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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Susie »

Hi All!

No time for Hump Day pics… I’ll have to do some belated pics tomorrow!

Daughter Dear and I had a great time getting the mani/pedi, eating lunch, and seeing The Help today. Then I had to shift to Sonny Boy – eye doctor appointment. Then I made the cake, but then I was so busy ordering Sonny’s bedlofting service for college online that I didn’t hear the timer for the cake and it spent 10 minutes more than it should have in the oven. Grrr! Sonny has his last piano lesson ever with his teacher tonight and I’ve been Lexing from a coffee shop nearby. When we get home, it’s stealth cake frosting and decorating time! Déjà vu….. I’m really experiencing way too much stress this summer.

Of course I can’t forego my responses to you girls, though! You make me feel better!

– You certainly have had a string of bad luck – refrigerator on the fritz? What a royal pain!! I’m glad your kitty is doing better. That must mean your luck has shifted in the right direction. I’m glad you have confidence in my powers of persuasion with Suzan’s mom. Who knows? Maybe we’ll eventually have our second mother/daughter team at the Halfway House!

– Sorry about your neck. What’s the vertigo from? (you can PM if it is too personal) I used to get bouts of “Benign Positional Vertigo” but it never got to the point of incapacitating me. I was only spinning a little when I moved my head. I wasn’t a sap at all when my kids went to school, although I was very excited and happy for them and happy for the free time. I probably will be totally different with grandchildren! School doesn’t start here until after Labor Day. Something about the tourist season – we only have 3 months of summer weather, whereas you have 12 months of it! I’m impressed with your Sunday School teaching. I don’t think I’ve ever prepped that much!

Marielle – Now I understand why you identify with Bella. If it makes you feel any better, I couldn’t detect ANY clumsiness the two times I visited you! You must hide it well. Be careful not to snap your neck back to the “bad” position now. Yes 21 is a big deal, but my daughter isn’t a hard core partier at all. She is a quiet intellectual. Still, she is very happy to be 21 and able to go anywhere her friends want to go out without worrying about the under 21 thing.

– Thanks for the info on the EW cover – I still don’t buy the need for Edward to look alarmed… I am skeptical. I like the ideas you have for helping your mom understand the unique beauty of the Lex and the Halfway House. I’ll try to work on the summary this weekend.

Caryn – Yeah – High School is different – they just expect the kids to get the usual stuff. For my kids it was only math that they needed something special for – Oh – did you have to buy the $200 calculator yet? Note: They are popular theft items. I totally agree about Tayter on the BD1 poster! And the way Robward especially looks. Krisella is OK. Besides all that – it isn’t a very attractive visual. I’m sure if I could imagine an un biased mind, that mind would not be impressed.

Amy – I love how you can camp and Lex! I have trouble Lexing and I live in a major metropolitan area! Have fun! I love that you have cool Robcrack on your phone wallpaper. Tee hee

– I am elated that you will be able to Lex between school buses! Again, you were too funny about trying to keep your thoughts PG13!! I loved The Help! It is very true to the book with one exception, which I forgive. I think.

– Yikes! That’s too bad about your hubs! I hope he starts feeling better. I hope the people at the pizza place are nice – that makes all of the difference.

Desiree – How is Action Rob doing? I know you have to sneak him out of his box when Sweet Pea isn’t looking! Sounds like you’re having a fun summer. When do classes start?

– I’m glad the first week of school is going so well for you! Remember to take care of yourself.

– I must not have been reading your posts carefully enough because I didn’t know about your pregnancy. That’s right, isn’t it? Your Wednesday post was hinting at it with the emo and the not being able to be on meds….. Anyway – Congrats and Best Wishes for a healthy pregnancy. I totally understand the emotion and the close connection with the women of this group. If you ever want to PM, fb chat, phone chat, or text, I’d love to. YOU HAVE TO READ THE HELP. Preferably before seeing the movie. You’ll enjoy the movie so much more. Yes. I drink Scotch and Water. It is a pure drink.

Annmarie – It sounds like your best friend has been around a lot more and that’s great! Is it good to be back on your work schedule?

– THANK YOU for that reassuring news about the BD 1 Poster!! *huge sigh of relief*

You won’t be surprised to hear that I am late picking up Sonny – Oh well. At least I am consistent.

See you tomorrow with some Thursday Robcrack!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by velvet409 »

Happy Hump Day!

I finally picked up my copy of EW at lunch today. Excellent pictures and Rob and Kristen were so cute in their interview. I cannot wait for this movie! Unfortunately I am now stuck going to the Barnes & Noble near my office. It's not really out of my way but I don't like wasting time on my lunch hour running errands. I like to enjoy my break. But they're closing the Borders by my house that I usually go to and I'm pretty bummed. :( It was such a convenient location for me, and honestly I preferred Borders to B&N. I really hope some other bookstore chain moves into that vacant space.

