Rob's Halfway House -- #8

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by StellaBlueBella »

Just dropping in to say that I can not find one positive thing to say about the BD1 poster. I don't like to use this word but honestly, I hate just about everything about it. I really hope this is just some sort of (rather underhanded) attempt by Summitt to use us all as a free focus group and that this hideous thing is not actually going to be an official poster of any kind.

Ok, I'll stop with my venting. I am getting myself more worked up instead of getting it off my chest.

Be back later with a 'real' post.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by VirginiaMay »

**Tippy-toes in & looks around.** " Hi, I'm Ginnie. You may not remember me but...

I'm back! Or at least, I soon should be.

Kids go back to school on Monday. Yes, that's right I said kidS, plural. LilRob is in a three hour pre-K program five days a week and then on Fridays he gets to stay all day! :clap: I will miss him of course, but can you blame me for being excited about this?? Guilt-free Mommy time!?! It's more precious than gold.

Anyway, I'm speed reading through the last two weeks of posts, but in the meantime... Here's a little BD love for being gone so long! I've missed you girls and The Pretty so much!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Susie »


We had DD's birthday cake around 10 pm last night and then we all sat around talking with her friends until midnight. One of her friends stayed the night since she lives far away but works near our house. So it was another short night! I really have to get more sleep!

Today I got a big chunk of my online course done :clap: Good News: I just found out that my boss is paying me 20 hours for it!! I just got my teaching schedule (kind of like a contract) and it is on there. Now I can't complain so much because I'm actually making extra money. We also get a small stipend from the National organization that's doing the course. We also get continuing education units needed for re-licensure.

Later is Hubs' company picnic. Not many companies still follow this quaint tradition. I'm sure it will be just like the company picnic in The Pajama Game. If you have never seen the movie The Pajama Game - DO IT. RIGHT NOW. Of course you have to like musicals...Anyway - his company is very small, so there won't be any big song and dance numbers. We're in charge of bringing 2 croquet sets. The weather is perfect here - not hot, not humid and a clear blue sky.

Now on to your posts-

Christina – I think we were posting at the same time last night! I so often see you online when I am, We must have the same schedule. Love your pics – especially Rob in Cannes! Yep. It’s sad that Border’s is out of business. B&N sure has a monopoly.

– I’m sorry to hear about your brother’s x-girlfriend’s dad. What a shock for all involved. How old was he? It’s so sweet that you still think of her as your little sister. You’re right – on the agenda for next summer - Sonny gets his drivers license. You have bruises and you don’t know how you got them? Like Bella? hmmmm I forgot to tell you how much I loved that HumpDay pic from yesterday – the one with Rob in a tux against a stone wall… Where is that?

– You are so cute with your little expressions – a wheel barrow to cart you out of the building!! Just think if you were doing the afternoon program too! Your pjs are looking forward to spending more time with you on Saturday!

– Thanks for the link to the article. Love those funny gifs!!

Sandy – No need to apologize for your absence. I sure hope your girls can start school on time and there is no strike. It will be great to see you around here more often. Thanks for that link to Robsessed and the reputable research that has been done to our benefit! I truly do feel Rob’s restorative results!

Tracy – Oh my – that is a lovely pic of Rob – I think we could just take Reese out and put me in there….Well worth double posting! Sonny has a music scholarship at Hamline so he has to take piano lessons there at least one semester a year. We haven’t arranged that yet. Just one more thing I need to remember to do. Does your daughter have much homework yet?

Caryn – I’m sorry your cousin has been injured in Afghanistan. How scary! How nerve-wracking for his fiancé who is so far away from him now. Good thing it isn’t critical, but still – if it is serious, he has a lot of pain and healing to go through. I hate the fact that we have to have our service people over there. I’m all sad panda about your headache. I hope it’s better by now.

Ginnie – Hooray for your kids going back to school! You’ll be able to really keep up with your THREE fanfics AND still have time for Lexing. Nice to see you on the thread.

See you all later

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Evening ladies~

It's been a bit quiet around here today. Hope all of you are looking forward to your weekends.

