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Edwards Ragazza
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

It's official I dropped my class and return the book today. I didn't last long did I. Usually I am not a quitter but I could already tell I would be stressed. So I kept my english class since my professor rocks. Moving on to some posts.

Suzan~ Yes it is hard trying to organize college life. I can't remember if I responded to you on your post with what you were going through with college. I know when I was reading it though and you where asking if this made sense. I thought it makes complete sense. It was you wasn't it. Sorry with my kids constantly interrupting while I try to post sometimes I get a little :? .

Jaclyn~ Blue would be a beautiful color to. So many colors to choose for a wedding.

Caryn~ Are the pictures you posted of BD? I am trying to no click on links but fear I am missing some Robgasms. ;)

Annmaire~ What magazine were you looking for?

Amy~Did you get your EW?

it is time for me to go make dinner for the husband.

laters 8-)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by velvet409 »

Happy Hump Day!!

Weather update~ Hurricane Irene's path has shifted enough to the east that Florida is pretty much out of the danger zone provided the storm stays on its predicted path. Unfortunately the change in course is now leading Irene to North Carolina, so NewJen has cause for concern.

I have seen September 13th mentioned as the US release date for the Water for Elephants DVD. Is anybody able to confirm this?

Susie~ Sorry to hear about your teeth. I also grind my teeth at night so I sleep with a bite splint. It really helps. I don't know if I'll ever join the facebook crowd because I just don't have much use for it. I do kind of feel like I'm missing out not being able to participate in the HH group over there, but I have enough trouble keeping up with the thread here on the Lex. I'd probably be absolute fail at staying current on facebook. Hope you have a good trip! We'll miss you around here.

Caryn~ Glad you liked the video. I was clicking a few random links on youtube over the weekend and I fell in love with it. One of the things that caught my attention the very first time I saw Twilight was Rob playing the piano. I noticed that they weren't using any of the usual camera tricks for when an actor is "playing" an instrument. Watching his fingers I realized he could actually play! :swoon: It's one of my favorite scenes (and my dad's too!). Yeah I call Chloe my "special needs" kitty. I love her of course but I've never had a pet that was so high maintenance. Has there been any word about whether the US will get Bel Ami? "Hump Day bang"? Okay my mind just went straight to the gutter. :lol:

NewJen~ Happy Belated Birthday to you! I hope you and your family weather the storm okay.

Tracy~ Yep both Publix and Walmart carry EW, but like I said they're always an issue behind and I wasn't about to wait another week for that loveliness.

Ginnie~ Excellent Hump Day pic. I love that one too. ;)

Suzan~ Thanks so much for showing us that tweet! I am so excited to see that scene. Too bad it won't be until next year. :( Enjoy watching How to Be tonight.

Jaclyn~ Sounds like you've got a full weekend. Hope you have fun and good luck at the dress shop. Yeah Susie is trying to get me to join facebook but I'm just not sure I want to right now.

:wave: to everyone I missed. Looking forward to seeing you all on Rob's Halfway House #9!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Jazz Girl »

Desiree~ Sounds like you were able to work out your school schedule to fit what you need, so well done! Busy weekend for you. For our family, it’ll be a pretty standard fall weekend. Hubs has a cross country meet. Biggun has an all-day “practice-athon” for band. And, Littlun has a soccer game. Which leaves me running all over gods’ creation to get everyone everywhere. Sunday will likely be rest, laundry, housework, and then I have to pack as I have a business trip I leave on straight from work on Monday evening. Yep, pretty typical for me. Nope, they are stills from the WfE DVD… some oh-so-fabulous ones, too!!

