Rob's Halfway House - #9

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Susie »

Happy Birthday Sean!

I've skimmed through all the posts and just love hearing all your thoughts on the movie!

Soundtrack question: When in the film is Neighbors used? I can find all the other songs except that one.

Had my 4th viewing with Daughter Dear on Friday night in the VIP theatre with a glass of cabernet. Thank God DD turned 21 in August. She forgot her drivers license at college, but I immediately thought of her passport which we keep here at home. Score! I'm trying to think of how I can schedule another viewing that I can keep under Hubs' radar. He doesn't really know I went to a matinee with my college friend on Tuesday. I didn't lie about it - I just didn't offer up the information! I mean, if he asked I guess I'd have to tell him. He wouldn't object to the $5 price; he would just be worried that I was getting a little "obsessed". Sound familiar, anyone??

Daughter Dear went back to St. Olaf yesterday because she had a mass choir rehearsal. The famous St. Olaf Christmas Festival opens on Thursday. 500 voices and 100 in the orchestra (rounding up, of course). We're going on Friday night. The Sunday afternoon performance will be simulcast in movie theatres across the nation, so those of you in the U.S. could see it if you were interested. I know it is a busy time of year! You could listen to it live online if you just want lovely music in the background while you do your Christmas baking. It will also be on PBS on December 20.

Sonny Boy went back today. I think he is going to get through the semester. There have been times the past two months that I seriously doubted that. It has been a very hard fall for me, so that explains a little of my reduced mega posting. He feels a lot better now. It was rejuvenating for him to see his sister, and the extended family and then his friends from high school. One of his closest friends was going to college in Canada, but she is so unhappy there that she is transferring back to Minneapolis at the end of this term!

Back to school/work for me tomorrow! I'm totally ready for it after 5 days off. I'll get back to my mega posting then.

I hope you are all doing well!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by missp »

Ok... one last post before the fast starts tomorrow. :D
I just got home from my 6th viewing of BD1 tonight. I noticed some things tonight that I haven't been clear on before.
For example, it's LEAH-wolf who helps Alice out in the fight with the Cullens against Sam's pack. Also, I am almost certain it is Jacob who tackles Rosalie during the birth scene after she cuts into Bella's abdomen and realizes how thirsty she is. I know Alice leads her out of the room by the neck, but I think Jake tackles her first.

SUSIE~~ Neighbors is playing in the background during the scene when Jacob comes to see Bella at the wedding... during the part when Sam and the others step in and stuff.

Well, I'm on my way over to Mingle to say goodbye to them for the next 40 days. I'll see Y'all on FB! :D
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone :)

First of all, if anyone has birthday wishes that they haven't gotten to yet, you still have a few hours to get them done, though I'll take them on the 28th, too, both here and on Facebook :)

It has been a good birthday so far. I got the grochery stuff I wanted, as well as some pork chops and baking coating for them, and I think I might make some tonight to eat while watching either something on History 2 (what History International is called now) or maybe finally finishing off the Witches of Eastwick. I also have the lemon and lime juice, and all kinds of snacks and two bags of chicken breast and several cans of soup--sort of makes up for the near short fall I had last week because of hoping for more left overs.

I also got $20 from my mom to go along with $10 I got from my grandma. Not as good as having a job, but I'll take what I can get for now.

I just plan on getting back into somethings, like GT4 on the PS2, as I haven't touched that in it seems forever, and finishing reading a book I have called "World's Worst Weapons", and I have a companion, "World's Worst Cars", too, in case you're wondering.

So I plan on getting some stuff on GT4 done, making dinner, and either watching H2 or WoE.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Tornado »

Tonise - I'm pretty sure I've seen footage of Jacob crash tackling Rosalie on one of the clips, so I think that's right.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello everyone~ I missed all of you these past few days. I'm sure there's no way I can properly catch up after being out of town for the past few days, so I'll probably just respond to the most recent posts, with no intentional oversight intended to anyone, of course. ;)

Sean~ I'm glad you've enjoyed your birthday getting back into some things you neglected lately; and a little extra spending money always comes in handy.

