Rob's Halfway House -- #8

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Jazz Girl »

Hello, sweet sisters. Another delay today. Biggun's band camp doesn't start until 9 this week, so I'll be a bit late getting in every day. I got sucked right into some work things and am only now able to hop on. But, no worries. A full post awaits! :lol:

Tammy~ No worries, dear. We’re just happy you stopped in. Somehow, as much as I love my monkeys, a solid month without them sounds somewhat tempting. Especially staring down the barrel of returning to school! I hope you enjoyed the peace and quiet.

AnnMarie~ Don’t beat yourself up about it. It sounds like you handled the panic attack just as you should. A little bit better, day by day. That’s all you can ask. I’m glad you enjoyed church.

Jaclyn~ “always reply to you all in my head while reading” That made me laugh out loud. I kind of do the same thing! Sometimes, when I’m all caught up reading, I actually answer posts or questions, sometimes even out loud!

Susie~ I hope the migraine is feeling better. You know I feel your pain. Awww, you’re so sweet. I like to think he realizes it. But, with my Hubs, you never know. He’s a man of few words (remember what I told you about the sermon at our wedding!) , but lets his actions speak for him. Either way, I know very well how lucky I am. That’s fantastic that SonnyBoy gets to continue circus through university, and at HALF PRICE!! Oh, now, you know there are other things you’re fast at. You just like that it shows off your speed without showing off! :lol: Well, of course we should definitely get some fantastic RobCrack out of the TCA’s. I mean, last year was a veritable smorgasbord of it!!

Tonise~ Good luck on resetting that body clock. I don’t think there’s any way I could make myself go to sleep at 10 pm unless I really really wasn’t feeling well. It actually impresses the heck out of me when people can!

Amy~ Yes, like I said, I was at least happy that he was nominated for Water for Elephants as well. Hopefully, it won’t be too awful. And, you all know I’ll watch for Rob anyways.

Marielle & Paula~ :wave:

Karenna~ Sounds like a fantabulous bit of camping!! I'll admit, I used to enjoy the roughing-it variety, with a tent and an open flame over which to cook and the whole lot. But, I think your version sounds MUCH better!

Fi~ Good grief, it has been a trying few weeks. Glad to know you and GB had a sensible chat and worked everything through. I do feel his pain. Quitting can be a royal pain in the butt and make you short with everyone else, no matter what. But, regardless, I’m glad the man came to his senses and realized what a peach you truly are. In the states, we call those tractor trailers and they scare the living bejeezus out of me. I’m so glad you are okay! You’re right. The damage looks totally cosmetic. I’m not sure what they are playing at, wanting to scrap it. But, it sounds like it makes no-nevermind to you, which I love. Have so much fun at the wedding and with the family.

Marielle~ There just is no substitute for snuggling in with a good book. As far as I know, there wasn’t talk of Kris going to the TCAs. She was always scheduled to be back in London at the end of July. Last year, Ashley and Taylor were with him, which is fine. But, there’s just no substitute for Rob&Kris together at random awards shows. They’re just too flipping cute!

Alright, back to work with me. Catch y'all on the flip side!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by missp »

Happy Monday, Diva Sisters!! I worked in my classroom today, and I am BEAT!! Thanks to some great help from my Daddy, Mama, Sister #2, and MG I have all of my classroom furniture in place and felt pads have been placed on the bottom of every leg of each desk and chair. So, Wednesday I can just go straight to the cleaning, organizing, and putting up bulletin boards. YAY! I hope all of you have had a terrific day. I’m going to watch The Bachelor and Teen Wolf and go to bed!

