Rob's Halfway House - #9

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by openfire »

My sister has a lot going on in her life right now, and one of those things is that she has decided to move up north a little bit, to this city. So on Saturday & Sunday, me & my bf were helping her move. She can't drive so we hired a van & took all her stuff up. It was pretty fun, but absolutely exhausting!! She is moving to a 3rd floor flat so we had to humpth everything up 3 flights of stairs, in a tennament flat, so the stairs are hard to manovourve! LOL. But it was so nice to drive up north a little and see all the beautiful Scottish countryside. In fact, we haven't really driven about for a while, so I really enjoyed seeing all the lovely views. One of the places we had to cross was at the River Earn. The bridge is called "the Bridge of Earn" which a think sounds so Lord of the Rings-ish! So that was fun to drive over!!

Anyway, a quick reply to some posts I missed....

Chernaudi - Hopefully, even though the rating of BD will be PG13, the love scenes & birth scene will still be still be shown & won't be too much of "fade to black" going on... RM & WfE managed to have love scenes even though they were PG13 too, so fingers crossed it will all be fine :)
What kind of repair work are you getting done on your house?
I don't know much about OH...what kind of weather do you guys get? Will you get a pretty bad winter? Do you like snow etc?

Susie - I love that SonnyBoy texted you to ask about laundry! So he is settling in ok then? I am glad!

Christina - How's your parents getting on with BD? They finished it yet?

Marielle - I would love to start yogi too, but there are no beginner classes in my area except on a Thursday at 11am! Which is no use for me since I work..
I recommend Narnia for you mom to read, but I haven't actually read the HG to compare them. I really like Narnia though!

Brenda - I love that you are checking in often :D You certainly will have a lot in common with Caryn with all the soccer & band practices!

Amy - I love that you are using the HHCon2012 as an incentive to get fit & healthy!

Caryn - I hope work isn't too busy/stressful at the moment for you!

Tracy - I hope you son enjoys his actual birthday tomorrow & glad that he seemed to have a great weekend celebrating.

SuperJen - HELLO THERE! Glad you are enjoying all your free time - cleaning is so overrated anyway! ;)

Tonise - Sorry you are still feeling a bit ill! I really do hope you feel a bit better soon!! :)

Ginnie - How did things go with your hubs outing you as a ff writer? How come he is going to tell them anyway, if you are uncomfortable with it? I hope things go ok, and like Marielle said, if they don't understand, just come here - we are all here for you!

Last night we watched The Notebook, which I love. I had an urge to re-watch it for a couple weeks now... just for this scene. That picture has got to be my favourite, most romantic picture from any film (not including Twilight!). What are yours??

Anyway, got to go now. Enjoy your Monday all!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by fi_fi »

Hello All,
Just a quickie, I wanted to share this with you, to show you the way that GB and his brother are dealing with M having cancer - I love their sense of humour!
All is going well with the house move, I feel as though I'm winning! Still - lots to do. I'll try and check in again later today or tomorrow.
Hope you're all well.
Love and smiles to you
fi xx

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Chernaudi »

Jaclyn: Did you see the trailer? I don't think that "fade to black" will be the issue--it seems that the MPAA had a much bigger issue with Nessie's birth scene.

And as far as the house, we're having the roof worked on, and even though it's almost finished, it still leaks, though at least not as bad as before, and it should be done within about a week or so.

In the meantime, it's supposed to rain here for the next few days, which means that if it's a heavy rain (like this morning), it will leak in certain areas until it's completely patched up.

I don't think that you'll like Ohio--it was hotter than hell most of this summer, it felt like hell froze over this winter, and it rained most of spring, and we almost always have several inches of snow on the ground in winter. Of course, the latter produces my favorite pet peeve--women who wear flip-flops/sandals in the winter. I have to admit that I'm certainly not against the practice for about maybe two thirds of the year--you girls do your thing--, but why in winter, especially outdoors? That's a real pet peeve of mine, as it defies all logic and sense to me, but people still do it. What's up with that? Anyone else here notice this, or is it just me? Normally, in winter, I'd assume that most teen/YA women (by which I mean those aged 18-25) would dress like Bella for that time of year, or even like Kristen, for that matter. I really don't get that.

General: I'll be watching Top Gear on BBC America tonight, so I don't know if I'll be on much beyond about 7:00 or so. I also have a few things I'd like to get done before then, so I'll check back here if I get a free moment. Tomorrow should be better, though.

I'll try and get back online here later and if I get enough time, reply to any comments.

SYT :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by marielle »

Soundtrack is released!!!

