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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by velvet409 »

Happy Hump Day!!

I got my new computer set up yesterday. Our IT guy still has some setup work to do on the other computer because he ran out of time so we're not finished yet. It was a mostly smooth transition for me thankfully. Right now I'm just trying to re-learn Office and Windows. If I want to do something , I have to stop and think about where to go because it's not in the same place as it was in the earlier version. I spent some time today getting my defaults set where I want them. It's a learning curve and I'll get the hang of it eventually.

Caryn~ I think TooJay's should label one of the tables with a little bronze plaque that says "Reserved for Lexiconers". :lol: We did indeed make quite a dent. I wish I had taken more than just the morning off work that day.

Tonise~ It is really cool that we can talk about so many different things as well as Twilight and it's amazing how quickly the time passed and we didn't even notice. I think we're all going to leave Chicago feeling like we just arrived. Sorry you had to deal with that Mingle guy being a jerk.

Amy~ That is so cool that your hubby is now so completely on board with HHCon. Any idea what made him have a change of heart?

Tammy~ Good to hear from you and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you and hubs find jobs so that you can turn that "maybe" into a "yes" for HHCon. ;)

Fi~ Thanks for stopping in to let us know what's going on in your life, although I'm sorry things haven't been going so great for you lately. I'm glad you weren't hurt during that fender bender at the store. In the US your articulated lorry would be called a semi truck.

Susie~ Sorry SonnyBoy's internship is causing so much aggravation. How long is the internship for? I got your email and will PM you when I finish. :grin: I'm not sure what team Brenda is on. I do know she was concerned that she wouldn't be able to keep up with us. I made sure to let her know she was welcome to drop into the HH anytime, even if it's just to say hi. EDIT: I just now saw that she did indeed make an appearance. Yay! :clap:

AnnMarie~ Good for you getting more involved at your church! :thumbsup:

Brenda~ Hey there!! Glad you decided to come chat with us. Even if you don't post regularly (and you wouldn't be the only one btw) we will always be happy to hear from you. I had such a good time on Saturday and it was so great meeting you. I'm glad my story inspired you, even while you watched me scarf down a patty melt and a piece of banana dream cake at lunch. :lol:

NewJen~ Your possum story had me :rotfl:

Suzan~ Glad you're enjoying your vacation. I believe Marielle also prefers the English version of the books as opposed to the Dutch. Just out of curiosity, what makes the Dutch versions so inferior? Did they use a lousy translator?

:wave: to anyone I missed!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by smitten_by_twilight »

:hello: Such a welcoming group! The sweetest people in the world are on the Lex – including the guys, too (none of whom hang out here, I know). I’m going to try checking in weekly, on Hump Day, so I can check out the pictures. I don't have a collection of my own yet to share, but I'll start working on it :D

We are settling back into routine after our return from Disneyworld. After a crazy day in the airport trying to get back on our scheduled day, we have received all our luggage; a lost ear hat is in the mail, catching up with us; and I need to call about getting a replacement doll shoe, that got lost running through the airport. My son picked up his schedule for junior high school today, and school starts for him and his 1st grader sisters on the 11th. Yes, this is our routine – crazy busy. Can’t wait for school to start and things to settle down.

Hope I got names right, you can call me Brenda.

Caryn ~ I’m so jealous that you have time to bandmom. I was in HS and college band (fond memories!) and my son started in 5th grade. They’re asking for volunteers this year and I can’t see how I could find time. Love the Hump day pic!

Susie ~ Dental care might also be stirring up the germs naturally residing in your mouth, or exposing you to them differently. Tell your dentist and see what they say. I hope your cold did not interfere with your enjoyment of the block party! Totally agree with you on both the integrity issue and the ridiculousness of the volunteer requirements – sounds like the company is trying to get good PR off of its interns’ volunteer work, without paying for it. I wouldn’t know what to do otherwise though.

Annmarie ~ I think big cookies are cool. Cut it into smaller pieces as desired. It’s the taste that counts, right? Glad the fruit cakes worked out! Wish we were neighbors, I have NO time to bake anymore. That’s the problem – you get your cooking skills down and get married and have kids, and then you have no time to use your cooking skills.

