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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2011 11:09 pm
by missp
Hey, Y'all! Just saying hello tonight. We have no school tomorrow! :clap: I hope to be doing some fan fic reading, fan fic writing, and some studying for my LIFE group. I also hope to have time to do a longer post that includes my reactions to the Breaking Dawn 1 soundtrack which I've been listening to almost non-stop since buying on Tuesday! :D

Rob on Jimmy Kimmel and Regis and Kellie~~ :lol: :lol: He is just the funniest!! The Jimmy Kimmel interview was one of his best! Probing... Baaaahaaaahaaaa!! I laughed so hard during this interview!

Ok... gotta run see what the Minglers are up to tonight! Have a great Friday! See Y'all tomorrow! :)


Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:12 am
by StellaBlueBella
Hi Everybody - Well, I've been busy organizing and storing 14 different sizes of boys clothes ranging from Newborn to Size 8, only three of which are actually being worn, so I had to turn on the TV tonight to keep from going crazy with the monotony of folding so many clothes! (For those of you who don't know, I don't watch TV... It's only ever on for the kids and that's still not too terribly often.) I got lucky and saw an extremely brief interview with Kristen on HLN's Showbiz Tonight. She finally explained why she has decided to be SO private about her personal relationships (of course they were specifically asking about Rob but she replied more generally) in a way that made perfect sense to me. She said it would seem to her like she was selling something i.e. her romance with Rob. Wow. I thought there is one wise young woman in this sea of celebrities that invite the camera into their home only to end up divorced a short time later... Here is a chic with some common friggin sense. Before now, I always thought she seemed a bit more reserved than Rob in public, especially after the WfE premier and I could see how people could be critical of that... She could come across a bit frigid as time goes on but now her reason seems to be the opposite, that she wants to cherish her relationship and not attempt to "capitalize" on it. Of course balance is always a good thing but I guess she's erring on the side of caution on this one.

But ugh, all the clips and discussion on TV makes me feel like I've already seen half of BD1. I think I am going to intentionally avoid some of the promotional stuff just so I feel a bit more excited about the movie. Which, btw, I have no intention of seeing during the first days that it comes out. I don't care for massive crowds and long lines. So I probably be MIA for a few days after next weekend so as not to spoil myself too much. But I know ya'll will carry on without me. ;) I'll just have some MASSIVE catching up to do.

Anyway, that's all I got for now folks! Hope everyone is having a good night. ~ Rachel

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:22 am
by smitten_by_twilight

And I am very excited to see that her latest chapter of Rogue has just been posted - it's like a hobbit gift; instead of getting presents, she gave me one! Kayla was my introduction to fanfiction and the quality of her writing is the reason I kept reading and discovered so many other gifted authors too. Thanks, Kayla! :clap:

The interviews have had me worried about the movie, especially about Jacob's role in it and how it has been portrayed. I will definitely be using SusieTherapyTM! However, if you haven't seen it yet (hint: Caryn), Alphie just blogged a spoiler-free review of BD1 that is very, very reassuring, which I recommend as pre-movie soothing strategy. Just in case, when actually in the theatre, I plan to have lightweight snacks that will not injure others if I accidentally throw them at the screen. Oh, and lots of caffeine for that midnight showing! Still no company, but I know this theatre, know where to park, and I'm not worried. Besides, I'm sure security will be roving around.

So envious of everyone already listening to the soundtrack. I need to get off my behind, download it, and get it on my phone.

Lynne - that was a great idea for the scene posted in the middle of the end credits! Based on Alphie's review, though, I don't if that will be it. Definitely staying through the end credits now. We have people seeing this movie across a span of a few days - at what point we will start with the spoilers?

marielle - you were so right about all the clips in the interviews. Even though so many are the same, I still feel oversaturated. I have started shutting/covering my eyes during clips ... maybe I will just save up watching interviews altogether until after the movie. Although I'll have to see that yes/no one with Josh H. Love Josh in Twinterviews!

Raine - congratulations on your third baby boy! And your Lexiversary the same day - wow! Definitely a big day. One of my sister-in-laws persuaded her hubby to try again, hoping for a girl after their two boys, after they saw our three girls. They got another boy too, and decided that it was fate. But they are all precious boys, and they were so impressed by how wonderful their oldest was with the new baby. Oh - we are dual posting and you beat me :wave: - but I am so glad because I can see what you wrote about what KS said about why she's been so private about the relationship, and it's not only wise and wonderful beyond her years, it also reassures my nagging worry that the relationship might be fictional. So many H'wood ones are.

