Rob's Halfway House - #9

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by openfire »

Hello all,

This weekend has now turned in to a very busy one! We were over at my SiLs for tea tonight, and BabyE was really attached to us, saying she was "going to put her socks on & come to your house" (AWW!). When we left, she was crying a lot :( Sweet, but also kind of heart breaking! So we have told her she can come over tomorrow till Sunday... On Saturday we are actually going to a wedding fayre - so now we are also going with a 2 year old LOL. Hopefully it will be ok.
Sunday, we have deliveries coming, we really need to do a few things in the house for workmen coming to fix our windows on Monday, we have to do some gardening, get the shopping etc. I'm not entirely sure that will work with BabyE LOL! She is the cutest thing, but she sure knows how to make a mess ;)

To the posts!

Chernaudi - Tell us a little more about Iron Chef - since I have never heard of it. Is it just one guy cooking, or do they have different chefs etc? Have you ever watched "Come Dine With Me"? Not really a proper cooking programme I guess, but it is very good & normally very funny!

Susie - Of course, people would talk to you during the actual wedding day!! I just would feel bad I couldn't really spend any other days with you, since before we will be busy with preparations & after, we will probably be away somewhere! Maybe if someone else from the HH could come (hint hint UK people!) then it would be really good, since you could do stuff with them too! Anyways, yes, let's wait and see :)
And a big YES to meeting up with me, Ginnie & Christina if we do manage to go to Florida!!

Ginnie - Aw sorry you lost your mega mega post! I really do hate it when that happens - it is always a good post that disappears! Never a fly by! Glad your writing wasn't lost - and I hope you manage to get another post here soon :)

Tonise - I hope your friend is ok!

Rachel - That is really annoying that your condo is now unavailable for fall break! Can they do that?? Will you lose any money? I hope you manage to find somewhere else, especially at such short notice.

Tracy - MovieCharlie is indeed AWESOME! And I agree that Billy Burke & Kristen really do act well together - they could actually pass for dad & daughter! I really like BookCharlie too, but I hated in Eclipse with the whole Jacob-kissing-Bella-and-Charlie-being-happy kinda thing..

Brenda - Glad your "Bella moment" is healing - and YAY on the second interview!!
I have the official picture of my dress, from a website, but you can't really see it very well. I will surely post lots of pictures of me in it when the day comes LOL!

Caryn - How's your foot doing now? I hope the training goes well!

Amy - Yeah that picture is from a few leaked stills a few months ago - some of them were indeed hot stuff ;)

JennJenn - Hi there! :D

Ok need to go - up super early & need to go pick up BabyE after work. Will be a super busy weekend now, but I am sure it will be worth it :D

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Susie »

Happy Thursday!!

I’ll just tell you about my anniversary weekend now or it will just be too long after it happened. We stayed at a B&B in the countryside, but near a cute river town. The house was gorgeous – built to be a B&B, but using 1861 house plans. So it was the best of both worlds – charming, but modern with central air and very clean. The grounds are beautifully landscaped and there is a “round barn” on the property which is on the historic building register. There aren’t many around anymore. They were designed for dairy farming. It is a beautiful barn. In the house they have 5 rooms, and only two other rooms were booked that night. The other two couples were very friendly. The big attraction of this place is that you get to bake bread in an outdoor stone/brick wood-fired bread oven. Actually all we did was make a design in ours and then put it in the oven and take it out, the dough was all ready to go. This was at 7:30am then at 8:30 we got to eat some of the other bread that was baked at the same time as ours for our breakfast. It was soooooo delicious!! We got to take our bread home as well as another kind of bread that was baked in the shape of the round barn!! After breakfast, we got a tour of the barn – very educational. They do weddings there! We didn’t want to leave, but we had to check out at 11. This is the place.

Then we hung out in the river town, shopping, lunching, etc. and we went on a 90 minute River Cruise on the Mississippi spotting Eagles! It was so fun! We got fried in the sun, though! Then, later when we were walking around town we came across the historic theatre in town and saw that they were doing silent movies with live organ just like they did in the old days – the organ is part of this historic theatre, it is also historic!! The pipes are in the walls surrounding the stage/screen. Anyway – hubs loves Buster Keaton, so we stayed until the evening to watch “The General”. It was so fun and nice to sit in air conditioning. It was a little over an hour to drive home, so it wasn’t too late when we got home. It was fun to eat some of our bread when we got home.

