about got there got autographs first. It stunk because then he had less time for us the ones in the area of the first 200 people that slept on the street. So I am guessing the way they have the barriers might not be perfect and that might be about to happen, but you see that if the area they could walk is sign is so big then why not make the area of the first 200 longer so there is less rows and there is no mistaken that the people in front are the people that have been there. They had on one side and blocked off but then they didn’t have it long enough and they needed to make sure more was barricaded and there is where they were on that part and the limo stopped in ft. of the wrong part. If that makes sense?

Jazz girl thank you for your hubby’s review. I know I am ½ way or more through the book and there is nothing really going on yet so I don’t expect them to be all over themselves. I am guessing one love scene, but don’t tell me. We didn’t get to go.

Lulu- Don’t kill me, ha ha I didn’t think anything of Rob when I first saw twilight. I was watching it a second time and my daughter was hiding behind the recliner and all I head was this voice saying He’s cute. Of course meaning Rob. After I was done with the shock of her hiding and watching a movie I thought about it. But I love his face and for some reason his fingers. I don’t care for long chest hair. My husband trims it in the summer. I like that.
That is good you aren’t moving far. When you get tired of packing you can just through things in the car since it isn’t that far. Lol I didn’t that the last couple of boxes. It is like the stuff doesn’t end.
Edwards Ragazza- Is this the fan fic. Being published? someone told me they sent it to me, but I didn’t see it. If I find it through all the e-mails I will let you know.

Missp- I think I was with you with the Rob issue of not completely Ga Ga over him, but do you think that will change once I see this movie? lol

Have a great day laddies.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by dazzel21 »

Drive by post as its almost midnight here.

I did see Water for Elephants tonight after I got off from the office. And my, its so much worth the wait. I was like this the whole time :swoon: :swoon: :swoon: . Rob was such a versatile actor. I'm so glad I read the book before I watched the movie, I was having goosebumps throughout the entire movie. Even Reese and Christoph are so good, its like they were made to play the role. Very good casting. I might go check it out again this weekend :) . Okay enough of my blabbing I need to go to bed.

Good night everyone. It's nice to check in again. I'll be back really soon after I read the 10 or so pages I've missed, probably be 15 by tomorrow :lol: .

P.S. Happy birthday (or is it belated already?!?) Christina!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by TammyAZ »

Good morning ladies!! I had a request for some Jackson wallpapers and I thought I'd share...

While he may not be Rob....

He sure does come in a close 2nd!! :swoon: :swoon:

EDIT: Man I am in a creative mood today!!

3 in one day? Must be spring time that is making me want to create today :)

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