Rob's Halfway House - #9

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by VolturiGirl »

Just a fly-by today.

Important stuff first:

Rachel ~ Yay for Sparky being a boy.

Kayla ~ Happy Belated Birthday.

Ok, my co-worker told me a story and I just had to post it... A friend of hers yesterday posted on facebook that she was watching a movie. The line that she posted was You are my own personal brand of heroin and the friend asked on facebook: Can you guess what that's from. My co-worker posted as her answer..."intervention?" :lol:

Happy Late Hump Day
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Suzan »

Hey everyone!
I'm working on my post for the day, but just saw this and had to show you girls and guy immediately:

The first teaser trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman!
(Edit: For some reason it doesn't work anymore... Trying to find another link asap, 'cause I want you all to see it too and I want to see it again and again and again and again and ... )
Edit 2: Let's see if this works: SWatH. If not just search for "Snow White" in MSN videos and click most recent and it should be the first video in the search results.
Edit 3: This is getting confusing but it seems like both links are working again, so just choose whichever one you like. ;)

Oh My Gosh!!!! :swoon: WOW! It looks amazing!
And the trailer has been released so soon. They're still shooting stuff right now. Kristen was even photographed in full costume on set today. The CGI looks amazing already; I can't imagine what it would look like next year when the movie comes out. Just WOW!

Back to finishing my regular post now. I'll be back later.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by marielle »

Thanks Suzan for te trailer.... that really looks amazing!!!!!
So awesome... I'm sure the movie would be one of the best to premiere next year...!!!! Kris looks great...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone :)

I saw the SWATH gifs at Robstenation, and it definently has an Alice in Wonderland feel to it (makes sense--Snow White is a fairy tale, the Brothers Grimm SW is a fairy tale, and the guys who produced Alice are producing SWATH), and Kristen will be on JImmy's show. I just hope that I don't get the same feeling from him that I get from David the Dirtbag Lettercesspool, and wish that 5 time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson. So...

Tracy: I hope that you're right about Jimmy, as they're airing Kristen's taped show tonight.

Suzan & Marielle (and anyone else willing to weigh in): Isn't it a bit early for Universal to release a trailer for SWATH, even teaser--they're still filming, after all! And the film's not due for release for another 8 or so months. But then again, I'm not a big fan of NBC Universal over what they've done to the Weather Channel (which they majority own) and how they handled the Conan/Leno deal. And NBC and Universal are owned by General Electric, and things that GE are famous for are appliances, jet engines, and the electric chair (via GE's founder Thomas Edison) and the electric Gatling gun.

That all being said, Kristen doesn't look bad in the dress that SW supposedly hacks on to make it easier for her to move in. It makes me sort of wonder how she's look in a frumpy shirt-like dress with sweatpants or jeans underneith the dress :) Believe me, Kristen may be one of few people to pull it off :swoon:

Of course, I have my own way of dealing with the evil queen and her army, and I don't think they'd like this storm. Or this one. Or even this one.

Everyone: It's another cold, windy day. I'd have stayed in bed aside from the fact that I have some stuff I want to do. I don't know what I'll be watching on TV tonight, or what I'll eat yet--the only things that I have firmly set in stone is catching Beavis and Butt-head on MTV, then catching Kristen on JK. And for those of you who are interested, Speak will be on TMC at 8:00 eastern.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Suzan »

Back for my regular post.

First off: Happy Birthday Kayla!

I haven’t seen anyone talk about this here, but there was a rumour going around that there will be a scene halfway through the end credits of BD to which Jack Morrissey tweeted something like “I’d stay in my seat if I were you…” (can’t remember his exact words) Exciting! I have this weird thing where I usually really love to watch the end credits. I love listening to the music and think about the movie or bask in the afterglow of the emotions. I usually don’t do that in the theater though, because I don’t want to be sitting in the room alone. But this time I’ll stay seated! You all will too, right?

Sean – About Letterman: I only know him from his interviews with the Twilight cast, but based on that I think you might be right about him. Here’s what I posted to Caryn earlier: I mean the whole “vampire and werewolf, teenage movies are too childish for me to do my research”-attitude is getting kind of old and annoying. He should really get over himself and show a little interest in the people he’s interviewing. If you’ve done several Twilight-related interviews, you’d think you learn a thing or two about it. :roll: I completely agree with what you said about Kristen being a classy lady! (Except for the swearing, but that’s just part of who she is. I can’t take it from many people, but for her it totally works.) I don’t think I’ve read the ’09 Allure interview. Do you have a link to it or could you tell me what her funny critique on the Bella doll was? You’ve made me curious. ;) About SWatH: See my response to Marielle. Also, yes, it does seem early for a trailer, but I'm not complaining, hihi.

Lynne – You’d think they would remember something as significant as the sparkling! I’ve seen an interview with Rob where the reporter asks about it and Rob responds with something like this: “Shh, you shouldn’t make people aware of that. (to camera) It was overcast all the time in Brasil…” :? Guess we’ll have to wait and see, but if they’ve forgotten about it, they’ll get the whole fandom in a state of riot.
:clap: for your husband the Twilight-related-videos-fixer!