So, there you have it!

– I’m very sad about the fact that you lost your mega, mega, mega, post. Congrats on getting the new washing machine!!! Too bad all the firefighters are going to miss seeing you around the firehouse!! It’s kind of like mom coming to visit. Very domestic and comforting!

– You have a great imagination on that parody! What to have for dinner? Is that fried chicken frozen? I’m going to have to counsel you to get a simple cookbook and try some healthy recipes. What can I say? I’m a Mom.

– I hope your friend is OK!

– I don’t think the BD Trailer is controversial at all. Sorry about your Fall trip falling through (no pun intended). That’s terrible for them to take reservations and then sell the property and not let you know earlier.

– Thanks for posting that lovely gif! Do you see how Krisella looks a bit nervous? I would be too knowing I would get to experience Edward in all his glory!! Yes. You need to re-read Breaking Dawn. I’m on my third read right now – Bella just beat Emmett at arm wrestling.

– Of course I should have known you were a writer, what with being all cozy with the likes of Virginia May and all! Kudos for getting your like back into a reasonable routine and doing what you want to do. I’m writing too except that I had to take the summer off due to the craziness of my household. You just did a Freudian slip typo – your to do list has “ HQ BD2 2nd trailer” Honey, if you can find that, let me know! Just joshing you! -----------drool----------Sorry, I was temporarily mesmerized by your banner. Gulp. Phoenix or bust.

That pic almost did me in today!! If that is a manip, it’s a good one. It does look like Rob’s back (like I know).

JennJenn – Why do you think that’s from Part 2? It looks like the honeymoon bed. In any case, it’s pretty HOT with KStews knee showing. Holy H*ll, how are they going to keep this PG13???

Oh my goodness. I have to close that link – it’s making me think inappropriate thoughts.

Jaclyn – BabyE is lucky you are such a softie!! Yes, you will have a challenge working her into your schedule, but you are so affectionate towards her, you seem to be willing to take her wherever. This reminds me – you are going to go crazy over Renesmee in BD2. Too bad you have to wait over a year. I get what you’re saying about the wedding. So you wouldn’t feel bad if I didn’t come?

That's all for now, folks!!

See you tomorrow!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Jazz Girl »

Good evening all. Training is done, but three plus hours essentially standing on one leg is causing a bit of cramping in my right thigh. So, now I'm trying to keep that loose. It's not going to get any easier. I have trainings tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm going to be rocking the Kathleen Turner voice by next week. :lol:

Amy~ That's actually one of the... umm... *cough*unofficial pictures... that started making the rounds earlier this spring.

JennJenn~ It's actually BD1, the honeymoon. Compare the beds and backgrounds. Not that I've spent any amount of time staring at and analyzing those pictures.. of course not. :oops: :swoon:

Susie~ I guess my snesitivity to it made me hear it very differently. But, honestly, to me, it wouldn't mattered if he whispered it to her naked. Edward would never say that to Bella, period. That's what bothers me so much, are those moments where it is just achingly, glaringly clear that that woman didn't pay any attention to who Edward is.

Jaclyn~ Awww, that is very sweet for BabyE to say. A wedding with a 2-year-old shoudl be an adventure, that's for sure. :D My foot is healing alright, I suppose. I go back to my ortho tomorrow, so I'll know for sure then. I can bear a little bit of weight, although it still get's sore pretty quickly.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by missp »

Hi, HH!!!! Just another quick hello again tonight! It's Project Runway night, and I am on my way over to my guy's house to watch it with them! Then, I have to come home and pack! I also need to unload and load the dishwasher and pack Bella up for the weekend with her aunt! Then, I need to check in with the Mingle folks because we'll need to finalize last minute details. Sheesh! I'll be lucky to get to bed before midnight! Y'all have a great weekend, and I'll check back in with everybody on Sunday night when I get home from Kentucky! (((Hugs to all!)))

