Rob's Halfway House -- #8

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by StellaBlueBella »

Hello Ladies,

How are you? I've missed everyone here and I am sorry if it seems like I've gone MIA but I swear I haven't forgotten you and of course, I miss this place. It is nice to know though, that I always know where to find you <3. I will fill you all in on the details of the past few weeks soon.

Honestly, I will just be lurking around for a few days, trying to catch up as best I can, but school starts next week (I can NOT believe it!) and so I have the big back to school rush to get through (although all school supplies were purchased last weekend - yeah me - which just leaves things like shoes, etc.) and hopefully I'll be able to restore some of my old routine. Of course Baby Boy is so much less a baby now but I am sure it will be much quieter with just the two of us.

Can't wait to read and see what's been going on with all of you!



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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by marielle »

Hey girls…

I’m having a bad bad bad day already… and it’s not even 8 in the morning!!!!
First I woke up with my face covered with spots and I haven’t even had chocolate the last few days!!! Than missed the tram and to make matters even more annoying it started to rain!!! Summer is gone again…it’s dark and grey outside…

Yesterday I found tickets to Chicago for less than 600€… It had a stop at Dublin but I’m thinking that maybe it would be nice to have a bit of a walk somewhere during the trip and get out of the plane…now all I have to do is save money but we are still planning on a vacation next month so it will be a bit difficult for now…

To start HUMP day….I think I might try and cheer myself up a bit…

Now! Posts!...(anyone else noticed that the thread isn’t really busy at the moment…normally I have to catch up on 4 pages… everybody still dealing with Summer holidays…)

Smitten, it’s nice you got to meet with Ginnie and Christina. I mentioned the Flamel books… it’s a series of now 5 books, I believe he is writing one more. It has everything every fantasy lover want in a book, vampires, magicians, myths and humans trying to save their world.

Caryn, if I could I would have demanded you weather here…
I don’t know about you but I hate the fact that they are doing two Snow White releases next year… the Huntsman was the first to be announced and all…I know for sure that the Huntsman will be much more exciting just because it looses the Disney character…it’s like they are battling about who goes first…I don’t know who the other producing company is but I already don’t like them!!!

Ann-marie, I’m looking into extending the trip as well. I have already heard from a few people that Chicago is really awesome and maybe we are going to NYC as well.

Susie, is your son turning 18 next week? I thought he was much younger…
I’m going by the travel agent tomorrow anyway, so I’ll ask them if there are special in-land flights that aren’t too expensive.
Yes, it would be a huge motivation to work out with either one of them…I would be fit in a week or so… or dead… because I’m not sure if my heart can handle the exercise, watching very sexy men while actually doing something active…

Tonise, than you start at the same time as our schools starts here…
A HH-con question, did you book the rooms already? Might it be possible for me to book a room for my BF and me in the same hotel?

I thoughts some HUMP day gifts would be in place...

like this...
and this!!!

AAARGGG!!!! Okay my day got officially very bad!!! That stupid ICT department of that STUPID company I work for blocked TOR...which means I can't get on the site, I can't open any picture that is linked to that site.......urgh, now all searches I do for Rob-pics end in many with a big red cross through them or just our company logo with prohibited through it... :rant: :banghead:

okay not to make the day worse... I'll be back this afternoon with my HUMP day contribution
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Brienna »

You know, I've got time to read here. I've got time to participate in the game-topics, which is typing 1 or 2 sentences. I just can't find the time to make a proper post here and respond to your posts!

Today I'm gonna try and see if I can get some pictures of baby clothes online, to sell. It's definitely not going to be used by us for another round :( :lol:

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by newtonscricket »

Hello! I'm back! The vacation was great! Lots of time in beautiful natural settings with lots of ice cream. And temps in the 70s/80s (but not to worry, North Carolina saved some 100s just for me)

Only time for a few responses to latest stuff:

Annmarie: My kids keep begging me to make them a giant cookie and you made one without even trying. That's the great thing about baking, even your mistakes usually taste good.

Paula, boy do I know that "hey, we won't be needing these baby clothes ever again" feeling! When you're done, you're done!

marielle, hope your day gets better (remember all romantic comedies start out with a bad day). Where is that first pic from? I know all Robs' photoshoots! (I may have missed a bit in the last week)

, wow school already! We've got about 3 more weeks, though I did just do a little school shopping. Gotta pick up those loss leaders (25 cent crayons! 75 cent notebook paper!) before everyone else. I totally sympathize about not being able to catch up.

, I forgot it was birthday season at your house (and for me!) Sorry you are feeling sick and tired. The block parties sound great, one more cool thing about Minneapolis.

: "School Eve" I love it! I'm sorry about your niece's dyslexia. I'm so glad she has all of your to support her.