Susie~ I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful time with hubs and the kiddos over Thanksgiving. I'll definitely try to listen to Daughter Dear's concert as you know how I love that Christmas choral music....I think you called me last year to remind me when it was streaming over the internet. :D What time will the show be online Sunday afternoon, and do you know the approximate time for the appearance on PBS December 20th? I'm so happy to hear SonnyBoy will hopefully make it successfully through his semester....good for him! I'm sure you've been very stressed about it, and this news must be a huge relief. Was the university willing to work with him, and do you think he'll be a little better prepared for next semester, now that he has a better idea of what to expect? Four Breaking Dawn viewings for you, you sneaky thing. 8-) My extra viewings are kept very much "under the radar" as well. It's not that I would lie about them if asked directly, I just won't voluntarily offer up any information about what I'm doing this Thursday at 12:00 noon while the kids are at school and I'm off work..... crossing my fingers for Breaking Dawn viewing #2, barring unforseen circumstances such as sick children, unexpected blizzards or floods closing the schools, or acts of God, etc. :D

Suzan~ Yay for your 2nd Breaking Dawn viewing this weekend. I hope to join you with my 2nd viewing later this week. That's great to hear that it's even better the 2nd time, and seems to be what everyone around here has been promising. It's always nice to watch the movie when you know exactly what to expect and aren't worried about which scenes did or didn't make it in to the movie, where it ends, etc.

Missp~ I think that's a wonderful commitment you're making for the next 40 days as part of your church's programs--good for you hon! And the activities you'll be participating in with your church are so worthwhile. We'll certainly miss you around here, but we understand completely, and know you'll be truly blessed from the increased time you devote to Bible study and prayer. I've thought about giving up the computer or the Lexicon for Lent (just before Easter), but could never muster up the fortitude to really attempt it. Just the fact that the idea of doing so almost sends me into a tailspin means I'm probably way too dependent on the computer, and spending too much time on the Lex (and with fanfiction). :? We look forward to seeing you around on Facebook.

Caryn~ We hope you and the family had a wonderful Thanksgiving traveling and visiting with your loved ones. Sometimes it's nice to get back to the routine of school, work, and regular old plain food. :D Glad to hear your mobile internet access is functional, and we look forward to your more frequent postings after you return home.

Brenda~ Glad to hear your hubs is healing and recovering nicely. I hope you and I each have the chance to "sneak out" for a second BD viewing. I just sort of keep those extra viewings under the radar, as Susie said. I wouldn't outright lie about going to see the movie again, but it's just not worth the hassle of hearing hubs grumble about why I needed to see the movie a second or third time in the theater. :roll: I hope you're feeling better and that your symptoms don't develop into the full fledged flu. Thanks for sharing your eloquent thoughts about the movie, and the soundtrack.
smitten_by_twilight wrote:Altogether I see why people are criticizing it, because it's not the edgy stuff we heard for the other movies, but I like it because it suits this stage of their lives and this movie. It is a romantic, grown-uppy soundtrack, about serious drama, not that triangle BS.
I agree with your assessment of the soundtrack. I mentioned in an earlier post how one of my male coworkers who has an affinity for indie-alternative type music enjoyed the previous soundtracks quite a bit, but was rather disappointed with this one. He's seen the movies and read the books, but definitely isn't a huge fan. I told him that this soundtrack would mostly be enjoyed by the female fans who can appreciate the romance, and the gorgeous, haunting quality of some of these songs, and especially the way the amazing lyrics of several of these ballads seem to perfectly fit Edward and Bella. As far as the movie is concerned, I too enjoyed the chemistry shared by Taylor and Julia Jones, and especially Boo Boo. Boo Boo is just a cutie with that charismatic smile, and he very nearly stole the scenes he was in. I liked their little wolf pack even more than I thought I would. ;)
smitten_by_twilight wrote: I liked the confrontation when Edward yells at Bella, because (a) he should express his feelings to her, (b) I thought it underlined his distress about the whole thing, and (c) I've always noticed that men who care about fatherhood get the short end of the stick when it comes to a woman's right to choose. Bella did make this decision in knowing opposition to him without discussion, and I understand it and support her, but I empathize with Edward's loss of choice too.
Great point. I wasn't as bothered by that scene as many folks seemed to be either. I know it was pretty out of character for book Edward, but I just felt like Edward had finally reached his breaking point, and he let a little bit of his humanity show through by exhibiting his desperation and fear for Bella's life (and his very real fear of losing Bella) in this scene. I would have been even more okay with it if he hadn't just let Bella lie there all alone on the exam table, afterwards. :? I also agree with you that every actor knocked it out of the park during the delivery/death/transformation scenes, and I was riveted to my seat, even though I knew how things were supposed to turn out.

