Rob's Halfway House - #9

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by smitten_by_twilight »

No time for a proper post so this is just a quickie ... not feeling great today anyway although the diet is working, which helps.

Ginnie - wow - just linked to the Perri vid. So we're expecting angst in Chap 14? Well, what's life without a little trouble? I'm going to have to check out more of Perri's music, that was fabulous.

marielle - so glad you're back and home safe! Cause that pic you linked was :heartbroke: :swoon: Thank you!

All, but especially Chernaudi - there was a KStew sighting today in London at Mulberry's Fashion Week show. Apparently, Rob skipped it - not surprised (if he's even still in town). Have not seen any pix yet but they're bound to pop up eventually.

Back tomorrow, probably, for a proper post. :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by missp »

Hi, Y'all! I am home, but too tired right now to do anything except say, :wave: I promise to do an update on my trip tomorrow night. AHEM... it looks like I wasn't the only sister traveling this weekend! :lol: SUSIE, it looks like you, Christina, and Ginnie had a great visit! See everybody tomorrow! (((Hugs!)))

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by velvet409 »

Hey there!

I got home this afternoon from my sleepover at Ginnie's house with her and Susie. We had such a great time. As Susie said we had lunch at the same restaurant we first met at last year and we even had the same server! I don't know if Susie noticed that but Ginnie and I did. After the park we went back to Ginnie's house where Susie and I spent quite a bit of time on the computer examining screenshots of the BD trailer while Ginnie cooked dinner (luckily Ginnie's kitchen has a viewing window into the dining area so she was able to participate in the discussion a little bit). Along with all of the talking we also managed to get in a viewing of Eclipse on Blu-ray. Of course we totally lost track of time and stayed up way to late considering how early Susie's flight was leaving. When it was time to go to sleep I noticed Ginnie's bed didn't have a headboard. When I asked her about it, she said, "This is going to sound really bad but we broke it." :lol: This of course led to the both of us cracking up and we figured this was a taste of what Chicago will be like next summer. It's going to be so much fun!

lulu~ You guessed right about HEA (Happy Ever After). Aro does look a little odd and it could very well be the scene where he gets the wedding invitation. However, the human servant does not look like the same one that appeared to bring it to Aro in the first BD trailer so it's hard to tell what exactly was going on there. :scratch: I totally understand about having a good vacuum cleaner to deal with the pet hair (I have three cats).

Marielle~ Welcome back! Glad you had such a good time, although I'm sorry you had so many Bella moments. Hope your injuries heal quickly. Here's some medicine to get you started. ;) I was not a big fan of of the supposed physical altercation with the Cullens and wolves either. But movie trailers have a habit of cutting scenes to make it look like one thing when it's actually another so I'm reserving judgement on what I didn't like in the trailer until I see the whole movie.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Jazz Girl »

Evening everyone. Just wanted to let you all know I'm alive and still kicking with one leg. I've been lurking and kept up with everyone's posts on the Evo. It's been an absolutely last few days and the crazy doesn't let up until Thursday. We had a meet, soccer game and band contest Saturday, surprise birthday lunch/football party and office work today, all day training tomorrow, half-day training followed by afternoon meetings on Tuesday, and an all-day training on Wednesday. Yep, I'm going to be busier than a one-legged woman at a butt-kicking contest. Of course, I'm doing all this with one leg still. I visited my ortho on Friday afternoon and he basically said he wants to take a very conservative approach to healing my foot; essentially stay in the boot and stay off of my foot for at least another three weeks. He said the option if I am too aggressive is definitely surgery, but that it may not be a great fix because of where the fracture is on the bone. So, as I'm all for not having to have my foot hacked into, I'm listening to the doctor and being a good little gimp.

As I'm fair-to-middlin' exhausted, I'm going to hit a couple quick responses and then hit the soft side of my pillow.

Susie, Ginnie & Christina~ YAY!!! I'm happy you all got to have a quick visit. I am way jealous, too. But, I just love that some of us get to get together what could be considered semi-regularly.

Marielle~ Your holiday sounds like it was fantastic overall, just with a few bumps in the road... literally. :lol: Hmmm, your Rob&Kris moment... are you sure it wasn't actually them? We didn't see hide nor hair of them for long stretches of time whilst Rob was in the UK. Mayhaps they too ran off for a little downtime? Hmmm, I can't say that that image of Edward stood out in my mind that way when thinking about the trailer. I think, for that look at least, it was likely the contacts. Plus, I think there's definitely a bit of that sideways smirk on his face there, too... a little of the "I can't believe she actually married me" look. But, yeah, the whole poor poor pitiful puppy goodbye dance... entirely too intimate for my tastes. I know it is sort of written that way in the book. But, it's also written with Bella being stiff in his arms, and getting pissed off by the time he gets to his whole, "I'd rather remember you this way" nonsense.

Christina~ I absolutely LOVE that your mom made you assure her an HEA. That just cracks me up.

Alright, my pillow is calling, sweeties. Hopefully I'll be able to check in tomorrow. But, just in case, *hugs*.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello ladies~

Just a quick drive-by for tonight....

