Rob's Halfway House -- #8

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by openfire »

Hey folks,

Trying to check in... Busy busy today!

Important Anniversary Today!
It has been 1 year since Susie, Deb and I met up in London! How cool is that?? This time last year (UK time ;) ) we would have been sitting in the bar at the hotel getting to know each other. It was indeed much fun!!

To the posts!

Suzan - LOVE the motorbike sign!! Too funny!!

Susie - Sorry about SonnyBoy's internship... I guess they are maybe trying to "prepare" him for "the real world" by being awkward?? Hope you are stressing about it too much!
Haha, I love that you linked to a Fringe show! We are actually going to a few things so far, but trying not to spend too much at shows. I think one day we are just going to go, with no plans to see anything in particular, and just see where we end up. Quite looking forward to it actually!

Ann Marie - Glad you are enjoying all the baking!
That's great that your best friend wants to come to Florida with you after the HH Con next year!

Christina - Yay for having your new computer set up - hopefully you will get used to all the new things soon. We have an ancient version of Office at my work, and it's annoying trying to remember where everything used to be!

Brenda - I love that you will start checking in on Hump Day :lol:

JennJenn - Glad your daughter suits her glasses, and that it is making such a difference to her. That's great!

Tammy - I loved the Edward & Alice banner!!

Tracy - As usual, your catch up post was awesome!! So much info & I have so little time to comment... Thank you again for the EW HP special!!

Marielle - Yay for Edinbro in September!! Yeah the train is pretty fast between Edinburgh & London, but the bus takes forever so I defo don't recommend that LOL. Wow, Chicago to NY is only 130euros?? That's pretty good!!
Just saw on fb about your grandmother... I'm hoping everything is ok!! Sending you eHugs Girl!

Desiree - I couldn't believe it when I saw your news on facebook! I hope your son is ok, but I am positive he will be fine. Kids are so resillent and he will be running around totally forgotten about it in no time. I meant what I said on fb, don't beat yourself up about it, you're a great mom & it's not your fault!! Keep us posted on how it is healing etc. Some eHugs to you too Sister!
Just read that your close by friends offered to sit your daughter so you could go to the ER with your son with your hubs..that is so sweet!! You know that if any of us lived close to you, we would do that too. I'm just glad you know everything went well with the surgery etc!!

Tonise - WOW, working in school until after midnight?? That's dedication! Do you have the same classroom every year? I hope you feel better today - enjoy lying around; you deserve it!

Caryn - I hope everything is going well with the planning for the big race. Yay for the technology course next week, so you can lex at the same time ;)
When is the Teen Choice awards again? I used to love them when I was younger Hahahaha!!!

Amy - Hi there! I think the majority of us are ff addicts around here, and the majority of our hubs/bf etc rolls their eyes at us when we talk about them LOL.

Oh man, it's super late now (I am trying to go to bed early this far I have failed every day this week LOL! I am currently over an hour late the now...whoops) and I was going to ask your help for a wee dilema I have (nothing serious so no worrying required!)... No time now though, so I will check in tomorrow (hopefully).

Right gotta go now. Bye!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Susie »

Hi Again -

This is Part II:

– Sorry you’re having such a bad week. I hope it gets better soon! There is no “average” internship here in the U.S., but summer internships are common because students aren’t in school then (college or high school). We have a fairly long summer break – almost 3 whole months. I still would recommend a direct flight if you can find one cheap enough. Having to land, wait around, switch planes, and take off again is really tiring and you’ll already be plenty tired. That’s from my experience.

– Very Good! You get a star, Miss Tracy! Yes. Hamline is where Sonny is going and where I got my Masters. I still have 3 weeks of my online course to do, it’s just that assignments are weekly and I finished this week way ahead of time. Grimm still has two more weekends to go. This weekend is sold out and the last weekend only 40 seats left. So many of our friends wait so long to get their tickets that they’re out of luck now. We really try to emphasize the fact that it sells out early and we even try to facilitate ticket ordering, but we can only do so much when people can’t get their act together.

Tammy – Nice Work! Yummy! It must be nice to have your kids back home with you. Did they have fun away? Was it their aunt and uncle’s or grandparents’ house? Are there cousins to hang out with?

Caryn – Oh believe me, I want to intervene!! Hubs is even more upset than I am and I’ve told him to calm down. We’re plotting the best way to voice our complaints.

