Rob's Halfway House -- #8

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by missp »

It’s been a terrific day! I am going to start tonight going to bed at 10 pm and getting up at 5 am in order to reset my body clock. I’ve gotten really off schedule this summer! So, since I am trying to get back on schedule… on to your posts.

AMY~~ SQUEEE!!! That is soooo terrific that your hubs is now totally on board! YIPEE! Oh, yes! ActionRob most certainly does sparkle! LOL! Especially in the sun! He has little glittery bits all over his body! It’s so cool! No. It wasn’t CPC Tim who had the wrong intentions. This was a guy from Florida who I’ve been chatting with since the first day I joined Mingle. He had offered to fly me to Vegas, pay for the entire trip to Kentucky, etc. I think he expected a little something in return for that offer. But… he won’t be getting that or the pleasure of my time at all anymore. LOL!
DESIREE~~ WOW!! You’ve been a busy girl today! I hope you rest well tonight!
GINNIE~~ YAY!!! You’re writing some WDH!!!! I’m glad the fur-baby had an okay day. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow! I hope you enjoyed your pool time today.
MARIELLE~~ Baahaahaaa!! Isn’t it funny how family can really step all over our nerves? I discovered a long time ago that my sisters and I cannot live together for very long before our closeness is truly put to the test. LOL! The pic of the new closet looks AWESOME!! I’ll be working on organizing mine this week. Wanna come help me?
TRINE~~ Mmmmm… chocolate always makes everything better! I’ve got you on the Maybe list for HH Con, so you’ll have a room available up until the day before we check in. So, take your time checking out the flights. As long as we know for sure by sometime in the spring, I think we’ll be okay on planning.
CARYN~~ Aww!! Hubs was so sweet to bring you coffee in bed! It sounds like you’ve had a very good day! You know me… I’m not one to let somebody by with being a complete horse’s butt! LOL!
TAMMY~~ Hi!! It’s so good to see you! I hope you’ve enjoyed the time with hubs! We have been missing you! I’ll put you down as a maybe! Like I said before, we have rooms reserved that we can cancel as late as a day before the HH Con. So, just let me know as soon as you know for sure.
ANN MARIE~~ I’m so sorry you had to suffer through a panic attack today. I hope you’re feeling better tonight.
JACLYN~~ YAY!! You got the house painted!! It sounds like your front garden is going to be amazing! I’m going back to work tomorrow, too. I am going to the classroom to get things organized and cleaned. *SIGH!* Where oh where did the summer go? Don’t worry. I’m being very careful on Mingle… I promise.
SUSIE~~ Oh, no! I hope you caught your migraine before it got too bad! My summer is officially coming to a close tomorrow. I’m going back to school to get things ready for the year. The summer just went by too fast!

Well… it is already 10 pm, and I am not ready to go to bed! Grr! I am not even sleepy. This is why I start a week early. Maybe by this time next week I’ll have my body regulated! I’ll see you girls tomorrow night!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by VolturiGirl »

Good evening ladies.
It looks like I'm not the only one who is tired today and going to bed early. So this is just a fly-by post. After this, I'm going to bed.

Caryn ~ Teen Choise Awards - It's just that: Teen Choice. I know how you feel about the Vampire stereotype. I just want to throw something at them and let them know that Rob is more than a vampire in a movie. That is why I hope they didn't down play his role in Bel Ami because of the Twilight persona. So sweet that hubs brought you coffee in bed.

Tammy ~ Glad to see you back. I've seen you lurking for a day or so. Ya it was my mom who asked for the Edward/Alice banner. I do love your "oldie but goody."

Jaclyn ~ I loved when I had to paint my house so I hope you had fun.

Susie ~ So sorry about your headache. Just take it easy tomorrow.

Ginnie ~ Yay for finding time to write. I look forward to reading your new chapter.

