Rob's Halfway House -- #8

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by VirginiaMay »

To repeat my Tweet (don't ask, yes I'm Tweeting now. :roll: ) OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!

Anyway, the creative peeps out there move fast, though I might be a bit biased and guess that Tammy's will be prettier when she gets around to raiding the wedding images now available. ;-) Agh.... the giddiness!! I SO cannot wait for the kids and Hubs to go to bed so I can properly view an re-view the little snippet of bliss we were given today!!!!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Jazz Girl »

JennJenn~ Yep, he's wearing tails. I'm so freaking giddy. He looks just ... there really are no words.

Amy~ What is it about RobWard in a Tux? I'd say it's pretty much because he looks like THAT!!

FYI; A little bit of info. Look very close. Those two women seated in the second to last row seems to look fairly familiar. I'm totally cool with SM gatecrashing the wedding. She's kind of earned that. But, the one in the champagne colored dress to her left is none other than the notorious Melissa Rosenberg. Sorry, but, honestly, I can't stand her and she has no right to be there. She might just as well have actively tried to break them up herself. Were I KrisElla, I would have taken off my shoe and hit her in the head with it before I had Emmett remove her bodily from the ceremony. A papercut in front of Jasper would only be avoided because I wouldn't want him to feel the guilt.

Good gods, what a day...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Susie »

Hi Girls!

I won't even post a hump day pic since I can't top what's already been posted!

Today I was busy with Grad Party prep - shopping for paper products, calls to order the buns, the cake, and an extra canopy - which was a good thing because for some reason, the 32 chairs had been left off the order for my 4 round tables!! Luckily they still had some chairs available for Sunday. Whew! We really needed a new outdoor dining set for our deck, so I went to Home Depot for a spontaneous purchase. While waiting for them to get my "Martha Stewart Living" set off the upper deck, I had a lot of time to people watch and I saw an older, not quite as pretty Caryn and a Jaclyn look-a-like there. I don't know where the rest of you were...

I spent the evening assembling the table and four chairs - my back is a bit sore from leaning over to put the screws in. I really like the set, though. Now I won't be embarrassed by my former saggy, chipped table at the party. We're having a giant canopy outside of the garage under which will be the 4 rounds. The food will be in the garage on banquet tables. The deck with the new table and chairs will be for extra seating and then the bubble tea caterers will be on the other side of the garage under a small canopy. My uncle is playing jazz piano on an electric keyboard. If any of you want to come, you're welcome!

BD Wedding Teaser!! :yahoo: Thanks for posting, Caryn. Lovely outdoor wedding and Edward looking so gorgeous and happy! Interesting hairpiece for Bella. Can't wait to see more on Sunday. It will be a perfect evening if I also see Rob and Kristen win best kiss!

Caryn - I'm so sorry I haven't been around here today to play when you were wondering where everyone was! I loved your recent humpday pic - the one with the plaid shirt - I've never seen that one and he looks gorgeous! I'm glad today was a productive work day for you. I love the imagery you painted of Krisella running down the aisle to get to Robward and then what you said about how Krisella should hit MR with her shoe! :lol: Thanks for the tip off - I'll go look more closely at those pics. How is your heart rate, dear? Will you be able to sleep tonight? From your previous post - heretofore - Thanks for my prize! I loved it. Now I'm motivated to use more cool words such as "notwithstanding". I'm so glad you had a wonderfully restful day on Sunday and got a lot of reading done.

Ginnie - You are tweeting now? Where are you finding the time for that out of your busy schedule? Oh I know. You've decided to make your kids wear their clothes until they get REALLY dirty. Nice little banner done already of the screencaps.

- Hi there! Yep, tails - VERY formal and maybe Edward's time period, although I'll bet only for formal weddings and probably only those who had $$$.

- Thanks for the link to Robsessed. How is your daughter today?

Amy - Yes - a man in a tux WITH A WEDDING RING. The bonus is that it is Edward and the extra bonus is that Rob is playing the role. :swoon:

- Excellent Hump Day contribution, as usual! I hope things get better for you.