Susie - your idea to Lynne about adding sparkle to Rob in the DVD made my breath catch. Really :swoon: I am glad that a plan you're happy with is getting underway for Sonny Boy. I really, really sympathize with you about the lost semester, I really know how that feels to watch your son struggle and fall and feel like things could have been so much better. But ... I hope that he has had an important life lesson in managing himself, and it was at least in a supportive community. One semester is not so horrible, in the scheme of things. Now, you were asking about my new job ... and I'm going to give you the long explanation, so feel free to skim or skip if not interested. I haven't made a big deal about my work because I find that, although some people are interested in the work of a psychologist and can see us as regular people, others freak out, which freaks me out a little. So I'm shy, but I know by now that you are not someone who freaks out about it (or pretty much anything else, I'm thinking :) ). Like many psychologists, I find myself doing a little of this, and a little of that. My private practice is based on contracts: I provide services under contract to various agencies, who for various reasons order evaluations of adults (I see teens under some circumstances). So yes, I have started the new job, which is basically a new contract, but I'm still doing the old work as well. The new job is PRN, or per diem, or as needed - basically they will schedule me when they need extra coverage, usually because they have a higher number of patients or because FT workers are off for vacation or holiday. I am quite impressed with some of what they are doing over there, but I still want out of private practice and into a salaried job ... and the backstory to why I am in private practice is my daughters. I was in a FT position, got pg with triplets, and chose to quit in my second month of pregnancy. I couldn't take care of my pregnancy as I needed to - triplets are a high-risk pregnancy. Mind, I quit in a good economy. I really did work hard at gestating, physical therapy and special diet and all kinds of stuff, and I carried to 34 weeks and a day and my girls are very healthy and I have no regrets. But I went back to work in a bad economy, and it was actually easier to start up my own private practice than find a salaried position. I like the freedom to be my own boss. But I'm not really disciplined enough for it, and it keeps intruding on my family time. So ... that's my answer to "did you start your new job, and is it FT or PT?" Like I said, you could skip it.

Love to everyone!

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:32 am
by older_twilight_fan
Hello everyone~

I just read a very positive and thorough review of Breaking Dawn Part 1 by the Lexicon here. It is supposed to be spoiler free--and I didn't read anything that I wasn't already aware of being in the film, and I've avoided many of the behind-the-scenes clips out there. They gave high praise to Bill Condon's brilliant job as a director, and said that each member of the cast stepped it up a notch with great performances in this film. They also stated it was the best book to screen adaptation of the saga, and I know that helps me breathe a little easier tonight. ;)

Chrissy~ Charlize Theron is an incredible actress, and beautiful too. I think she was the perfect choice to play the evil queen in Snow White and will have a huge screen presence.

Caryn~ Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts about the soundtrack and Rob's latest appearances tomorrow, once you've had a chance to decompress. Rob's appearance on Kimmel was one of my faves, so far. Hope you feel better and get some rest this evening.

Susie~ Congrats on purchasing your advanced screening tickets to BD Part I! Does that mean you'll see the movie Thursday evening at 7ish, and then again at midnight? :shock: Is your 7th grade friend attending both shows with you? What does hubs think of you watching BD twice, virtually back-to-back? :D Let us know what you think about Rob's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. I enjoyed reading your soundtrack analysis and knew you would post about it, at length. I like your idea of "Love Will Take You" being played during the boat ride to Isle Esme, as it definitely has a catchy beat and pulsing energy. Great ideas for "Cold" to be played during Bella's transformation and "Llovera" during the, that gives me chills. The Lexicon review did mention something specifically about Taylor Lautner tiny bit spoilerish regarding Taylor's performance in the film, in invisible font giving an especially powerful performance in a scene (or scenes) involving Renesmee, and that was a relief to hear as those imprinting scenes will be so tricky to capture well. end of spoilerish stuff.

Sean~ Looking forward to reading your thoughts about Rob's and Kristen's appearances on Jimmy Kimmel. That's a good point about Edward's was so improved in Eclipse that it may not be necessary to demonstrate it again or focus on it this time around.

Lynne~ I'm not sure what to think about the voiceovers for the wolves. :? It could come across as incredibly cheesy and corny, like bad special effects from an old movie, although I don't know how else they would convey the wolfpack's thoughts.