Marielle ~ :rotfl: at your comment about being unable to exercise with RP and TL in the same room! Neither would I – heart rate thru the roof, but coordination thru the floor! You girls are bad for my trying-to-kick-the-addiction approach, but great for stimulating my imagination :swoon: . I will check out the Flamel books … after finishing my latest re-read of the Saga and getting over to Ginnie’s WDH. Awesome WfE pic.

Amy ~ aie, that’s hot! Can you wear a frozen washcloth or handtowel on the back of your neck at work? I think I need one, after seeing your pix … now my imagination is overstimulated.

Tonise ~ So sorry about your niece, and I empathize – we have different issues here but went through the tears and tantrums too. At least she has been tested now! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun renovating your classroom!

Desiree ~ I’m on a diet too – well trying. I praise myself for every pound and remind myself that I’m doing well even if I just manage not to gain. Hubby has no idea – he wants to lose weight and does – I look at food and gain a pound.

Paula ~ I know that “no more baby clothes” feeling too – I have an older boy and younger triplets, and all the baby clothes went to Goodwill as soon as they were done with them!

Superjen ~ love your Possum story! I would have screamed too! I don’t know whether or not Rob would have been helpful, but Edward could’ve just walked in the room and the possum would have run away!

Suzan ~ hey girl! Boy, those pix are just sending all my resolutions about kicking my addiction right out the window. (Strangely, I really don’t care ;) .) I would give you some of our summer if I could; we say that Tucson only has two seasons, a short winter and a long summer. Hope your dad stays better!

Christine ~ banana dream cake is something that exceptions should be made for – how many hours of stationary bicycling do you think that is? The TooJay’s plaque idea has merit. When I’m at VA, every other week they are monkeying around with IT while we are still using it – today we had trouble with changing colors in Word.

See you next week -- in the meantime, my favorite Rob pic is still my banner ;)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by SwanCullen »


Quick pop in. Went and got my daughter her glasses today. She is getting 2 pairs, but the other pair she doesn't get till two weeks (those will be transistion lenses, which are $50 more *thank GOD she has a medical card which pays for her lenses and frames* and wont have the money for them untill then.) She looks extra smart with them on. She reminds me of what my older brother looked like with glasses on when he was little.

:wave: Brenda! Even if it's only ever so often, we love having new people here :)

Later ladies! :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Jazz Girl »

*comes dashing in the door* Made it!!! Just under the wire. Please forgive a girl her hyperactive sense of responsibility. We have a major event coming up on Aug 13th (a run/walk to raise money for our programs) which consumes our entire office, but I will be out of town all next week leading up to the race. So, I'm trying to make sure that everything that I can get done before I leave gets done. But, I made it in. That's what counts, right?

Marielle~ They have been going back and forth. The original release dates for both were later in 2012 and both moved up their dates because of the other. But, they are very different movies. SWatH is an epic adventure. The other SW film is more of a comedy. They blocked ToR!! Well, damn! That really does kind of suck.

Paula~ :lol: Ahh the joys of motherhood. I think the phrase I use most now-a-days is “get off your brother”.

NewJen~ Sounds like you had a fantastic trip! :rotfl: That Possum story is hysterical. “but I don’t think he’d be much good in a possum-in-your-bed situation” I snorted out loud at that.

Amy~ Good gods!

Jaclyn~ Hope the laptop didn’t die on ya.

Suzan~ I’m so glad you’re enjoying your vacation. It sounds fantastic. I’m sorry to hear about your dad. I’m glad that he’s feeling better.

Susie~ I’m sorry that this whole experience has been so frustrating for you. I agree that that is absolutely a lot to expect of in intern, particularly one who is still technically in high school. I understand how hard it is to step back and not intervene, even if it’s warranted. But, at least he’s almost through it.

AnnMarie~ Yep, Biggun is loving band camp and it’s going quite well.

Christina~ Maybe we should suggest that the next time we head to Toojay’s. Maybe if we come bearing a plaque and make it easy for them.

Smitten~ It’s always completely crazy to get back from vacation. Don’t get too jealous. I don’t have nearly as much time as I wish I did. I do what I can now, but my busiest time at work is September & October, so I’ll likely miss out on a lot, too. You marched? Awesome. What did you march and where? I played trumpet but marched colorguard. Biggun followed his momma and plays trumpet, but they’ve asked him to march mellophone for this season.