Good night to all of my Halfway House Sisters.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by marielle »

Hey Girls...

just popping in to say good morning!!!
I'll do a proper post this afternoon!!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Brienna »

I haven't got time to do a proper post (either), just wanted to pop in :)
I'm reading with you :) Just very busy with the kids as always.. :)

Wanted to say though that a mini-HHH*-meeting would be great (Holland-Halfway-House)! I'm looking forward to meeting all of you who are coming!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Austwilight »

G'day everyone :wave:

We just had a ripper weekend. We went to fav place of ours which is only an hour away from home, but up in the Mountains, so the air was crisp (remember winter here ;) ) and clean and the weather was perfectly blue skies and not a breath of wind. The nights were awesome around the fire and the crisp early mornings was just invigorating. The camper went up without a hitch and was sooo comfy, as much as I love our tent the camper craps all over it, it was just so easy to set up, sleep in and put down. Loved the new kitchen I was put in on Friday and loved being able to cook under cover and has easy access to everything. I have a feeling we'll be going away a lot more.

Now onto posts:
Ginnie Sorry to hear about you having to wait until Monday, but you did get a couple of extra days with her. Sending you lots of (((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))

Raine We love PJ days here. At DS2's day care during school holidays they have PJ day and he loves it. DS1's vacation care also has it and the kids go nuts. I love PJ day, sitting on the couch eating choc, watching the saga and not moving all day. I'm sooo good at doing nothing.

Desiree my DH is very use to my internet friends. 2 of my best friends I made off the internet and I'm very thankful from them. I love the fact I say "my friends in the US" or " Someone who I know in Holland' love the fact that we are all friends yet live so far away from each other.

Mareille Sorry your IL's were painful and they left early. My IL's are just impossible and I've had to kick my PIL's out and it's caused huge issues with DH and I until his MIL started yelling at me like a 3yr old child and he finally saw what she is like and now he can't stand to be around her either. Glad it's only once a year.

Amy Hope you get a phone call about the interview, don't you just hate the wait. But I'm sure you were a star and will get the phone call

TammyNice to see you on the boards :wave: I'm only new. I did send you a pm about a banner but it was more about Edward and Bella, I'm open to pretty much anything, but I love the colour purple. But I just love giving creative people free rein and seeing what they come up with, so anything you come up with would be awesome.

I'm downloading a lot of photos from the weekend onto fb which is taking ages, so will go have a look around the boards.

Seeya from down under :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by fi_fi »

Hello Ladies!!
Following instructions, I am here to let you know that I'm alive and well :)

Just a quickie though, I HAVE to do some housework and laundry today!
A quick update on The Life of Fi (aka Fi having a good old moan!):
I had the coil put in a month ago, it's starting to settle down now, but it has been a trying few weeks, I was in a lot of pain for about 2 weeks, combined with taking lots of painkillers, and GB deciding to quit smoking.... at one point GB told me he wanted to break up because we just weren't working, being very stressy with each other, etc.... long story short, I went away for the night, he realised that he does want me after all, and we're back to being madly in love and making all our friends slightly nauseous! :lol: (Lots of grown-up talks about how we deal with stress and each other a long the way, of course :) )

Next, I was in a supermarket car park last Monday (Waitrose, for those UK girls who'll know what that means, and no, I don't usually shop there!! Far beyond my usual price range, I just go there for treats!).
I was stationary, waiting for a Waitrose articulated lorry (one of these , not sure what you call them in the US and elsewhere) to pass me. As he did, his back bumper (made of metal!!) clipped the back end of my car. I AM COMPLETELY UNHURT - not even whiplash, nothing, WHATSOEVER for any of you to worry about! :)
This is what it did to the back of my car - as you can see, purely cosmetic, no real harm done - until I took it to be evaluated, and now they're calling it a 'total loss' and want to take it away and scrap it! I've had no end of hassle and confusion with the insurance company - I made the BIG mistake of going through my insurance instead of theirs, finally spoke to their insurance company this morning, they sent letters to me last week that didn't get here because they sent them to the wrong address.... just one of those kind of situations where everything is complicated and frustrating, and nothing goes smoothly. I was supposed to be leaving yesterday to go and see my Mum, I HAVE to leave by 11pm tomorrow or I'll miss the ferry I'm booked on to go over and see my Dad and go to a wedding back home. Grrrrrrrrr
And THEN, after the bump on Monday, trying to sort out insurance claim on Tuesday, I had call from the bank on Wednesday, the up shot of which was that they've canceled my bank card because it was being used fraudulently (ie, NOT BY ME) online. I have only one bank account, and no credit cards.... so the week got even more complicated and annoying, as I had to transfer money online into GB's account so that he could then go and get cash out for me..... *sigh*

