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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by openfire »

Happy Saturday folks!

Did you see that ROBsessed has details of the special features of BD part1 dvd? No Rob & Kristen commentary!! :( :( I was really really hoping for that!!! :( (and also a special feature called "Becoming Jacob"..but no Edward or Bella one - there is a wedding feature though - but still). I want the commentary!!!!! And... NO DELETED SCENES! Aww :(

Well I guess I better post some BD love to cheer us up about that...

Some lovely wedding RobWard... (btw does anyone know what type of flower this is on Edward's buttonhole?)

Gorgeous wedding kiss picture!

A gorgeous Bella shot

Bella's eyes... meet Edward's eyes... and everything is right in the world!

A lovely wedding picture.... I also like that you can really see Bella's hair clasp & veil - beautiful!

To the posts!

Paula - Yep it was indeed SM. I thought it was kinda cool she was in the movie again (after all, she could be the same character from Twilight, as a guest at the wedding. I did think it was funny though that she was straight bang in the centre of the scene LOL. It was like "wow, there's SM", if you know what I mean LOL. It was nice that she got to see her characters get married though, definately :)

Lulu - Wow, all that food sounds great!! I really like the sound of your dishes! It defo sounds like it was a yummy feast!! How many people were there?
I agree with what you said about the assumptations - that makes sense! Is your hubs going with you again when you see it again? I really want to see it again, even though I am feeling very greedy about it LOL. I just love the last 15 minutes or so, from the birth onwards... the pace of the movie consumes you with all the excitement. It's just fantastic!! :D :lol:
Yep I think that Bella does say that to Renesmee - aww! A very sweet mother-daughter moment. I hope they have plenty of those (and just family moments in general, with Edward, Bella & Renesmee) in part 2!

Tonise - Sorry that your mom had to go into hospital, espeically on Thanksgiving!! I saw on fb that she is released, glad to hear that!! Will she have to go back for check ups?
I know you posted the link for the HHCon hotel on fb, but what were the dates again? Not that I can most likely go, but I would still like to check stuff out LOL.

Lynne - I hope so too! ;) But I would be scared of all the big spiders & stuff LOL!

Sean - Glad you are feeling better now!

Raine - Yay for your 5th viewing!! That's so cool that the doctors kept playing Turning Page on repeat!! I do that in my car on tha way to work LOL!
Wow, Christmas lights up already! Do you put a tree up? We will prolly put ours up in a couple weeks. Your baby neice will notice a lot more about Christmas this year! What do you plan on getting for her?

Marielle - Sorry you didn't feel too good today! Are you feeling better now?
Busy busy! I hope you manage to get your Christmas shopping done!
Love your idea for party outfits for Raine!

Haha, during my post, YoungB just called my bf and then BabyE phoned the house phone, which I answered, and we were all having a conversation at once LOL! SiL#1 was in the background, and it was very cool. BabyE asked if she could come over to our house - aww! Too late tonight though, but she hasn't been over in ages, so she defo will have to come over soon!

Anyways, I'm off.

Catch you later folk!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Tornado »

Tonise - glad to hear your mum's doing well.

Sean - yes, I think Rob is quite familiar with how much of a woman Kristen is! ;)

Jaclyn - don't panic, hon. It says on the TL blog page that it's all speculation about the DVD features at the moment. There could be another commentary (there were two on Eclipse), and I don't think there's any doubt that there will be deleted scenes on one of the sets available, or there will be a riot!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Chernaudi »

Jaclyn: Well, just be glad that HH-con isn't at my home or any where near Mansfield, Ohio, because for whatever reason recently, we've had some huge spiders here--I just step on them, I don't think that big spiders, whatever they are, are exactly an endangered species considering how many of them I've killed this year. For whatever reason, I hate centipedes and crap, too, so you're not alone. I sort of don't really like bugs in general--Japanese Beetles, the ones that look like lady bugs, bite and are annoying, and mosquitoes, deer flies and houseflies are incredibly annoying where I live.

I also just go a pizza home--hopefully one that won't make me sick like I think the other ones were. It's in the oven now, to protect it from the cats, and I do plan on re-heating it soon.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by smitten_by_twilight »

Hello sibs!

I have recovered from my post-BD1 tristesse in which I was avoiding most things Twilight, I think because I was so sad because I knew I would not let myself pay full price for another ticket right away. But props to those of you going time and again; I wish I would ... but the mortgage is nagging at me.

Many of you asked; yes, hubby boy is ok. He has 5 ugly stitches that will have to be removed and we have a fun new story to tell ... and already have. He is having fun embarrassing himself by highlighting that although he carpenters and welds etc, it was sewing that he went to the ER for.