– Hooray for your daughter’s new glasses! I’m sure she looks adorable in them.

– I think every Wednesday is a fabulous idea!! I’ll look forward to seeing you then. I like your rationale for how I might have gotten a cold from my dental procedure. It’s getting better because I’m very faithful about gargling with warm salt water. Excuse me, but did you say you have triplets as well as another child? Wow. You must be a very busy woman! Do you work full time or part time?

– The internship is only for two more weeks after this week, so at least that’s good!

Annmarie - The fruitcakes sound delicious!

– Hooray for the one year anniversary of my fabulous trip to visit you and meet Deb!!

Gotta Run!

I'm late, as usual!!

See you tomorrow!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by GOLDENGIRL59 »

:thumbsup: Happy HUMP DAY to all.Okay, it's the day after but I did start this post at 6 a.m. yesterday and by golly I'm gonna finish it! :write: Amy taught me how to retrieve what I saved and I found all 5 of my posts that I thought were lost to the electronic gods. Take my work I had posted to all of you in one way or another. I swear to that with my right hand on the stack of Twilight videos. I got so frustrated the last time I finished posting at like midnight and lost it all and then REALLY lost it! I was also just learning to use my new cell that's like a mini computer and I was so overwhelmed I cried and decided not to use any electonical device for a week..AAAhhhhh! :banghead: My poor kids have one crazy mama LOL! I did start out my day yesterday at 3 a.m and went walking by 4 since it's been over 115 degrees. It's just so much cooler (sorta) that early. I got back and started lhe laundry and was reading and doing my posting. I saved (YAY) and went to get an arm full of laundry to put in the wash. Well here's where I bottomed out , I didn't see the big laundry basket full of clean clothes just waiting to be folded. It was one of those tall ones and it was laying down on the floor. My view was blocked by the pile of clothes I was carrying and I stumbled right over it. I'm sure I would have gotten a 9.0 from the judges with the half flip I did. But I didn't stick the landing too well (Crash) I'd like to think I actually was feeling woozy from having viewing all the Rob Crack though :swoon: Ya, that's it I'm not a clutz. Well needless to say I didn't go walking today or do anything else for that matter .Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back on my feet again. I wish you could see what I'm looking at right now. I've acquired a new pet. I have a new baby gecko.He just got inside again. I had 2 grown ones that wait outside the door but this new one is a baby and comes inside and hangs out on the ceiling. We keep putting it out but it likes being inside. So I've named it Jasper. I have the 3 stray cats; Edward (my favorite) Jacob and Emitt. They just decided to make my house their home. They know who's gonna feed em goodies. Except Jaspar. I don't know why he comes in but I got a cut picture of him.
Okay so good news, My hubs is putting a fund aside so I can make the Chicago trip. As it goes, I'm the chaparone for my baby girl, Amy and just so my hubs doesn't think I'm going on some wild trip with strangers Amy is my chaperone. Well, I guess it's sweet that our other halfs care about us . I'm checking on some air-fares out of Phoenix. Hopefully they'll change for the cheaper by the time we make our purchases. I've only flown a couple of times so I'm trying not to get too anxious yet.

Susie~ Well my dear thank you for getting ahold of me I so needed that. Appriciate the encouragement and the common ground. That helped me get my butt in gear and keep trying.
I also saw a page or 2 back that you were suffering from a migrain. I am so very sorry. I have been dealing with those for many years and had some so bad A I passed out on the floor. My hopes are that you're much better now. I'm taking Axert for them and it's the best thing I could have gotten since I can't take any of the regular RX's. (sending a quiet get well to you) I loved seeing your pics too, what a beautiful family you have. It's funny to try to figure out what someones gonna look like. Well, you look as sweet as you are when you write. I'll try putting up some family pics. I'm not too good at that but this is the time in my life where I'm forcing myself to learn more things. Babies are out of the nest. (except my son) He's 32 and just can't cut that imbilical cord. LOL! He's a mama's boy all-right.