And now, The Possum Story:

So two nights ago, I go up to bed (before husband). This is my actual bed, not some vacation bed. The bedroom door is shut because elderly cat is not allowed in there anymore. I open the door and in the darkness see......something... moving on the pillows of our bed. In the pre-thought, pre-verbal nanoseconds before I turn on the light my brain goes something like "cat? notCat rodent, squirrel rat" flick on light see very fluffy gray fur, brain returns answer "possum" and defaults to screaming and slamming door.

I move in some unrecorded fashion to the bathroom counter and wait for inspiration or husband. My husband showed up first, probably thinking "oh my god the zombies have finally come!" Also oldest son and youngest son show up, but not middle. Oldest (12) thinks this is hilarious. Youngest(5)cries.

Husband spends the next two hours reading the internet and then patiently waiting for the possum (now under his dresser) to take the cherries and cat food bait he's placed in his "trap" (kitchen trash can on side). This works! He then takes the possum for a night time drive to an undisclosed location. He is my hero!

How did it get in????? We cannot find an answer. It couldn't even have come in through the door! The bedroom door is always closed.

I wish I hadn't been so stereotypically girly about this. All I could've done is wait till morning and called animal control.

Since I relate everything in my head to Rob, I couldn't help but think, "you know, Rob is really good looking, and funny, and smart, but I don't think he'd be much good in a possum-in-your-bed situation." What do you think?

Possum Wiki article
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Jazz Girl »

As I refuse to let HumpDay pass without acknowledgement, I want to at least drive by and say...

Happy Hump Day!!!

I'll be back for my normal post a bit later. *hugs*
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by VolturiGirl »

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by openfire »


Fi - Thanks for checking in! Sorry to hear about your car accident but thank goodness you are ok! That is mental about the insurance though, the damage does indeed only look cosmetic, or at least it defo doesn't look like it is totalled!! I hate insurance companies! I hope you get that and the bank stuff sorted out soon :)

Tonise - Good for you on getting back into "school schedule"!

Susie - I loved hearing about Grimm - I wish I could see the show, it sounds really great!!

Marielle - Sorry I can't really help you out the b&b's in Edinburgh as the last time I stayed over there in a hotel etc was when I was wee! My SiL lives there now, so if we ever need to stay, we just stay at hers... I could ask around, but you would probabaly be just as easy to look up TripAdvisor etc. Sorry! There are hotel chains that are pretty cheap & gerenally nice & the same in every city, eg. Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express (cheaper!), Travel Lodge, Premier Inn etc. I have stayed in many of these throughout the UK and they are always nice. Hope that helps a little?

Smitten / Brenda - Hi there! Glad you had great time with Ginnie and Christina! Loved that your family were worried cos of your "vampire friends" LOL.

SuperJen - I LOVED your possum story!! Aww for you, but also it's kinda funny ;) Loved that you related it to Rob LOL!!

Everyone else - HI THERE!! Sorry for the lack of replies but the laptop is about to die so hopefully this post works....

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Suzan »

Hey ladies!

(They're celebrating Kat's birthday over at Robsessed and if this is what she likes then I have to say the woman has taste! Hot Damn! :swoon: Go here if you have unlimited time for staring and drooling. Make sure you're alone and sitting down!)

Sorry, no time yet to reply to you all, but I will tomorrow! Just wanted to let you all know what I’ve been up to and that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. ;)

I’m happily enjoying my vacation. I went shopping in Rotterdam and went to my favorite bookstore there. It was a little disappointing though. They didn’t have anything I was looking for. :( Stupid online shopping and e-book revolution! But I did pick up Twilight (the Dutch version) for my sister. She started reading and couldn’t put it down. She bought the other books today and is now starting NM. She’s finally realizing what I was talking about all this time (even though the Dutch version is in my opinion horrible compared to the beautiful words by SM herself).

We enjoyed the first real summer weather Monday with my grandmother who is staying near the beach over the summer. You won’t believe what happened when we were driving around searching for a place to have dinner though: We were driving through this very small town and somewhere along the road in front of a few houses, stood an old red Honda motorcycle with a For Sale, for any reasonable offer-sign! How funny is that!

Anyway, that was all before yesterday morning, when my dad woke up with terrible pain in his abdomen. The doctor suspected he had a kidney stone and prescribed him some strong painkillers in the hope that it would pass on its own. My dad was still in horrible pain for the rest of the day though. This morning he was feeling fine again, so we think it passed.