Then, to top it all off, we went out to a friend's house for dinner on Saturday evening, and after we got back I was up most of the night feeling ill, followed by actually being sick in the early hours of the morning, and spending most of yesterday reading/dozing on the sofa, and NOT doing all the housework that I now have to do today.....

But despite all that, I am actually feeling quite positive at the moment!! The car and bank stuff is annoying, but it will (eventually) get sorted, GB and I are getting on well at the moment, I'm going to see my little sister, brother, Dad and Step-Mum, and go to the wedding of a very close family friend (hell or high water, I am getting to that wedding!!), my Mum is coming to visit, I have a job interview for when I get back.... onwards and upwards and all that!!

I'm not even going to pretend that I'm going to have a chance to read or respond to posts in the next 2 weeks, I'm away then Mum is here, but I will, as always, be thinking of you all and hoping that you're happy.
Love to you all,
fi xx
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by missp »

Hi, Sisters! Just dropping in to say hello and HAPPY MONDAY!!! I can't believe it's the first day of August!! A brand new school year will start in 10 days. :o I'm headed to school today to get started in the classroom. I'll be back for the mega-post tonight. Have a great day, Girls! :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Susie »

News Flash!!!

You really DO feel better if you go to bed earlier!
(and if you take meds when doing so)

My headache is completely gone and I am somewhat clear-headed today. I’d better take advantage of it – I’m not sure how long that will last!!

Hubs, Daughter Dear, and I had tickets for the show yesterday and I finally got to watch the whole thing from start to finish. Just so you know the professional level of the show – over 900 people in the audience, professional rigging, sound, and lighting. Beautiful set and original costume designs (only $140 ea). The show runs for a little over 3 hours including intermission.

GRIMM: Happily ever after is about the Brothers Grimm and how they wrote some of their stories. Those featured are: Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and Hansel and Gretel. The stories were intertwined with the circus acts and dispersed so that you didn’t really know when you were going to see Snow White again. Eventually at some point in the second half the stories get their “Happily Ever After”. Don’t think that it’s all sugar coated – some of it is actually pretty dark. Snow White and Little Red Riding hood get terrorized quite a bit. I shudder to think what Caryn would think in her line of business. There’s little dialogue, so the stories are all shown through dramatic dance and circus movements. Snow White especially gets thrown around. The original Grimm version of the stories is of course, more violent than the versions we tell our kids today.

There are two versions of the show – most of the acts are the same, but there are alternating acts, otherwise it would be a 4 hour show! Sonny’s two main acts – Silks and Spanish Web – alternate. Yesterday’s show had these acts: Bungee Straps, Acrobatics, Mexican Cloud Swing (Sonny) Swinging Trapeze, French Trapeze, Russian Bar, Bungee Trapeze, Silks (Sonny), Triangle Trapeze, Flying Silks, Dance, Contortion, Handstands, Hand Balancing, Straps, Teeterboard, High Wire, Russian Swing, and Flying Trapeze.

Catching up on the weekend posts –

Fi – You are a very obedient girl. You get a sweet for that. (Don’t go to Waitrose for it, though) What a trying time you’ve had lately. I absolutely hate dealing with banking/credit card/insurance issues because of all of those online passwords and all of the people involved. That car incident is totally NOT your fault, so I hope their insurance pays for it all and by the way – how can that damage possibly be more than the value of the car?? It’s just crazy!!! I totally understand how you feel. You’ve had such a string of bad luck, you must feel like staying in bed under the covers until the cloud passes! That’s how I feel sometimes when it seems like bad luck is hovering over me. I think it will clear for you now and you will have a wonderful time at the wedding! I’m so glad GB could help you out with the funds transfer. When you get back, let us know how it all went.

