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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by Suzan »

Hey everyone!
On my way to my parents again. What a week it has been! Had so much fun at the marathon Tuesday/Wednesday! Already left my review in the BD2 spoilers thread. LOVED the movie! Hope you all enjoyed it too and to those who are seeing it this weekend: Have fun! I hope to catch my second viewing tomorrow and then do some shopping while I'm in the city. :)
Thursday I had a presentation about the work I've done so far on my internship. I was sooo nervous! Mainly because I didn't have time to practice a lot and I couldn't hand it in to my supervisor for corrections. That's what you get for only finding out I had to do it last Friday. Wouldn't have given up my non-refundable BD2 tickets for the world though! ;) Anyways, it went fine. Better than I expected. Got lots of compliments about the work I've done, so that was nice. :)
There is no way I'm going to be able to catch up with the post from the last two weeks, especially with aallll the activity around here! So I'll just say HI! to everyone who's been here and everyone new and everyone who's returning!!! Hope to see you all around more even after The Saga is ending... *brushes away a lonely tear* It's not the end of Rob's HH!!
I guess that's it for now. Looking forward to all your reviews of BD2! Bye!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by TwilightFan87 »

I will catch up on posts later..right now we're at the theater and it's way more crowded than I thought its be!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by Edwards Wheels »

Hiya everyone, and all the newer chaps and chapesess whom I am yet to properly introduce myself to. I'm mel, I'm 34 and I live in Dorset (south of England). I used to be a regular until life took over and I briefly lost some of my passion for twilight…eek! I know! I have a 5 (nearly 6) year old boy who I call Buddy on here, who is my life basically. He's in year 1 at school, and is into everything that the school has to offer and more.
I'm one of those who disliked the character Jacob as he gets in the way of the inevitable and although I know they had to make it a bit more exciting but he was so annoying. I think that's enough for any of you to have to read.
I hope now that Buddy is at school full time and I have finally got a job with more family friendly hours that I can pop in more often.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by Tornado »

I'm really getting jealous of all these people who have already gone for their second screening! I'm trying to find some time in the next four weeks to go again. And it will only be once. It's such a pain.

I did enjoy the movie, although I found some aspects disappointing, and I think those aspects will improve on multiple viewings.

Ann Marie - Yes, it's wonderful to have met everyone here, and I'm so happy I'm a regular at the Halfway House!

lulu - glad your husband liked it!

Songbird - glad to hear Bugs is doing so well! Yes, it would have been lovely to get to a premiere.

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Re: Rob's Temporary BD2 Halfway House **SPOILERS**

Post by ♥midnight_sun♥ »

Alright, let me just start off by saying HOLY CRAP. That scene on the battle field was AMAZING. But before I get to that, I think I'm going to take Sandy's idea and just do a run down from start to finish of thoughts I had about certain things.

--The pretty winter stuff they had for the credits at the start was very pretty, and a bit foreboding since the Volturi is supposed to come when the snow 'sticks' as Alice said, and the whole sequence was everything freezing over and having snow start to cover it.
--My one problem when Bella first wakes up is that she doesn't really have that moment of not really remembering Edward like in the book. Granted, I assumed that wouldn't be in the film from the trailer and scenes that had already been released, but I still was hoping that moment of doubt would be in there.
--I agree with others that I do think Bella's difficulties becoming a vampire were a bit rushed, but with films the little things like that tend to be toned down and rushed a bit, so I wasn't that surprised about it. I was very happy that they kept in how motherly and kind Rosalie was toward Nessie though.
--Creepy CGI baby is creepy.
--Kristen's performance in the 'fight' scene she has with Jacob was brilliant! LOVED that they also kept in the lockness monster line.
--Oh Billy Burke. Stealing the scenes once again! Loved it when Jacob started taking his clothes off in front of Charlie! Hilarious! :lol:
--I thought they did really well with showing the different vampire clans, without playing favorites too much. Though they did just sort of pass over the Irish coven, and Charolotte's and Peter's history with Jasper could have been explained a bit better. And I was very happy that Benjamin, Alistair, and Garrett got quite a bit of screen time since they were my favorites in the books.
--And the arm wrestling scene! Need I say more? Though it was nice that Kellan/Emmett got a bit more screen time with lines as normally he just seems to be standing in the background smiling and waving knives around. ;)
--Bella's shield I had pictured a bit differently in my head, but the way I pictured it would have also been much harder to visually show on screen for the people who didn't read the books.
--I thought the J. Jenks scene was a bit....well, not very well done. In a crowded restaurant, having Jasper already put in the 'order' (in the book Bella does it all herself doesn't she? Or at least most of it, after finding Alice's note for her), and the actor they picked for Jenks. It was just the exact opposite of what I thought it would be. And he didn't seem very frightened either. :/
Oh. My. God. SOOOOOO happy I went in somewhat spoiled because otherwise I would have flipped out terribly. Once heads started being ripped from their bodies I mentally went through every spoiler, rumor, and everything else about the film to try and figure it out. And then I kept chanting very, very quietly to myself "it's a vision, it's a vision. It must be a vision. Esme would not go on without Carlisle, Alice would not go on without Jasper. And we were promised happily ever after. It's just a vision".