That’s all for now, but like I said I will catch up tomorrow. Hope you’re all having a great HumpDay! :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Susie »


National Night Out Block Parties Correction- Last year Minneapolis was #2

from the Minneapolis Star Tribune:
  • Last year, San Antonio beat Minneapolis for the No. 1 spot in National Night Out participation for large cities, according to the National Association of Town Watch's rankings. Minneapolis, which has led cities with at least 300,000 residents for seven of the past nine years, was second.
There were 1,400 block parties in Minneapolis last night. I was a little late coming back from my hair appointment and had a hard time driving home, I had to keep zig zagging because so many streets were blocked off.

-Rant Begins

Sonny Boy's Internship - OK I won't say the name of the large financial institution right now while I'm complaining, but I did mention it earlier. Sonny works at a retail branch in the burbs That's going OK. BUT Corporate has an official "internship program" with meetings that the interns go to. Mind you, the interns are all from different locations, so they don't know each other. There are 4 meetings total, which they get paid for, so that's OK. Sonny hates, them but never mind about that when it gets worse. They had to do volunteer work at one of these meetings - they went to a site where food is packaged for worldwide humanitarian relief. I'm not sure if he got paid, but that's OK They all took a bus there from their meeting.

NOW - This is what is killing me - At the last meeting, the interns were put in small groups and told to plan a volunteer activity (of course unpaid) to do together and then do a 10 minute presentation at the next meeting, which will be their last. OK now it's getting to be asking a bit too much because they have to put a lot of time outside of their regular working hours. They have to plan the activity via email. They don't know each other and they don't work or live near each other. The Twin Cities is geographically very spread out. SO - at least someone in his group took the leadership and came up with a volunteer opportunity for them at a nursing home. The location is what I'm uspset about. It is 25 miles away!! Not all freeway either, so it takes 45 minutes to get there. Not exactly central - very far west and, not to be a sourpuss about it or anything, a very wealthy area, right on Lake Minnetonka. There are tons of more needy places in the city. On Monday, Sonny had to go out there and meet the volunteer coordinator because he is still a minor and bring a permission slip. He was supposed to get a ride from another intern but there was some miscommunication, so at the last minute I had to drive him ALL that way just so he could meet that lady and give her his permission slip. He was scheduled to help with Bingo tonight 6:45-8:45. Then he'd be done. I was willing to drive him tonight and just get it over with.

Of course, the only time Sonny's best friend can get together is tonight, the night of the Bingo commitment. Yesterday, he got an invitation for dinner and a swim in their pool and all of his friends are going to be there. He has 6 shows from Thursday-Sunday, so he can't get together any other time. No surprise. He wants to back out of the Bingo commitment. That's what our debate was yesterday. I agree that it is a totally ridiculous expectation for an internship program to have, but I don't want him to lose integrity.(I'm such a rule follower) I told him he would have to call the coordinator and reschedule as well as email his group. He did this, but so far hasn't been able to schedule another volunteer job at the nursing home. His only availability is either Monday or Tuesday night next week. If they don't have a job for him, he can go and play the piano - he is an accomplished pianist. He has to do it at the same location as the others in the group so they can present as a group.Hubs and I want to complain but don't want to jeopardize anything while Sonny's actually still getting paychecks from this organization.

-End of Rant

Sorry everyone!!

Suzan – Hi! We were dual posting, but I got logged off somehow! Luckily I saved my post to Word. I’m glad you didn’t forget us on Hump Day. I found my pic at the same place. It’s almost too much to handle isn’t it? I’m glad you’re having a fun vacation. Sorry about your dad’s kidney stone. My brother’s had a few of them and they are VERY painful. Is your sister older or younger than you are? I finally got a friend of mine to start reading the Saga. She just started a week ago and already she’s on Eclipse! We’ll be going to our 35th High School reunion on Saturday together and getting a hotel room, and she’s already told me to be prepared for an intense Q&A session!

Marielle - I'm sorry you're having an especially ROTTEN day today!!! From the level of dismay in your post, I was actually worried about how your heart was going to handle it all. Take some deep breaths! VERY nice Hump Day pics - sorry about the block though! That first one was especially glorious. Jaclyn will love the hands! btw - a stop on Dublin doesn't actually make it that much of a shorter transatlantic flight, does it? If you want it because it is the cheapest, go for it, but it you want it to stretch your legs, I don't think it is worth it. This is coming from someone who has also flown coach across the Atlantic. It's long, but there are two meals and constant video viewing on your personal screen, so the time goes by fairly quickly. You can catch up on some movies. There is time to see three of them!!

Jaclyn - All that talk you and Marielle are doing about B&Bs makes me think of being in Edinburgh with you during the Fringe. One of my favorite radio shows has a regular political comedian and he is at the Fringe. His name is Hal Sparks and that's the link to his Fringe show schedule. I think he would be hilarious for an American, especially a Liberal, but I'm not sure how funny he would be to you Scots! Anyway - if you need a show to go to, it's only 1 hour long at 10:45 pm. Let me know if you or anyone you know ends up seeing it. I really love him on my morning radio show.