Scream, Squeel, Curse and grab pitch forks!!!!
Rob's not on it!!!! :evil:

and also missing is MUSE... so conclusion I'm not buying it or there have to be a bonus track with Rob or MUSE...

*gone sulking with Robward-fic...*
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Chernaudi »

Marielle: I think that Renesmee's Lullaby is on the Part 2 soundtrack.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by VolturiGirl »

So I was having this crazy Rob dream ( I blame it on the fanfic I'm reading now) that we were together, but he wanted me to dye my hair blond (I'm a burnett) but it came out blue. I ran home crying and told him to look at what they did to my hair. Of course being a guy (no offense chernaudi) he didn't notice and was like "it looks good" and I was yelling "it's blue,". I woke up thinking that a mini-jacob was in bed with me, but it turned out to be my three year old with a fever. It was nearly impossible to get him to swallow some children's motrin. So he's crashed on my bed with a 102 fever. The fun part was getting puked on this morning. *sigh* the joys of motherhood.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Chernaudi »

Amy: How would blond dye turn a brunette's hair blue unless someone screwed up or was trying to play a practical joke on someone? And if it makes you feel better, I threw up on myself a couple of years ago in bed when I tried to get up to get ready for work when I had a bad stomach bug. I actually did make it into work until my boss noticed I was deathly ill and sent me home an hour after I got there. And I was basically bed ridden for about 3 days because I felt so sick and tired I didn't feel like doing anything else after that and I didn't feel like eating and one day, I didn't even bother trying to go to work.

General: And now, for once so far since I went to bed last night, it's not raining! It doesn't leak as bad as before, but it's not concentrated in a small area along a wall that separates my room from my older brother's. Hopefully when the last bit of shingling goes up later this week it'll stop leaking completely.

I'll likely be back later.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Suzan »

Hey everyone,

I'm working on my mega catch-up post, but I have about five more pages to go and I have some other things to do right now. So just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still alive and kicking. Look forward to really talking to you guys again. Hopefully I'll finish my post tomorrow or Wednesday...

SQUEEE!!!!! on the BD soundtrack! They will HAVE TO make up for the lack of Rob and Muse on part 2, but really SQEEEEEE for IRON & WINE - Flightless Bird, American Mouth (WEDDING VERSION!) :swoon: :swoon: :D :D :D Love that song!!!! And I loved the Noisettes song that played on that clip at Comic Con! So I'm happy they kept that one in. :D And I love Bruno Mars and I like that Carter Burwell is doing the score. And Christina Perri! She's amazing as well. Look up her song Jar of Hearts. So just overal YAY!!! :clap: With a big fat IF they have Rob and Muse on the soundtrack for part 2...

Have to go, but talk to you soon! :wave:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by velvet409 »

Howdy Sisters!

One of my pregnant coworkers (the one with twins) had to go into the hospital because she started having contractions and dilating and she's only 24 weeks along. :worried: They're going to do everything they can to avoid an emergency c-section, and best case scenario right now is she'll be on strict bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy. Obviously the earlier they take the babies the more potential for serious complications, so I'm really hoping they can keep the them inside for as long as possible. I can't imagine what it would do to her to lose one or both of the babies, especially considering what they went through to get pregnant in the first place (they had to use IVF). Any good thoughts and/or prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Parents reading update~ Well my stepdad finished BD on Friday. While both he and my mom liked it, they really want to see the story continued. They thought that there were enough questions and "what ifs" and they would've liked to read more. I told them they were certainly not the only ones who want more books, although I firmly believe SM should finish a certain manuscript before embarking on any new books. My mom has started another book and will try New Moon when she finishes it. I suggested my stepdad go back and read Twilight. My mom said he probably would, but not until they've caught up on their tv shows. Apparently they have a bunch of stuff saved on the DVR and it's been backing up because my stepdad wasn't interested in watching tv since he was too busy reading. :lol: So once they've gotten through the backlog I'll work on getting him to start Twilight.

BD soundtrack~ No Rob!! :cray: Well I guess there's still a faint hope for BD pt 2... I am intrigued by the "wedding version" of Flightless Bird since that is one of my favorite songs on the Twilight sountrack and one of the reasons I bought the CD. I really liked Christina Perri's Jar of Hearts so I'm interested to see what she does for BD. Bruno Mars has been hit and miss with me. I love Just the Way You Are (in fact the lyrics really remind me of Twilight) but I can't stand Billionaire or the Lazy Song. I didn't recognize any of the other artists.