Marielle - It's a good thing you checked in before going to bed or you might have missed an opportunity for extra special dreams tonight. You're taking some time off work? It sounds like you're at home now. Oh yeah - I read that today was your last work day of the week. Sorry about the bad emails today. Good timing for taking some days off of work.

Tammy - That's lovely! How fun to play with the software that removes backgrounds.

Time for Beddie Byes!

See you all tomorrow!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by StellaBlueBella »

Whooo Hooo! I've made it halfway through my first full week of my first SAHM Summer (without any of us going insane ;]). :D I am sane but tired - itsa good kinda tired though.

Forcing my lids to remain open because I HAD to see how excited everyone was about the... teaser for a teaser? Gah. I want MORE.

Caryn, I will have to go take a closer look for SM and MR... tomorrow. Thanks for pointing that out! Btw, I love your term "self-entertained". How do I get there from here, lol? Jk. I think we are gonna have a great summer.

Hope all you HH divas out there are having a great week!


*air kisses*

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by TammyAZ »

Ginnie~ I'm flattered that you have so much faith in me!! :blush:

I hope I did ya proud... :worried:

(P,S. this one was tough cause the pic of Rob is a bit blurry and you can only sharpen it so much before it gets distorted...)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies.

Did you all survive that clip???????
I was already in bed and couldn’t sleep, so I thought to check the lex one more time before trying to get some sleep, it was well after midnight when I saw that clip…. I squealed so hard that the whole family woke up…
Now they know I’m nuts…

My thoughts on the clip… It looks very good so far, Alice went a bit overboard!!! But it looks like my dream wedding…so many flowers… and it isn’t the location from the book but somewhere in a garden… not surprisingly with all the trees…
Rob looked amazing!!!!!!! I was seriously shocked… it’s too bad that the quality of the clip isn’t that good, I would have liked to see it in a better way but I can’t wait to see more next week!!!!

Anyway, posts…

Caryn, yep it sucked big time yesterday to start like that, I have been working so damn hard to coordinate things with our company’s other location (countries) and than there is one stupid guy who just won’t listen… I was relieved to see that my boss reacted in the same way as I did to the guy’s email…
It’s not that I mind the big feet as much as how guys dress with them, thank goodness Rob normally wears sneakers with relatively long jeans or trousers…
You have good eyes if you found SM and MR in that clip… I’m with you on that MR should be banned from set, even for that big event, she lost her bonus points a long time ago…
Hey, I voted 15 times yesterday… it’s about my daily average.

Amy, that 80s manip… it’s so funny…
I love the tails tux as well… it looks so so so good…

Ginnie, love the creativeness… it’s awesome…

Susie, it sounds like you are quite the party planner… some Alice in there?
Are the MTV awards Sunday already??? OHMYGOD!!! That’s so soon… and than I have to wait all night until I’m finally allowed to get out of bed and watch the clip…I don’t think I will need to post here Monday morning, you all have fainted by than!!!
Yep, we have a national holiday today in Holland and tomorrow half the country has a day off, I’m at my parents place for two days before returning home. This Saturday there is a Celtic festival where I’m going…

Tammy, that wallpaper is awesome!!! You did great…

What I wanted to ask you girls, have any of you seen “A game of Thrones” ? it supposed to be on HBO (or something like that) some kind of medieval meets Lord of the Rings epic thing? It supposed to be based on books, do any of you girls know it?

I'm off writing a bit more fanfic...
see you all tonight!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Ilovetwilight0509 »

Hey Ladies, I can't believe i have 30 pages to catch up on. I am 1/2 way through. I am glad to see you guys had fun on Rob's B day. Thanks for all the picture posting. I love to see them. I can't believe the wedding clip. I wasn't sure if it was real at first. Rob looks so young in it and I am missing is crazy hair. I can't wait. I am sure we are all excited. Well it is after 5 am I should be going back to bed before I start another fan fic and never end up sleeping. :wave:

I forgot to ask if anyone knows if rob is filming his new movie in nyc? It is suppose to be in NY, but so far they are in Canada. Thanks.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by newtonscricket »

Ilovetwilight0509 wrote:I forgot to ask if anyone knows if rob is filming his new movie in nyc? It is suppose to be in NY, but so far they are in Canada. Thanks.

