Rob's Halfway House #11

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Just dropping in real quick. I will try to make it back on here tonight after the kiddos go do bed to make a decent post and to visit the BD2 thread. Just wanted to share my thoughts.

Following behind Sandy I am to honoring the end of the Saga by re-reading the entire series. I have said for the past 3 years I was going to re-read them and would only get 2 pages in Twilight. During those 3 years I was reading a few fanfiction, which kept me in the Twilight world. I also would watch the movies over and over again. Now fast forward of watching the movie adaptations I realized while watching the Marathon how much I have forgotten certain details for example why Marcus was bored with the Volturri and why he didn't care if he died. There are others to. So yesterday I picked up Twilight and I completely forget the current Edward and Bella felt when they touched. Shocking I know, how could I forget something like that! But it is true. While I loved each movie for different reasons (mainly Rob hehe) I can't believe how much of the story I forgotten about. I am at the part of blood typing and I realized how much I miss the interaction and conversation between Edward and Bella. It is so nice after taking a long break from the books again and reading them almost feels like the first time I read it. I do know how it ends but it is the in between stuff that the movies couldn't do that I missed the most. I still am in love and consumed by this series and I know that the feeling well never go away nor be replaced.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by vampirelover109 »

Happy Saturday siblings

Hope your all having a good weekend I'm still trying to get my head around BD2 I think it's going to take me a few more viewings before I can gather all my thoughts I've had a pretty laid back day today still trying to recover from the hectic week I've had I have had the most epic week though I'm not out partying tonight either so I'm gonna be watching XFactor and cheering on my boys Union J Tommorow I'm also going to watch Twilight,New Moon,Eclipse and BD part with my mum and then were heading to watch BD Part 2 next week as you all know I got my mum into the saga so she's really excited the one thing she's been looking forward to seeing Renesesme and seeing Alice cause she's her fav :)

Still struggling with the fact the sagas over but it will always be with us

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone.

Happy Birthday Susie :)

I don't have too much to comment on since the day is young, but I do have a couple.

Sarah: Don't ask me about algebra, I hated it in school, I hate it now, and I'll always hate it.

Austin: The Dutch members were the first to see BD2, and, ironically, they're the ones who started to spoil us, though I don't mind since I probably won't see BD2 until it comes out on DVD. And of course, Marielle tried to stay spoiler free, and failed, like we all probably did. I didn't even bother since I won't see the film for a long time, so I don't care about the spoilers.

I hope that you'll finally enjoy your viewing of BD2.

Beth: NASCAR became popular in part because of a fight, and fans have complained that NASCAR is boring. Well, last Sunday, they got what they wanted it seems.

Everyone: I have to figure out where to move my stuff since this week there may be renovations in my room. I have to move some of my stuff out of there and put it somewhere else. I have to figure out where, though, since there's not a ton of room at my house for a lot of that stuff.

So I'll be figuring out what to do with that stuff, and what to do with the rest of the day today and get ready for Thanksgiving.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Temporary BD2 Halfway House **SPOILERS**

Post by GrayceM »

Hey siblings! Now that I've seen the movie and can actually function somewhat normally again. I'm going to try to post my thoughts and may come back after tomorrow when I've seen it again.
I'm going to warn you now...there are a lot of adjectives in my review. I can't help it though. I'm still a little distracted remembering.

Let me say first that I LOVED this movie! Part 1 and 2, I'm going to have to somehow figure out how to splice them together and watch it without the pesky credits and titles interruptions in the middle. These two movies were so much more of what should have been through the whole saga. All the characters seemed to be more comfortable in their roles. The action was great! In the books, this part is actually boring though it's more intense and crucial that there isn't any action.

Now, on to the show:
Edward was protective, fierce, beautiful and romantic. (A bath?! Would I like a bath?!? with you?!? uhmm... :swoon: ), wait...what? Where was I? Oh right in the bath with Edward...
...and now I'm fully water logged but it was well worth it. ;)
One of his best scenes was holding Renesmee and talking to the other vampires when they come back from Charlie's and when he's watching Jacob tell Bella. Smiling and laughing and just being carefree even with the weight of all this bearing down on him. I also liked the way he was on the hunt and with Jacob's imprinting thing. His fighting finally came into play and he was wonderful! He was excellent in training Bella to use her shield.
(I had more typed but didn't save and it was eaten. I'll add more later if/when I remember what I wrote)
EDIT: Edward thanking Carlisle for this life - I felt my heart give a little squeeze. For some reason in the trailers I thought he was saying that to Bella...this was better and brought it home.