It sounds like my American sibs had pretty nice Thanksgivings, and so did I. Yay for lack of family drama around the holidays! I have been a little sick ever since, a headache and neckache that won't go away despite Tylenol. Either I jacked up my neck again or I might be a touch flu-y, hopefully the latter since I did get my flu shot. But I'm going in for a massage pronto as a preventative/cure. Haven't had one in months ... the mortgage, again ... but better to pay for a massage than months of physical therapy. Interior Christmas decorations are up except for the tree, lights are in progress. Tree is planned for next weekend. Gotta get those cards done too!

Enough babble. To the posts!

Amy - Finished EP and all outtakes. Wow! So good! Definitely a keeper for re-reads. Thank you!

Austin - Hi! Glad to see you here! You are always a well-written breath of fresh air. HH and RL and ff have been absorbing me to the extent that I rarely visit other threads, and I have missed you.

Jaclyn - I love how you said "I proper love them," so Brit, not something you ever hear here, but so easy to get what you're saying. I grew myself up on British kids' lit, so I enjoy reading the dialect ... like a familiar meal I haven't had in a while. Don't worry about going on and on! We are all going on and on! There is an international BD1 lovefest! Mine is at the end of the post. The flower in the buttonhole ... could it be gardenia? They have had commentary on all the DVDs so far (although NM is not my fave), and I suspect they realize it's a selling point, so hopefully at least one will get in there.

Lynne - Congrats on 1000 posts! My girls used to love the Wiggles ... when I couldn't get to the remote in time to change it. Not my fave. But we all like the Upside Down Show, do you know that one? Not an Australian band, which was the original topic .... I can empathize with worrying about your boss/potential publisher's reaction to your book. Would it help to approach it with the mental attitude of hoping that she will at least like one thing, and will certainly critique at least one thing? Kind of being prepared for the absolute worst, and hoping it will be better than that?

Rachel - So soon! Tomorrow Today you will see BD1! Tell us what you think when you can!

Raine - Yay for nephew loving Twilight! My son is turning 13 but I suspect he thinks Twilight is too girly :( . Marielle had great ideas for outfits for your theme party. Also, there's a couple of other popular movies set in the 20s, High Road to China and Totally Modern Millie, for more girly ideas.

Sandy - Aren't Ginnie and Christina sweet? So happy you could all get together! We will have fun fun fun in Chicago!

Sean - Happy Birthday! I hope you stay feeling better. I've seen Witches of Eastwick many times, it was very popular when first released, and still a classic. Really great combo of actresses, and of course, Jack needs no props from me. (But gets them. He makes a great Satan.)

Tracy - I totally sympathize with hubs disapproving of paying full price to see the same movie twice - so would mine. In fact, I disapprove of it (for myself, not others), because of aforementioned budget issues. I have worked to keep Twi-related expenses minimal but they are approaching or exceeding $200. I may sneak out to see it again with a friend though.

Tonise - Yay for going teacher at your theater, or for that matter, any theater! A little consideration for others who have shelled out $10 on a flick and want to hear it. I'm so glad the movie has inspired you to write again! That's a great thing. I've been trying to find you on FFn but can't. Would you PM me a way to find you? So glad your mom is better, I was and will continue sending good thoughts.

Everyone else, I'm following what you're saying and interested! Just have little sensible to say.

And now, The Soundtrack. I have decided (almost immediately) that I really like it. A 1000 Yrs is still my fave because I can sing along, and it is so perfectly E+B. Even if they didn't use it in the movie, I'm glad they put it on the soundtrack, because it is so right. But I also really love Turning Page, musically beautiful and lovely lyrics, and I like Love Will Take You for being pretty and lyrically lovely and happier than Turning Page. Requiem On Water, Cold, Northern Lights, Love Death Birth, all lovely. I have begun skipping It Will Rain, and even I Didn't Mean It - nothing against the artists, and I really like Bruno Mars. Possibly Jacobian teenage angst is getting tedious to me. Here's a surprise to me: I have secretly disliked the original Flightless Bird for a long time, because I found the lyric imagery so unpleasant and the meaning so difficult. But this version is so indescribly ... beautiful is not enough ... that it won me over again the moment I heard it. Whoever writes their music is seriously gifted. I could do without the bonus track of Eclipse, I like the original much better. Does anyone know of a translation of Llovera? Because it's a great-sounding song, and I'd love to know what it's saying. Altogether I see why people are criticizing it, because it's not the edgy stuff we heard for the other movies, but I like it because it suits this stage of their lives and this movie. It is a romantic, grown-uppy soundtrack, about serious drama, not that triangle BS.