– Don’t tell me you have to go in to school this week!! Don’t wax the floors, though! It’s admirable that you are shifting to your school year bedtime/wakeup schedule. Personally, I ALWAYS do cold turkey. If the going to bed early doesn’t work for you, you can always revert…I’m so sorry about your bad experience on Mingle. What a jerk! That might just turn me off from chatting in that group. It’s so exciting that you will have your afternoons free to go to the gym and get home in time to write!! Good for you for making that tough decision to give up the after school program. Be prepared for someone to try to talk you back into it. They got a pretty good deal with you. I’m glad you got to see Rachel again. My crown II appointment was still a bit painful – I had to have 3 shots of anesthesia again! I suppose I’ll have a bruised jaw again. The previous bruises just now healed.

– Now I’m a bit confused about what you are calling “winter”. There is no way anyone in Minnesota could go camping with a camper trailer for the 5 months of winter we have. Still, I’m so glad you had such a wonderful weekend! Yet another AussieWord – “ripper”. You sound positively energized – it really does show in your post. A happy mom means a happy family, right? Your boys must have had a fun weekend too. They’re in school now, right? I’m assuming that since it is winter (sort of) that they are in school. I know you mentioned school holidays to Raine, but didn’t know if you’re having holiday time now.

– Clever Girl!! HHH –Holland Halfway House! I’ve got to check flights for October – unfortunately Delta is cutting one of the flights!!!

Amy – Hooray for your husband’s change of heart regarding the HHCon!! I’m fb friends with your mom now and we’ve been sending each other Menopausal Messages. I told her not to get discouraged about learning how to post on the Lex. I know you help her sometimes. She just needs to get the routine down. By now we’ve heard from Tammy and Fi. I think Lulu is at the Tennis Camp now. Back to Friday’s post – I’m glad your interview went well!! Do you think you would like this job? Yes, I’ll put you on the list for Action Rob! We have to confirm the next two girls and then you are next unless one of them doesn’t want to do it. Maybe you can share him with your mom!

– I’m glad you got to do something fun yesterday – hang out with your old friend. Sometimes that can be just what you need to get revitalized. Of course I agree about internet friendships! Going back to work – but only part time, right? A crown is what you need if your tooth breaks. They file down the tooth and put a porcelain crown over it. Back when I was little, the dentists used to be very aggressive with fillings. As a result, I had big fillings and after years and years of biting down on the tooth, it starts to wear down and form a fissure and then one day, you take a bite of toast and part of your tooth goes down your throat with your toast! The two I had done recently were “preventive” they hadn’t broken yet, but there was a pretty long fissure. It was only a matter of time and it is much easier for the dentist to do the crown before it breaks.

– I’m thinking of you today! I hope your regular vet gives you the VIP treatment to make up for that fiasco on Saturday. Maybe having Brooklyn at your feet while writing WDH actually helped you finish that chapter. You are too right about the possibility of endless chatter at the HHCon in Chicago. In fact, I’m pretty sure we won’t get much sleep at all that weekend. What will our families think when we return with dark circles under our eyes? Correction – dark circles, but BIG GIANT GRINS on our faces!

– You mean your BiL and GF are even slower than getting ready than I am??? Wow. That IS slow. Maybe if you really liked them you’d be more tolerant?? Does your bf feel as annoyed as you do about them?

– What’s in Bergen? I’m sorry you’ve caught a cold. Thanks for telling us all about how you Norwegians feel about the shooting. It is such a waste, isn’t it?