Alright. Off to relax with a bit of fic for the evening.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by TammyAZ »

Hello ladies!!

This is just a quick one to drop off some requests.... We drove to Billings yesterday to pick up the kids so I spent about 9 hours in the car and for some reason that just wiped me out! So here they are and if you girls want something different or anything changed please let me know!!!

So we have some purple Edward and Bella
and some Edward and Alice

I could not for the life of me find any pictures of Edward and Alice together so I used shots from 2 different stills... I hope it came out ok!!!

And Marielle I do have one Bel Ami wallpaper that I made...I need to get some new stills and make another. I hope this one will hold you over until I do!!! (I couldn't find very many movie quotes for BA yet so I just used the one I liked the most)

I'll do a more proper post tomorrow....good night ladies!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello ladies~ Hope all of you are well. Somehow I've managed to get about three or four days behind at the Halfway House, which means I've got a lot of catching up to do.

Newjen~ I'm glad to hear you had a lovely vacation. Your possum story was hilarious and frightening, and how on earth do you think he got in to your bedroom?!! You reacted in a much less girly manner than I might have, as I probably would have left the house immediately and checked into a hotel. Kudos to your hubs for his quick research and smart thinking! As far as Rob's reaction.....I kind of think our adorkable Rob would have reacted a little more like you or me, or possibly just vacated the premises and headed to a nearby pub for a pint..... or three. :D

Missp~ I loved ActionRob in his swim trunks—too funny. I hope you enjoyed your last free Friday, and am impressed at your massive organizational skills in the classroom this week, as well as getting back to an earlier-to-bed schedule. Smart thinking, hon. And your Daddy is a sweetie to continue helping you with those classroom projects. A Gigi's in Decautur? Oh my! Good luck resisting those gems. I was glad to read your thoughts on Deathly Hallows Part 2, and I fully understand your emotion at seeing those kids all grown up! I think I cried almost as much on my second viewing as I did the first time, but was a little distracted by occasionally having to explain something to the kids or hubs. I would love to see DH 2 in the theater just one more time, by myself, to truly soak in the experience of the movie in a quieter atmosphere than my previous two viewings. I too enjoyed the epilogue, and especially liked the fact that Alexandre Desplat used the closing music from Sorcerer's Stone (when Harry says goodbye to Hagrid as he gets on the train) for the epilogue—what a great way to bookend the series, and a nice nod to John Williams' music, as well. I'm sorry about your sweet niece's diagnosis, but it's good that you know what you're dealing with....knowledge is power, and all that. Now she can be on her way to having the treatment she needs and learn the best strategies for dealing with her dyslexia.

Susie~ I'm sorry you suffered from that nasty migraine last weekend, especially after having to deal with all the dental work, and glad to hear you're feeling better. Thanks for linking the article on circus—it was an interesting read. Isn't the college mentioned in the article (Hamline), where SonnyBoy will attend, and where you graduated from, as well? I know the show was a huge success, and wish we could have all been there to see it. I also imagine your concession stand skills are certainly nothing to sneeze at. :D Good for you for completing your online coursework early! Now will you have a little more free time for writing, before school resumes in a month? I'm sorry to hear about all the issues with SonnyBoy's internship. It certainly sounds as if they've made things very inconvenient and difficult for all of you--especially when he wants to enjoy his last weeks of free time before college. I'd be very irritated and frustrated with this company too. I hope you have a great time at your 35th reunion this weekend.

Caryn~ Thanks for linking the Bel Ami trailer on youtube. Of course I immediately watched it again and nearly fainted from hyperventilating. Rob looks simply breathtaking and passionate and intense, and all those things we know he can be—especially as Angry Georges DuRob—oh dear Lord! :o In one of the early trailer scenes--I think Georges is inspecting himself in the mirror when he's first dressed in that period tuxedo—and I love that he brushes his hair back while holding his hand, exactly as Rob does. You can answer this question in invisible font if necessary, but which character does Georges marry in the movie? I can't tell if it's Kristin Scott Thomas, or Uma Thurman, or someone else. Hope your hubs has recovered from all his experience in the heat during Biggun's Band Camp the past few days. It's been a scorcher here too the past few days, with no relief (or rain) in sight. There's really a “Choice Vamp” award at the Teen Choice Awards....seriously??? Thank God for DVR, or I would go insane having to sit through that entire awards show. We hope you'll still have a chance to check in with us fairly frequently when you're out of town next week.

