Rob's Halfway House -- #8

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Jazz Girl wrote:Oh my dear sweet Christ!!

I'm almost totally speechless right now. My heart ... it's just utterly pounding. You all know.. you know what Rob's voice, his music, does to me. Back in early 2010, Rob made a surprise "appearance" on a British music spotlight called Sounds from A Room. The teased us, gave us about 45 seconds of it and said more was to come.

Well, more HAS come and it is heavenly... I can't... I'm...

Robsessed has the audio file and the still. Go. Listen.

I'm just... I don't....
Oh my....&w@ib%!vuwiwelylkpk2i3m@qe :shock: :swoon:
Let me go put on my Birkenstocks, because listening to that song was a "sweet Jesus sandal straps" moment, if I've ever heard one. :) Ditto to all you said, Caryn. I just closed my eyes and listened....and his voice made me melt, and brought tears to my eyes. I seriously considered donating to that site just to download Rob's song, but I think you had to donate $100 to get a compilation that might include the song? Not sure if hubs would be too keen on that one.... :lol:

I have a CD given to me by a coworker that includes six of Rob's songs: Never Think, and Let Me Sign from the Twilight soundtrack, as well as Stray Dog and I'll Be Your Lover Too (both are amazing), and two additional songs with which I'm not very familiar. This performance blew those right out of the water, as far as I'm concerned.

Happy Birthday Jenn Jenn! Although it'll probably be belated birthday by the time you read this. Hope you had a wonderful day.

Ann Marie~ Good luck with your visit to the doctor tomorrow. We'll all here for you hon, and we're sending hugs and postive thoughts your way. We're so proud of your for taking the step to ask for the help you need. ;)

Hello to everyone else! I'm too mesmerized by Rob's incredible singing and guitar skills to make any kind of coherent megapost. :dizzy: 8-)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies…

You know, it’s finally raining in Holland, it isn’t much that falls but enough to get me drenched while going to work…ah well can’t have good weather whole year around…

Anyway, the big news is that we are finally getting a new car…we are getting my late FiL’s car… the car is in a much better state than mine and is younger, because my BiL want all furniture we are getting the car for free….

Susie, I would never ever vote for the cheating dog…no way…it’s just that I found the Harry/Hermione scene very good as well…I really hope Rob will win it again of course, it would be nice to have him win one for every Twilight movie.
My food problems isn’t bound to my period, yeah maybe the chocolate problem, but I meant it’s just a period in which I just can’t seem to eat…I think it’s bound to the amount of fat I have been eating or something. Still have got it figured out yet… but it compensates pretty well for the days my stomach feels like a black hole…

Ann-marie, good luck at the doctor today…let us know what he said….

Jaclyn, I have some foods that just don’t seem to work, like bread in the evening and potatoes but also fat foods won’t do right now…
Sounds like you have done a lot already for the wedding, did you get your dress? Are you going for a modern look with the rings (Like platinum and white gold) or more traditional, in Holland the white gold ones are big in fashion at the moment…

Caryn, like I just said to Susie, I would never vote for the cheating dirty dog…never…and I totally agree that would they have a better focus on a Ginny/Harry relationship I would have had issues with the Hermione/Harry kiss but it was a very perfect scene, true to the book and a very good display of Ron’s fears. I also think that they should have done a better job on the Ginny/Harry relationship in the movie but they screwed that up big time in the HBP…that was the worst movie/book adaption ever.
Gods, just to think that the dog might win…that would indeed be horrific…I would be yelling at the screen and in a bad mood for a week (if not more)…

Dammit!!!! We don’t have sound on our work computer!!!! GAH!!!! but here is a you-tube version off it and picture that looks very nice...

JennJenn, I’m sure the clips of the MTVMA will be online in no time…especially the teaser trailer…I’m not sure if I can watch it either, most of the times it’s aired later here…

I'm very behind with my work, so I really have to do something...
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Jazz Girl
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Jazz Girl »

It's Tuesday and I'm still in a Rob-induced musical haze. I'm seriously just now regaining my power of speech. His talent never fails to mesmerize me.