Bella was no longer being mean to Edward which is the biggest improvement in my book and was a more active participant in general. I didn't think they showed her being very clumsy in NM and EC. That was one of the things I loved about the change in the books. She went from being a clumsy, ordinary girl to this beautiful graceful woman. Also throughout the whole saga, I missed her protests about her being the only one aging and being swoony. The blood thing has never bothered me but for Bella it's what made her so much more girly. She fainted at the slightest amount of blood, she got dizzy and fainted after Edward's running. She was afraid of everything. It made the transformation that much more drastic. She went from being this awkward, clumsy, ordinary girl to a beautiful, graceful woman, completely at ease with herself and seems to be actively participating in her own life.
I was a little shocked when everyone left the room when Charlie showed up. No way Jasper would have let that happen. Alice is the only one who isn't worried about Bella. Plus Bella is not a good liar. Edward has had more practice and is smoother so I really wish they had left to her to explain to Charlie about knowing the "public" story.
Yes, the adaptation was a little rushed. I wanted to see more but they didn't leave it out altogether so I guess it's better than nothing. The arm wrestling scene was great but I missed her holding Renesmee and letting her squeeze the rock. I loved how controlled she seemed to be when she's starting to catch on to Jacob about Renesmee and that whole scene was exactly right.
I think I was picturing Bella's shield as being more like the bubble around Hogwarts in Harry Potter. Especially when Jane and Alec were attacking her. Bella sees all of her family sort of like lights in the fog when she's protecting them. I

Jacob was adorable when Bella's figuring it out. No, I'm not switching teams, but Taylor's so comfortable in this role now he's become Jacob for me. His line for Dracula 1 & 2 was a little forced but then again, he's trying to take a step backward from the insult he just threw at Bella, Renesmee, and the whole family. He's still coming to terms with his natural hatred of vampires.
Jacob and Bella were always so comfortable with each other, as though they'd known each other all their lives. So after the transformation, the first time their alone together, he's imprinted on her daughter and it is awkward.
Here's what I haven't been able to reconcile: In BD, Jacob and Leah hunt and eat as wolves, hunting and killing animals just the same way the Cullens do to survive. He's oblivious to the double standard that presents. It almost makes me think that his hatred of the Cullens specifically is due to his jealously over Bella instead of his instinct.
I absolutely fell in love with the scene of Jacob phasing in front of Charlie.

Charlie was great overall! He always steals every scene he's in. I'm a little closer to Billy's age than to Taylor or Rob's so I've had this thing for him since I first saw him on Gilmore Girls. I was a little disappointed by his reaction and that Bella was the one to tell Charlie the "need to know" reasoning. Charlie wanting to know the details is out of character for him. He did a wonderful job with the reaction to Jacob phasing and even managed to look a little green around the edges when he sees him again. I liked that he even noticed some details about Carlisle when he goes over to see Bella but doesn't comment. It's a lot to digest. Seeing him with Sue and having her so comfortable around the vampires was an added bonus. "Are you two trying to get rid of me?....Cause it's workin'!" :lol:

The new vampires- I thought there were more vampires. There were three Amazons but maybe they sort of tied her into Nahuel showing up. I sort of wanted to see more of the visions Renesmee puts into their minds but Kate and Tanya's reactions were dead on. The Romanians were very creepy but I think that was mostly their accents.

Renesmee - There were only a few times that the CGI was noticeable to me. This is because I was looking for it though. Once as a baby, and once in the car in Alaska when she blinks at Bella. I'll let ya'll know more after the husband sees it tomorrow since he's not read the books and doesn't know what to expect at all. She's going to be a great actress and very pretty!

Alice's vision - I'll have to say I was floored. I had a feeling that what was happening was a vision but I couldn't help the goosebumps when Aro held up Carlisle's head and everyone in the theater gasped or yelled NO! And that I almst threw up when they got Jasper. Or the tears pricking my eyes when my friend turns to me and says, "Oh no! That was Seth!"
I looked at it closer afterwards, Alice's is having a vision of Aro's future and Aro sees the whole battle. Though everything is supposed to disappear when the wolves are involved, I just took it that she's seeing what Aro would have witnessed.
I like to think Edward saw all of that as well. Alice taking out Jane was the best :clap: .

I missed was Edward explaining why Nahuel was staring at Bella...but Alice's vision of an older Renesmee & Jacob greeting their teenage parents was very cool. And I figured by then they'd had enough trouble with the imprinting. They didn't want to then have everyone thinking of the big hybrid and the little girl together.

I also missed the sparkle...they could have put it in a little sparkle for the fans...