I think Toronto is playing New York in this movie, as it often does. Toronto is a lot cheaper to film in.

marielle wrote:...Alice went a bit overboard!!!
.....What I wanted to ask you girls, have any of you seen “A game of Thrones” ? it supposed to be on HBO (or something like that) some kind of medieval meets Lord of the Rings epic thing? It supposed to be based on books, do any of you girls know it?

Well it wouldn't be Alice if she wasn't going overboard! The production designer probably showed his/her plans three times...."no...more", "no......more than that", "no.....MORE!"

My husband and I are watching Game of Thrones and really enjoying it. We read the books though. I'm not sure how easy it is to follow if you haven't read the books. They're great big tomes and the fifth one is just about to be released (don't think it's the end though). If it's for you you'll know by the end of the second chapter because you won't be able to stop.

Caryn, good eye on the MR, I didn't notice her. Look in the row in front of her (or in front of who I think you mean). I think it's producer Wyck Godfrey and Stephanie is next to him.

The wedding! Sigh. I squeed, it's true.

Susie hooray for new deck furniture! Thanks for giving the whole travelogue. And thanks for saying I'm a good singer! I can't tell if it's true. I couldn't hear myself. But everybody, Susie is for sure and for reals a great singer, but you all saw the youtube clips with Mike Welch, so you know it's true.

I also showed the guy in the bar pictures of Susie's kids doing circus stunts at the playground that I took on my phone. "These are her kids, they're circus performers." "We met on the internet, she's been traveling all over the world visiting Twilight fans." I really can't imagine what that guy made of us.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Jazz Girl »

Good Thursday morning, my sisters. I am still alive, but barely. I know it will shock all of you, but I just kept watching and watching and watching, always pausing to just stare at that beautiful shot of RobWard. It's going to be an epically long 5 months. I know so many people are calling for fewer clips and stills to be released, but I will never be among them. I need those clips and stills. I have to desensitize myself lest I am overcome in the theater. This clip is the perfect example. Granted, it would have taken me a few viewings, but once I spotted MR in the rows at the wedding, I would have ... well, it would not have been pretty. At this point, Sunday cannot come fast enough. I need to see that whole clip in all it's glore. Plus, I'm hoping that it will be a lot clearer than what we have. Not that I mind, really. I mean, I'd watch Rob through the fuzz of old fashioned scrambled cable channels like a 15-year-old boy who discovered the Playboy channel. Yep, I'm that bad.

Good gods, as if I wasn't already excited for Sunday night!!

Susie~ Wow!! Sounds like you got lots and lots accomplished for the grad party. I can’t imagine you have much left to do, other than maybe foodstuffs. My heart is still racing from all the excitement, but it could be because I keep staring at the image of RobWard in that tuxedo. Holy Moses’ robes, I just cannot imagine any groom looking any better. It’s official. Edward might have ruined us all for real men, but RobWard has ruined every wedding because no groom will EVER look as perfect. I totally agree on KrisElla’s hair comb. It looks exactly as described in the book. I wonder if they will have that small scene between Renee, Charlie and Bella. That would make me very happy. The new plaid picture is a new outtake from the interview he did with USA Today during the WfE junket. It is lovely, isn’t it? Hmmm, I use to give huge props for using moot correctly, but that’s become such an easy one to use. I’m sure you are more than up to the challenge. ;)

Rachel~ You’ll get there. Eventually, your monkeys will be so self-entertaining, you’ll feel a bit left out. I can’t tell you the number of times that I end up playing legos with the boys so I can feel like I’ve had some time with them. :lol:

Tammy~ Love it!! What a fantastic idea. I was a little disappointed as well at the fact that we don’t get a good clear look at the joy on RobWard’s face. but, I’m hoping we’ll get something much clearer on Sunday.