I'm headed off to read for a bit, and will try to check back again to respond to some of the other posts. Have a lovely evening!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by VolturiGirl »

Happy Sunday to you all. Please forgive any errors on my post. I'm doing it all on my crackberry. My thanksgiving with my MiL was fantastic. I was very worried about it. We did drink some so that might have helped. Hubs put up christmas lights today. I told him that he didn't have to put up the icicle lights anymore because he hates them with a passion. My mom and I are going to go to a different city to watch BD again this weekend. I just need to find a babysitter.

Rachel~ did you get a chance to watch BD yet? Edward looked amazing with his red eyes. I really liked it. Maybe because it was so different than the brown we are so used to seeing.

Sean~ happy birthday to you. Glad you are feeling better
Ya it was cute to me that Rob was protecting Kris. I love Witches of Eastwick. Nicholson is awesome in that movie. Although I love Nicholson and Rob, I do have to say that Johnny Depp is my favorite actor. I grew up watching all his films especially when he is in a Tim Burton film.

Jaclyn~they didn't say much of anything about Quil and Claire. Its like only us who read the books knew who the little girl was on the beach. I, too, was waiting on Bella or Edward to say something about Renesmee biting Bella.

Marielle~ How did your christmas shopping go? I'm a last minute shopper so I will probably go a week or so before christmas to shop. I do so love your Facinelli pic. What more could I ask for for Thanksgiving... A piece of Rob and a side of Peter.

Tracy~ I went on my MiL's computer for a few minutes to browse the Lex, but I felt like I was doing something naughty so I couldn't post. I wish me and my MiL were close to go on a shopping trip.

Lulu~ wow! What a feast! How did your little boy like thanksgiving?

Lynn~ congrats on your 1000th post.

Paula~ don't feel embarrassed about that. I forgot that Bella was going to name the baby Edward Jacob. Talk about a major brain fart.

Tonsie ~ six times? I'm excited to get in my second viewing this weekend. :-). I think its sweet that you and your Twi-Teacher friend and you went to the movies. Its also pretty cool that Susie will beta for you. I'm so sorry to see that your mom's blood sugar got that high. That must have been very scary for your family. As far as the 1920's theme goes, I would suggest googling some images from that time frame. Someone also brought up WfE. Good Job!

Brenda~ got lost in some MafiaWard I see... I have been glued to my crackberry reading fanfic. I will post them on the recommendation thread tomorrow or so.

Caryn ~ Norm!! Glad to see your fly by!

You know it is almost December and it was 80 degrees the other day? I told hubs that next year I want to go to Bigbear during the winter. I want a white christmas, or at least a white christmas vacation. For those of you who have snow, please send some my way or even some cold weather. Good night to everyone.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Tornado »

Amy - glad thanksgiving went so well for you!

