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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello ladies~ I had the chance to sneak away for a 3rd (and final) viewing of DH Part 2 today, while my Mom had the kiddos (and I sort of "pretended" to be running random errands. 8-) ) Unfortunately the 3-D version worked best with my schedule, although I'm really more of a 2-D kind of girl unless I'm seeing something like "Avatar". But I enjoyed the movie just as much as previous viewings anyway, and wasn't too bothered by those silly glasses. A couple of pre-teen or very young teenage girls kind of ruined Snape's important scenes for me by talking throughout :banghead: , but I was happy to watch the movie in a mostly quiet atmostphere where I could really pay attention to more detail and background type stuff. I found myself even more emotional during the epilogue than my previous two viewings....I guess knowing this was probably the last time I'll ever see a Harry Potter movie on the big screen contributed to my emotional state. :(

I finally have the chance to post a little Robcrack....
Here's a great pic from the TCA's all you Harry Potter fans will enjoy~
I love that Rupert Grint looks almost as starstruck as I would, if I were in his place :D

Here's a gorgeous profile shot, along with some nice handporn as a bonus

How is it humanly possible to look so good, after an afterparty? :shock:

Caryn~ Congrats on purchasing your new technical gadgetry, and hope you enjoy it as much as your Crackberry. Hope the conference is going well, and we look forward to your megapost in the morning. Visiting the International Spy Museum must've been fun and I'd love to hear more about that, when you have a chance.

Missp~ I'm so sorry to hear about your sister's dog, Ginger. Had she been ill and was it expected at all, or mostly due to old age? Isn't thirteen years a pretty long life for a larger dog like a golden retriever? I'm glad your doctor's appointment went pretty well, and hope the nasal spray will help relieve the bronchitis symptoms. It is kind of weird when some of our doctors are as old, (or younger) than we are. :? I hope you have a great first day back tomorrow, and that you have a wonderful new group of 5th graders to tell us about, when you have time. My kiddos start Thursday with a half-day, so we're not far behind you. It sounds like you all have a good plan for MG's dyslexia intervention--paying for a couple of months worth of traning to help her feel confident at the start of the school year would be very beneficial, I'm sure.

Susie~ How was the pontoon boat ride, and did SonnyBoy enjoy interacting with the elderly folks? Happy early 18th to SonnyBoy! Are you celebrating with a small get-together? Thanks for the update on your 35th reunion. I'm glad you had a good time and hope you enjoyed all those compliments--they're good for your ego. ;) Since you kids are looking forward to starting school, my daughter more so than my son. She's excited about changing classes and having a locker, as part of her transition to middle school. She's a litle nervous, because she only knows one girl from her elementary school that's in two of her classes at this point. We keep reminding her that she'll meet new people, and still see the people she already knows throughout the school day. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she'll feel more settled in a couple of weeks.

Joyce~ Loved hearing about your Twi-interaction with the teenage boy at the doctor's office today. It's amazing how the Twilight saga books really can bring together persons from all walks of life, despite their age, gender, socioeconomic level, ethnic, and cultural differences.

Suzan~ Sorry about your "summer" cold, and know that must be frustrating for you. We'll send positive vibes your way that you feel better soon. I think Susie gave some great advice about helping your Mom (and family) gradually warm up to the idea of you posting here. It also might help when they realize your time spent on the Lex is not interfering with "real life" or other daily activities. We are so glad you found the Halfway House, and especially that you eventually introduced yourself. :)

Marielle~ I'm sorry you're still feeling so crappy, hon. The symptoms certainly do sound somewhat "flu-like". I'm so glad to hear your grandma is back home and feeling better. If she's anything like her granddaughter ;).... she sounds like quite the active lady, and I imagine it's difficult to get her to slow down.

Hope everyone has a Happy Hump Day tomorrow, and I'll try to check back tomorrow night.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by lulu »

hey girls :)

i'm back from my tennis camp trip to telluride, colorado. it was breathtakingly beautiful there. wow. my favorite was just about 20 or so minutes before we arrived at the resort, there was this huge opening up of the view and the mountains... there's this teal blue lake and the mountains just climb and climb and they're covered in pines and aspen trees and it's just so so green! the tops of the mountains are so high that they are just gray and red rock. -and there were puffy clouds. it was truly incredible. hubs and i decided we need to expand our business so we can film weddings there in july and august, and live here the rest of the year. that would be unbelievable! it is really rare to have a wedding here during those months because it is so hot, so it could actually work.