Caryn – I’m so glad you get to have ONE relaxing day a week! I love how you affectionately refer to your hubs – bringing you coffee, watching the NASCAR race, snoring, etc. Does he realize just how madly in love you are with him??? Teen Choice awards – just think of it this way – more RobCrack!!! I won’t try to guess what he’ll be wearing except a sad puppy face because Kris won’t be there. Your post from Saturday – Sonny Boy will continue circus throughout his college years – that’s one reason he chose a private college in St. Paul. Just one bus down Snelling Avenue and then a 10 minute walk down Montreal Avenue to circus. Two girls from circus will be at his college too. The good news is that the classes are half price for college students!!Whoopie! He has to pay for it himself now and get himself there. I’m going to retire from that with the exception of volunteering at the shows. You’re so right that Concessions is a people person’s job. I love chatting with the other parent volunteers while we’re prepping and then I love to see who shows up to see the performance. My favorite job is to be the one who grabs the sodas, pretzels, popcorn and Dippin’ Dots as the customers order while another person does the money. I love to amaze them with my speed! (the only thing I’m fast at) Geek Chic – I can so see it on you (and it looks lovely!)

– I applaud your intention to limit computer time so you and your hubs can spend quality time together. An excused absence, to be sure!! I hope he finds a job soon, though, so that you can start planning to attend the HHCon.

– Sorry about your panic attack. That must be so scary!! How long did it take for it to pass? Don’t get discouraged, you really are making progress. Still, it would be hard to be 100%, I would think. Allow yourself just a tiny bit of relapse knowing that most of the time you are feeling good. It doesn’t mean you are going back to square one. Email if you need any more of my unsolicited advice. Back to your post on Saturday – I’m so glad you had such a great audience for the drama and that you didn’t get stage fright! How fun. I’m glad Will is speaking to you again. Maybe you’ll get used to the idea of him as just a friend. I know it is so hard to control those crushes!!

– I’m very impressed with all of your DIY work on your house! Did you change the color of the outside? If you and your bf still get along after working on your house and garden together, I guess you are meant to be together! It’s a good test. I haven’t forgotten that I still owe you two chapters. I need to make sure I’ve made revisions before I do that. That’s actually what I’m going to do before I start writing about my visit to meet YOU.

– It’s probably been 30 years since I’ve spent the day lounging about in my pjs when I wasn’t sick! I actually end up feeling a bit lethargic if I do that. You seem to thrive on it.

Christina – Five hours?? It sounds like Brenda should join us here at the Halfway House! What’s the obstacle? Is she TeamJacob or something??? On Tuesday, I think you should neaten up your desk. Then you should do some office errands, like Starbucks. Then you should make some phone calls, take a two hour lunch, re-file your files, doodle on a notepad and then you should leave the office early.

Rachel - How are you doing?? Is your son happy with his hamburger bank??

Well, it has happened again. Every time I miss posting on the weekend, my Monday post is GIGANTIC! :blush:

Have a wonderful day everyone!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by marielle »

Hey girls…

I really hate Mondays, I just can’t seem to start up today…
I went to the physiotherapist again today, my neck is really hurting and I have a headache for two weeks now. I’m hoping that her torturing me will help…

I hope you girls are having a better Monday!!!

I have a nice anecdote… Saturday night I dreamed about Jake Gyllenhal… I in general don’t dream about actors if they aren’t Rob but sometimes they do slip in… still I love Prince of Persia and Day after tomorrow but to have Jake staring in my dreams was a bit of a pleasant surprise… he was standing in my mother’s kitchen chatting with me and my family about how he needed to get back in shape for a movie and I offered to get in shape along with him… well it was a funny but nice unexpected dream… but today when I was at the therapist I was reading a glossy magazine about royalty… Kate Middleton, etc… but also about Hollywood royalty… they had an article about the new crown princes of the big screen, guess what the article featured Rob and Jake!!!! How crazy is that, there they were on one spreadsheet…weird…but very pleasant to watch…

Trine, nothing better than consoling with chocolate… it always does the trick… How was Bergen? It always sound like such a beautiful place when people talk about it…

Caryn, I’m sure those books will relax me… I have started on the series of Nicholas Flamel, I’ve already the first two books but I decided to re-read them before reading all 5…
I have heard that Rob was going to the Teen Choice awards, I believe it was first said that Kris would be there as well but as I saw pictures of her arriving in London, I’m not sure if she will be there but some others of the Twilight cast will be with him.