On to your posts:
AMY~~ Last night, I tried going to bed early and wasn’t even sleepy. Tonight, I don’t think I’ll have one bit of trouble going to sleep!
MARIELLE~~ I hope you feel better after your visit with the physiotherapist today! Mmmmm! Jake Gyllenhal!! He is just ohhhhh so YUMMY!! I’ll be doing the clothes sorting tomorrow! Wish me luck!
PAULA~~ I’m so glad you were able to pop in and say hello!! I know you’re staying really busy with those babies, so we’re just glad whenever you have time to drop by!
KARENA~~ The trip to the mountains sounds absolutely wonderful! I can’t wait to see the pics!
FI FI~~ I’m glad to hear things worked out with your GB. So sorry to hear about the car and the trouble with the bank! We have a saying here that says, “When it rains it pours!” Things will get better! Enjoy your visit with your mom, have fun at the wedding, and good luck on the job interview!
SUSIE~~ I am so glad your headache is gone and you feel better today! I love that GRIMM is doing so well! I know it’s such a thrill to watch SonnyBoy participate in such an awesome show! Trying to go to bed at 10 pm last night was just impossible! I just wasn’t sleepy at all! I ended up going to bed at 1 am. So, since I got up at 6 am this morning… I hope I’ll be sleepy tonight! We’ll see! No… I’m not turned off to chatting in the 40’s room. I’m just being a little more careful who I open up to… not that I wasn’t already. Some people are just really messed up in the head. That’s why taking your time getting to know someone is so important.
ANN MARIE~~ I’m glad you got some writing done today! Getting more involved at church will be so good for you! We tend to forget our own troubles when we’re helping others!
CARYN~~ Don’t be impressed yet! I’m having a really hard time with the 10 pm bedtime, too! I just need to try because my body needs so much more sleep than I’ve been giving it! I hope Biggun and the band are staying hydrated this week while out in that hot sun at band camp!! I remember those days!
CHRISSY~~ I see you down there!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by marielle »

Hey girls…

Pffff, I think I hate Tuesdays more than Mondays…. I just can’t seem to wake up properly…I’m yawning and rubbing my eyes just to keep them open!!

But… it’s finally summer in Holland… today we will get the first real summer day for the last month or so…it will of course only last one day, they are expecting thunder storms and rain for tomorrow but still it will be a nice day today…

Ann-marie, I’m happy that you enjoy helping out with the church…at least you have something to look forward to…besides the HH-con that is… are you still planning on doing a longer US trip?

Caryn, I was hoping Kris could go to the TCA but I much rather she would hurry and finish that movie,… I can’t wait to see that one but to my bog surprise it won’t be release till next summer!!! How annoying… and I still can’t find a official release date on Bel Ami…

Tonise, are you preparing your classroom for next school year? When do the kids come back? Here in Holland a part of the country still has 4 weeks but where I live the kids have to go back to school next week…
Good luck with your clothes… I’m sure you’ll be able to win the battle with them…

Susie, I thought it was you who talked about good offers for tourist who are taking a US domestic flight…can you tell me something about it? My bf is getting really interested in the whole trip to the US thing and I have to seal the deal now it’s going good…

There is very little news coming from BD or Rob… so I’ll keep it short today…
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by smitten_by_twilight »

Hello girls! :wave:

I had an awesome time meeting Christina and Ginnie on Saturday - I couldn't post before getting home today, my mobile is wonky for posting. When I went I was a leetle bit worried that we might have nothing to talk about - when I left I couldn't believe that nearly 6 hours had flown by and I would have been perfectly happy to go spend the evening with them, except for feeling guilty about leaving my hubby wandering around the Magic Kingdom with our 4 kids and my mom in an electric scooter. My family called to check on me several times - I think they were worried that my "vampire friends" had kidnapped me - they do not get this obsession of mine, although hubs is very tolerant.

I lurk here sometimes but I do not see being a regular at the HH in my near future because I can't possibly keep up with you girls! But I am not Team Jacob and do find Rob completely adorkable (who coined that? great word). If I somehow find myself in Chicago around HH-Con time, I will write!

Couple of shout-outs, not comprehensive:

Ginnie ~ congrats on getting back to work on WDH, and you were in my thoughts today. Always hard to lose such a longstanding member of a family.

Christina ~ so happy to meet you, and good luck organizing! Your weight loss story will be an inspiration to me.

Tammy ~ like all your banners, especially the new one ;)

Jazz Girl (Caryn?) ~ after talking with you so often on other threads, it was nice to hear about you from Ginnie and Christina! I feel like I'm getting to know people vicariously!

And whoever mentioned the Nicholas Flamel books, thanks! I hadn't heard about those ... now I have something new to add to my reading list. I'll continue to lurk here intermittently, but I'll speak up if I have something to say!
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Jazz Girl
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Jazz Girl »

:lol: Here I was worrying that I was going to be late to the party once more and have tons on which to catch up, and it looks like everyone is having the same trouble I'm having today. Well, I don't have long as it is, so on to posts...