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone :)

Suzie: Not to sound crass or smarting off, but you do realize that you're talking to a 25 year old guy who sort of lives alone? :) I don't live alone in the strictest sense, as I live with both of my brothers and my grandmother. But still, at least I cook for myself, and it's cheap and simple. Thankfully here, not having a job right now, I can't really buy fast food, so you have to at least give me that? :) And if I had a GF, I wouldn't expect her to do the cooking :) Though one of my brothers bought some Taco Bell jalapeno sauce, and that may give me some ideas, but you might not think that great either, as I'm into spicy food.

Everyone: I might be back online later tonight, though I'm trying to get my sleep stuff back online with what I'd like for it to be. I'll catch Iron Chef and Secrets of World War II--this episode being about how Nazis looted treasures during World War II.

I'll try and be back later, and if not, I'll be back tomorrow. Bye everyone.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by BlueStarEgo »

:wave: Hey, everyone.

So, Captain Susie (kidding!) demanded on Facebook today that I stop by and make an appearance....TADAAA! :D

I still don't have much going on. Same 'ol, same 'ol. School and then back home.

School is going ok. My classes aren't killing me yet. Just so much to remember. I recently got a 67% on one of my test. Not so bueno. I had the opportunity to retake it today and I scored a 86%. Not perfect, but better. My last class of the day is a headache though. Every time I walk into the room I feel like I'm drowning. I hate that class so much. I'm not failing though. I just get confused a lot. My instructor gave me some extra practice sheets to work on over the weekend. Let's all hope Chrissy doesn't punch her laptop.

Best Buy is still a pain in my entire body. I can't remember if I spoke about it already to you guys. If I did, oh well, deal with it, I'm telling the story again. =)
Last month I got a notification telling me I should consider replacing my laptop battery. My first battery replacement is covered in the Geek Squad plan I purchased when I got the laptop. So, I took it in, they filled out everything for me to get a battery shipped to my home. A week later, battery arrives in the mail, WRONG SIZE! I took the batter back to best buy to show them that something went wrong and I got the wrong battery. They put in a correction and said I should be receiving a new battery in the mail. The guy who was helping me said unfortunately, the parts company does not accept returns, so I could either keep the battery I got in the mail or recycle it. I chose to keep it and at the most, sell it on eBay and make a few bucks to support my cupcake habit. A couple of days later I get about 3 e-Mails from the parts company. One, informing me to them sending me a return label to print out. Two, the actual return label for UPS. Three, the parts company informing me that my "return" was in "waiting" status. BUT, WAIT! What if I had recycled the battery like that guy had told me to? Mind you, these e-mails say NOTHING about an EXCHANGE, they say RETURN. So, I go BACK to Best Buy. Let them know everything and show them everything I've received: battery, e-mails, labels, etc. This new guy puts in a new order and tells me the same thing, I don't have to send the battery back. A few days later I get THE SAME E-MAILS!
I'm not usually the type of person who just pops my lid easily with those who work in customer service, BUT, it's been a month and I'm still playing this "Who's going to get me a new battery game" with these people. It's like I paid $130 for Best Buy to send me on blank missions and throw my laptop to the techno wolves. I don't appreciate this. My battery is rapidly deteriorating and I'm a frikkin' computer programming major. I NEED MY LAPTOP! I've decided I'm just going to send it back and both companies can suck it. If I have to buy my own battery I will and Best Buy will never get another cent from me.

WhoooSahhhh! Anyways, on a happier note, I saw the new Breaking Dawn trailer and I LOVE it! I think they did a great job with making Kris look "sickly" during her pregnancy. I hate how short Peter and Rob's hair is. The wolves look amazing. I can't wait. I showed my mom the trailer today and she's excited.

Speaking of P. Fach....... wouldn't it just be awesome if while during all of the stress and pressure from Bella's pregnancy and the wolves wanting to attack, Peter (Carlisle) just reaches out and grabs Elizabeth's (Esme) chest? (Nurse Jackie/Dr. Cooper reference) Lmao. No? Too much for this site? Ok, I kid. ;)

I hope everyone has been having a better week (month) than I've had (it hasn't been that bad, just people lying to me).
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Susie »

Quickly -

Chernaudi - Sorry! It's just that you've been talking a lot about what to have for dinner.... otherwise I wouldn't have said anything at all. I won't mention it again. I'm sorry I offended you. I acknowledge that you are indeed a grownup.