New BD poster~ It's alright but someone went overboard with the airbrushing and in my opinion ExB should be front and center. They could've done better.

Suzan~ Wow your mom's attitude is like the opposite of my mom's. She's been really supportive of my Twi-habit and my making friends here on the Lex and thinks the HHCon is cool idea. I was like your mom for a while though. I held off reading the books for a long time because I'm not into vampire stuff at all. Once I did give them a try I realized that the books are really not about vampires. They're just romance novels that happen to have vampires in them. Perhaps your mom would be more open to it if she understood that? I hope you're able to find a way to bring her around.

Caryn~ Yes Chloe's a little butterball because she will eat anything you put in front of her. :lol: I put her on a diet and she's lost about 4 pounds over the last 18 months so I'm making progress in getting her to a healthier weight. I'm finding that I like Office 2010. You're right that there are some cool new functions and their grouping is more logical, like it makes sense that this function and that function are on the same menu. I'm glad they added a feature that makes it easier and quicker to do your work.

Tracy~ She did get up to 18 pounds but I've gotten her down to 14 now. The reason I like Alexandre Desplat is that his style reminds me of John Williams; their techniques seem to be similar. And the fact that he did incorporate Williams original music a lot makes me like him even more. :grin: It really did help tie the final movie back to first movie. I'd love to see the score win an Oscar, and you're right it's probably a long shot but I agree that Alan Rickman deserves some kind of recognition for his work in this series. He totally owned the Snape character. My graduating class size was probably about average for this area.

Tammy~ You're right that in this job environment you have to take what you can get. At least it's a paycheck. Does this job come with any benefits? Sorry to hear about your husband's back problems. My stepdad herniated a disc years ago and has had two spinal fusions, and he still has back pain. He sets off metal detectors too. I would advise that if your husband ends up having surgery again he should have it done by an orthopedic surgeon. My stepdad had his second fusion done by a neurosurgeon and it wasn't nearly as successful as the first.

Rachel~ Congratulations on the new baby! :clap: There are two ladies at my office that are pregnant (one with twins) and incidents of pregnancy brain are quite plentiful right now. Good luck with the geneology research. One of my great uncles did that and was able to trace the family line back to England in the 1850's. Interesting stuff.

One more Hump Day goody to say good night!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by missp »


No energy for a post of any kind tonight except to say :wave: ! The first week of school is going very smooth and the kids are just great! But, I am tired! By Friday, somebody's gonna have to use a wheel-barrow to cart me out of the building! :?

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by DarkMuse »

Ok, so I couldn't find the thing on Twitter about the BD1 poster, but I did find this article about it. I'm just wondering how different the official one will actually be. IMHO they really messed up the looks of most of them. :rant:

Since it's still hump day here. :D
Another one for good measure. Hehe.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies…

It’s my last day of the working week… pfff, tonight and tomorrow is for partying…I just hope my ankle is able to deal with it, I’ll take a brace with me…

Better news yet, there is supposed to be good weather heading this way…

A sad note, the father of my brother’s ex-girlfriend died suddenly. I still see her as my little sister and we still see each other regularly. The strange thing is that we just recently talked about her fears of finding her dad dead or the cops calling in with bad news. Her father had the same issues as my FiL had so I could relate to her very much…sad thing is her dad didn’t die at his own hand but cardiac arrest is what probably killed him…
I’m hoping somewhere this weekend there is a chance to see the family so I can see her for a second.

Anyway, enough sad things, the posts…

Caryn, I’m sorry I forgot to put up a warning sign…but isn’t he delicious in Cannes… I think they should do a Bel Ami thing in Cannes next year…
Poor kid… 12 to 14 hours day???? Pffff, I think 6 is long enough for activities…well as long as he is enjoying it…

Desiree, I think that is because I just can’t say no to a good party…you should see the face of my cardiologist when I talk about partying…it’s honestly so funny, he just can’t seem to understand how I keep doing it (neither do I for that matter)…but I think it’s just that you have to continue breathing…

Amy, that’s my point completely… I just want the dog gone!!!

Hey Kristener!!! Thanks for posting the article and goodies… did you know, I’m going to see Jackson this December, I’m really excited about it…
Hey do you have FB? We have a small place there as well, maybe you can join us there…

Susie, maybe it’s time to kick out the kids and enjoy stress free summers ;) …or make sure sonny boy is getting his drivers license so you don’t have to chauffeur around… stress isn’t good for you…(for nobody actually)…
I can walk on a flat surface with out falling but besides that it’s saver just to stay in bed for me… there I can’t harm myself as much, although I do seem to get bruises without me knowing where I got them, my theory is that I bump myself when I’m going to the bathroom half asleep…

Christina, yes, totally agree that the airbrush is overdone!!! Bella is still human in this part of the movie, she doesn’t have to look as flawless as the vampires…

Sorry, Tonise, just two days to go!!! You can do it girl!!!