Tonise~ I always loved helping my dad get his room ready for school to start. There was just something exciting about getting everything ready. I can’t believe you all actually start before we do. My boys won’t go back until Aug 15th, which is still a little on the early side in my mind. But, what’s a momma to do. The staff and the bandmoms are doing their best to keep them so. At this point, the whole lot of them are old hat at it as it is. This is actually his 3rd week of bandcamp. It’s been so much fun watching him following that tradition.

Marielle~ See, people think I’m crazy for saying that Tuesday is the most useless day of the week, but there’s just absolutely nothing appealing about it… other than maybe that we are one day closer to HumpDay!! :lol: You are more than welcome to our summer. We are on our 18th day in a row of 90+ F temperatures and not a drop of rain. Take it, please! They actually moved the SWatH release date up from October or November to June because the other SW movie moved theirs to March. Yeah, no official date for BA here in the states either, but with the trailer, I’m getting a little more hopeful at least.

Smitten~ That sounds like a VERY familiar scenario! :lol: Essentially the same thing happened when I met them for breakfast in January. The next thing you knew, the lunch crowd was eyeballing us because we were taking up a table and I had 5 or 6 missed calls from Hubs, who had 2 crabby boys who wanted to get to ESPNZone early. Feel free to swing in whenever possible. You could be a HHCousin. :D Hmmm, adorkable… good grief, I know I’ve been using it for several years. It’s just the perfect term for the man.

Alright, quick and painless. I'm off to get some more work type things accomplished.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by vampirelover109 »

Good evening ladies

Gosh it is so quiet around here tonight I guess that's what happens when real life comes calling maybe I'm just bitter cause I have no kids or a husband anyway cause of the time difference im sure you'll all be posting when I'm sound asleep anyway today I've been baking well trying to bake I tried making cookies but it turned into to one giant flat cookie I did make some little cakes with vanilla frosting and they were lovely ive also been doing some more writing which is good i will be so glad to go back to work it really is boring

Marielle- hihi yep I will be extending my time in the US for about 5 dAys in Florida which will be nice an relaxing for me

Right I'll be back later hopefully my sisters will be here then

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Susie »


It's just too much of a coincidence that I always catch a cold after going to the dentist for something other than a cleaning. :( I'm really low energy now, so excuse my lame attempt to respond to you all. I'm also worn out from a "debate" I'm having with Sonny Boy. All I can say is 18 next week does not mean he is mature enough to be an adult. I'll vent later. To be fair, it's not all his fault - we're dealing with some insane "volunteer" requirements for his internship.

Annmarie - I'm here!! But I can't stay long. Helpful hint where baking is concerned - once you've incorporated the flour, don't beat it too much - it gets tough. I actually like to hand mix it once I add the flour. Don't give up. Try a different recipe and maybe even watch a video online. Cooking could be a good hobby for you. It just takes motivation and experience, so keep on trying. I know you want to be married and have kids someday. It will happen. Just keep taking care of yourself so you are healthy in every way. Sorry your panic attack lasted 20 minutes! But if you say that is an improvement, that is a good thing! It's just that it caught you by surprise. I suppose you could expect a surprise attack again sometime, and then you can immediately go into your calming routine. Be kind to yourself, not judgmental.

- August 15th? That's in two weeks! Sheesh! Minneapolis starts Aug 29 (but I have no kids going there) and my work school district starts September 6. I think I probably already said this - sorry! Your hubs a man of few words....Well, opposites attract and as a couple he doesn't really need to say much, right? ;) You're so right about actions speaking louder than words. My hubs always does very caring things - like offering to get me a AAA membership for when I'm driving back from Charlottesville. Deep down, our men are what is called "The Salt of the Earth". They are truly loyal.

Marielle - I loved your Jake G dream. Just think how motivated you would be to exercise if it was with him (or Rob) What a cool coincidence that you saw that magazine that featured them both. Regarding airfare deals for travel within the U.S. I don't know what they've got now - this was 20 years ago (sorry) but it is worth checking into some sort of package deal. Ask a travel agent.