And last, The Movie. *sigh* I loved the movie, obviously. However, someone else used the term "tinny," which I thought was perfect. Some lines and transitions were tinny. I loved the scene at the Cullens, with Alice directing Bella in her stilts, and the Cullens with the logs. That was great! I wonder if they will have some kind of contrast in BD2, reminding us of human Bella's awkwardness in heels, to illustrate her change when she jumps out of the window in stilettos as vamp Bella? I agree that the whole introduction of Edward's past sins was kind of awkward, although I see the need for it, and Darkward was nice to finally see. And the introduction of vampire speed here was startling to me, especially Emmett jumping up on the house. Nevertheless I think it was the most canon way it's been done yet; I guess vampiric speed should be startling. I loved the wedding and the kiss was really beautifully done. I thought Mike Welch was great throughout this whole bit, although of course, Billy Burke stole every scene he was in. Even Kris had trouble competing with him for the spotlight! I don't know what to think of the toasts (have to wait for second viewing :) ), but Jessica's was a nice example to me of something she never, in a million years, would have said out loud, but something that she completely could have been thinking. As to Robward's reaction to "The Hair" line ... I'll have to watch more closely. I guess they could easily have had more than one camera on during the scene, as the wedding was supposedly so complicated because of all the actors involved. Easier to have more cameras running, than keep the actors longer? Losing the light? I'm just speculating here. Loved the honeymoon despite the loss of some expected scenes. The morning after bit came together very nicely for me, although like Lulu, I expected more bruising. The Isle Esme distractions for Bella were well done ... and so were Bella's attempts to distract Edward. That's where that peek-a-boo gif comes from! I noticed (don't know if anyone else caught this trivial point) that the outfit she was wearing for the second time was not the black lacy one in the book, but it was light blue, which fits with Edward's favoring of that color. (The details!) Although the pregnancy reveal was very condensed, I thought it was quite well done; we even got statue Edward, very briefly. The wolves ... I thought they were better done here than in other movies, although still .... The shirts issue, not to mention the shoe issue (don't think any non-fan critics mentioned their footwear), was supposed to be about not being able to continue to afford new clothes all the time. And it was summer. So while I liked and understand the increased clothing on the wolfpack, it violated my understanding of canon. I did like seeing them relax together, and I did like the way they showed the imprinted wolves v the nonimprinted wolves, and that little discussion. I agree that no non-fanatic would have noticed Quil and Claire at the shore - but we do, so thanks to Bill! Julia Jones was great in this one, and really had a chance to show off her chops, and Booboo really showed what strides he's made as an actor. No false notes there! Great chemistry with each other and Taylor. I thought Taylor was great in this movie, even though I see Caryn's point about him being held up as Saint Jacob. (My current, evolving take on Jacob is that, in his mind, he is a candidate for sainthood at this point - he lacks an understanding of selfless love.) I'm glad that the storyline backed off on him so much. We needed to see him go back to the pack and confront Sam (and yes, I agree that the voiceover was awkward as heck, but I don't have any better ideas), but I'm glad we didn't get all melodramatic and have him take the Vanquish to Seattle. I'm really glad that they took out the bit about Edward suggesting puppies. I thought it was perfect in the book - showcasing Edward's crazed desperation and selfless love - but I don't know that the non-fan audience would have understood at all. I think it would have been too much. I loved the showdown between Jacob's pack and the La Push pack in the woods, to let the Cullens hunt and get blood! At first I was mad but as it evolved I was cheering! I thought it was in character and true to the spirit, even if not exactly true to the book. (Sorry, Caryn.) I liked the confrontation when Edward yells at Bella, because (a) he should express his feelings to her, (b) I thought it underlined his distress about the whole thing, and (c) I've always noticed that men who care about fatherhood get the short end of the stick when it comes to a woman's right to choose. Bella did make this decision in knowing opposition to him without discussion, and I understand it and support her, but I empathize with Edward's loss of choice too. I actually turned away when Bella drank blood for the first time - kudos, Kris, for making that really gross, blood on lips and teeth and all. I agree that the scene with Edward and Jacob reacting to her name choices is priceless, but I pratically jumped out of my seat when she came out with "Edward Jacob." Aaaagggh! But my favorite scene, from the cup drop to the death, was the delivery scene. No tinny notes, nothing false. Alice with the headset, all of them dragging Rose away, the way we see (and hear *cringe*) the delivery, Renesmee and the bite, and Kris playing the most convincingly dead person I've ever seen filmed, admittedly with CGI help. Edward broke my heart, they really had me wondering if Bella would make it for a moment there! Not that fond of the imprint scene, felt like they could have shown that better. I was ok with the confrontation outside the house between the Cullens and the wolves, because I interpreted it as being something that was outside the book narrative and plausibly possible and logical. I liked getting the sense that the Cullens were only close to being overwhelmed because they were trying to not kill the wolves. I thought Edward introducing the imprinting was tinny, but they did have to get it in somehow. And Bella's transformation from mutilated to vamp was great. I hope we begin there in BD2, with a sense of her agony during transformation. Maybe a Krisella voice-over?