Amy~ I actually just PMd the mods to let them know we’ve once again used up all our space and need a new home. Right now, yes, I’m planning on going to the premiere. One of be best friends has attended all three premieres so far, so she’s going to “host” myself and another friend of ours. We’re hoping her secret premiere ninja skills pay off. Last year, she actually scored tickets to the screening of Eclipse… as in the same one as Rob&Kris and the rest of the cast! :lol: I do, too! If the boys happen to be around, Biggun will actually turn around and point at me and say, “and cue mom’s whimpering” Jeez! I didn’t think I was that loud. :lol:

Ginnie~ I honestly don’t know what part of that picture gets to me most… the boots… the jeans… the sexpen..err suspenders… the overall ruggedness…the way he’s looking at her… Just… DAMN!! (although, in the context of the movie, it’s a lot less *whimper* and a lot more *UHOH!* But still… you know what I mean)

JennJenn~ We miss you, too, dearie!

Suzan~ Awww, showing the ArtLove!! I’m way jealous. I wish Art would come visit my TV. He rather defines adorkable, don’t you think? Ummm, yeah that scene is going to kill every woman in the audience. I’m going to be a blubbering mess. Unfortunately, we haven’t had any further updates since last week. We know he came through surgery well and was moved to recovery. They still think it will be several weeks before he’s fit to travel.

Jaclyn~ Yes, ma’am, the one and same. I’ve loved every word she’s written. She’s also publishing a witfit that she’s calling Landscape, which just has me completely enthralled. I’m so jealous you know when you get WfE. We still don’t have a date! *stampsfoot*

AnnMarie~ I’m hoping I can add myself to that short but blessed list of those lucky enough in Rob’s presence.

Christina~ We’ve been watching Irene as well. My boss’ daughter goes to school in Charlotte, and they leave first thing tomorrow to get her back and settled. She’s supposed to fly home on Sunday… then again, maybe not. No, I haven’t seen any specific date given. There’s a lot of speculation about mid-September sometime, but nothing confirmed. It’s odd that a lot of the European countries will have the DVD before we will. : lol: That’s actually the primary reason why I saw the movie the second time; so I could watch that scene and make sure I wasn’t imagining things. Of course, in between I also went and bought the soundtrack and saw that he is on it and I just about lost myself right there. When I watched it the second time and saw that I wasn’t imagining and he actually is playing… well, let’s just say, it’s a good thing there were no small children in the theater with what came out of my mouth. :lol:

Since it is HumpDay, and you truly don't ever need a reason to post RobCrack...

I know where I want to be standing!!!

Are they kidding me with the cuteness, here?!?!

*Caryn passes out cold in a quivering, whimpering pile* (but thankfully she clicked the submit button on the way down)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by missp »

OMGosh!! 200 pages!! We'll be decorating our winter home very soon! I am not staying long enough to post any Hump Day goodness, but :swoon: :swoon: from all the other pics you girls have posted!!!

Ok... Gotta say it (Caryn, feel free to shut your eyes and cover your ears)... You girls know that I adore Rob. But, I also adore Taylor. I am a bit of an equal opportunity hottie. In my opinion, Rob is the greatest method actor of his time. Taylor is going to be an action star. Hey... the world takes all kinds! ;) Anyhoo... I am postively giddy over the ABDUCTION clips and stuff! I am so proud of Taylor and proud for him! Just had to say it! :D

I had a coffee date with TideFanJohn tonight. Another great conversation! He was a really nice guy. He lives about an hour and a half away, though and has 4 kids all under the age of 8. Not planning on going there unless God hits me over the head with a crowbar! :lol: CooksPestControlTim is still being quite attentive... although he is pouting a bit right now because I have told him that I'm simply not getting into a serious relationship with anyone right now. *Sigh!* Oh well... when the right one hits, I'll know. Until then... FUN is the word of the day!
Y'all have a great Thursday. I suspect we'll be in our new digs by tomorrow evening!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello ladies! Just wanted to log on one last time to say goodbye to Rob's Halfway House #8, as we'll probably have a shiny, new thread sometime tomorrow. ;)

A certain someone is waiting patiently to catch a ride to the brand new HH thread 8-)

Just for kicks, I looked back at the first few pages of this thread, which officially began March 31st of this year. I'm pretty impressed that we've posted 200 pages in almost five months, especially considering we haven't had a Twilight saga movie premiere to talk about. In case you're interested, and just to set the scene....a' la "Where Were We Then?".... here are a few noteworthy items we were discussing in those opening pages:

~We were very eagerly anticipating the upcoming release of Water for Elephants, with lots of talk about promotional appearances and interviews, screen shots, our collective ability to actually survive this movie, etc. :)

~Amy and Rachel were our most recent HH newbies :D

~We discussed and analyzed the Breaking Dawn "leaked photos and videos that shall not be named" :swoon:

~Caryn's Butler Bulldogs were playing University of Connecticut in the NCAA College Basketball Championship game (sorry hon :( )

~Jaclyn's aunt? had just made ActionRob a kilt, and ActionRob was preparing for a return to the States with a visit to Tracy's house in Tennessee

~We laughed about the Bieberfied version of the Lex (and thanked our lucky stars it was just an April Fool's joke :shock:)

~We commiserated and protested vehemently (along with Rob) about potential changes/edits to the Bel Ami storyline to make Rob's character more likeable to the younger Twilight fan, and lamented the fact that there seemed to be no release date for Bel Ami in sight :?

I thought it was kind of fun to reminisce just a bit. I'll catch you ladies on the flip Rob's Halfway House #9 :wave: . Have a great evening!
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Edwards Ragazza
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Tracy~ What a awesome idea looking back on what we were discussing 5 months ago. Beautiful picture you posted. I may have to steal it.

Susie & Caryn~ Before I forget. You ladies are so kind to offer to look at my papers. I am such a horrible writer! I probably well have you girls look over my papers. Thank you ! Now that I got to look at the pics you posted. :swoon: I got all warm and fuzy inside and it was not because of the wine. ;)

Good night girls.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by smitten_by_twilight »

HAPPY HUMP DAY! Love that smile... just as much as the shoulders. And thanks, I carefully screencapped that to get Kristella's hand pulling him back!

Sorry to, as Ginnie said, drop off the face of the earth. I have been around though. I am now at this seemingly-optimal point where I am almost caught up on the Lex and almost behind on my actual work. Tomorrow I will have to work, but today I will say hi!

Quick thoughts about that EW cover that looked so odd – the news that it was a rehearsal shot was both relieving and clarifying for me. I am 99% sure that they were in the middle of a honeymoonish kiss when BC interrupted with direction – quite appropriate I’m sure. Look at their body language, though … must have been a fairly decent kiss. :D

Ann Marie – So happy for you that your panic attacks slacked off, you have not mentioned them again, so I hope they are staying slacked off!

Suzan – Definitely, presenting it to your mom as a romance first is a good idea, and maybe you could add that vampire fans everywhere hate Twilight. With school and flexible programming – it’s tough everywhere. But taking your own road is worth the effort. Go for it! PS - thanks for hosting the party with me! Small party, but really fun.

Rachel – Congratulations on the upcoming baby! I had the talk a few years ago with my oldest – I chickened out and used a book to help. It was pretty helpful though. Where Did I Come From? is a classic, just right for presenting the idea to young kids truthfully, without overdoing the details or being inappropriate.

Desiree – You are not a quitter – you are a prioritizer. I’ve had to do stuff like that before and it sucks, but it sucks worse to overextend yourself and then waste your time cuz you can’t get the grade. Love the ActionRob pics, thank you! “Easier to understand a frog than a man,” LOL but so true, no matter how long you’ve known him.

Tonise – As a mom of 4 schoolkids, thanx for all you do. I’m sure it’s exhausting, but it sounds like you love it, so I'm glad for that!

Marielle – I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s dad, early 60’s is still pretty young. But I think that life to be lived so I’m happy to hear about your busy social life. Sounds like you got it from your grandfather!

Sandy – Thanx for the link to the Robsessed article. I agree – ogling always wakes me up at work! :twisted:

Caryn – I wish for a speedy recovery for your cousin. Tell him I thank him for his service, sincerely – what he chose to do is invaluable. So happy for you to go to the BD premiere! My latest Twi-fantasy involves getting fan tickets to the premiere and getting to meet R+K and Stephenie – and not making a complete idiot out of myself. Enjoy it for me and send us a report!