Susie, Ginnie, and Christina~ You sneaky ladies! Thanks for sharing the lovely pics with us. :D I'm so glad you had a wonderful visit....dissecting the BD trailer, watching Eclipse, and discussing broken headboards, and all with excellent company...what more could you ask for?

Missp~ I hope you had a good time and manage to get some rest tonight before heading back to school tomorrow. We look forward to hearing more about your trip.

Marielle~ It sounds like you and your bf had a great time in the fun and the sun, other than your "Bella" moments. We missed you and look forward to hearing all about your trip. Do you head back to work Monday or will you have an extra day to rest and recuperate? I can't tell you how much I missed your daily "early morning" posts. I always check my e-mail (and the Lex, of course) before heading to work in the mornings. Your post is usually the only new post I see since I checked the Lex before bed the previous evening, and it's kind of like a little jolt of caffeine for my system. ;)

Chernaudi~ I hope your eyelash issue resolves soon, and that you're feeling better. I imagine that's pretty uncomfortable and probably makes spending time perusing and posting on the computer a little more difficult.

Amy~ I hope you're somewhat recovered from your little hangover. Way to take one for the team, hon. :D Seriously, you and your hubs are sweet to be so supportive of a friend in need.

Lulu~ I'm happy for you that you have your Kirby back, but sorry you had to deal with that, at all. What a bummer! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about marriage with us. There really is no "right age" for everyone, is there? And it certainly seemed to work our very well for you and your hubs.

Caryn~ Whew...... :shock: Just reading about what all you've done this weekend, and will be doing this week made me need to take a nap, immediately. I'm glad to hear you're heeding your doctor's advice by wearing the boot and trying to stay off that foot as much as possible. We'll keep our fingers crossed that the next three weeks of healing will be just what your foot needs to continue in the recovery process.

Desiree~ Congrats on receiving two "A"s on your recent papers--you go girl! We knew you could do it. Not to tempt you away from your serious attempts at studying.....but I recommend reading "Edward Wallbanger" as a reward and a little study break. 8-)

Jaclyn~ I'm sure Baby E had a wonderful time this weekend, and hope you and your bf did as well. You'll probably get a little more rest when you head back to work Monday. ;)

Brenda~ I took your advice and watched Remember Me again last week. The movie still kicked me in the gut, but I was able to better appreciate the truly fine acting performances and immerse myself in the story more fully this time around, because I knew what to expect. My heart just breaks for Tyler, for his family and friends, and especially for what might have been....but the movie's message to make every day count, and to be inspired by the loved ones we've lost--certainly is a hopeful one. ;) I have to say that watching Remmber Me on DVD, in the comfort and solitude of my own home on my day off work (while the kids were still at school) was the way to go. It was much easier not to hold back my emotions as I did when watching the movie in the the theater last year.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by marielle »

Good morning ladies!!!

I’m dead! I’m already back at work and I’m in no mood to do anything… even my mind is sill stuck in vacation mode…I can’t seem to concentrate on one thing, it’s always drifting off to some happy place…

I forgot to tell you girls… when we got home yesterday my bf had a nasty surprise waiting for him in the mail box…a speeding ticket!!!! When I saw the envelope I was so afraid it was for me again, I’m usually the one who drives too hard but it was for him, finally!!! He was always boosting about never getting a ticket…

Amy, of course a good friend would provide an other friend with liquor when ever he feels down… I don’t think you could make a man happy with chocolate, wine and Ice-cream…
Yep, the holiday was good… I’m already missing the weather and the service… I had to make my own breakfast again today!!!

Christina, hihihi really?! I’m sure you all laughed very loudly at Ginnie’s excuse about the headboard…I can almost imagine her face looking quilty…
I just hope that the looks of the Cullens don’t look as bad the whole movie as it looked in the trailer,… it would be a very big annoying distraction during the movie…

Caryn, remember, if you listen to the doc there is a big chance your foot is healed by the time the BD premiere arrives… tell the doc he has a deadline before which you have to be healed!!!!
I was very sure it wasn’t Rob and Kris… the girl was from Polish or Russian background and had a 3 year old child and the guys, well the dog they had with them didn’t match Bear…or I would have seriously questioned it…
I hope you are right about the contacts… lately we have seen him only without them… I think I just now realizing how hard it is for him to convey emotions properly when he can’t use his pregnancy-stare!!!

Tracy, you are too sweet!!! I really missed posting… to write down all the silly Robsten related things that run through my head and actually have somebody understanding them…my bf mostly considered me a nutcase…Lexing is the first thing I do in the morning as well… either at work or on my way… I love waking up with all your stories…
No time to recuperate, I’m at work again already… I only had one afternoon… and it was so bloody cold this morning…

Wow, I had to post this pic of Kris, her hair is so long already… do you think it’s extensions? My hair won’t grow that fast…

Well, I better go and read through my massive back-log of e-mails… I hope that’s something I can do without drifting off to happy land…
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Well....hello, gorgeous. 8-)