Susie – Yes, I know what “smarty pants” means and how it is used and how you meant it. I meant my response as a genuine “Thank you for the compliment”. Sorry if that was not clear. :) Well, I suggest you don’t start watching the BD promo, because you’ll be glued to your computer screen for the next three days. It’s definitely more than an hour! But if you want to see something without getting caught up in everything, I’d suggest MTV with Josh or Access Hollywood. They’re both fantastic interviews and all the others are mostly standard questions and answers. O, and Rob on Jimmy Kimmel is a must see. And if you’re a fan of Bear, watch Regis&Kelly… See, here I go again. The dangers of being Robsessed… lol

Christina – Yes, Rob seems to get better and better at the sexscene talk. I love how he keeps making it into a bigger joke. lol I laughed so hard at the yes/no game with Josh too. I wish we would have gotten a little bit of Kristen in there as well.

Tracy – I’m glad your mom is feeling better. She’s funny even when she’s sick, hihi. Loved your take on the soundtrack. I have to go get it soon. I still think It Will Rain is going to be in the end credits. Turning Page is my favourite too and I imagined it for the exact same scene! I guess it is sort of a defence mechanism for Rob to make a joke out of everything, but I also think he just finds it funny to blurt out the most random stories and seeing if people believe him and pick up on it. I think he would love it if something he said would turn into a huge scandal. lol About the sparkling or the lack thereof: see my response to Lynne.

Marielle – Thanks for letting us know about “Van der Vorst ziet sterren”. I’ll watch it but I doubt it will be good. I saw one of his interviews once with Katy Perry and it was awkward to say the least. Thanks for the link to the ET preview for SWatH behind-the-scenes. I hope the full clip will be up tomorrow when we wake up. :) I absolutely love the trailer! I’ll admit that I was a little apprehensive about it when I first heard about it, but after that promoshot at ComicCon and Kristen talking about it there, I was definitely intrigued. After the set pictures came out I knew this was going to be good and now that we have the first official clips, this movie is going on the top of my must-see list for the summer. Now I can see why Kristen chose the role and why she’s so passionate about it and I can not agree more. :D

Amy – “Intervention”! :rotfl: :lol:

A little parting gif-t ;)
Finished. Going to bed now, but will be back tomorrow (I hope). Bye!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Tornado »

Just a quick comment before I go to work.

Yes, I was referring to my hubby's ability to overcome anything that MTV can throw at him!

Also, I've just heard an interview with MR where she said that there will be voiceovers for the wolves so that we can hear them sharing thoughts. How do you feel about this? I'm not too thrilled. I can't see it working.

I'd say that, if there's a scene halfway through the credits, it will be Bella opening her blood red eyes.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Chernaudi »

Some quick comments for the time being.

I guess that I'm stuck with B&B and KS on JK later tonight. I so far haven't found much else interesting on TV. I'll be on the old laptop and on the PS2.

In case you don't know, I haven't changed my thoughts on wondering how Kristen would look in a shirt-dress with sweats or jeans under it, or even better, a dress like what some goth/emo girls wear with sweats or jeans under it--this, of course, being inspired by her SWATH looks. Man, this trick is so useful.

Lynne: To me, the sparkly stuff is so well known to me that it's implied. Personally, I think that BC had bigger things to worry about than that detail, namely doing something that was previously neglected, especially in Eclipse: Telling Bella and Edward's story. If they can't tell the story, what's the point of the movie, and it seems that so far based on reviews, that's where Kristen, Rob, and Bill have really scored this time. If they screwed up the story, well this is what I'd think of that. I'd also be pushing effigies of BC and MR though a desk fan, like what Clarkson said that the old Stig was doing last year to cut outs of Rubens.

Suzan: I can care less about Kristen's swearing--I was raised on the likes of George Carlin and Sam Kinison. If you wanna talk vulgarity, you needn't look much further :) Even with the swearing, she's a lot classier than most others her age--she doesn't show too much skin, fights to keep her private life private, won't comment on relationships, and she doesn't make a habit out of getting in trouble with the law, and she's no diva. But then again, the woman can make sweats look sexy :swoon: Of course, she and Rob seem to be sharing clothing or intentionally buying the same stuff and wearing it :)

Everyone: I think I'll either make some fried chicken again (using up the last couple of breasts in the bag) or maybe some soup, and I definitely think I might be checking into bed early tonight--I tried that this morning, and it didn't quite work.

BTW, since we've been talking a bit about Kristen and Rob on TG, what would happen if both appeared on the show together, or what if Bella and Edward did if they were real?

I'll be back soon :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Susie »


I just got VIP tix to the Advanced Screening of Breaking Dawn for 7pm November 17!!!
Reserved seats in the middle 21+ VIP, I’ll be enjoying a glass of red wine, ladies! This is the same theatre that I have midnight tix for. I got an email today saying “Extras” members could get tickets to a special advanced screening, but you had to get tix in person. Well, I went right away and bought them! I’ll still do the hotel thing with my friend from 7th grade – we’ll just have more time to discuss the movie before falling asleep. This will be the best birthday ever!