Ginnie – Stay safe! just in case that hurricane swerves again. I loved your Musical Rob pic. :swoon: Did I mention that I frequently go into little Twi-trances when listening to “Never Think” over … and over … and over again? Did you get any pix of the Twilight-junior kids at the pool party (that would be funny stuff!)? And finally … let’s clink imaginary glasses … cuz our little ones are back in school. YEAH!

Susie – I love IKEA, I’ll bet you and Sonny Boy had a blast! Looking forward to that in 6 years! I’m sorry for your friend’s taste in literature; you’re right, you can’t share Twilight with a friend who liked it “OK.” But we’re always here for you. ;)

NewJen – Happy Belated Birthday! And what a nice RobDream, like an early present from the universe. Sigh. I never remember my dreams. Stay safe from that hurricane!

Amy – I hope you all are ok after the earthquake! Another crazy week for the planet. BTW, that was an awesome bribe pic. Really. :swoon: I take bribes. Can I take the picture?

Jaclyn – Congratulations on having your job be permanent now! What a relief. I’m looking at jobs myself lately. Wish me luck!

Christina – You stay safe from the hurricane too! Glad to hear that your kitty is doing better. “Hump Day bang” – cripes, I think that whenever I hear Hump Day, but I love the way you put it. I was born in the gutter. :blush:

Love to all, especially those I missed this week. Now I will make lunches for schoolkids and generally get prepared for tomorrow, before I decide if I will stay up late to catch up on the Gutter board for today. :twisted: Glad to see my HH cousins who have been popping in over there. It’s been so much FUN!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by marielle »

Page 200!!!!! Page 200!!!!

Better start to make plans for the move…

Somebody make sure that list gets along as well and the Map!!!

I bring along:
some chairs
this for on the porch…

The rest will be moved when the house will be opened!!!

Caryn, I wish I could go to the BD premiere... I think it will be awesome just to see it all happen just one time…
We can only hope he is in London… maybe we should send out Ann-marie and see if he is really there… (nah that would be weird,…)

Desiree, I have planned a whole weekend already but all depends on the weather… I’m planning to go to a festival in Katwijk (a small town close by) but as it is outdoors the weather has to be nice… Sunday is race day for the F1, I’ll be located somewhere in front of the tv…

Amy, yes, when I wake up in the morning it’s still dark, already!!!! I really hate that. I just can’t seem to wake up when it’s so dark outside!!!
I think we will have to keep ourselves busy with the buildup to BD…

Suzan, which tv guide do you have, mine had just one small picture of ‘how to be’ somewhere on the top of the page.. did you watch it? I don’t have film1 so I couldn’t, besides that there was soccer on so I didn’t stand much chance anyway…
I’m leave the 11th and get back a week later…so maybe the last week of September? I can leave work at 13.30 it will take me around 45 minutes to get to Leiden…

Jaclyn, yeah, I’ve already bought a lot of sunscreen…I don’t want to become a lobster during that week…
I hope you find a dress… let us know if you do… I’m very curious to see what you came up with and how you will look on your big day…

Ann-Marie… Patience is a virtue that not many have when it comes to love and feelings. I totally get it that when you like somebody you want to scream it of the roofs but it’s not always the best thing to do…Ah well, maybe next year in the US you’ll find the one for you…

Tonise, I have to (shamefully) admit that I haven’t even watched one clip of Abduction…I just can’t seem to get myself interested in Taylor… with Jackson it’s a whole different story, as are Ashley and Kristen…

Tracy, you forgot one big thing in your HH8 story… we have started to plan the first real HH-con!!!

Okay as I can choose I’ll send you all this link!!! BECAREFUL!!! Do not open when you actually want to do something today!!!

Somebody is trying to get us all knocked-up!!!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Openhome »

Aaaaaand this thread is done! Congratulations on needing a new home Halfway House sisters! Your new place is here. Have fun decorating! ;)

PLEASE let one of the first posts be of your members, or simply PM me to give me the list to post for you.

Enjoy your new home!