Now, would I have preferred a more 'BPOV canon' over this? I don't think so. Being able to see the visualization of what could have been was something that I think would have left the movie feeling lacking without it. Just as many thought the book was lacking an epic ending to such an amazing series. Plus being able to really see each of the vampires using their gifts for something other than just horseplay was something I loved seeing as well.

Now I am highly anticipating the Christmas shopping season to be over with for me, so that I will hopefully have a bit of extra cash (our local theater here raised their prices recently from around $5 up to almost $10 just for tickets) to go see it a second time!

EDIT: I went with a couple friends - one who drove, and the other had plans directly after the movie - so I didn't get too see much of the credits, but I did love how they looked like the ones from Twilight. It just sort of helped visualize in a different way that this really is the last one. :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by TwilightFan87 »

Whoa, all I can say is...mind blown!! :) I've been digesting it since we got home a bit ago, so I'm sure I'll post something on the BD 2 thread soon!

Marielle-you were right to warn me that I'd cry and I did..I bawled! Jason said he felt so bad for me!! He won't admit he liked it, but I'm fairly sure he did, hehehehe. He said it was intense (which is probably a good thing, since he gets annoyed I won't watch a lot of action movies with him) :)

Hi Edwards Wheels (can I call you EW?)- nice to meet you :) I'm Sarah :) I'm a Jacob fan, I must admit, but I see what you're saying :)

Song-yeah, you're right on! He's Alex in like three episodes..the guy who takes her fishing! His hair is way shaggier than it is in the Saga and he doesn't have a mustache, so that's why we didn't catch it :) So glad to hear about Bugs reading skills, how cool :) The hoodie is in gold lettering :) I'm wearing it today, without the additional sparkles..I love glitter too so I'm thinking about decorating the sleeves a bit. GG really bugs me they brought Max back for like what, two episodes, and then just killed off that relationship again..ugh!)

You guys impress with me your second showing so soon! I've got 2 girlfriends who I may go with, one for sure (just depends when we can coordinate our schedules), and the other possibly this weekend if her boyfriend won't go. She dragged him to Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Part 1 so I'm thinking she'll get him to go along somehow :)

I bought the soundtrack treat for dealing with my MIL, but have yet to open it..I wanted to hear it in the movie first. I'm really stoked for the score to come out, which I put on my Christmas list!

Finally..I can't believe the Saga is over! I've only been a fan since 2010, but it's definitely heart breaking to see the end credits and know that this is it! I will definitely be sticking around here though and hope the rest of you do as well!
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Re: Rob's Temporary BD2 Halfway House **SPOILERS**

Post by TwilightFan87 »

Whoa..that's all I can say. I'm still in shock.

Let me start off by agreeing that it was really well done, Bill Condon did it justice, and Carter Burwell's score was brilliant as usual. I loved hearing the familiar music :)

Dislikes-While I understand the whole point of the twist from a marketing point of view (that really made me mad when I saw that on the TV spots, that it was being advertised like that), it still kinda irks me. It was cool in theory but heart breaking to watch...inv- As soon as they killed Carlisle, I started crying..and the worse the battle scene got, the harder I cried until we realized it was a vision! The entire theater sighed in relief! I'm really not sure how I feel about the battle being so literally portrayed like makes me not want to see it again if it's so sad, which really sucks because that's how I feel about The Hunger Games! Gaaa. Maybe after a second viewing, I'll feel different.

I'm not impressed with how Bella's shield was portrayed, they should've made it a different color like they did with Alec's numbing ability, so you can really see what she's doing. The opening was a bit rushed as well.