JennJenn~ I’m all about sharing the pretty. :D Hope the birthday was abfab!

Susie~ I keep listening to it with my earbuds because the effect is even that much more amazing. His voice reverberating around my body… Sweet Gods!! I kid you now, when his voice gets all gravelly and that growl pulls from his chest… I literally feel it in my bones. Yes, you are absolutely right. I refer to that first interaction as “the assault”. Some people say I’m taking it a bit far. But, the bottom line is that he touched her in an intimate way against her very clearly expressed wishes. The irony is that the emotional manipulation was the same in both instances. In the first situation, he played on her guilt, her need to have him be okay, all of her fears. It was no different than the second time. And even in the second time, she fought him in a very different way. She went still, completely still, disengaged. It was only after he pushed her that she responded. It was only after he said that she had to make him believe it that she kissed him back. That’s why I absolutely HATE the way that kiss is portrayed in the film, even more so than the first. The first, really all they do is play down his true motives. But, they make that second one seem like she totally sought him out, like she wanted it the entire time, which she never NEVER did. And then of course, the debacle of an editing job to Edward’s words afterwards just tops it all off. Yeah, don’t even get me started on the way Summitt toned down Jacob to make him remotely appreciable. Again, not that I have strong opinions.

Tracy~ No worries, bb. I was literally speechless for about 10 minutes after listening the first time. And then I put it on repeat and it just kept ahold of my heart. I’m so floored. Yes, I have a few tracks on my iPod (with which this is now cozily ensconced). His music never fails to grab me.

Marielle~ Oh I would never think you’d vote for the dog. I was just surprised you’d vote for Harry and Hermione, that’s all. I’m not even considering the idea that… that might happen. Like I said, I’d go fracking postal!

NewJen~ :wave: I see you!

Trust me, my crack today definitely has a theme... Oh My Gods!! *THUD*
“Directing 7 Cullens at once=herding cats" :ROTFLMAO:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by vampirelover109 »

Hey ladies

ive just got back from the doctors so wanted to stop by and let you know how it went it was so hard getting the words out I NEED HELP but i got there io told him how lost and lonley i feel how i wish i could just make all the thoughts stop he also weighed me and im underweight he has refered me to the localk mental health trust where i will have group therapy covering my self harming,low self esteem,worry and panic

but i know that couldont get through it without my wonderful freinds here
team edward all the way

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Ilovetwilight0509 »

Ok, so I am told that I am obsessed with Rob, but didn't think so. I considered him more like a hobby. And because it is a time consuming hobby I don't have many others. I mean really I should say the twilight cast is my hobby, but a focus more on Rob. I am guessing that it is becuase it is harder to get that pic and autograph. But if you go to see a person about three or four times in about 2 yrs. but you also see other cast members can you really say you are obsessed? I think rob is good looking, but I usually say he will be cuter in about 5 yrs. when he fills in a little more like most of us do around 30. I think he is as skinny as my husband was at that age and I personally feel he would look better when he has a little more mean on him. Just a little. So to me it doesn't sound like I am obsessed and think he is the most georgous guy, but I think he has a beautiful face, and I love hearing him talk and wished I got those couple of words he said to me on tape, and I love his hair, facial expression, and his voice. I also love hearing him sing. Anyway, I think I am on the fence, but not completely obsessed.

anyway, I wanted to share this with you guys. I am beside myself. A little too excited.