I love this picture from the new EW issue
If I had a body like Krisella''d better believe I'd flaunt it :D They look too adorable together here, and I guess it's one of the few happy shots we'll see of Edward and Bella from Part 1. Can we assume in this picture, that Bella is wearing the very tiny shorts and tank in an effort to entice Edward into something a little more exciting than a game of chess? 8-) You go girl! :clap: I also love Robward's bare toes peeking out from underneath his leg. ;)

Susie~ Congrats on completing much of your online coursework, and especially getting paid for it! You certainly deserve something in addition to the usual continuing education hours, as it seems like you're put in your fair share of time and effort. Glad to hear DD had a lovely conclusion to her birthday, sharing your delicious chocolate cake with family and close friends. My daughter has had homework every night, but nothing she couldn't handle. We're encouraging her to focus on her time management skills and work on studying for tests and things in advance, especially as her schedule gets busier with other activities. Hope you had fun at hub's company picnic and enjoyed the gorgeous weather. Our temps are finally starting to cool down just a bit at night (60's), but it's still pretty hot and humid during the day (low 90's), and I'm ready for fall! (Tracy stamps foot and pouts)

Ginnie~ Hey there hon--great to see you! I know you'll miss the kiddos, but you'll really treasure those precious three hours a day (and more on Friday), and make them count. Be sure to save some time to indulge yourself in a guilty pleasure or two. ;) Are the kids looking forward to the start of school?

Rachel~ I think we're all in agreement here with very few, if any positive things to say about the BD movie poster. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the poster is not the real deal. :?

Caryn~ Hope you're feeling better from your sinus migraine today. We'll certainly keep your cousin Erik (and his family) in our thoughts and prayers, and we thank him for his service to this country. Is he still in Afghanistan, and when will he return to the States?

I finally had a chance to read the Breaking Dawn article in this week's Entertainment Weekly today. I agree with what most of you have already said.....what a funny article, and could Rob and Kris sound any more adorable together, shushing each other and almost finishing one another's sentences. ;) I love how defensive Rob is about Edward, and how he sort of rails on Edward for letting Jacob continue to monopolize Bella at times, such as during Bella and Jacob's dance at the wedding:

"Yeah, 'cause I don't want him to look like an idiot.... And that's at our wedding, before I've even danced with her! If that was reality, being a good man at that moment is going up and kicking the guy's a$$ so hard that he won't come back." You go Rob! :clap:

Has anyone read the book Divergent, by first-time author, Veronica Roth? I'm terrible at summaries, so I'll link one here, from the author's blog that describes the book more eloquently than I can. I borrowed it from a coworker who shares similar tastes in books as myself (Twilight, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, among others), and I just couldn't put it down. It's the first book in a series of three, and it's somewhat reminiscent of The Hunger Games with the focus on young adults and a sort of futuristic, dystopian society. I found the characters compelling and the book full of suspense, and I hate that I'll have to wait until May of 2012 to read the second book in this captivating series.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by StellaBlueBella »

It's too late tonight (to drag the past out into the night... jk any U2 fans around?) to do a proper post but Tracy, I just had to let you know that little pic you posted made me smile and brightened my Twi-mood considerably after the poster that shall not be mentioned. Smiling honeymooners make me happy. Smiling Edward with peek a-boo-toes makes me happier, practically giddy ;)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by Jazz Girl »

Pictures, pictures, pictures!! We got new PICTURES!!

Oh my, I must say....

Good gods, I think we've just witnessed the real moment of Ness' conception. You know what that stare does!!!

Awww, look how focused they both look. Love that BC seems so hands on.

THIS, RIGHT HERE, Smiley, newlywed, HAPPY Edward is what I need to see.

Just absolutely had to share immediately with my sisters. Back in a few with my regularly scheduled actual post.

EDIT: And here is said regularly scheduled post...

Rachel~ Vent away, darlin’. Clearly, you are in the vast majority here. And, everything I’ve read on other sites is similar. The only push back I’ve seen at all is against those of us who do not like seeing the mongrel featured so prominently. Many Team-Jacobites are lauding the fact that Summitt is keeping him as a central focus rather than downplaying his importance in BD1. While I agree that he does have an important part (yes, you read that correctly, I’m acknowledging the mongrel’s importance) to play, it is not equal to Edward&Bella and their love story. So to have him featured equally with them really snaps my teeth together. Not to mention his body position still demonstrates defiance, intent to interfere (which I’ve always believed was the truth anyways up until the moment of imprinting) and continues to play up the love triangle. If nothing else, Jacob should appear slightly smaller, more distant to Edward&Bella and his body should be turned away from them. At least we know that this won’t be the official cinematic poster. That’s something.

Ginnie~ Oh knock it off, girl. As if we could forget you! :lol: YAY for mommy-time! *sigh* I love that knee-snuggling pic so much. There’s just such an unconscious comfort to it; like Rob is struggling with how to show something and Kris is supporting him the best way that only she can. *sigh*

Susie~ That’s so great about all of the compensation for your hard work on the online course. I hope you enjoyed the company picnic. Though, I think, just for kicks, you and hubs should have broken into a song-and-dance number just to see what the reaction was. :lol: Thanks, sweetie. We haven’t had any more news about his condition other than he came through surgery and is recovering. Sadly, my aunt and uncle are both teachers and are just starting their year. I don’t think that visiting him, at least until he returns to the states, is an option.