I'm still digesting it all so for now I'm done :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by openfire »

Just back from my 3rd viewing. I think it just gets better & better.

This time though, I am defo feeling more...something. Sad I think. That it's over. But happy too, for the wonderful send off. I just loved it.

I plan to make my big review post on Sunday or Monday. I'm working tomorrow & then out with old work friends tomorrow night. I hope to go see the movie again on Monday, since it's my day off LOL. I'm not sure how much more after that I can go, since the tickets here are really expensive (we don't get the "dollar theatre" or anything).

I just love Twilight. I love everything that has happened & all the feelings it has envoked in me over the years. I love the memories that I have of it all. I love the way that everyone involved in the movies brought these characters to life, and done it WELL. I just LOVE it!!!

I'm not sure if I will be able to get to sleep tonight. My mind is turning too much!!!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone.

First off, some sort of bad news. If you want Twinkies, you'd better hurry up pretty damn fast. Wonder Hostess has shut down, and will only be resurrected if someone buys what's left of the company. This wouldn't be of any concern to me aside from the fact that my mom works/worked their and one of our friends works there, too. So when her store sells off it's inventory or when they get word, my mom will be layed off from work. She worked there 11 years and is about the longest she's worked at one place, aside from a 17 year stint at a John Deere dealership until the mid to late 90's.

I'm pissed off because my mom and one of our friends will lose their jobs soon, all because of incontinent management and a union that wanted to play hardball with said dumba$$ management. But in a way, I'm happy for mom and our friend, because now they can look for work at places that they can at least be treated decently by management and not (hopefully) screwed over. And hopefully my mom won't be out of a job for long :)

However, on a brighter note, I did get to have a turkey dinner at work today. I worked though one of my co-worker's lunch breaks (I mostly cover lunches) and then I went in for the kill. And if some of you don't feel like making a full dinner this Thanksgiving, then by all means cheat and have Bob Evans cater for you :) Not as good as a normal Thanksgiving dinner, but great none the less.

Now come comments.

Songbird: Great news about your daughter :) And no, I don't plan on seeing BD2 any time soon. I'll probably wait for the DVD to come out. I don't like crowds and I find movie theaters to be really dark and stuffy. The only time I want to feel dark and stuffy is when I'm in bed during the winter, preferably with a girlfriend to cuddle with, but I haven't gotten that yet, of course ;)

But anyways, I've never really liked going to movie theaters--they're expensive, its dark and stuffy, and I just don't feel comfortable in those places. DVDs are cheaper than a lot of the movie theaters around here, and I can watch in the privacy of my own home where I have "free" food and whatever. You get what I'm saying? I just don't like movie theaters. It's why I don't go to races around here--expensive, you can't see all the action, and it's noisy and crowded. The expense and the crowds are turn offs for me.

Everyone part one: If I addressed everyone who has seen BD2 already here, I'd be doing this for quite a while, and this message is gonna be fairly long anyways. I just hope that everyone enjoyed the films, and though it's sad that the saga has come to it's end (unless Stephanie decides to start writing more Twi novels soon, which isn't very likely), we're all friends here, and there will be fan fic writers and people like us who won't let the Twilight Saga die. We have to remember, too, that Kristen, Rob, Taylor, and the rest of the cast have given us countless hours of entertainment, have been extremely kind to the fans and are very proud of them, and all have given us good memories that will hopefully last forever. So the cast and crew deserve some thanks from us for, in general at least, making us happy :)

BD2 Berlin: For there press conference, it seemed that Kristen, Rob, Taylor and Bill had a plan and an agenda for fashion--keep it casual, and keep it black! They all matched during the press conference in casual dress in matching black colors. Only Wyck stood out, and only because he was wearing blue LOL. It seemed that K,R,T and B had a plan there :)

For the premiere, Kristen was back in gold--but probably more effectively than Monday in a floor length Elle Saab with a slit up the side of it. Even give that, it was probably one of the most conservative dresses or outfits that Kristen wore, but it worked. Again, I must say that the more Kristen and her stylists keep it simple, the more effective it is. Really busy clothes seem to distract from her great attributes such as her eyes and hair. As long as it's kept simple, her natural beauty shines.