Marielle~ Your Twilight senses were tingling!! :lol: In the book, they actually have the ceremony in the Cullen living room (all transformed and decorated by Alice, of course) and then the reception is outside in the “yard” of their house. It looks like they made a small alteration and had both in the yard. I think it looks gorgeous. It took several dozen viewings before I was even able to see anyone other than RobWard. And then I was all distracted by the combined breathtakingness of RobWard and DaddyC together. Holy wowza!! Once I’d gotten through a few more dozen viewings, I started looking for other characters. Carmen and Eleazar are kind of obvious. But you can also see Seth there in the back row (a change from the book). You can see Mike, Jessica, Angela and a few other humans. Even producer Wyck Godfrey got in on the action. He’s the bearded guy next to SM. See, this is why I end up seeing the movie so many times. Because after the first two or three dozen, you start to notice all the fun (or downright ridiculous) things. The clip release inspired me. I don’t even want to try and figure out how many times I voted last night.

Dawn~ YAY!! Hey, lady! There was talk of doing limited filming in NYC but I haven’t heard if they have confirmed that or not. Right now, the intent is for everything to occur in Toronto. Though, I would imagine there are some exterior shots they can only get in NYC. So, we’ll see.

NewJen~ Yep, Stephanie was who I spotted first, but then I was just way distracted by MR’s gall to be present. I kind of love that Wyck is there. He’s been a good shepherd (for the most part) for this project from the beginning and it’s nice to see him so involved all the way to the end.

Alright, to work with me.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello ladies~

I've been "away" for a few days, and very much missed my daily check-in with all of you. Unfortunately our computer acquired a stupid spy-ware virus that required the services of technical people with knowlege far beyond ours. :? I just picked up the computer at the shop this afternoon after taking the kids swimming in our lovely 94 degree heat for several hours. Of course, I immediately sent the kids to their rooms for a little rest/reading/relaxation time while I plugged in the computer and logged on to the Lex at a nearly vampiric speed. :D

I knew I would have missed something big the past few days, and the Breaking Dawn wedding teaser and screencaps didn't disappoint. They are just....guh.....oh dear Lord :shock: . Robward standing there and dazzling us in his tux with tails and that heart stopping smile--just about ruins future weddings for us all (except Jaclyn's wedding of course :D ). I agree with what several of you have said, that Edward would probably want the more formal look of tails with his tuxedo, even at an outdoor wedding. And wouldn't tails, or very formal suits have been representative of wedding attire from his time period?

I love teasers as much as the next person, but I sincerely hope we don't get a glimpse of Bella's dress Sunday evening, as I want to save that full reveal for November. I think Bella's hair looks very pretty secured with the antique hair clip, and I hope we do get a glimpse of the expression on her face in the teaser Sunday night. Is the couple standing in the foreground Carmen and Eleazar? And who is the man that I'm assuming is the minister? Is that Angela's Dad? Am I crazy, but didn't Emmett obtain his temporary permit from the internet so he could marry Edward and Bella, or am I remembering fanfiction instead? If that's the case, I would rather they have stuck to the book on this one. :?

Since I've been without internet access for several days, I better go vote for the Bella/Edward kiss about twenty.... or three hundred times. :D We are probably one of the few families in the entire world who do not have internet access from our cell phones, but I really couldn't ask hubs to vote for Bella and Edward's kiss from his work could I? ;)

I'll check back in with you ladies later tonight to respond to your posts. It's great to be back--I feel like I've been away for three weeks, instead of three days. :wave:

**EDIT: I just checked my favorite WFE film website, and the movie recently passed the $100 million mark, in both U.S. and international sales. Apparently last weekend was the first weekend since its release that the movie had dropped out of the top 10. I checked our fandango website, and WFE is still showing three times daily at my local theater. I think that's great news for a movie in the early summer....that clearly can't be placed in the action, animated, comic book character, or blockbuster categories. ;)
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