Rob's Halfway House - #9

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by The Real Alice Cullen »

Hi everyone!!
Welcome to Bella’s Birthday! We’ve been a little busy with the girl’s birthdays this year because Renesmee is now driving! Everyone but Edward and Bella are thrilled with this new development. To celebrate her Cullen “coming of age” birthday, we all got her car related items. Except Jacob who got her a Harley. Edward refuses to speak to him, but Renesmee loves it! If you want to see our gifts to Renesmee, go here. You can post your gifts to the girls there as well! The mods are allowing images today!
Perhaps something fun for Renesmee and calming for Bella would be best. Remember, Renesmee is a driving teen now, and they all need a little help.
What we need you Lexers to do is help Bella and Edward feel a little better about both Bella’s and Renesmee’s 5th birthdays. Their little girl is growing up, and it’s hard for them to let her go.
Please go to the Birthday Wishes thread to wish Bella and Renesmee a happy birthday. And then, if you find the perfect gift for Bella or Renesmee, please post it on the Birthday Gift thread. The first page tells you how.
I hope to see you all at the Birthday Thread!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Jazz Girl »

Good morning my sisters! And brother too, of course. Apologies for my absence yesterday. It was just an insane day at work. I had to testify in court again and that killed so much of my day. By the time I was able to get settled after supper, homework and a few work things I had to get done, I was ready to pass out. I'm out of my office again today at a training. Thank gods for my Droid phone! I promise I'll post fully later. But, I did want to post and say, Happy Birthday, Bella!!! And, I can't wait to see the trailer this afternoon. Miss you all. *hugs*

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by StellaBlueBella »

I can't believe this date nearly slipped my mind! Happy birthday BellaStew, look at you all grown up- whatta :heartbroke: you are. That boyfriend of yours better be on his best behavior ;]

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by SwanCullen »

If it wasn't for this thread, I would have TOTALLY forgot about the date!
:grin: Proud HalfwayHouse Sister :grin:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by fi_fi »

Hello All.
You find me in a desperate situation:
I am alone in the house. I have run out of chocolate. GB is away. He told me he'd prefer it if I don't go down to see him this week - despite the fact that it's my birthday tomorrow (I was going to be there from approx.8/9 pm this evening until approx 11am/midday tomorrow) - suffice to say, I am feeling rather sorry for myself. So I do what any self-respecting HH Sister would do, and I turn to my Twilight - I'm in the mood for reading, not watching films. I go to my bookshelf, already feeling calmer and slightly less self-pitying. I put my hand out to reach Edward...... The only book there is New Moon!!!!

HOW can I have let this happen??? Twilight, Eclipse AND Breaking Dawn, all lent out TOGETHER, AT THE SAME TIME???? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?!?!

So at the moment I am resisting the temptation of the Dark Side (aka The Partially-Leaked Book That Shall Not Be Named), and planning to read the last few chapters of NM, while furiously texting my friends and demanding (sorry, I mean asking kindly) for the return of my Edward!!!

I am sure you ladies (and gent) are the only ones who will understand the desperation of my plight!!
Wish me luck!!
love to you all
fi xxxxxxxx
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Susie »

Fi - I totally understand your plight! Twilight can be so very grounding when one is feeling down, but New Moon can just send you over the edge if you're not at the peak of emotional health. Have you never read The Book That Shall Not Be Named? I guess I'm not that much of a purist - I've read it and it is worth it!! So.... you might consider the Dark Side.... I hope you can find something fun to do tomorrow for your birthday - I wish I could beam myself there to help you celebrate. You do need to respect GB's wishes, though. He probably gets too distracted with you there. (((Hugs)))
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by fi_fi »

Susie - Thank you! I think the two most powerful words in the English language are "me too" - to know there is another human being who understands your emotions is the most affirming, important feeling there is :)

And I agree about respecting GB's wishes - but agreeing, understanding and complying doesn't mean I can't sit here having a little cry, drinking rum and feeling sorry for myself! :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by VolturiGirl »

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Thank you to everyone who posted their memories on Sunday. All of them, in their own way, made me appreciate what our uniformed men and women did and are doing. Caryn, I remember feeling the same way you did. Hubs and I wern't even married yet, but we had talked about children. It made me kind of afraid to bring them into all of this. 10 years later, I still get choked up seeing how different people and sports teams honor all of those involved in 9-11.