Same thing for Rob. He wore a simple light grey suit today for the premiere. Again, simplicity was king, and it worked. As with Kristen, the simpler things are for Rob as far as his clothing, the more effective it is as far as being fashionable and letting the focus be on him as a package, instead of his clothes. It's a balancing act--the clothes make the man, and the woman too, but at the same time, Kristen and Rob do "make" their clothes, too. They have to shine as much as their outfits to make it work IMO. And the simpler, the better. Why? Their beauty is simple and pure, and so the clothes have to match that, and in K's case, the make up too. I like the smokey eye on her and she has beautiful eyes, but even with that, some of the stuff that she's done with that recently, if not for the color or style, would've given her raccoon eyes. Some of that stuff would only work on her, but few other people, as with the LA and London dresses. The simpler stuff is more wide open as to if it would work on others. And of course, be it Rob or most other decently handsome males, who can go wrong with a simple, well fitted suit? Damn sure not Rob! :thumbsup:

As for Kristen and Rob, I hope that they get time to rest up and relax. There was a photo of Kristen and Rob in the car that drove them to the press conference, and it featured a clearly fatigued Rob and a slumped over, napping Kristen. It was kinda cute, but sad at the same time. I hope that they can get home soon, spend the holidays with their friends and family, and get some well deserved rest. They helped bring this saga to life on screen, and now that it's over, they deserve to enjoy their memories and work with their friends, families, and loved ones like we are now. It has been a great ride, but it's almost over, but we--like they will--will enjoy the memories and events that made such an impression on us.

Everyone part 2: This weekend, between the NASCAR stuff in Florida and F1 in Texas, I'm gonna try and work on my fan fic and rest up from this week and get ready for Thanksgiving. As for the saga ending, yeah, it's a bit sad, but it has to end sometime, and I'm glad that for most if not all of you that it's ended on a high note. We will have our memories, and there will be fan fic writers out there like me, Ginnie, Kayla, and the rest of you dedicated to your love of the fandom who won't let the saga die, ever. It will be in our hearts and minds forever, and no one can take any of that way.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Temporary BD2 Halfway House **SPOILERS**

Post by Jazz Girl »

Okay, siblings. Here they are, my thoughts on Breaking Dawn Pt 2. I don't know that it's quite as detailed as some of yours. I'm going to go back and read now. But, I must say that I am quite proud of keeping myself major-spoiler free. My reaction, as you can imagine, was boisterous to say the least. After I go back and read your thoughts, I may come and edit mine to respond. But, for better or worse, here you go.

So, I suppose the first thing you need to know about my reaction to BD2 is this; I was literally speechless for 45 minutes after the close of the credits. As Hubs says, I was shut down. I had stopped processing, my mind in a place of complete overstimulation. Between ‘the twist’, the perfect forever, and the end of the end…. I was just utterly overwhelmed. So, like any good Saga devotee, I turned around immediately and saw the film twice more this morning. That being said, you should know that ‘the twist’ does not get any less traumatizing the more times you see it. I suppose that is a mark of just how much we’ve come to love these characters. We feel we know them. They are dear to us, treasured friends. So, when we see them meet a fate we know they shouldn’t, a fate we that shatters us… even looking back at it.. it is just painful.

My overall impression? I absolutely LOVED this film. It was exactly the way The Saga needed to go out. And, as a fan, I could absolutely feel the love and attention that the production seemed to be paying to us. I want to go through the major things that stuck out to me…

Edward~ First, it should shock most of you (who know me) that I have removed Melissa Rosenberg from my celebrity plane crash list… Well, maybe not completely. But, perhaps she’s at least on the ground in the field where the plane is going to crash with a chance to run away. One of my major fears going into this film was Edward’s presence. We all know that, in the novel, Edward essentially becomes a secondary character, the equivalent of one of the allied vampires in terms of the role he plays. It was clear that, in the film, Edward’s role was centralized. Giving him the rallying speech during the battle planning was an amazing decision, as was giving him the realization about the immortal children. It must also be said that HappySmilingLaughingEdward… yeah, if I thought I loved Edward before, watching him freely be himself, snarking with Em and basking in his wife’s successes… GAH, I have no words for how that warms my heart. And, LustWard… yes PLEASE and thank you very much. It is no secret that one major attraction for a lot of fans to fanfiction is the fact that we see the version of Edward that SM intimates in Book 3. The love and lust between Edward&Bella is just yummy. Starting with his clear enjoyment of Bella’s strength and the possibility of watching her hunt and straight through his constant desire for her even as they face trials… *whimper* And, finally, it is Edward who has the scene that brought me to my knees. I don’t know if it was from MR or from Bill Condon. But, whichever one… I cannot thank enough. The scene where Edward thanks Carlisle “for this extraordinary life”… *weeps*

Bella~ It can only be said that it is clear that Kristen had been piecing together her portrayal of VampBella from the very beginning. Her opportunity to solidify Bella’s strength in her true place in the world was stellar. The only issue I had were some of her interactions with Ness. There were times she seemed more big-sisterly than maternal. But, I don’t want to pick gnits.