I can't share the song that is going around from Rob, but I posted it on our facebook page. If you love Rob you have to listen to it. I can't find the address only the facebook one, but I'll post that and see what you guys can do with it.

susie, I see what you mean. Especially about the Xfiles. I don't know what is the right word for this. Maybe an obsession is the right word, but there are different kinds of obsessions. I don't judge anyone, but I know I keep my excitement or obsessions above the belt. lol When I hear obsessed it just sounds like I want to jump him and that isn't the case. NO offense to anyone that would like the chance. But I am married and I believe that thinking about someone else is a sin and I don't in that manner and If I let it I would find the word offesive considering I don't want to jump the kid. I guess when you hear obsession it sounds bad to me. I am definatlely interested in twilight and the cast and Rob, I def. drive to see them, but not just Rob, but I also go to see friends. If I go to LA it isn't for Rob. Rob has been in my back yard practially and he has been 2hrs. away a number of times. I told my one friend it is Rob that is the ocassion to get us together, but it isn't like I am would go to LA to just to get a picture of him. If I did wonderful, but I wouldn't travel across country for a picture when I can attempt that here. I try to explain that there are other factors besides just seeing the cast. I mean I met and talked to most of the cast already I don't need to go 3,000 miles just for them. To me there has to be something more to it and there is. Look at all the nice people we meet, and you travel to see people. I just travel for an event and meet people. I like to call it doing two things at once. lol So maybe I have a semi scane obsession. I mean people are traveling to see Rob and I am not knocking it, but I wouldn't travel across country for Rob more like the experience of going and meeting new friends that would be great. I can't explain it, but lets say obsessed. I hate terms, and I hate people say it as if it is a problem, but I am not obsessed where I would claw on him like some girls did in NY. I am obsessed but I have drawn a line I don't cross. I guess the only reason why I didn't like the term because it just sounds bad. Facebook is more of an obsessions. I go on facebook more then I look up things of Rob. Anyway, i am rambling. I hope that makes sense. I just don't like the lables. And I see what you mean about doing things when you need it. I have been in the house with the kids and I don't go out much so this is a way to go out a little but have a lot of fun. Enough to last for a months or two. Have a good one. ... at&h=756c0

It works you just have to put his name in the bar. But the only thing is you don't see his picture from songs from a room here. On facebook you can see it. Sorry. I don't know how to get the pic. for you guys.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by marielle »

Hey Ann-marie, I just wanted to let you know I send you a long PM...I hope you have some support from it.

I see many HH girls online... you better are writing posts!!!! ;)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by TammyAZ »

JennJenn~ I missed your birthday~~~ :banghead: :blush:

I'm gonna get a present done for you today...promise!!

"You will always be the most beautiful thing in my world" ~~Edward Cullen
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Susie »

Hi Ann Marie! I see that you are online now. You sure have a lot of challenges to deal with all at once. No wonder it is so hard for you. I'm glad the doctor referred you to the local mental health trust. I hope you can get going with your sessions as soon as possible. Thanks for posting so we know that you are hanging in there.

Marielle - OK now I get it. You meant period of time, not period. So you need to figure out what gets you to this gastrointestinal phase that causes so much discomfort. Have you thought of keeping a food diary? When it happens, how long does it last? Yeah for getting a new car, even though the circumstances aren't happy.

Dawn - I think you are a little obsessed.People can be obsessed with many different kinds of things - men with fishing, football, etc. Unfortunately some feel the need to pass judgment on what is an "approved" subject for an obsession, as in some things are OK and some things aren't. I've found that, when I've been obsessed with things, if I limit how much I display my obsession to others, everyone is happier. I therefore talk to people about other things and that actually helps keep me from being too obsessed. All the while I acknowledge that I'm obsessed with/excited about/happy about that certain thing. People outside of a person's obsession will never understand it, so you can't convince them. You can't win an argument with them. At this point, you can just say to those criticizing you - "Yes, I am a little obsessed, but it makes me happy." Many people have obsessions - it's how we cope with life. Interest turns into excitement and that can turn into obsession. The point is not to involve outsiders too much in it - they really don't like it. Of course some people are more understanding than others. Especially someone who has had an obsession in the past. A friend of mine was obsessed with the XFiles when her job was especially difficult. Now she realizes that it was an obsession and she understands how it can happen, so she's not judgmental. Good luck dealing with your critics.