Marielle – Thanks for the support for not going with meds for Sonny. He has to mature a lot – there are so many new responsibilities for him. It will take some time. Take care of those lovely fingers of yours! Are you still writing and HP fic? I keep forgetting to get back to reading your Carlisle fanfic!! It really was fun reading. It’s just that I don’t have many free hours on my laptop. I spend it all Lexing, facebooking, and emailing!

Amy – Not sure if I’m getting the “intervention” joke right. Did your co-worker know Twilight and was making a joke, or was she clueless about Twilight and making a joke.

Sean – Yes, it is weird that a SWATH trailer is out already. They must be purposely trying to tie into Kristen’s BD Press – BD fans love Kristen -> therefore they will love her in SWATH. I think it is working.

Christina – Yes, 9.99 is cheap for the CD it is regularly $13.99, no deluxe edition with extra songs – does one exist?

Caryn – Is your friend camping out in LA now? Sorry you couldn’t go! Just use some New Agey techniques to transport yourself there: break up all of your energy particles and send them through thought waves. (I’m out of my depth here)

Suzan – Thanks for the tip to stay in my seat throughout the end credits. Maybe the surprise is a teaser for BD2! I love your enthusiasm for SWATH!! Thanks for the link. I concur – it looks fabulous! I have some time tomorrow so I can catch up on some of the BD Promo vids. I really want to see all the main shows – I just will skip the little interviews here and there with various people.

Lynne – Regarding wolf voice-overs. I think it could work – it’s in the book, so it should stay true to the story if it’s done well. They will probably be softened. I really hope it does work and that it doesn’t look cheesy.

Tracy – “Isn’t that your boyfriend?” Too funny! In fact, that should win an award of some sort!!! I’m glad your mom is better, but sorry about the root canal. I’ve had a couple of those, but they weren’t bad because there was no infection. Since you liked the Jimmy Kimmel interview and Suzan also said it should be one of my priorities, I’ll watch that later tonight! I enjoyed reading your soundtrack thoughts. Here are mine:
  • Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack Precictions

    Endtapes ~ All I can think of is first song of the credits.

    Love Will Take You~ Agree with Tracy - street festival scenes in Brazil. Definitely in Brazil before they get to the island. Maybe the boat ride?

    It Will Rain~ This will be Jake's dance with Bella at the wedding.

    Turning Page~ Thanks for the lyrics, Tracy. *sniff sniff* As you say, good for Edward watching Bella sleep on their honeymoon OR how about for their lovemaking scenes?

    From Now On ~ After the wedding, leaving the Cullen house and driving away.

    A Thousand Years~ I’m with Tracy (and probably the rest of you) - when Bella walks down the aisle

    ~Agree with Tracy – Wolf music, but more specifically, Jake angst music. After Bella comes back to the house all pregnant and stuff and dying and he can’t stay away.

    I Didn't Mean It ~ Tracy and Lynne – disagree that this is a wolf song. I think it is a VAMP song. Something during training or preparing to fight. The undertones are more like the haunting sounds of vampires or what we think of as vampire. I’m not basing it on the lyrics, Lynne. You have some good points where that is concerned. They often just use the instrumental snippet of the song. Of course I could be wrong, and that’s OK. This speculating is all just for fun.

    Sister Rosetta~ Wolf music of some sort.

    Northern Lights~ Agree with Tracy - blissful Edward and Bella moments on the honeymoon – but more specifically, the morning after!!! Maybe not the first morning after because Edward is all crabby and stuff, but the morning after with the feathers, maybe?

    Flightless Bird~ I’m sure we all agree this is Edward and Bella’s first dance at the wedding.

    Requiem on Water~ Must be Isle Esme – maybe romantic moments that are not in the bedroom? Waterfall?

    Cold ~ This song screams BELLA’S TRANSFORMATION to me.

    Llovera – OK Now that Lynne knows how this song is being used, I don’t know how off base I am. I didn’t notice it in a trailer. But this is what I was going to say before reading Lynne’s post: Very dreamlike. Either Bella drifting in and out of consciousness during the birth, OR maybe, just maybe this is the IMPRINTING music???? That would be so amazing. If they do it right.

    Love, Death, Birth~ Agree with Tracy that it is wonderful to show the full circle. This will be used in the credits with elements used in the score throughout.

Whew! That was a lot of typing!

Bye for Now!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by Jazz Girl »

Hey siblings. Just wanted to let you know I'm alive and well. So so so much going on today, I didn't get the chance to even get online until well after supper. So many thoughts swirling in my head about Kimmel, Today, Regis and Fallon... lots lots lots of wonderful stuff. And then, of course, the soundtrack... lots of thoughts as well. But, I'm just feeling not right and want to rest before I watch Fallon. I'll be back on tomorrow with lots of thoughts. *hugs* to you all.

Happy belated birthday, Kayla!!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Post by BlueStarEgo »

Happy birthday, KAYLA!

And the Snow White trailer looks, AMAZING! I can already tell Charlize Theron is gonna steal the show.
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