On a lighter note, WE FINALLY GOT RAIN!!! Too bad it only lasted a little over 10 minutes, but my truck is cleaned. My boys got that nasty cough going on here. My oldest has that barking cough and my youngest has that wet cough.

Fi ~
fi_fi wrote:I am sure you ladies (and gent) are the only ones who will understand the desperation of my plight!!
I understand and that is what I love about this thread. *looking around all the corners* I got "The book that shall not be named" burned on a cd when it was first leaked. I must have read it at least a dozen times. In fact Fi, if you are going to read it, I will read it too just so you are not alone. OMG..out of chocolate? This is the best I can do and I hope it helps. As far as the Rum is concerned, they have a cherry rum which I am quite partal to. I mix it with some Vanilla Coke... :tease: Ya you get the picture.

I totally forgot that today is Bella's birthday, and that the trailer is coming out today. Thank the Twilight gods for this this thread.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Chernaudi »

Fi_fi: My mother was fighting cancer a few years ago, and she had to move in with my father so she'd be closer to where she was receiving treatment. She's fine now, but she still lives with my father, mostly because she moved all of her stuff over there and doesn't want to drag all of that stuff back home and what not. She still visits on the weekends and I occasionally see here when I visit where she works at. On top of that, I was struggling to find a job and I was constantly stressed out and in a bad/sorry mood.

Of course, I'm out of a job now, but I'm not so stressed about it, as at least my mom's fine, though I'd still love to have some income of my own!

Amy: Isn't that sort of like mixing Vodka with Red Bull? I don't drink alcohol, but I've drunk sports drinks, and most of them are flat out nasty, and taste like cough syrup. If I didn't wanna drink that frickin' stuff when I was a kid, why'd I wanna drink something that tastes like it now?! Hopefully the cherry rum and cherry Coke is better than anything mixed with Red Bull or Amp! :)

General: I'm still trying to get back in the mood to write some fan fic that I've been working on. Maybe one day this week I'll set aside a couple of hours either during the afternoon or late at night to write. I do have some ideas, but I'm gonna have to read up on what I stopped writing a few months ago and get started again.

Other than that, I'll just play some VGs tonight, and watch some Iron Chef, figure out what I want to eat (I'm thinking fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy), and later, catch a couple of shows on the Military Channel about World War II airing later tonight. I'm starting to rather like my sleep schedule--I'm not getting up as early as I sort of liked, but it's balanced out a bit by being able to use the laptop at night for a few hours. I also have some photos to look at, but other than that, my night's a bit empty, or boring, since I sort of end up doing the same stuff every night, though it is a bit entertaining--it's better than nothing for sure.

I hope that some of your here are willing and ready to comment. See you all later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by fi_fi »

It's ok!! I found ice cream! The best ice cream in the world (imo) :)

Amy and Susie - *looks over shoulder and whispers* Yes, I have given in to the dark side, during the first attack of my addiction last year, I got to the end of Breaking Dawn the third time, and just needed MORE!!!! Another of my favourite quotes - this from Oscar Wilde - "Lead me not into Temptation - I can find it myself!" Thank you for the treat Amy, JUST what I needed :)

Chernaudi - I'm sorry to hear about your mother's illness. I hope she continues to do well :)

fi xxx

Ok, so all is forgiven (well, maybe not quite ALL, but some)... despite being exhausted, and being ready for bed at 9pm, GB stayed up till midnight so that he could text me on my birthday (ie, at midnight). He said, and I quote "sorry I'm not there to make your day even more special".... altogether now... awwwwwwwwwwww. Between the ice cream, good chats with good friends (I'm looking at YOU, Susie} the rum, and The Book That Shall Not Be Named, finishing with that text, I've had a quite a good evening :) See you all tomorrow! xx