By the way, I forgot to post a major envy moment! One of my English friends recently posted a photo of her with Rob! :swoon: It's a bit blurry, and it's not the photo on her own camera, which didn't come out, but while Rob was taking it (touching her camera!!!!! :swoon: ) a friend of hers took a photo of the two of them. It's just so unfair!!!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by marielle »

Good morning everybody…

*take a deep sigh* it’s Monday again…
I was so tired yesterday that I only lurked around here. I just wasn’t able to type…
So not much new here…

Tomorrow I have the day off and I’m hoping to spend some quality time with a certain vampire family…is I make it on time to the cinema…

Now posts…

Raine, yeah I know we could use Rob for any excuse, but I’m sure that you’ll find more good movies about the 20s…

Tonise, I totally missed that your mom was hospitalized… wow a sugar level of above 300? That’s really high… is she a diabetic? What is a normal sugar level in the US? In Holland it’s between 4 and 7 but I’m sure it’s different in the US…
I hope she will feel better, it won’t be easy to maintain sugar levels during the holidays..
Yeah, I noticed as well that it was Leah-wolf who jumped in to the fight first… I think they wanted to make a statement to the fans with it…

Jaclyn, I didn’t have a very successful Christmas shopping day… I needed gifts for my brother, dad and mom, but I only bought one thing for my dad and one for my mom… that’s really not good enough…I just don’t know what to get for my brother…

Brenda, wow nice review…I love to read about the movie and about how people think about it… still it makes me wanting to see it even more…
Do the prices of tickets go down when the movie is longer in the cinema? That would be so nice but in Holland you pay full price, doesn’t matter if you go openingsday or two weeks later…

Susie, how did your daughter like BD?

Sean did you know that your bday is the same day as Pfach’s bday?....

Amy, I’m normally a last minute shopper as well but this year we didn’t do wish-lists or anything which is nice because you have to get gifts you think people like and the other way around… it’s a good way to see how people think about you, but it also takes a lot longer…so I started on time this year…
Not to mention that my brother is having his bday as well this week so I have to buy something for two celebrations for him…

On the dvd special features… anyone else happy that we get the jump too again??? I am… though I didn’t found the pup that annoying this time it still will be nice to completely skip him…

I’ll see you all later!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by Jazz Girl »

Hello siblings....

Happy CyberMonday!! :lol:

I haven't gotten to any shopping yet, but I'm sure some will break in here at some point. It's rather nice to be back to a regular routine that includes my HH family. I've missed you all more than I can say. Holiday weekends are insane. I can't believe that, between the family activities and limited net access, I only posted twice! And, I feel like the world's worst fan as I didn't get a chance to work in any more BD vieiwings at all despite being within spitting distance of a theater playing it on three screens! That will be remedied today though. I'm heading to a 2:30 show this afternoon. I can't stand the withdrawls anymore.

Tonise~ I actually just realized that you won't likely see this, but I'm hugely impressed by your internet fast. It is something I know that I would not have the strength to do. I've been forced to endure kind of minifasts a few times and I was out of my gourd after a day or two.

Susie~ YAY for getting to your fourth viewing. I'm the same way. If asked, I make no apologies for going. I just don't volunteer what I might have been doing. ;) You can always tell Hubs that your obsession is mild compared to others. At this point, I still have 4 additional dates set up to see the film with other folks. And, let's not even talk about how often I might see it on my own... DaugherDear's concert sounds absolutely magical. That size of a performance group just absolutly lends itself to majesty. I'm glad to hear that SonnyBoy seems more positive as well. I know how worried you've been. Step by step, one step at a time, right?

Tracy~ You are not kidding! Just walking in the door last night and unpacking was a relief! I won't talk about the mounds of laundry that will likely take a week to dig out from under, or the schedule to get holiday decorations up before Christmas, but it's nice to get back to the concerns of home.

Lynne~ :lol: The world is full of injustice, isn't it? Believe me, sister, I know how you feel. I'm still wondering at the fact that I could have been within 18 inches of Rob&Kristen... if only. I don't deny Aura her moment at all. But, she's gotten to see him THREE TIMES!!! I just try to bask in the reflected joy.