anyway, we weren't actually taught by a pro (well actually for a few lessons here and there we were taught by bill-something who did play pro tennis), but she was incredible and taught mens college tennis, so you can imagine her skill is way up there. anyway, we relaxed, played lots of tennis, hiked, ate lots of amazing food, got sun burned and met so many really amazing people. it was so cool to see so many people over 65 playing tennis, and kicking our butts! it seems like people who play tennis for a lifetime stay in incredible shape. i hope we keep up with it for the rest of our lives.

well, i can't stay long, but i wanted to say hello and give an update. oh yeah, i just read the first book of the hunger games. wow, totally crazy! i think i like it though. hubs said, "not another love triangle!" he followed that up with saying that he does not like being insides girls' heads. hee-hee, for some reason that was so funny to me!

jaclyn, it seems like you are doing better and finding a way to cope. i hope life continues to bring you happiness. :)

ginnie, i tried to look through and find updates on you and your sweet fur-baby. i don't know if i missed your most recent update, but know i'm thinking about you and i'm just really sorry your having to go through this. i hope her relief will bring you the comfort you need.

fi-wow, what an experience! i know it was a while ago now, but that all sounded awful. sometimes it can be a good thing to have your car considered totaled. we got a check for $1200 several years ago when our first car got hit. it was only a dent but for some reason they said it was shot and not worth fixing. well the car drove just fine with that dent in the back so we kept driving it and used the $1200 to buy ourselves a vintage vespa scooter. :) i hope your situation worked out good for you in some way.

susie--i read bits and pieces of your posts and smiled a lot. i miss you. :)

tracy--thank you for your sweet words way back when (you had read what i said to jaclyn). you are always so nice. :)

take care everyone, i'm going to bed.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies…

We are half way through the week…

And even more, yesterday it was exactly 100 days till the Breaking Dawn premiere!!!!!!
I really hope the movie will be as good as we expected…

Joyce, that’s what’s so awesome about twilight, there is no age gap between readers. It was the same with me and Susie… though she is almost twice my age we could talk so easily about the things that fascinates us…I think you’ll see that it’s the same during the HH-con…

Speaking of the HH-con… I’m this (holding fingers together) to just say YES to the HH-con… I’m in that mood that says, screw the money and all you live only once…I have actually got some travel brochure to plan the whole trip…
Hey did anyone booked tickets already?

Tonise, I agree with you that it is very important for people with dyslexia to have confidence, most of the time before they found out the real cause they have been told regularly that they are just stupid…it destroys confidence when you are that young… still I’m no big fan of giving a child the label ‘dyslectic’ because it’s something they will always carry… at school it’s in general no big deal, teachers can help and try to understand but once you are heading for a life in the work system a label (any label ADD, ADHD, Borderline, or dyslectic) could limit chances to a good job while maybe it doesn’t even affect your job abilities… (or at least that’s what I found out in Holland)…
Gods, how I wish to pamper myself… don’t know with what yet but I think it will be finally booking that holiday I need… (just 4 weeks…I’m planning on being in a plane on the 5 of September)

Suzan, I’m sorry you feel bad, I’m too battling something weird, I have started on extra vitamins to see if I can get through it…I’m more the medieval type of girl… I love the old ancient castles, but I also have a thing for Victorian style houses…maybe that’s why I am so drawn to the UK…

Susie, I’m a bit worried too but more about that damn headache that just doesn’t want to leave me alone… the cold and shivering happens every now and than, most of the time it’s related to me already not feeling well or that time of the month…
I have been thinking about contacting the doctor about me headaches but when my muscles in my neck relax the headache seems to be gone… I honestly think that between work stress (I really don’t like my job anymore), needing a holiday and spending too much time with my laptop are the major causes… from today on I’m going to spend less time with my laptop and start on extra vitamins… I hope that will help a lot…

Tracy, wow, I love that second picture… look at those lips, they are so kissable…
I had that with my second viewing of HP… people were actually laughing through the Lily and Severus scene in the bedroom…it was so annoying, I could have killed them, or at least I wished I could use a silencing charm on them…
Nope my gran will slow down the moment she stops breathing…that’s just the way she is…

Lulu, I’m so jealous!!! I wish I could have been there with you on the tennis camp…at the club where I’m playing there are a lot of oldies that can beat my butt easily… it’s fun to see them so fanatic…

I'm going for soome oldies for the HUMP day contribution...

a beautiful red carpet moment

I don't know who he is looking at like that but I'm surprised she is still standing!!!!

this makes me longing for what we might see in 99 days!!!!

well, I'm at work, so I suppose I should try and do some work...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by StellaBlueBella »

Sneaking in the HH window Amy style in the dead of night.... :wave: Crossing my fingers that I"ll be able to post like I want to tomorrow.... Climbing out the window and down the tree from which I climbed :hello:

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Austwilight »

G'day everyone,
Sorry but all I seem to be doing are drive by posts at the moment. But I have go do our National Census online and it's going to take me a while.
Just wanted to pop in and say stay safe to our UK gals.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by VolturiGirl »

Since real life is kicking me in the behind this week, I cannot do a post today. Maybe this weekend??
I couldn't miss Hump Day today regardless of how much work I have to do today.