Caryn - Thanks, Hon, for making sure we get a steady stream of Hump Day posts! (droooooool...........) You re very dedicated. See you later....

Amy - Loved the pics - I think that first one is a manip, though. Rob has hair on his chest, and as far as we know, he has not posed like that. Still, who cares? :lol: Sorry about your work AC - it must be very hard to get things done in that heat. 117? That's dry heat, though, right?

NewJen - Ah - You always make me laugh! Rob good with Possum in Bed?? Well, if you mean how would he react in the same situation - I think exactly as your husband!!! (See, they already have so much in common) But of course I imagined Rob in bed with a possum!! Then I imagined Rob and me in bed with a possum....And then things just got messed up. I'd be interested in what you were imagining! Anyway - That is a freaky experience!! I would have reacted the same "girlie" way you did. I mean, you weren't exactly expecting that, were you? Hey - is this someone's idea of a practical joke? You must be looking for holes in your duct work. Was the window open? Attic?? By the way, I'm glad you had such a wonderfully cool vacation.

Paula - You know what? I'm partially to blame for this prevalence of megaposts. That's what I've been told, anyway. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO A BIG POST. Just say what you want to say - we love hearing from you. No one will be offended that you weren't able to address them personally. You really don't have time with three little ones. I certainly don't want you to be discouraged from posting!!! No apologies necessary.

Rachel - Nice to see you on the board!! Back to School stuff is very time and brain consuming! I really don't want to think about it since I just started my vacation and won't go back for my prep until after Labor Day. You're right - with just BabyBoy at home with you during the day, you'll have a teeny bit more time to Lex (and write your smut).

Desiree - Ice Cream - that's exactly why I haven't been dieting. I have to find a diet that includes ice cream. Dieting is just no fun at all, especially when it's easy to gain it back. I feel for you!! I always gain it back, so I'm really discouraged from trying again because I know it will all come back. Still, some women eventually can keep it off - they find that magic something! I seriously need to address this issue myself. I'm thinking after Sonny Boy goes to college that I'll start weight watchers online. Hang in there. (and tell your hubs to eat his ice cream in the closet!)

Tonise - I just love the image of your daddy helping you put up shelves in your classroom. So sweet! I am, however, shocked at how much of your own money you have to put in to your classroom. Tell me the truth, do you have the absolute bestest classroom in the school? I wouldn't be surprised. I'm so sorry to hear about little MG having such a severe form of dyslexia!! She's obviously very bright if she has been doing as well as she has. I'm glad so much research has been done about it in recent years. My brother is dyslexic, but back in the 60's when he was in school, he just felt "dumb". He is gifted in anything to do with mechanics, and construction, though. I really think other parts of the brain are more highly developed in dyslexics, but that's just anecdotal thinking on my part. Do you know what the research says? It is so good that you and your sis know about the Dyslexia now. MG can bypass lots of frustration and still end up in a very good career using her gifts. My brother has been very successful and is a very charming person to boot! Brakeman #68 - If I had known exactly how immature guys were when I was at that age dating them, I would have been scared out of my wits!! I don't know what's going on with him but I can imagine! They think they can do anything because they are an "adult" - never mind that they are far from being financial independent.

I hope you're all having a good Wednesday!!

See you later!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by vampirelover109 »

Good evening ladies

I've had a good day today I did some more baking today I made little fruit cakes and they were lovely and I diddnt burn them or anything which is good I also did some more writing which I'm enjoying I'm just figuring our the plot as I go along really so it will be intresting to see what happens

Caryn- I hope bigguns band camp goes well and you don't get home to late but it sounds like fun

Tonise- I'm glad you've been getting lots of help getting your classroom ready I'm really enjoying writing it keeps me busy I really hate the time difference I mean I used to stat up late so then I was online later but I'm just so tired lately I can't do it

Susie- that's strange that you get cold after going to the dentists I'm terrified of the dentists I can totally understand why your upset I wish I had some advice but I don't know what to suggest and as he's turning 18 he properly thinks that he van do what he wants well he can't drink so no he can't do
whatever he wants does he have a contract? And does it say he has to work extra hours I means
there might be something you can do and that is a fair distance to travel

Amy- sorry you have to do extra work cause your co workers off for a few days and that I not good that the A/C isnt cooling down the office I would nor be
impresses at all

Marielle- sorry you've had such a bad day NYC would be good for you you'd love the shopping

Paula- hey girl good to see you

Rachel- hey girl good to have you back hope you've Pbeen ok

Superjen- the large cookie was a complete accident but it Sid taste nice

Jaclyn- hey glad your ok

Right im gonna make a nice cup of tea

I'll try an come back later

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