Yesterday I spend my whole evening searching for fanfic I read a while ago but I just can’t seem to find it!!! As it was a HP fanfic it’s no use asking you girls but it was a really sweet one where Hermione had a secret relationship with Fred but after his death she founds out that she is pregnant and ask George for help in the hope to pull him out of his grief as well…grrrrr…. I just can’t find it!!!

Anyway, work has to be done!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by twilightsagaaddict »

Hello Sisters! Stealth post to say Hi :wave: and offer THIS for being gone so long ;) . The girls hopefully will start school next week (there's a good possibility of a teacher's strike...)and when they go back, I'll finally have some time to myself to be able to chat here. Hope you all are well!! Miss you all!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by twilightsagaaddict »

also wanted to share this from ROBsessed....(like we didn't already know... ;)) {sorry for the double post :D }
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello ladies~

Sandy~ Great to see you hon--and we miss you too. The link from Robsessed was too funny. I agree that taking a minute to ogle Rob should revitalize you and make you more productive at almost anything, except for the fact that I usually still find myself staring at the screen 30 minutes later, with no memory of what I was doing the past half-hour. 8-) We'll send postive vibes your way that things can be settled soon without a teacher's strike. What will the students do in the event the strike happens?

Rachel~ Congratulations on your pregnancy hon! :D That's wonderful news. Are the boys excited? I hope you're feeling well and not being bothered by too many pregnancy symptoms other than pregnancy brain and pregnancy hormones. ;)

Marielle~ I'm sorry that your friend lost her father so suddenly. I'm sure that was quite unexpected and such a shock, and I hope you're able to spend some time with her in upcoming days. Enjoy the good weather coming your way, and have a great time partying the next few days. I'm not a fan of the puppy being almost front and center in those BD posters either, and hope we see something a little different before the movie is actually released. Sorry I can't hope you locate that particular fanfic you mentioned. I certainly have read my share of HP fanfic, but mostly Remus/Tonks or Ron/Hermione centered stories.

Kristiner~ Great to see you again! I agree with Marielle, that you might enjoy posting on our HH thread over on Facebook, as it's a quick way to check in when you don't have much time. Thanks for sharing the news about the BD movie poster (hopefully) not being the real deal. I hope it's not, as they all look so stern, and it's just not really one of my favorites. :?

Missp~ I'm glad to hear you're so pleased with your class. You'll have made it throught the first week before you know it. My kiddos are enjoying themselves at school, but they've been a little more tired each morning as they're adjusting to getting up so early again. That first full week back is always the hardest, for all of us.

Christina~ Glad to hear you found your copy of Entertainment Weekly. Maybe you will get a new bookstore in the old Borders location. I usually pick up my mags at our Barnes and Noble too, but it's not really very convenient for me and located nowhere close to my work either. I really don't see why Target just can't carry EW; it would certainly be easier to find that way. :? I just renewed my subscription to EW when I found a fairly cheap deal to renew it for about $20.00 per year, and I figured it was worth it with all the Breaking Dawn and Hunger Games coverage they'll be featuring the next year or so. Plus, I always enjoy their Summer and Fall Movie Preview issues. We'll keep our fingers crossed for some Oscar love for the HP series, although I know it's a long shot, particularly when I glanced over the EW issue and noticed the highly anticiapted movies with Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, and Brad Pitt expected this fall.

Susie~ What a wonderful way to spend your day with DaughterDear, and I'm glad she had a lovely birthday. :) I'm sure the cake was delicious! I'm seeing The Help with a couple of coworkers Friday night, and looking forward to it. Was SonnyBoy sad about having his final piano lesson with this particular teacher? Will he continue with piano lessons throughout college, or will he be too busy with other things?

Amy~ I'm so glad you all are having a good time. Sounds like a very productive week....catching both fish, and worms. :D

Caryn~ You're absolutely right about Rob--he certainly is filing out in all the right places. 8-) I'm not too stoked by the (possible) BD movie poster either. I don't like seeing the pup placed so front and center, and tall (as you reminded us). I get tired of the rest of the Cullens being relegated to the background as if they're an afterthought....although if Carlisle's hair somehow resembles that orange mess in the movie :shock: , I'd rather him stand in the background. I also wish they would show Bella and Edward actually smiling for once on one of these posters, but I guess Summit feels that angst and heartache sell tickets (instead of love and romance).
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Sorry for the double post wonderful moderators--that's a first for me. I can't seem to delete the entire post, but maybe you can. :D

Here's some old, but tantalizing WFE love to make up for my posting mistake. ;)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Jazz Girl »

Good afternoon, sisters. A little later today as I woke up with a wonderful sinus migraine and I'm still kind of nursing it at the moment. But, you know I couldn't let the day get too far away without visiting my sisters.