Cullens~ I absolutely LOVED the fact that the Cullens each and all got to shine in this film. With four films of essentially playing background props, each Cullen clearly has their role to fill in this film and it is so perfect to see. Also, I do have to say that, as much as I despise her, seeing Rosalie in her baby-induced happiness is gratifying. And, am I the only one who thought that Carlisle’s and Jazz’s hair looked better in this one? I mean, it makes no sense in that they filmed them interchangeably with BD1. But, Carlisle’s look particularly stuck out as much less… Ken-doll to me.

The ‘Twist’~ Ummm, yeah, what can I say other than it felt like my brain ran into a brick wall as soon as we see Carlisle fall. My exclamations became increasingly nonsensical and hypersonic as we continued to lose friends. As you might be able to guess, Jazz’s loss hit me particularly hard. I couldn’t even look beyond the possibilities except to see what we were seeing. So, when the camera pulled back from Aro’s burning…. I was barely able to process it, other than on the most basic level. Again, thank gods for multiple viewings. Somehow I can even make myself okay with the move away from canon that allows us to see the wolves in Alice’s vision. I will say this, though. No matter what, no matter the number of viewings, even back to back, that sequence is still traumatizing. I will never be able to watch it and NOT cry out and whimper.

Perfect Forever There is nothing else to say other than that it melted me completely. Edward’s face… Bella’s memories… Just… perfect.

The Little Things~ I suppose it might have just been better for consistency sake to leave it, as they’ve screwed it up all the way through the movie series. But, it never fails to irk me that they can’t seem to remember that Edward’s mind reading ability gives him a vast advantage in any fight. Hell, in this film, they even talked about it. But, somehow, it never translates to the actual fight scenes and Kate, Demetri and Aro all put him on his back!

As most of you know, I've seen it three times already. I'm hoping to get at least one more in this weekend. We'll see.


Marielle~ I agree completely. Edward and Jasper NEVER would have left her alone to face Charlie. I have no idea why they did that.

Susan~ Hmmm, I never got the impression that Bella could only shield one, specifically because of the scene where Jane goes after Edward and she shields him, but then as Jane realizes it and shifts her focus, you see the shield around all of them. They do show her extending her shield around specific people at specific times, like with Alice when she’s going after Jane. But, I saw those as reacting to specific threats. In the calm situation of the novel, it would have been easy for her to focus enough to surround the shield to the allies as she does. In the insanity of the battle, it would have been crazy to try, I think.

Brienna~ I said on the previous BD2 thread after the big battle tv spot was released that that was my concern as well. We’d know that the battle was real and not a vision because the wolves are involved. But, the way they structured it, it makes a bit of sense. Believe me, I’m the biggest purist you will find and it bothers me that that would be artistic license they would take. However, for casual or nonreaders, they either might not remember that she can’t see the wolves, or they might make up their own reason why she can now see them, such as the familiarity bred by the new closer relationship with them or something else that is moderately plausible. We, as devoted readers know that that shouldn’t be able to happen. But, perhaps, in the end, she created the whole vision in her head, orchestrated it to show Aro to get the reaction she needed. She does have a history of that after all.

Favorite New Vampire~ Garrett, hands down. That guy is just plain cool. I do like Benjamin as well, and I thought they handled his power in an amazing way

Bella Puts The Dog Out~ Yes. Yes. Just... YES!!!! :lol: I know the lot of you figured this would be my favorite scene and it was definitely up there. I absolutely LOVED it. Kristen played this perfectly. Just the right amount of MamaBear and I love that they left in the entire line about her having held Ness once and his "moronic wolfie claim". And, yes, Edward in that scene, again... priceless. "What, he said he's fine?" :rotfl:

OH!!! Did anyone spot the hysterically funny item in the campfire scene?? I did. Died laughing. Thursday night, I figured I had to be hallucinating. But, then, I spotted it both times today. Seriously, that is just damn funny. Gods love them for having some fun with it.

“Directing 7 Cullens at once=herding cats" :ROTFLMAO:
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