- :clap: Fabulous post!!! I knew you had something to say. Sorry about the laptop battery. I would be boiling mad at this point. That is just crazy. You should write a letter to someone higher up and maybe they'll give you a free laptop! I hope you get it resolved soon. Keep all the documentation.

Tonise - You are going to have a fun weekend! Where in Kentucky? Just think, you didn't know any of these people a couple of months ago! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

- Sorry your thigh's a achin'! Get as much rest as you can. Kathleen Turner - I can just hear it. Hot water with lemon juice and honey does the trick. MR should have listened to you before writing the very first screenplay, but what is done is done.

Nighty Night!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by smitten_by_twilight »

Quick look-in since I have more time now that I'm working less. Today's events: working a little; goal of getting to bed before midnight; my son (and I'll just call him Son from now on) expressed an ambition to join the local honor band, an outreach program sponsored by the local university that is open to local 6th through 12th graders who are recommended by their school band directors. I am very proud of his ambition so if his director oks it, we will give it a shot!

Amy - AWESOME pic. Can you PM me a link somehow? Because I don't think we're going to ever get that in a theatrical release, that looked much too R. I've heard rumors about unhappiness with the ratings board, and I haven't checked into it, but I'm still hoping for director's cuts on the DVDs.

Caryn - I hope you enjoy the training, and take care of that foot! It sounds like you are presenting the training - can you present seated?

Chernaudi - And well-deserved :clap: :clap: for being a single person of any gender who cooks for themselves. I remember many nights of looking in the kitchen, shrugging, and microwaving a can of corn. (Then there were the days I learned to make gnocchi from scratch. Neither extreme happens anymore ... *sigh*)

Chrissy - Best Buy sucks for returns. So sorry you got caught like that, especiallly since it sounds pretty necessary. I have been catching up on Nurse Jackie by DVD, so your idea sounds LOL to me! I wouldn't be surprised if they goofed around with it on set.

Jaclyn - I will eagerly await wedding pix! In the meantime, think of the weekend with LittleE as a dry run if you plan on having kids, or an experiment if you don't. I guarantee you will be very busy and probably have lots of fun, and it will be fun to see how your DH-to-be handles it, and then you can GIVE HER BACK, yea!

Susie - I have longstanding ambitions to be a fiction writer - I rarely finish anything. But I have become a professional writer, and I was thinking earlier today that now I know how to finish things ... just sit down and type. If I ever run across a genuine BD2 trailer my cousins will be the first ones I will share with!

Tonise - Have fun!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Chernaudi »

Short replies because I have something to catch on TV in about 10 minutes.

Suzie: I'm surprised that you didn't catch the smiley faces between lines. I wasn't trying to sound mean, but I'm single, 25, and live on a budget. The stuff is cheap and easy to make. I'm also surprised that you didn't comment on the fact that I stated where if I was married or living with a girlfriend, that I wouldn't expect her to do all the cooking :) You didn't offend me, but I did feel that I had to state my current status. After all, I'm about the only one in my family right now who does any actual cooking. And the ability to cook for themselves I feel would be useful for anyone.

Brenda: That's something I think everyone can use, some skills to cook for themselves. Life isn't all fast food and TV dinners, after all.

I might return yet again, but I don't know yet, as I'd like to get to bed early, at least early compared to the past few days.

Bye for now :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by fi_fi »

Gah!! Just wrote out a long message, clicked submit, wasn't logged in, lost the message.... AAAHHHH!!!
Don't have time to re-type now, so I'll give you the short version:

* THANK YOU ALL for the lovely birthday messages and RobCrack - you ladies sure do make me feel loved :)

* I had a call on my birthday from our very own Susie, so that she could sing me happy birthday - for those of you who don't know she has a BEAUTIFUL voice, and I was honoured to have her sing for me :) THANK YOU SUSIE!!!

*I DID get to see GB on my birthday after all - I went down to see him, he was still stressed (obviously), but he was also delighted to see me and was very glad that I'd gone down :)

*GB and I are going to move house (AGAIN!!), I'll post pics of the new place when I have some!

I have a friend coming round to cook for me this evening, and I'm having my birthday party at my BFF's house tomorrow eve, I'll try and check back in at some point over the weekend.
Hope you're all well.
Love and love to you all,
fi xx