Suzan~ Thanks for sharing the info about staying through the credits to watch for a scene we wouldn't want to miss. When I read the spoiler-free Lexicon review of the movie, potential spoiler ahead regarding the end invisible font, just to be safe they mentioned something about waiting through the credits to see one of their favorite sarcastic line deliveries of the entire saga. :confused: Could the scene possibly involve snarky banter between Rosalie and Jacob? I always stay for as much of the credits as possible for movies like The Twilight Saga, Harry Potter, Water for Elephants, etc., unless I've ridden with someone else and they're ready to leave. I also enjoy listening to the music and having a chance to absorb and reflect on the movie a bit before leaving the theater. Maybe the overcast weather in Brazil really did prevent them from showing Edward sparkling. I remember Rob saying something about how the weather was gorgeous the day they arrived, but very windy and "hurricane like" the next day when they stated shooting. The SWatH trailer looks amazing, and thanks for posting the link. Kristen is going to kick some serious booty in this one, and she looks beautifully feminine, but like she could take just about anyone the same time. ;) Watch out Evil Queen!

Rachel~ Hope the clothes folding/organizing/nesting went smoothly tonight. ;) Kristen certainly seems to have a great head on her shoulders, and I think strong support from family, friends, and one another are part of the reasons why both Rob and Kris have remained so grounded. I've attempted to avoid the behind-the-scenes clips as much as possible too, although it seems like I catch part of a BD TV spot every time I turn around, on nearly every channel..... even the Food Network. :D

Missp~ Enjoy your day off work tomorrow. I could easily use a day just to catch up on the cast promotional appearances and interviews and read more of Breaking Dawn, but I don't think my boss would be very understanding of my absence. ;)

I'm off to watch Rob's appearance on Jimmy Fallon, so I can finally see him "live" and somewhere other than my computer screen. 8-)

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:14 am
by VolturiGirl
Susie - there is a show on the A&E channel called Intervention. Families and loved ones try to help the person who is addicted to some sort of drug or alcohol get off of their drug of choice. So when my friend saw someone saying something about " Their own personal brand of heroin" she was thinking about a person addicted to drugs.

Rachel - have fun sorting out the clothes. I boxed all my oldest's son's clothes last winter so now I have to go through them and find out which ones will fit my youngest. Looks like we will be doing the same thing tomorrow.

Sean - your always cooking! One of these days you are going to have to give me cooking lessons. I haven't had the chance to watch any of the Twi-cast on any talk shows. I am interested on what is making you so mad on Letterman. I'm going to check out YouTube tomorrow to see if it is on there.

Well I'm off to bed now. I'm hoping to do a proper post tomorrow. Hubs is taking the boys out tomorrow on our sandrail to give me time to do whatever I need to do.
Good night everyone!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:19 am
by Tornado
Tracy - I'm avoiding the review because I don't want to hear anyone's opinion about the movie, no matter how vague. I don't even want them to say that they enjoyed it. I got enough of that with Eclipse, everyone running around saying that they loved it, and I got my hopes up, then saw it and absolutely hated it! That's why I'm trying to see it as soon as I can. I spend too much time on the net at the moment to avoid those kinds of comments.

Sean - yes, while it will irritate me if Edward isn't sparkling, I will be more concerned about what they've included or left out and how the rest of it is. That may well outweigh any irritation I feel at no sparkling!

Susie - you're wrong on both counts. Let me know if you want me to confirm or deny any other suggestions, or if you'd prefer not to know!

Rachel - yes, the press just seem to be assuming that Rob and Kristen's relationship is an established fact. At the end of Rob's Today Show interview the interviewer congratulated him on a number of things, including a lovely girlfriend! I wonder how this attitude will go over with them.

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:47 am
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone :)

Caught Kristen on JK, and even though it was a nice interview, it really didn't introduce anything new, and it was very short. They even showed the same scene that was used on Leno, so it was a nice interview, the only new thing was the candid shot back stage where Kristen mugged for the camera like Rob did, and Kristen's dress (spoiler alert) which was an army green backless number with matching pumps. She did explain, though, the reason why she did the footprint thing in Vans was because of her wanting to be herself, and addressed Rob's "thrusting" accusations.

Tracy: Read above for my take on Kristen's stint on Jimmy's show. As I said, it was sort of lame, but I guess that's what happens when the likes of Kristen and Rob have to answer the same questions in what turned out to be a very time compressed format. I do wonder, though, since this was taped, if there's extras on the cutting room floor. But even Kristen and Rob, who don't want to word their responses the exact same way each time the same question is asked, will run out of ways of rephrasing answers to the same verbatim questions. I hope that her appearance on Conan goes better, because he seems to be more like Leno, and really gets his guest involved and to open up. To bad he couldn't get Rob. Maybe if she was teamed with Rob it would be more interesting.