Amy~ Hey baby girl,I actually get to connect with you more here then at home. I know you're so busy. Lemme know if there's anything I can do to help you. I know you work so hard and I'm so anxious to hear about your interviews. OH, guess who just decided to come chat with me?? You know your dad's radar goes on when I'm trying to do something on the computer or talk on the phone. He's waaay too spoiled. And your brother came over too just when I sat down to climb in The HH. Hey, I haven't seen the pictures or banners yet so I guess I'll see them when i post? Yes that is a question. YUMMMY! I can't wait. Thank you for all your help so I can be here more often without getting frustrated. I feel kind of shy when I am barely here. Kind of silly HUH when that's totally not me :lol: I'm doing better tonight. Just not going to sit here too long or my back and neck will start hurting too much but I was so jazzed to follow what you said to do and it worked!!! I'm getting it. Well, I'm in the middle of my third round of "New Moon" and I'm really starting to crush on Jacob. I can have 2 of em can't I ?? ;) BTW, I got a compliment this week when I went to the store with my "Jasper says Relax" T-shirt on. I wore it proudly and I had a good conversation started with some lady while I was in line. See ya tomorrow to get our allergy shots. Love you

Tammy AZ~ Well my friend, Amy said you made me a most beautiful banner. I haven't seen it yet for all the reasons above but I don't know how to thank you properly. Should I buy you an Austin Martin or A shiney Volvo perhaps? Hee-Hee I'll just put it on my account, on account of I don't have any money :-) You are always sweet on here and I'm just glad to be getting to know you and every one of the ladies in this Twi-Family. I must dim the lights and put on some mood music and cruise the Rob Pics. I can't think of anything that would make my sore body feel better (smoothing out my lace nighty) I dressed for the occasion.
JazzGirl~ I think my thank you to you got lost when I messed up my posting.. So better late then never Please?? It was a few weeks ago and I'm now just getting the sweat marks off the keyboard. You did A Very Good Job my friend...Oh Ya!! I scratched the screen trying to get a closer Um...look. There's so many delicious pictures of him isn't it HARD to pick which one to put up? That is another thing I'm learning to do. I did send a picture a couple of Hump Days back. My first one!! I'm practicing sending things to Amy's PM so I don't make a mess on this site.

Well ladies I'm crossing my fingers that I am able to send a complete post. And when I find out that I'm not that challanged I can be here more often.
Hello to all of you. No offence that I didn't get to you, I promise I will I'm on a roll now. I appriciate reading all you ladies are going through, the good and the not so good and my heart is with you. I can't wait to not only get to know you more here but hopefully get to know you in person whoever is able to. And before that the countdown to BD part 1, We will all be together in spirit...I CAN'T WAIT!!! Have a wonderful night.....Good Night :wave:

TammyAZ~ WoW! All I can say is: YES,YES,YES,YES,YES,YES, and WHOOO-HOOOOO! I went back a few pages after I posted and ...wait I had to turn down the air conditioner, it got way to hot in here. Okay, now I'm ready. Those were some smokin pictures you put up a couple pages back. Am I glad I saw those before ,shoot, I have to keep retyping my hands are shaking. I'm glad I saw those pics before I went to bed. (smoothing my nice lace nighty) . Yes, I must find a way to buy you an Austin Martin or the Shiney Volvo. Hopefully you'll share with me though. Just letting you know you can pick em and stick the pages here I mean. They're Smokin Hot and I'm sure enjoying them. You are some talented little chick-a-dee! I am impressed. And I thank you. I can go have my Special Edward dreams now. And I'm wishing you the vampire or wareworlf of your dreams while you sleep/ or whatever time you like to enjoy looking at that eye candy. (YAWN) off to bed now.THANKS

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies…


Facinelli Friday!!!!

As many of you who have FB know about my grandma…I’ll shall give you a small update…
Today the cardiologist will come to see what’s wrong…as my grandparents are very stubborn they asked the ambulance to send her to the smaller of the two hospitals they have there…would she have had a clear heart attack they would have taken her to the biggest…now if it turns out that she is still having a heart attack than they will transport her to the big one today but than a day is already lost and done damage…would she have chosen to go immediately to the big hospital she would have been in surgery last night probably…

Well at least it isn’t immediately life-threatening…

Caryn, I very appreciate my freedom at work, if they would block the lex out I will loose a large part of that freedom, although I would understand why they do it, I’m certainly won’t be a happy camper… still maybe I’ll look for an other job anyway…I’m honestly bored here…