Tonise - That's great that your family helped you clean your classroom. You mentioned going in on Wednesday to organize but said nothing about today. Does that mean you are doing something fun today?? You're so right about taking the time to get to know someone.

Smitten - I was just going to tell you that we welcome occasional visitors here at the Halfway House (especially someone who has met Ginnie and Christina!), but Caryn beat me to, coining the name HH Cousin!! That is perfect!! Never feel like you aren't welcome to pop in and join us in our fun.


I'm going to go get my hair cut now - just the same ol', same ol'.

Then it's "National Night Out" - the one night a year where everyone is encouraged to get outside and meet their neighbors and keep their neighborhood safe in doing so. Minneapolis has the track record of having the highest number (per capita) of block parties in the nation. It's a big deal here. Everyone assumes you're going to your block party tonight. Anyone else going to a neighborhood party tonight? I made a raspberry pie for the potluck and then we all bring our own meat to grill. Too bad it's horribly humid out there today!

Hope you all are doing well....

EDIT - Hi Chrissy!! I still owe you an email....
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by VolturiGirl »

Hey ladies,
just a quick pop in. My co-worker is gone for a few days so I'm having to do both mine and her work and our a/c is not cooling our building down. I think that it hit 117 degrees today. I will try to post a little hello or something tomorrow.
Have a good day.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by missp »

Hi, Ladies!! I have spent the day at home running errands with my Daddy. We went to Lowes and bought 2- 12 foot shelves and all the hooks and stuff. He'll put those up on the back wall of my classroom tomorrow. I am so thankful to still have him with me and able to do these little projects I come up with every year! :D Ok... on to your posts because I noticed that Ginnie's WDH has updated! So... I have some fan fic to read! :clap:

AMY~~ I am sorry that your building is staying so hot! That has to be so miserable! Stay cool as best you can,, Girl!

SUSIE~~ Hmm... That doesn't sound like a coincidence to me. Might you be allergic to something in your dentist's office or something he's giving you or using on you? Ugh... Those debates we have with those 18 year olds can really set your hair on fire! Brakeman #68 has all of a sudden become the ONLY one in the family with any brains! No... nothing fun today. Little niece, MG, was being tested for Dyslexia today here in town and Sister #2 needed a place to hang out while they were preparing the final report. So, I stayed home to be available for them. Besides, Daddy and Mama came with them and we ran errands while they tested. (One errand was shipping some pottery your way! I hope it gets there okay! I packed it pretty tight! :D ) As it turns out... MG has the most severe case of Dyslexia there is... :heartbroke: I hate it for her. It will make it so much harder on her in years to come. We are going to pay a lot of money to have someone work with her this year to teach her to compensate. The tester said the reason she has done so well so far is that her short term memory is above average, and that has allowed her to memorize the shapes of her spelling words and things. We all feel kind of guilty. We've pushed and prodded for three years now... tears and tantrums all around. :cry:

ANN MARIE~~ Sorry about the time difference, Sweetie!! It sounds like the cookie still turned out okay... even if it was a giant one! The good thing is... they taste the same whether one big cookie or several small ones! ;)

CARYN~~ We actually start back officially on the 15th, too. The teacher's first day is the 10th. School Eve (Open House) is the 11th. I want to be completely done by Friday so I can spend the weekend at the pool and Monday and Tuesday of next week doing my clothes shopping and relaxing a bit.

SMITTEN~~ :wave: WELCOME!!! It's glad to have you posting with us!

MARIELLE~~ I wish we had 4 more weeks! We start back in 2 weeks. Yay!! It's finally summer for you!!! Enjoy!

Ok... of to read WDH!! See Y'all tomorrow!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Just doing a quick drive by. I am REALLY cranky so it wouldn't be fair for me to be on here and you guys having to hear it. I started my DAMN diet today. I hope that is ok to say on here. I really need to since I gained all my weight back that took me a year. Next thing you know my lovely husband sits down on the other couch and I look up to see him eating ICECREAM! As if that didn't just chop my @$$.

Smitten ~ Welcome. I know RL gets in the way just know we are always here even if it is for a quick drive by. By the way that is really cool you got together with 2 other HH sisters.

talk to you all later.
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