Caryn: You'd better have plenty of thoughts, as you have plenty of material. I hope that you'll feel better.

Amy: Read what Caryn and others have written about Dave--he's pretty condescending and uninformed to the point of being flat out annoying and his treatment of many of his guest--not just Kristen and Rob--makes him all the more irritating. Try and find the interviews that he's done with Kristen and the recent one he did with Rob, and answer me this: is he deserving of the sting of a hornet and if two is better than one. And well, most of the stuff I cook is pretty simple--when I make fried chicken, I just put some chicken breasts in flour and fry them in a pan or an electric skillet in some oil. So it's nothing extravagant--I think you'd be better of asking Kristen about cooking, since she seems to be the big cook out of the Saga.

Now I'm gonna look up some stuff and catch the re-airs of B&B--I'd love for Kristen and Rob to guest star in an episode, and I'd really love for them to smack them around and knock some sense into them, even if it's as Bella and Edward :) Hey, at least it's not Jersey Shore or other stupid reality shows on MTV, which B&B poke fun at. You gotta at least give them credit for that.

I'll be back later :)

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 2:18 am
by marielle
Good morning everybody!!!


Not much important going on at this side of the World… I’m itching to re-read BD but I won’t because than it’s sure I get annoyed with the movie for leaving out details…


Sean, see you’ll find out how it works.. it took me a while as well but now you can share Rob-crack with us as well!!!
I think with the other Snow White also being in production the team will want to establish that this isn’t a standard fairytale before the other release something, they are now the first and although the movie will be released later, people will think that the other is just the other movie…

Lynne, I don’t know if you ever saw Top Gear with Sebastian Vettel as guest… he managed it to shut up Jeremy a few times, it was really fun… I think Rob will be able to hold his own with Clarkson would he ever be invited…

Tracy, Rob looked HOT at Kimmel…
I really love it that Rob’s parents are still so supportive, they must have seen Rob through the best and the worse, I think most parents would plead for their son to stop and get a normal job by than…
My mom would have come to the midnight premiere with me but she isn’t back in her old health yet so it was better not to…

Suzan, thanks for the tip with the credits… though I’m not sure if they will play it that long in the midnight premiere… I’ll wait and see…
I really love epic adventures and I’m very sure that SWaTH will be one as well, they’ve got the clothing right and all…Kris really does look like Snow White, she’s got that pale skin and lovely face…

Susie, congrats on the VIP tickets…and that with your Bday… so awesome…
Yes, I’m still working on that HP fic… it’s a long process, and I’m not even halfway through…it isn’t going as fast as I wishes but besides that I’m writing a few more stories and I don’t always have the right mood to write HP or I get stuck in the plot…
The growing up thing is the hardest part, your son will have to go by trial and error like we all have done, it probably will be a bit harder for him but soon he will get it…I really think that with the American culture teenagers are being forced to stay kids and dependant for too long, than when they have to go out in the world and do it on their own the gap is too big and it takes a longer time for them to learn and adjust…but in the end I’m sure your kids will do perfectly fine!

Chrissy, Charlize does look awesome doesn’t it… her role in the story reminds me of the legend (true story) of the Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bàthory.

Brenda, I really love the interviews, don’t get me wrong, I mean I can listen for hours to Rob talking but the reporters are always asking the same questions, and if they manage to ask an original question it most of the time ends up in a movie spoilers…normally I wait and see what Caryn thinks are the best interviews and I watch them…


Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 3:36 am
by Tornado
marielle - yes I did see that one! But I think that Rob's a bit too polite to take Jeremy on like that. He'd probably be too polite to interrupt Jeremy in order to say anything at all.

Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 3:44 am
by Chernaudi
Hi Everyone :)

First of all, happy Veterans' Day.

Secondly, some comments.

Marielle: As long as Universal/GE don't screw it up, I don't care what they do, but it's still uncharacteristically early to release film footage. I'm happy that they've released stuff with KS in it, but it still strikes me as very early, especially as they're still filming--maybe hoping that Kristen's BD publicity helps their cause?

Everyone: It's actually snowing where I'm at now, and last night when I went outside for a moment, I swore it was snowing then, too. But at least I got everything I really wanted to do out of the way today, so I should have an easy day tomorrow. And for me, the racing season will end Sunday with the final Le Mans Series race in China. I'm actually happy that the season will be over, as that will really open up my time a bit, but it would really make me happy if Audi can bring home a win.

I might get off of here soon to get ready for bed, but I'll check back in here before I leave for tonight.

I'll be back soon. :)