Raine~ PJ days.....or PJ weekends are the best! Which fanfics are you caught up in just now?

Amy~ I'm glad to hear your job interview went well, and keep us posted. That's great news that your hubs is more open to the idea of you coming to the HH convention! Husbands.....who knows why they do the things they do? :roll: I loved your Facinelli Friday pic with Peter looking swoonworthy as a doctor, from his show Nurse Jackie, I presume? Jeez, if my doctor looked like that, I'd never survive the office visit. They's have to hustle me to the hospital straightaway, with extremely high blood pressure and an elevated heart rate. Lovely HumpDay contributions today, by the way.

Ginnie~ How are all of you doing, hon? We're all thinking about you and sending hugs your way, and for your family, as well. I read the updates to both your stories and loved them. What a wonderful treat for our Mondays! I'm sorry I don't review on due to past problems with computer viruses, but I'll try to do so over on our Lexicon fanfic thread as soon as I can. I must admit I''m very taken with your new AH story, "Arms", and I read the latest chapter update three times in an attempt to feed my new addiction.

Desiree~ Your plate will be pretty fully this fall with family, classes, and work, but you can do it; and we're always here to give you encouragement (or an ear for venting) when you need it. That's good news that you did receive financial assistance for the kids' every little bit helps. I loved what you said about these very special and meaningful online friendships, and I couldn't agree more.

Marielle~ That's awesome that your bf has become more interested in possibly traveling to Chicago with you. I love it that he had to hear from a colleague how fun Chicago could be, he just couldn't take our word for it....could he? :D It sounds like you had a busy weekend with your “slow” guests—that must be so frustrating. I hope your Dad has smooth and safe sailing these next few weeks. How long will he be out at sea this time?

Christina~ I'm glad you enjoyed your nice and leisurely lunch with Ginnie and Brenda over the weekend. Time certainly does fly by unnoticed when we're visiting with Halfway House friends. I hope the computer upgrades went fairly smoothly today and without too many complications over the next few days. I'd meant to ask you.... what were your thoughts about the Deathly Hallows Part 2 soundtrack? I love the ethereal, haunting sound of Lily's Theme, and especially the way it's woven throughout a couple of other tracks. I also love Neville, the climax of Dragon's Flight, the majestic and epic Statues and Courtyard Apocolypse; and I nearly lose it listening to Snape's Demise, Severus and Lily, Harry's Sacrifice, and The Resurrection Stone.

Trine~ I hope you had a great trip with your boyfriend and enjoyed visiting Bergen. I guess I better grab a map because my geography knowledge is sadly lacking, and I'm not sure exactly where that is in relation to you. How are people in your country faring this week? I'm sure the news is still very focused on the recent terrorist act and investigation, upcoming trial, etc. You'll continue to be in our thoughts and prayers, for healing and comfort for your country and communities.

Tammy~ Great to see you! Good for you for spending more quality time with hubs, and good luck to you both with the job hunting. I hope your children had a great trip. I loved the new wallpapers you made, especially the one with Bel Ami stills. I completely lost focus for about ten minutes when I was mesmerized by your regular banner again......and the headboard, and upper, middle, and lower trapezius muscles, deltoids, biceps, triceps, latissimus dorsi.....................................THUD :swoon:

Ann Marie~ I think getting more involved in activities at your church sounds like a great idea. I hope you're enjoying all the baking, and I'm sure your family members are happy to share in the fruits of your labors.

Jaclyn~ It sounds like you had a nice time visiting with your parents. And you and your bf painted the outside of your house last weekend :shock: ?! That's quite impressive! The Harry Potter EW issue went in the mail this past Saturday, and hopefully it will arrive at your place within a week or so.

Karena~ Apparently the camper was a smashing success, and I'm so glad you all had a great time camping last weekend. I too love the new expressions and terminology we learn from our international members of the Halfway House. I also assume that “ripper” weekend means fantastic, or something similar.