Possible DVD release in March! Yay! We can watch it in Chicago!

My longest post ever. Whether you read it or not, thanks for your patience. Love and peace!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Tornado »

Brenda - love your thoughts on BD. Yes, I do know the Upside Down Show. That's the one with the Umbilical Brothers (that was their comedy stage name). Thanks for the suggestion re: the book. It does sound like a good idea. I'll try and keep that in mind.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by lulu »

wow, brenda, i loooved hearing your thoughts on the movie and soundtrack! i can't wait to see it again, seriously. i can't type now, but i'm going to come back and respond later. thanks!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Jazz Girl »

Hey there siblings! Well, the internet is finally back to functional on my phone so I'm posting whilst in transit to our last stop on the Thanksgiving vacay swing. We're headed to my MiL's for a gathering with the in-laws. I honestly donKt know if I'll even be able to look at food. But, hopefully there will be more coffee. This getting up at 6:30 on the last day off stuff is for the birds. Also hoping to get in one more viewing of BD tonight as *gasp* I wasn't able to work in a viewing over the holiday. At this point, I'm borderline despaerate! Be back to regular posting soon.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by missp »

Hi, HH Sisters and Bro!! As I post, I am awaiting the call from one of my good friends about when we are leaving to go to the theater this afternoon to see BD1 for my 6th time! :clap: I wouldn't be able to afford to go today, but they said it was my turn to be treated because I have treated them the last two years in a row. 8-)

My Mama is doing great today. Her sugar levels are down in the 200's, and she is feeling very little back pain. So... maybe by Christmas she'll be feeling like her old self again!

I noticed someone was asking how to find me on FFN. I think the link in my siggy still works. You can click on it and it will take you to my first story. The second is not posted yet because it isn't ready. I am working on it though! :D

Now... for the part of the post that's going to shock some of you... I have something I need to share with you all. My church is entering into a month-long time we're calling CRAZY STUPID LOVE. Within the month, we're going to be doing all kinds of crazy stuff to love on our community. Next week, we are having a Christmas ball for the mentally challenged in our city. We are also doing something for the wives and husbands of military folks serving over seas. We're wrapping gifts at Wal-Mart for free... Bagging groceries for free... Stuffing stockings and giving them out...Serving Christmas dinners... etc. I am so excited about what God is going to do through us during this time! But, the part of the month that is unchartered territory for me is fasting and praying. I pray all the time, but I've never fasted. I've had so many misconceptions about it and really never understood it until this morning's message. It isn't about suffering and starving at all. It's about giving up something... or things that may be standing in the way of getting closer to God. Well, the message was clear for me this morning. I spend too much time on the computer. I Lex, I Mingle, I FB... AND I watch a lot of TV... All during the evening when I could be doing some Bible study and prayer. I have a BETH MOORE study that I've been "trying" to finish for 3 years. LOL! I'm not saying that I should never be on the computer or watch tv. I am saying that sometimes, I put these things ahead of my relationship with God. So, during the next 40 days, I have made the committment to fast from TV, LEX, Mingle Chat, and FB games. This will be my last LEX post until January 6th. I will still be posting and checking FB messages, so I will see Y'all there to keep up with you. I know some of you won't understand and/or agree with this, but I really feel that God will bless this committment. I thought about giving up chocolate or coffee... but food is so easy. I wanted to do something that took a real sacrificial committment. So, those of you who pray... I'd appreciate your prayers for me during the next 40 days that God will use this time to strengthen me and grow me in Him. I love Y'all!!! :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Tornado »

Tonise - that's a great commitment to make! I have never been strong enough to fast myself (in any sense of the word). Hope it goes well for you and gives you a closer relationship to God.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Suzan »

Just a fly-by from me tonight.

Busy, busy this weekend. But guess what I could squeeze in this afternoon... My second BD viewing! Whoop! So much better the second time around! :swoon: :swoon: :heartbroke:

I came to leave you all with a little Stewart-Sunday Love and to wish Sean a

Happy Birthday!

It is today right? :blush: Maybe someone should add you to the birthday-list on the first page? Caryn?

Got to go! Bye!
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