Caryn - I'm not sure everyone on this thread knows the magnitude of your comment "just now regaining my power of speech". :lol: You used the word gutteral - well, come to think of it, I did experience his singing on an animal level. It made me want to "follow my instincts"... You could do some sort of anthropological-psychological-physiological study on the effect of Rob's voice on women. Can studies be R rated? 8-) More in Tracy's response. Back to Eclipse - it's too bad the movie version sticks out in my mind. Still, Stephenie said that Bella really did love Jacob, so you can't deny that. I think SM meant Jacob to be just immature, without any bad intentions.

- Loved reading your reaction to Rob's song! I could be lulled to sleep by that - after I had first gotten over my animal reaction (referred to in what I said to Caryn above) First listening - thud, animal instincts; second listening - appreciation of his musical talent; third listening - being lulled to sleep and having VERY good dreams.

- You're a busy woman!!! When things slow down, I'm sure you'll get to what I sent you.

I'll be back later!

EDIT - Tammy - I can't wait to see what you make for JennJenn

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by openfire »

Hello folks,

Caryn - Thank you for the link to Sounds From A Room! I love the part at the beginning where he is just playing guitar..sound a lovely tune. And then the first part where he sings, kinda hums or something, and it really sounds like "Let Me Sign"...and makes me weak at the knees! It would be really good to have that on a CD! I might have to try and get it!
The song that reminds me of WA is a song by Leona Lewis called "Alive". Not sure if you have heard it, but I really really like the song. Here is a link to it. Let me know what you think :)

missp - That's great that the school play went well! Congrats to all the 5th graders! :D Glad you are feeling better too!!

JennJenn - I'm glad you got to talk to your sister and your neice for your birthday! Have you looked any more into going back to school?

Susie - Glad you treated yourself to a pedicure! I've never had one done professionally..dunno if I would like people touching me feet LOL!
Unfortunately I won't ever be able to make lunchtime posts, as I don't have a desk/computer at my new job.. :S Really weird, and rather annoying!! I will be lucking on my phone though (it's not good for typing up proper posts, too easy to hit the back button and lose it all!).
Enjoy spending time with DaughterDear tonight!! I just know you are too excited for words!
I see you online just now! EDIT: you bet me! LOL

Marielle - It's still raining here too. I think our summer has seriously changed: just a couple weeks in April-ish, then rain all "normal" summer, then freezing & snowy the winter months LOL. Hmm, maybe a bit like Forks ;)
I actually had a dream last night I bought my wedding dress! I went back to the shop with my work mate, to show her, and it was horrible LOL. It looked like a quilt... and I told the woman I didn't want it anymore LOL. Yep, we will most likely be going for white gold. That's what my engagement ring is, so it needs to match. I don't really like regular yellow gold.
LOL! Yep I am indeed writing a post! :D

Ann Marie - I'm glad you went to the doctors, and that first step of saying you need help is the hardest to do. I am glad that you will be going to group therapy; I am sure it will help you out a lot. We're here for you girl!

Dawn - Yep the song certainly is something!

I'm off to do the dishes and watch some tv. Really tired today, so need to get to bed pretty early tonight!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by missp »

Hi, Girls!! 7 school days to go!! 10 before I'm watching the sun set over the ocean! :D

The kids did GREAT today... maybe even a little better than last night. It's like they were showing out for the school kids. :lol:

Right now, I'm dividing my time between Biggest Loser and DWTS AND Rob's music posted by Caryn! AHHHHHH!! This multi-tasking is making me dizzy!! I'm on my way now to check out the FB messages for the day.

SUSIE~~ I plan on doing A LOT of writing this summer. If a BETA you wanna be, a BETA you'll be! :)

Ann Marie~~ I am thinking about you today, Girl!! I am glad to hear that you will be going to group. I hope the doc finds the right meds for you. That, along with great therapy, will be the key to you getting healthy again... and EAT, Girl! I always ate my way through depression, but some people lose their appetite during depression instead. Keeping leaning on us! Love you, Girl!