Fi~ You've certainly had your share of trials and tribulations recently, hon. Good luck getting the car and the bank card issues all sorted out, and I'm glad that you have GB to help you get through these times.

Smitten/Brenda~ Welcome to the Halfway House! I hope you had a great time meeting Ginnie and Christina over the weekend. Disneyworld is pretty amazing, and you almost need a vacation after your vacation, to fully recover. I can't believe you have a son in junior high and triplets--I'm amazed that you find any time to post here at all. I'm Tracy, by the way. I've been posting around the Lex (but mostly the Halfway House) for a couple of years. I live in sunny, humid, and hot middle Tennessee, and am married with two children (a 4th grader and a 6th grader), and I'm employed part-time as a physical therapist in a skilled nursing facility. We'd love to see you around here, whenever you have a chance to check in with us, and Hump Days are certainly a good place to start.

Jenn Jenn~ I bet your daughter looks adorable with her new glasses. Is she adjusting to them fairly well?

Suzan~ I'm so glad you're enjoying your vacation--as it was well deserved. Will you resume classes in late August? It's so much fun to convert someone into a Twilight fan, and I'm sure it will be special to share this love/addiction with your sister. Hope your Dad is okay, and that the kidney stone has officially passed. My hubs had one years ago, and he loves to remind me that they say the pain can be comparable to the pain women experience during childbirth. :roll:

Desiree~ You cracked me up with your diet comments, and I totally empathize. I can just picture you glaring at your hubs as he innocently ate ice cream right in front of you---so like a man. ;) I just had my yearly and lovely annual visit with the gynecologist, and knew I'd gained ten or twelve pounds since I saw her last spring. We discussed how it's much more difficult to lose weight as we grow older, especially around our midsection.... which is where most of mine has piled on. I've used Weight Watchers in the past with fairly good success, but my GYN gave me a list of all the foods to cut back/avoid with a high glycemic index which keeps your insulin levels high (all the yummy stuff like potatoes and rolls, as well as sugary foods like cake, candy, cookies, pastry, doughnuts, cokes; as well as chips, crackers, chocolate, and virtually anything containing refined sugar and white flour. I knew this, but still....what a bummer!! Anyway, I'm going to try make smarter food choices and substitutions over the next two weeks, and see if I have any luck. It's not as if anything else I'm doing is working right now. Good luck to you too!

Paula and Rachel~ Hi there! Just check in with us whenever you have a chance. :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by marielle »

Hey ladies…

I’m thinking I’m just having a crap week… Today isn’t much better that the days before…
Or maybe it’s just me being a bit negative I don’t know.. at least the weather will be nice today…
After work I’m going to the travel agent for seeing for my trip in September, and I’m going to get myself informed on a credit card so I can travel to the US…tonight we are going shopping in the city… I don’t need anything but my bf does so we are going for him…

NewJen, that picture was from the press junket in Australia for WFE…it’s a bit of a Rob draught at the moment so you haven’t missed much…
Hihihi. I love your possum story… I can see your oldest laughing at you…my brother would do the same until my mother starts to get angry…

Amy, is that a manip!!!!!! It’s a really good one than…

Jaclyn, I’ll check it out… I’m heading to the travel agent today to see if they have good tips…so there is a chance that I’ll be coming to Edinburgh in Sept.

Suzan, the twilight books are contaminated with a virus… really when you kick them up and open them to read you’ll get infected…you should have warned your sister..
You really should go shopping in Den Haag, the American bookstore there has so many good books I always leave there with a bag full…
I hope your dad will feel better soon, tell him to drink a lot of water… my mom has issues with kidney stones regularly… it’s so damn painful but it’s important to drink as much as possible…

Susie, I honestly think there is a big difference in the internships between Holland and the US… but than again the whole school system is different… at our high school idea (age 12 till 16) we don’t have internships… there is ever year one week in which you can choose to do a day of snooping around in a company or institution (job orientation) … our idea of college has at least a year of internship, divided in a minimum of 6 months at the same company…summer internships don’t exist here, it’s just a summer job you get paid for, and it differs between a nice job in a office or a job in a laundry room…
I don’t know yet how long the difference is between a direct flight or a stop at Dublin, I thought I saw that we had 2 hours at Dublin so at least we can walk around a bit…
See three movies… wow… I’m thinking a twilight marathon… to bad you can’t choose to bring your own…