Big (((hugs))) to all of you in the UK.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Quick :wave: drive by.


As usually always behind not enough hours in the day. I got my actionRob today. Look forward to taking pics.

All my London friends. I hope you are staying safe.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Susie »


Right now Sonny's doing the last school show of the circus run and I'm hanging out at the local Starbucks taking care of all my online business..

Today is his birthday party (tomorrow is the real day, but he is working and then has a show). The kids are going to show up at our house at 5pm (emergency clean-up will occur between 4pm and 5 pm) and then walk to our neighborhood Italian restaurant - an elegant, chef-owned independent restaurant. There will be 12 there for dinner - the kids will each pay for their own meal. Then they will come back to our house for birthday cake - I always make it from scratch, but I'm not sure exactly when that process will occur today. :? Then they're going to watch Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (one of his favorite movies, having nothing to do with the fact that I just had my own reunion).

Desiree - I LOVE that pic of Rob! It's like he's really looking into my eyes. SWOON. Yay for getting ActionRob today!!! How fun!

Amy - LOVE that pic!! RL is kicking me in the butt this week too! Just too busy is all - where are the lazy hazy days of summer? I find that looking at pics of Rob helps re-energize me. Does it do the same for you? Silly question.

- National Census online? How do they get enough people willing to put in an hour's work to get an accurate count? I'm guessing the online version is an option? Otherwise, people get a nice personal visit by a census worker, right? Is it done every ten years? See you when you have more time.

Rachel - What are you doing up so late??? I forgot, has school started yet?? How's SmutUniversity going?

- Thanks for starting the BD1 countdown! So today it's 99 days away. Yay for saying YES to the HHCON! I think if you have almost enough money, it will be OK. If you had zero money, it might not be a prudent thing to do. In my vast years of travel, I've NEVER regretted spending money on my trips, even if it meant I didn't have as much to spend once I got back home. The main reason I never regret spending money on travel is because what you gain from it is somewhat priceless - you get MEMORIES that will last your whole life. Also, often times if the trip is to somewhere different from your usual surroundings, you learn something from it and in a way, when you get home, you are a richer person for that experience. Your neck pain - it definitely could be how you are positioned while on your laptop since that is a change in your routine. I get neck pain when I work on our old computer because I have to look up a little. Are you using your laptop on your lap or on a table? Your physiotherapist can tell you what the problem is - are you looking up too much or are you looking down too much? You can buy laptop platforms that raise your laptop to more of an eye-level and then you can attach a separate keyboard to it. I want you to be able to Lex!!

Lulu - Welcome back! That tennis camp sounds amazing. From your description, it must have reminded you of your time in Utah a little. You didn't say how you did being away from BabyBoy all that time. It must have been OK or you would have said something. Regarding the Hunger Games - In my opinion, the love triangle is somewhat secondary to the main plot which is the post-apocolyptic society and totalitarian government and of course - the GAMES themselves. So, I'd say that even your hubs could handle it. Tell him the trilogy is extremely violent for YA....I'm not sure if that would drive him away from or draw him to the books. Thanks for saying you miss me....

- Sonny didn't get to ride on the pontoon after all, just load up the wheelchairs and then when they got back, helped unload the pontoon and wheel the residents back to the building. While the pontoon was out on the lake, he helped inside wheeling residents back and forth various places. Your daughter is going to have so much fun in middle school! Do you find yourself vicariously experiencing it all with her? She'll do well. Tell her EVERYONE is nervous about making new friends and that event the teachers are a bit apprehensive when school starts. They don't know the kids yet either! I always love to tell Sonny the teacher's perspective about how they don't like Mondays either, nor do they want to come back after Spring Break, etc. This actually made him feel better.

Caryn - What is an EVO SHIFT??? Dang, you're high tech now! Can't wait for your Combo MegaHumpDay Post!! I do hope you can answer that "technical" question my friend had about vampire "performance".