Amy~ I'll be happy to share any snow I get! Personally, I can't fathom Christmas without it.

Sean~ Glad you had a good celebration.

Marielle~ I'm witholding judgement on what features will be on the DVD or BluRay just because I've seen about 9 different versions of that list. So, I'm holding out hope... But, yes, I would GREATLY enjoy a SkipTo feature. Granted, you'd still have to deal with his intrusions in almost the entire final 45 minutes. But, on the up side, no dog dance at the wedding and no smartalec mongrel telling Bella how stupid she is when he finds out about the baby. That alone would be worth it for me.

Caryn's Thanksgiving Rob Moment~ So, as many of you know, for Thanksgiving each year, I go to Detroit and visit my dad & stepmom, brother and family, and stepbrother and family. My SiL is a Saga fan, but not to the level I am. My brother is a complete hater, objecting greatly to the fact that the depiction of vampires "isn't real" (keep in mind that this is a man who holds a Master's degree in education, who teaches for a living, and is a generally smart guy). My SiL and I were talking BD and she was lamenting that she would not have time to see it until next weeked. Being the good SiL I am I, of course, immediately offered to accompany her to a late showing if she was so inclined. Alas, no luck. But, of course, my brother has to start in about portraying vampires as anthing other than bloodthirsty monsters blah blah blah. Anyways, SiL asked me about the performances in BD and I raved about Rob, talking about how killer he is especially during the pregnancy and birth. At this point Stepmom wonders into the kitchen and joins the conversation. She asked about whom we were speaking and I told her. Now, my stepmom is not normally a fan of fiction of any sort, though she's an avid reader. She's also been very ill of late, suffering a relapse of esphogeal cancer, and has been in and out of the hospital. As soon as I mentioned Rob and The Saga her eyes just lit up. She started by telling me she started reading The Saga when one of her nurses gave her Twilight when she'd exhausted all her other reading material. She thought she'd hate it but was desperate. She was shocked when she found she'd burned through it. She didn't realize at that point that there were additional novels. She just mentioned offhand to her nurse that she wished she could follow them further and the nurse told her that there were three more novels, and there were also films. Well, over the course of the next few weeks, she read the final three novels and saw Twilight and Eclipse. She didn't want to see NM because she said she couldn't even think of watching "that beautiful man" suffer for a second. So, of course, off we go into a discussion of The Saga films vs books and Rob's performance of Edward. At this point, Hubs and my stepsister-in-law have joined in and we're all chatting animatedly about different Saga facts and movie trivia. Yes, my obsession was showing just a little. Of course, RM and WfE came up. Only SiL had seen RM but Stepmom starts RAVING about Rob in WfE, talking about how much she adored his performance and how he was even more beautiful in WfE! I was in HEAVEN! I had to laugh because at one point, the only adult not participating in the discussion was my brother because even Dad and Stepbro joined in talking about how they'd actually given in and at least tried the books and movies and they weren't nearly as bad as they'd feared. So, BrotherDear was hanging with Niece & Nephew playing DisneyBingo while all the rest of us, including my monkeys were talking Saga and Rob! They were all excited to hear about Rob's upcoming roles in BA and Cosmopolis. THAT was when my brother was finally able to join the discussion because he's read Cosmopolis and was shocked when I said Rob was playing Eric Packer. When I relayed to him what DC's been saying about Rob.... even BrotherDear was impressed, saying he might have to "give the kid a second look."

Alright, back to work with me, especially if I want to sneak out after lunch.

“Directing 7 Cullens at once=herding cats" :ROTFLMAO:
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Re: Rob's Halfway House - #9 **OPEN FOR SPOILERS**

Post by marielle »

Caryn, your story is bloody brilliant!!! I'm laughing my socks of, though my bf doesn't understand a bit of why I find it must have had the best Thanksgiving time with your family ever...
I hope your Stepmom recovers from her illness as much as possible soon... it would be a same to see such a lovely person suffer...I can't help but love her, her statement about NM convinced me she is the best!!
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