Ann-marie, yes I had expected a train trip north would take about 6 hours so 4,5 isn’t bad…I still have to find a good address to stay in London…I’m going to put some time in it tomorrow…

Jaclyn, yes, I really hope I can get it all planned within budget or I have to scratch the Edinburgh thing out and I don’t really want to do that…Yes the US inland flights weren’t that expensive at all, it surprised me as well, and the travel agent told me that often it’s cheaper to book online with the airplane company…

Susie, I’ll be taking a direct flight if I can find a good one… but it now looks like a 300 dollar difference… I rather use that money shopping in Chicago or later in NYC or where ever we are going…
3 months summer holiday!!! I wish we had that!! Only the year between high school and college we get 3 months, the rest is 6 or 7 weeks…I always had a summer job for at least 3 weeks of that…

Joyce, I can so imagine mother and daughter behind the computer with Amy explaining everything… I hope you are able to understand it better than my mom… I always have to explain things a dozen times before she gets it…
Oh my, I really love Gecko’s…. they are so damn cute… when we go on holiday in the south of Europe we always see them, even feed them a bit of apple when we get the chance…I would love to have them hanging around the house…(they eat spiders right?)
Hihi, I love that you and Amy are each other chaperones…awesome… I wish my mom would be that crazy… (no wait she is crazy enough already)…

I wanted to post one of these pics but why withhold beauty from you all so here is the whole article… enjoy!!!……did you all faint??? :twisted:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Austwilight »

G'day everyone, I can finally be on here without having to wait my turn on the computer as I have an ipad.

First of all Desiree I'm so sorry about your little one, it always hurts us mire than them when they are hurt, sending lots of healing vibes your way.

Caryn, I would also be lost without free internet access at wrok I was evene able to have a short fb chat with Susie today.

Someone asked about our school year here in Oz. Our school year goes from late Jan to middle of Dec, we have 4 terms per year which are all 10 weeks long and have about 2 weeks holidays in between terms. W have our Easter holidays, our winter holidays, which we've just had, spring holidays and then summer holidays which are about 6 long. DS1 has just finished week 3 of term 3.

I just have to sya that I love Australia right now, we are in the middle of winter and this week its been 25C, beautiful blue skys and perfect sunshine I love it right now, bloody beautiful.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Susie »

Happy Friday, Everyone!

I'm going to be a bit scarce this weekend.

Today - two shows: I work at the matinee and have tix for the evening.

Tomorrow - take Sonny to the matinee and then my 35th High School Reunion!! (no that is not a typo)
Then I'm staying at a hotel with my friend from 7th grade- fun times!
She has just started reading Twilight - she's on Eclipse now - so we'll have some fun discussion!

Sunday - lounge about at the hotel, have a huge brunch and then head home.

Joyce: :clap: Excellent Mega Post!! I feel a bit sheepish because my migraines aren't that bad. I get the visual disturbance first which lets me know I need to take some meds, and then I'm OK after a while. It never gets really bad (knock on wood) I can't imagine that heat you're having! I'm so glad you'll be coming to Chicago!! Yeah for supportive hubs!! You're WAY ahead of me in motherhood! Like 10 years. I started late and you started early. Just think, once you get over menopause, you're going to have so much fun with all that freedom!

- That's so scary about your grandma. How maddening that she didn't want to go to the big hospital right away. She's from a small town, right? Does that have anything to do with it? I'm praying for her. I'm so glad you can be with your family. Is this your mom's mom, or your dad's mom? Thanks for that lovely Peter pic!!! Yummy.....And all those Rob pics - they did serious damage to my schedule this morning!

- It was fun to chat with you yesterday!! The miracle of the internet, eh? From Minneapolis at 10:20 pm Thursday to Australia at 1:20 pm Friday! I love how you love where you live. Most of us here at the HH love where we live. It's really cool.

Have a wonderful weekend, Everyone!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by TammyAZ »

Happy Friday ladies!!

Karena~ I hope the banner I posted for you to use isn't too purple or too plain? Please just let me know if you want anything changed!!

Joyce~ I'm so glad you like it!!