Ann-marie, that’s one of the reasons to go to NYC… yes… the shopping there should be nice…

Smitten, I wasn’t referring to TL with the name Jake… last weekend I had a dream about exercising with Jake Gyllenhaal…it was quite a interesting dream I can tell you…
Nope, becoming a sister of the HH isn’t very good for stopping your addiction… we in generally feed it…

Caryn, yeah, and I’m a epic adventure girl… I’ll be in the cinema’s when The Huntsman gets released…I think that they are already winning a lot of fans for that movie by their promo pics and cast…
Yes, I was really pissed off yesterday morning when I found out… but the are starting to block all blog style sites…I really hope that they won’t block the lex… I’ll quit if they do that…

Tracy, no my bf doesn’t believe the silly US girls…he just says, “how the hell do they know what I like..” He is really being stubborn… he even won’t believe me…
My dad will be getting back at the end of October, my brother comes back a month later…
I’m a bit nervous now because my dad is now sailing in pirating areas, I hope he makes it through unscratched…

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by vampirelover109 »

Good morning ladies

I can't believe how quickly the weather can change yesterday the sun was shinning and it was so hot today it's chucking it down with rain and the annoying thing is it's still quite warm so I have to awear hoodie because it's wet stupid rain anyway in off to do some writin and I might do some. More baking

Right ill catch you later girl

Have a good day

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

It’s is 2 .a.m. here. My son and husband is at the hospital in the e.r. We woke up to a loud boom and my son just starting screaming. We ran in his room to see blood all over the carpet and blood all over him. He split his lip in half some how by failing from the bed. So I am wide awake waiting for them to get home. I hope it isn’t as bad as it looks but I could definitely see his lip split in half! Hubs called while typing this they are calling in a plastic surgeon. I just hope it is a good one b/c usually they aren’t when it comes to e.r. doctors!

Yesterday’s post:

Brienna~ I re sell my kiddos clothes and toys too. I don’t get nearly what I paid for them but I am glad that I get a lil somthing back.

NewJen~I have not loud out like this in a long time. It was much needed for what I am going through right now.

Amy~ Thank you so much. I got it. My husband asked me what the heck it was and when I told him he just shook his head. He doesn’t understand it fan fiction. Little something is coming your way as a huge thank you for your kindness for doing that for me.

JennJenn~ OMG that first picture just left me breathless. WOW!

Suzan~ That is is neat you got your sister reading Twilight. It probably is letting you live through the magic all over again while she is reading it. I know it was that way for my sister b/c I would call her up like 5 times a day to tell her what part I was at and what I think might happen. Sorry to hear about your dad but glad that it passed. I have had friends that had that and said it is very painful. I hope never to have to experience it.

Susy~That does seem frustrating reading what you had to do. I do hope it all clears u for him and it goes smoothly.

Annmarie~Sounds like you had a lovely relaxing day baking. Sometimes those are the best days when it is just yourself doing something you like to do.

Brenda~Isn’t frustrating that guys can just melt away the pounds like butter. I am the same way I have to work extra hard pushing my self working out and my husband will drop like 5 lbs in a week and I would lose like 1. Irritates me to no end.

Tammy~More great banners I love it.

Tracy~Yep I love all those things that are not good for you too. Is high glycemic the same as diabetic? I had it with my first pregnancy which they say you will then have diabetes with the following pregnancies which I didn’t. But at the same time I do need to be careful b/c the doctor said I could have it when I get older. Good luck with your diet or at least cutting out those foods.

All right ladies I am going to go since I can’t sit still worrying about my lil boy. At least you girls got me through this last hour. I just pray everything turns out ok and that the plastic surgeon does wonders for my lil guy.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by newtonscricket »

Oh Desiree, I'm so sorry! That is terrifying and I hope he'll be OK. I know you and your family are exhausted right now.

Of course we never know how things will go, but in my experience mouth wounds tend to heal very quickly and well. I know two people (one of them is me) who nearly bit their tongue in two as children and those healed up quicker than the parents could believe.

Also I fell off the top of a bunk bed in the night once giving me a huge black eye. And my middle son did that too, although no black eye for him.

Prayers for you and your son.