Tracy~ I’m honestly hoping you are wrong about that. I desperately need to see some HappyWard. I mean, I know once she finds out about Ness, he’s gone for good until BD2. But, the night before the wedding, the wedding and reception, the freaking HONEYMOON!!! All these are happy occasions, right? Even when he’s trying to resist his Bella, Edward is totally blissed just being with his wife. Not to mention, we also know from The Saga itself that, once he does give in to her, things get a lot more… relaxed. :twisted: I think Bella’s manner of dress is probably a combination of trying to continually seduce Edward and also the fact that Alice packed for her. GAH!! I noticed his toes, too!! Good gods, is there anything on the man that is not just bloody beautiful? Thank you. I actually don’t know where he is at the moment. Depending on how emergent treatment needs were, they could have sent him to a hospital ship nearby, or evacuated him to a nearby base. Once he’s well enough to travel, he’ll go to a rehab center in Germany for a while before he can be transferred stateside. Yes, that has to be my absolute favorite quote from the whole article. Rob is so aware of how Edward appears and knows that people who aren’t avid fans might perceive what he does as weak or stupid. I love that he understands Edward so well.

Alright, sisters. As I am enjoying my very last work-at-home Friday of the summer, I must get back to said working at home. If I can pull myself away from the beautiful new pics we got this morning, that is. Check in later.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by marielle »

Hey girls.

Just a quick drive -by. I didn't have time to post as we were invited to yet an other party this afternoon. Now I have just 1 hour to get ready for the next.

I just couldn't ingore the beauty I found here. Those stills are awesome and puppy free!!!!!

Thanks Caryn for sharing them

I'll be back tomorrow.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by vampirelover109 »

Good evening ladies

Just got back I went to the cinema to watch rise of the planet of the apes it was really good and james Franco is in it I do have a soft spot for him they showed the trailer for Immortals kellans looking pretty damn hot in that one they also showed the trailer for abduction with mr lautner i wasn't really impressed no BD trailer which I was disappointed about my best frein was very happy about it though I'll get him on to twilight if it's the last thing I do I'm loving the BD stills that have been coming out so freaking excited for that

Susie- well done for getting a lot of your online course done and it's so good that you will be getting paid for some of it was DDs cake nice? My best friend is around a lot more lately which is good I'm so glad to be back At work it's good to get out of the house

Rachel- big congratulations on the pregnancy that really is amazing news

Marielle- I'm so sorry for your friends loss thoughts with you all how's your ankle feeling? Enjoy the party you always have busy weekends very envious of that

Hey Ginnie glad you're ok

Right I'll catch you later girls

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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by VirginiaMay »

Oh my goodness, Ladies...

I'm at a pool party with the kids today, and there is a Bella, a Jacob, a Seth, a Sam, a Stephie, a Kristen, & of course my Robert. You girls are the only ones who would get how much that makes me smile.

I'm slowly but surely getting caught up. Will be back later!


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Re: Rob's Halfway House -- #8

Post by VolturiGirl »

Happy Facinelli Friday everyone.I had no idea that my laptop was packed for this week. So here is my late Hump Day pic. It's been a lot of fun this week. I learned to back our boat and trailer down the boat ramp. I have wanted to learn for years, so hubs finally taught me.
I had to go down to BigBoy's new school for open house to meet his new teacher and find out where his new class is. He has the best Kindergarden teacher at his new school. So many moms had told me that his teacher is the best. I am so happy.

Marielle ~ have fun at the party.

Caryn ~ Thank you for the pictures. I think anyone who gets "the stare" could have a little one conceived. *coughed on my popcorn* You admitted the dog's importance....did it just get cold in the desert? Did hell just freeze over? :lol: OMG..I just went back to read the last page of this thread and I saw about your cousin. You can bet that I will be praying not only for him but for his whole family. Any update on his condition?

Ginnie ~ Glad you have some mommy time. I know how rare that time is for yourself. What will you do with your time? I like to take naps.

Desiree ~ You are such a sweetheart. Thank you so much.

Rachel ~ you are not the only one who is unhappy with the BD poster. Why can't they hire someone who actually knows how to do posters? I think the only poster I liked was the NM one with ExBxJ. Well, I did like Riley's in Eclipse. But that's about it.
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