Tonise - That's so sad about Ginger!! Your sister has had a lot to deal with the last week, hasn't she? It's a good thing she has you to lean on! Your young doctor - Get used to it!! It's more a sign that you are getting older so the doctors are getting younger relatively speaking! You will get used to it and then you'll think more like - I'm sure glad an energetic, clear-headed younger person is handling my care. But the first time it happens you really do feel like they couldn't possibly be qualified to treat you! For me, this was when I was in my early 30's and I saw a vascular specialist. He really did look like he was 21. I felt like asking to see his supervisor!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by vampirelover109 »

Good evening ladies

UK UPDATE- well thankfully the riots in Vicky and my city has pretty much stopped there were a few isolated incidents but I know in the other cities it's still a massive problem there just not stopping the madness it is still scary y
Were all scared and on edge hopefully it will come to an end shortly

I've had a good day today my best friend took me out to a Mexican restaurant with some mutual friends I love Mexican food yummy

It was an exciting morning you properly won't know what I
Talking about but I have to tell you on the x factor last year there were a band who finished 3rd called one direction and I fell in love with them instantly there only 18,17 year old though but today after 9 months of waiting we got the first play on the radio of there first single it's amazing if you can try and find them on you tube so you know what I'm rambling on about I love them onthe same level that I love rob which as you know is a lot

Marielle- yay on a yes for HH CON so cool Im so excited 99 days until breaking Dawn can't wait is your neck and head feeling better after the physio

Lulu- sounds like you had a blast at the tennis camp

Desiree- HiHi

Susie- hope youre enjoying Starbucks hope the shows are going well the school reunion sounds like so much fun I'm so glad you had a great time

Sorry if I've missed anyone my minds not with it today

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Dovrebanen »

Sorry for being away this long. I have been by facebook, but not really had the time to do a proper post. Bergen was great. Really busy all day. We were also very lucky with the weather, so it was all really nice. Now we're back home, getting the house ready for sale. These past days I've cleaned all the windows in the house. Exhausting work. Also cleaned the entire kitchen and one bathroom all over. But we're almost there now, at least to get pictures taken so it can be put up for sale. It's a bit sad, too, getting ready to leave this place, and knowing that we'll probably never get something as nice as this again. But this is a new beginning, so I just have to look at it with positive eyes.

My bf's grandmother passed away last night. But I think everyone is kinda okay with it. She would have been a 101 years old next month, and has really lived a long life. So I think it was just her time, and it certainly didn't come as a surprise to anyone at that age.

UK incident ~ I hope all of our UK sisters are alright, and that it settles down soon. Violence like that is not going to solve anything.

Update on the terror in Norway ~ We are getting back into a normal routine again. I don't think our country will ever be the same, but hopefully we'll be better. The man responsible has been questioned several times. So far he has shown no regret for what he did. He has said that it was awful having to do it, but necessary and that we will all understand in about 60 years. Not like, and it shows that he has a very different understanding of the world than we do. It's just a scary attitute, and it makes me glad that he is behind bars.
Funerals are still being held for the victims all over the country every day. Yesterday there was one for a young girl, and her family had actually managed to get Chris Medina to come all the way from the US to sing What are words in her funeral, because she loved that song :cry: It sad, but at the same really nice that he would do that for her.

Tonise ~ Thanks for putting me down as a maybe. I'll be sure to let you know as soon as possible, and long before we're supposed to be there. I really would love to go, and would hate to miss out on the chance to meet all of you. And if Marielle can take the trip from Europe, I should be able to as well.

Susie ~ Nothing special in Bergen. Just went for a trip. We attened a few boardgames and cardgame tournaments, went to the aquarium and bowling and sightseeing. It's a beautiful city.
Sounds like you had fun on your reunion :) I didn't go to mine... I guess it was my ten year reunion or something. Since it was in my hometown, and it didn't fit into my schedule. But it would have been fun to see what's been going on with everybody.

Desiree ~ OMG, your humpday picture!! It's just yummy :swoon:

Tracy ~ I liked HP in 3D. I think it worked, and that is rare with movies with people in it. I do hate the glasses, especially since I wear glasses usually and have to wear to pairs when I go to 3D movies...

Marielle ~ Hope you feel better soon :) Both my bf and I have been sick for over a week now. Now it's mostly coughing, and it disrupts our sleep a bit.

Breaking Dawn ~ I can't wait to see Rob in his wedding costume. I think that will definitely be a drool moment :)

:wave: to everyone I missed (which was most of you). Sorry, but it would have taken me too long to catch up.
Have a good night! I'm off to bed since it's approaching 1 am here.
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