Brenda~ The "one more for the road" pic was taken during the filming of Cosmopolis. BTW the discussion going on on the Gutter thread right now has me :blush: :lol:

Caryn~ Nice present! Judging by the clothing I'd guess it's NewMoonWard? Ugh, not digging the new BD display at all. :sick: Someone really needs to take the airbrush away from those people. And what is with the wolf about to bite Edward's head off? What's really sad is there are so many fan-made posters out there that look so awesome. Summit should've hired them to do the movie art. You are completely right about the MPAA's idiocy with their ratings. They tend to be rather inconsistent too. They'll cite something in one movie and ignore the same thing in another. But like you I was never concerned about BD's rating. As I understand it Summit is contractually obligated to keep the movies PG13, so if they had gotten an R rating the movie would've been recut to get it to PG13. Thanks for the NM recommendations. I do intend to give my mom those two outtakes about the phone call. Aw poor Crackberry. I'm holding on to mine as long as I can because I'm not good with touch screen phones (I like having actual buttons).

Amy~ Now I'm getting paranoid. First Caryn's Crackberry has an accident and now yours? I'm going to be extra careful to keep my phone in its case whenever possible.

Tracy~ I think the so-called "book snobs" can be just as bad as those who don't like books at all. People all have their own tastes and like different things. That's why there is such a large variety to choose from. I'm not going to criticize or make fun of somebody because they enjoy reading books I don't. I hope you can handle your brother's ribbing better than I would. I probably would've listened to it for five minutes before I went off on him. :blackeye: I love the story about your fanfic discussion though. Hilarious! :rotfl:

Ginnie~ I think the reason a lot of us are reluctant to share our Twi-love with others is because of the public's general perception of Twilight fans. The squealing fangirls are the ones that get the most attention so people tend to assume all of us are like that. It's easier to not mention it than to try to defend it to people who think you're just an overgrown teenager with an unhealthy obsession with "kids books".

Marielle~ Sorry to hear your meeting was so stressful. My trainer would agree with your therapist. She's always emphasizing the importance of balance in all of your muscles (particularly in your core) so one group doesn't end up overcompensating for another. The problem you're having is a really common example of that.

Tonise~ Glad you enjoyed Abduction. Sorry to hear that you're having a hard time with CPCTim, but you can't force those kinds of feelings. If they're not there they're not there. On the other hand, if you explain to him that a relationship isn't going to happen but he continues to hope for it anyway then there's really nothing you can do about that either.

I've got a fanfic calling my name so have a good night everyone!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Susie »

Hi Everyone!

Today was a pretty good day, but now I'm fried, so I just want to veg out a bit.

Christina - I'm sorry to hear about your co-worker going into pre-mature labor. Scary. I hope everything is OK. I'd love it if there were a sequel to Breaking Dawn too! You can tell you parents most of us wish that. Finishing MS??? Well, I've heard that Stephenie wants to see that on her shelf with the other books someday....

- I love Flightless Bird too! I am going to be in tears during the wedding scene! Good luck on your mega mega catch up post. It's kind of like an assignment for a class, isn't it?

- I didn't know you had a leaky roof/room! What a pain. Can you detect any mold growing? Agree about flip flops/sandals in the snow. Frostbite just waiting to happen.

- Don't worry - you'll probably get Rob on the BD2 soundtrack. I don't know what's up with not having MUSE. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend at your mom's. Horsing event? Is that like a horse show?

- Hilarious dream! I love how you woke up with a mini-Jacob. Sorry your little one is sick, though.

- I'm always happy when you check in here at the Halfway House! That e-bay thing is funny and sad. Still, a good way to deal with it. Glad you're "winning" the move so far!

Jaclyn- Lovely place, your sis is moving to! How far away from you is it? That was a ton of work you did helping her move! I love The Notebook too - it makes me blubber like a baby, though. Especially the older characters' story.

- I know I'm too late for a frosting recipe, but maybe you looked in a cookbook or online. I always just eyeball it with powdered sugar, butter, and chocolate, and milk or cream. I melt the butter (1/2 stick?) and the chocolate (4 squares -unsweetened) in the microwave just until the butter is melted, then stir it until the chocolate melts completely. Then I mix it with powdered sugar (3 cups??) and milk to make it the right consistency - oh I usually add a teaspoon of vanilla. Maybe you should actually use a recipe, though. You can look on the box of Hershey's cocoa or baking chocolate. You certainly are a Super Mom these past few days. You'll need a break on Wednesday, right? You should take it easy.

- Chrissy asked me to let you all know that she is having surgery on her arm on Wednesday. It is outpatient, but she will still need some time to recover the full use of her arm. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Nighty Night, All!