I'll start off with a sad update, first. If you see me on FB, you might have already seen this. I found out this morning that my cousin, Erik, who just graduated West Point in the spring, was injured in Afghanistan on Tuesday. Thankfully, his injuries, while severe, are not life threatening. I've known Erik since he was about 8. My uncle adopted him and his brother and sister when he married their mom. He was always such a wonderful kid and wanted to do nothing but be a soldier. He's grown into a wonderful man and graduated near the top of his class at WP. I don't ask often but, please, if you have a minute, please spare a prayer, a healing thought or a good vibe for him. His fiance, who also graduated WP in the spring, is still at home in Texas, awaiting her next billet. A small prayer for her as well would be appreciated.

Okay, on to happier thoughts...

Marielle~ I’m so completely with you. I mean, as much as I hate it, the mongrel does play a role in the film. But, honestly, to have him front and center with Edward&Bella, it’s like they are still trying to play up the love triangle crap. This is the film where we finally get to see them happy and secure and we see none of that in that picture. To use it as the cast poster… grrrrr! I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s dad. It’s never easy, but sudden deaths like that just make it so hard. Hell, at this point, I’d love them to do a Bel Ami thing ANYWHERE SOON!! Yeah, it makes for a long day for him. but, he wants to do both cross country and band and my thought is that he is doing something he loves and it keeps him busy.

Amy~ Yesm ma’am. Been saying that all along!

KSter~ Hey sweetie!! It’s lovely to see you lurking round these parts. Yeah, I saw the tweets you were talking about, by Jack Morrissey, who is BS’s partner, correct? They did make me feel better. I’m hopeful we won’t get stuck with that load of rubbish we’ve seen thus far. If nothing else, we know that Summitt has to be aware of our objections. That’s at least something. Since you couldn’t find the link you were looking for, I’ll post the Robsessed Feature on the poster, which was updated to add JM’s tweets. I have to love the man for his unintentional double entendres. I LMAO’d at some of them, especially the last one! :rotfl: Don’t be a stranger, girl.

Susie~ Sounds like a fantastic day of Mother/Daughter birthday bonding! Yes, I think you definitely need school to start up to calm down your schedule! :lol: Thankfully, no, we haven’t had to do that yet. Though, we are thinking about buying a netbook for him for Christmas. Our old desktop sorely needs to be replaced, but he needs to have a computer of his own, pure and simple. So, we’ll see. Honestly, I haven’t heard anything positive about the poster from anyone. Visually, it’s just not right. The photoshopping alone puts it out of the realm of attractive. Add in all the other issues and it’s just awful, to be honest. As I said, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and praying to all the deities that the ACTUAL cinematic poster is much better.

Christina~ Mmmmmm, scruff and fuzz and fuzz and scruff. Yummy!!! :lol: Calling Chloe a butterball just made me giggle. I honestly, while not a cat person, find something endearingly snuggly about a fatcat. Of course, I couldn’t snuggle them or I’d have an awful allergy attack. But, it’s definitely cute to look at. Do tell, ho is Chloe enjoying the diet? My impression of cats is that they prefer to be masters of their own domain and do not like the humans meddling. Am I wrong?

Tonise~ Give yourself another week to readjust to “school mode” and I’m sure you’ll be cartwheeling out of the building. I’m glad things are going smoothly.

Sandy~ I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for no strike. It seems teachers are less valued everyday, every where. We actually had a victory for teachers here in Indiana this week. Our state superintendent, who was a lousy teacher and a lousy principal but somehow still managed to get elected, tried to put in place a Department of Education policy giving school boards the ability to add hours to teachers days, or days to teachers allotted contracts without their approval or compensating them, and that was to be added to their new contracts for this school year. If a teacher refuses to sign, they don’t have a job. I seriously could not believe the gall of the man. Thankfully, our teachers union fought it and a state judge put a stay in place preventing it. :lol: You have spare time? What are you talking about, girl? Well, if it happens, you know we’ll be waiting here with open arms.

Tracy~ That’s true as well. I know that, in the realm of screen time, they are, essentially, minor characters. But, their importance in the story cannot be overlooked and I would really like to see them featured more prominently as well. Umm, yeah, Carlisle’s hair is just… scary, honestly. I know Peter said he hated the process of getting in coloured for Teilight, as did Nikki. But, in all honesty, you can’t tell me they actually looked at their wigs for NM or EC and thought they looked good?

Alright, I'm off to curl up with the Kindle and hope like hell this headache recedes.

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