Tammy, could you make a nice wallpaper with stills from the Bel Ami clip? If you don’t have it I can link you the pictures…
I really hope you and your hubs find jobs soon…

Ann-marie, don’t fight things too much… try to relax and love yourself for what you can do to not giving in to depression… for me it helps to have something fun planned every weekend, especially in the winter months… Do you know the causes of the panic attacks? It would really help you if you know what causes them… you can tackle them one step at the time…

Jaclyn, with all the work you are doing to your house it should look like a palace… good news, if we can find cheap hotels in London and Edinburgh we will be going the first two weeks of September… I need to make some arrangements with getting a credit card and all…do you know a good b&b in Edinburgh?
I saw your reply…my guestroom isn’t that big and you have to share it with my books and computer… so it will fit but it will be very small….I’m looking for Susie if there is a cheap hotel hear in the city or over at Suzan’s city…I’m pretty sure she will love Leiden…

Tonise, as much as I love clothes, I really hate organizing them… I always doubt about what to throw away or not… this time I used my bf’s rules… everything that I haven’t worn for a year or two should go…I threw out everything old or battered looking….

Karena, I love the words you use… I’m always interested in the differences between the different English talking countries…”a Ripper Weekend” never heard of that one before…
Yes, the inlaws can be very annoying…at the moment we see them often as we just sold my FiL’s house and are moving out stuff but after August it will be less…

Fi, it sounds like your life is still suited for a big romance novel…
I hope you learned that sharing (active) love is a great stress-reliever… …I’m happy you are getting at least a bit settled with GB…

Susie, I really don’t want to get to bed even earlier… I’m already in at 9.30 pm…
Yes, my BiL and his girl are way slower than you!!! And Yes, my bf was just as annoyed… he loves his brother but they are so different in all things of life that he often gets annoyed by small things his brother does (or better said doesn’t)… my BiL generally don’t like to do things quickly and is very inefficient where as we like to do things immediately and efficiently as possible…
It’s not about spending time together because I really like them to chat with for a while but if we depend on each other it doesn’t go too well…

Well, I’m going to read….
See you all tomorrow…
These violent delights, have violent endings...Like fire and gunpowder, they consume what they kiss


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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by vampirelover109 »

Good evening ladies

Today has been so slow I've just been writing,playing with Ben,I also went to see my best friends band practice which I always enjoy I've been thinking lately that I really enjoy my time at the church helping out where I can so I think I'm going to get more involved when I can and there's a dew opportunities coming up which is good ooh on tv over here there showing HP from the begining every sat and this next sat it's HP goblet of fire so excited for that one any way on to the posts

Amy- ooh well done for getting time to lex without innteruptions I'm pretty lucky that way I guess my mum normally asks how you girls are but that's about I really

Ginnie- thinking of you today as I'm sure we all are hope your holdin up ok Im glad you had a good lunch with the girls I agree the HH CON is going to fly by

Marielle- yeah I agree the F1 result was good for the both of us just a really bad loser thanks for the advice with the panic attacks it seems to be when I have nothing to do because then I think too much sorry you have a bad neck and head hopefully the trip to the physiotherapists helps

Trine- sounds like you had a good trip yeah my mum dosent really have good taste in clothes really

Tammy- hihi sorry you're having unemployment issues but hopefully you will be able to make it to the HH CON

Jaclyn-ooh the front garden sounds so lovely

Tonise- thanks luckily I managed to wait my panic attack out sounds like mingle wasn't that good

Fi- hi good to hear from you glad you and Gb are getting on better

Susie- that show sounds really amazing and so much fun the panic attack lasted for about 20 mins which o better than what they used to be which is good I hate crushes it sucks when they only like you as a friend I really enjoyed the drama it was fun

Right I'm going to cuddle down on the sofa with my little Ben

Catch you later girls

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