Wow! :shock: It's really been quiet around here today. I just came home from work and Marielle's the only one to have posted since I posted late last night. Hope everyone has made it successfully through their Mondays. ;)
marielle wrote: Wow, I had to post this pic of Kris…, her hair is so long already… do you think it’s extensions? My hair won’t grow that fast…
Surely that has to be extensions, Marielle. I don't think Kris' hair could have grown that quickly, either. And her hair looks darker too....almost black, probably to help her more closely resemble the character of Snow White?
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by fi_fi »

*walks into the Halfway House, finds the nearest soft surface and collapses*

Evening All :)

Just a quickie from me tonight. I have read all your posts (thank you again for the birthday wishes :) ), but can't think back now to who said what. I think it was Lulu who asked if it was me who'd recently moved into the little cottage - yes, it was. We moved in hear on April Fools' Day this year, but after living here all summer we already have black mold growing up the walls, and we can't keep dry foods in the cupboards in the kitchen because of the damp (a bag of flour will start growing mold after a month in the cupboard), so, we're moving again. Plus the new place is bigger, has a bigger garden, and MUCH better access and parking :)

I did a few loads today, mainly wood (for burning, we have a wood stove both here and at the new place), but some books and furniture as well.... and I'm already rambling.

I had a lovely weekend at my BFF's house, she and her boyfriend are lovely, lovely people who have looked after me and helped pick me up off the floor (metaphorically!) too many times to count, I don't know what I'd do without them!

And now I'm going to go and sleep before I end up rambling on and taking as much time to do a 'quickie' post as it would take me to re-read the last few pages and do a proper individual-reply Mega Post!

Hope you all had good weekends.
I will TRY to keep up better, but you know me, it'll probably be MONTHS before I get time to do a mega post!
love to you all
fi xxxxx

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone :)

First of all, here's my present for today. As I read it on one IMBD news headline, while Rob's away, Kristen will play :)

She talks about the Mulberry fashion show and SWATH in this video:

Tracy: It's gotten to the point where it doesn't hurt or have a rash anymore, but I don't know what to do about it or if I should just let it go away on it's own, which it might be starting to do as it's not longer so swollen. I'll talk to my mom about it if she visits tomorrow.

Marielle: At least you weren't' the one busted that time for letting your inner JB get the best of you on the road :) But then again, you must remember that this critique is coming one, from a fellow motorsports fan, and two, that I actually don't drive.

Everyone: I'll have to get off here soon, as I have something I'd like to do before Top Gear comes on at 9:00 here. I usually try and run a race on GT4 before TG comes on, and during a shortened re-run of an old episode before BBC America shows some vintage TG episodes to close out their Monday night marathon. I'm also planning on making tacos with a new jalapeno sauce while an older TG episode is running between the two airings of the new episode.

So that's my plan for tonight. Other than that, it's hop in bed and read before I pass out and go to sleep.

I'll be back later, or, more likely, tomorrow, depending on how things work out. See you then :)

PS: If you need some reasons why I'd think that Kristen and Rob, let alone us, are glad that Jeremy Clarkson isn't directing BD, for those of you who haven't been around the Worried about BD thread, well, here's a couple of examples: ... re=related ... re=related

The first video leads into the second, in case if there was some sequence to them. Other than that, I'd say look up video where on an episode of Top Gear, Jeremy and co-host James May try to make a commercial for the Volkswagen Scirocco TDI.

And Jeremy interviews Michael Sheen, and there's some Twilight references:

I will be back soon :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Jazz Girl »

Evening sisters and brother. Well, at least I swung in before it got to be too late. But, here I am. You can blame Ginnie for making me a little later than I planned as i got an Arms update just before I planned to visit and I had to drop everything and go read. Damn, woman. You are killing me!! In fact, it's been a day for sad updates! Oy!

Anywho, on to posts...

Tracy~ Believe you me, I’ve needed a nap plenty of times over the last week. I think what kicks my butt most is that I don’t get time to do the things that I love to do like Lex or lurk on Rob-sites or what have you. So, I end up feeling even more ragged because I haven’t been able to wind down at all. It kind of makes it all more exhausting.
Marielle~ I assume you all have the picture ticket system where you are caught speeding on some traffic camera and they send the ticket directly to your house? I’d have so many tickets by now. Not that I’m a speed demon, but I do usually cruise slightly above the posted limit. :lol: I’ll take your word for it. I think I was just living in fantasy land just a bit anyways. I guess I just don’t even notice the contacts before. I’ve always been able to get lost in his eyes, golden or silver blue. Yes, Kris has extensions for SWatH, but my gods did she ever look just stunning at Burberry. I mean, oh my gods, I was speechless! The almost-black color really favors her, especially with her beautiful green eyes.

Fi~ Mold! Already! Gah! Well, thank gods you’re at least able to move. Keep us updated.

Chernaudi~ Kris isn’t the only one playing (though I find it hysterical that she was hanging with Rob’s teenaged-crush!) Apparently, Rob was spotted at Jimmy Fallon’s post-Emmy gathering last night. It’s one of the things I kind of adore about them. Your rants about Jeremy Clarkson continue to entertain. Not that I don’t agree whole-heartedly, but did he wrong you in another life?

Alright all, I'm off to find a bit of happy somewhere else in fic-land. See you all tomorrow.
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