I have to go for now but I'm hoping I will have more time later to catch up!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by vampirelover109 »

Good evening girls

Its been a pretty quiet day for me today I went to chat with a friend of mine where he works is very laid back so I normally pop in to see him and have a cup of tea which is good and then I chilled out with my mum which is always good this weekends goin to be very quiet for me as my best friends away and diddnt take his phone and it's normally pretty quiet here so I will be writing my fanfic I'm now starring on chapter 5,reading,watching DVDs,wAlking my dog and I have a football match to watch on Sunday

Jaclyn- I cAnt believe it's been a year since you met susie and deb I'm still sad that I couldn't make it down to London to meet you all it really is good that my best friend wants to come I think it's cause he worries about me both times Ive been to London he's given me a panic alarm to take with me incase I get into any trouble bless him

Susie- sounds like
Another hectic weekend for you I hope you have a fantastic time though hope the shows go well and I'm sure meeting up with your friend will be amazing

Joyce- I love your megapost it's so cool that you and Amy can share and bond on the lex it's so cool I love your "jasper says relax" shirt I have a hoodie that says "mrs Edward Cullen" I live in it I do get some funny looks when I wear It but it's twilight so o don't cate what people say I love it and that's. All that matterS

Marielle- I hope you manage to din a good place to stay if you want I can have a look for you if you just let me know your budget and what your looking for I'd be hapt to help

Karena - so jealous you have an iPad I love the weather in Australia it's so nice there

Right I'm gonna drink some tea

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by VolturiGirl »

I made it to the end of another work week. This is what's been going on. For those of you who don't know, I work at a doctor's office. My co-worker had set aside a chart a few months ago and forgot about it for one of my boss's friend's daughter. Well, boss-man found the missing chart hidden and he was on the war path. Boss-lady was trying to find every little thing just to nag at. Then when my co-worker went to lunch, boss-man kept venting about co-worker about how if she doesn't want to work, she needs to find another job. Now they have me doing more of her work. Good Lord I Love Friday's. :roll:

Marielle ~ I love your Facinelli Friday pic. Sorry to hear about your grandma's heart. I think because she is older, she is real stubborn to believing that what happened wasn't that bad. I see that a lot where I work. It's more like the elderly try to prove their independence. I do have to say that I love my work freedom too. But when bosses are here, I read the Lex and my fanfics on my crackberry. When they come around the corner, I just set it down and they are non the wiser. :twisted: I did enjoy your Rob pics that you posted. I almost had to fill out a work comp report because I almost fainted in my work chair. Ya, try to explain that one to the claims adjustor.

Karena ~ Yay for your iPad. My husband has one of those so I kind of stole his laptop. I have all sorts of Twilight stuff on it. He gets kind of mad though. He thinks that I'm going to put all sorts of viruses on it or if it slows down its "because of all that Twilight stuff you put on there."
:roll: Whatever hubs...whatever.

Susie ~ Have a great weekend and try to get some sleep in there. Have fun at your reunion.

Anne Marie ~ Enjoy the time you have writing your fanfic.

NewJen ~ Did you ever find out how the possum got in your bedroom? I laughed so hard at that I had tears in my eyes.

Caryn ~ Did I beat you today doing a post? :swoon:

Mom ~ Wow. Nice megapost. I do have to ask: how many times did the TA go off? :lol:

I will try to really do a post sometime this weekend. Until then, have a happy Facinelli Friday.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by newtonscricket »

VolturiGirl wrote:NewJen ~ Did you ever find out how the possum got in your bedroom? I laughed so hard at that I had tears in my eyes.
Glad I could make you laugh (esp after such a bad day at work, sorry for all the drama!). No, I can't figure out how the possum got in! I spent a whole day going over my room very carefully, a good chance to vacuum up all the dust behind the furniture. I emptied out the whole closet and examined every bit of it. I can NOT figure out where the critter came in. At least I got my closet decluttered. Also got up close and personal with my feelings about how I wish my husband would DO SOMETHING about all his...ahem..."stuff" that is in piles and boxes all over the room, which kind of detracts a little from the hero glow he earned dealing with the possum.

Susie, have a great time at your reunion, I know you will!

I am not very caught up, but I did want to give a greeting to Karenna. Hello! I'm NewJen. I am not too good with the keeping up and reading every post, but I love Rob and I love the Halfway House girls!

By the way, I never responded to MissP's request for HH Con plans. Here's my plan: I plan to go. Susie can tell you I am not great at committing, but I am always very confident that things will work out the way they're supposed to and it seems like going to the HHouse Con is certainly something that is supposed to happen.