Marielle, I'm in complete agreement about the US being too sensitive. I was not bothered in the book or movie about the imprinting thing. I've explained before, but the first time I heard of imprinting was from reading about baby ducks. So I thought it was odd that Stephenie had an adult imprinting. I think the fanbase and everyone else would have had an easier time accepting it if they hadn't introduced it with Sam and Emily first. If they had introduced it with Claire and Quil first maybe the Jacob & Renesmee wouldn't have been so strange or creepy. There are always a few that disagree but still it would have presented it in a different light for those getting their first impression of the concept.

I know I'll have more after another viewing tomorrow so I'll be back then.
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Re: Rob's Temporary BD2 Halfway House **SPOILERS**

Post by Tornado »

Austin, I don't have a problem with a battle per se, but the plot hole caused by Alice suddenly being able to see wolves and Renesmee does bother me a bit. I do still like that scene, but, in the back of my mind I'm saying, "We shouldn't be seeing any wolves!!!" Oh well, I'll just pretend they aren't there!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by Tornado »

Morning all!

We had a cracker of a storm here yesterday. Fortunately, it wasn't really bad where we were, but it tore through the CBD causing flash flooding and lots of damage. Little Man was terrified. He hates storms. He sat in my lap for the duration.

I'm really enjoying reading everyone's responses to the movie. It sounds like mine was the most reserved by far! Oh well, I'm sure it will improve on me with subsequent viewings. I'm hoping that if I get enough editing work done this week, I can justify going again on Thursday.

Grayce - The Ring of the Niebelungs? Yes, it was the first movie Rob was in. The Niebelungs are apparently my Nordic ancestors.

Austin - :hug: Aw, you'll get to see it soon!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by marielle »

corona wrote:My wife just called, the early showing was sold out so she's seeing it at 12:30.

With her best girl friend. Her best guy friend, moi, apparently doesn't rank as high.

I'm ordering tickets for tomorrow. I'm an Edward, not a Jacob.

Marielle, is it OK NOW if I talk about the freaking trailers????!!!!!

Sheesh. These Dutch chicks are so Euro-sensitive.
Aww, Austin I feel for you... Maybe you should see if you can find an other male to have a movie night with...
(sorry but I can't remember saying anything about the Euro (besides that it sucks big time) but did I say something wrong??)

Oh yes, you of course can talk about the trailers now... The mods will kick your butt if you post too much spoilers here... ;) :D

Susan, I went to the Margriet winter fair. It's slightly different from the huishoudbeurs. at this fair you have more woman stuff... there aren't any men and if there are they are either there to sell something or being used as a mule.. with all about, clothing, make-up, health care, chocolate and other foods...

As I'm feeling like crap I'm off to bed now...
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Re: Rob's Temporary BD2 Halfway House **SPOILERS**

Post by December »

Hi all! Hope you don't mind my dropping in -- as Amanda Beth says, this seems to be the place where a lot of great discussion (and old friends) are!
Amanda Beth wrote:They began on paper and ended on paper.

Really? Oh how awesome is that? Almost makes me have to see the film (and as some of you know, I am resolutely not a movies-from-books goer!). And what a nice shout out to Stephenie, don't you think?.....

Corona wrote:Better be....Gryffindor.

Hahahaha. Love it! And what you say sounds absolutely right. It would be ok for the old, pre-vampire Bella to be a precious asset who couldn't be risked in battle. But true post-transformation equality between Bella and Edward demands more than Separate-But-Equal contributions to the victory -- it means getting to see them fight side by side, a genuine team like Alice and Jasper or Rose and Emmett. This on top of the fact that it makes for much better cinema!

Grayce M wrote:Alice's is having a vision of Aro's future and Aro sees the whole battle. Though everything is supposed to disappear when the wolves are involved, I just took it that she's seeing what Aro would have witnessed.

So that's a clever explanation. I guess my only question is: can Alice have visions of things inside someone else's head (like "Rosalie is going to have a fantasy about Emmett at dinnertime tonight"), or just things that actually happen in the external world, things she'd be able to see if she were there? Because seeing the battle from Aro's POV is definitely an inside-his-head kind of vision. Trying to remember now: when Alice and Edward play chess, does Alice actually see Edward thinking of his moves in the future, or does she just picture him moving the pieces (because he's thought of the move)?
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Re: Rob's Temporary BD2 Halfway House **SPOILERS**

Post by Amanda Beth »

Tornado wrote:Austin, I don't have a problem with a battle per se, but the plot hole caused by Alice suddenly being able to see wolves and Renesmee does bother me a bit. I do still like that scene, but, in the back of my mind I'm saying, "We shouldn't be seeing any wolves!!!" Oh well, I'll just pretend they aren't there!
Okay here's my far out theory. They all assume the reason they can't see the wolves is because they're only half human in the physical sense, but what if it's mental? As humans they all have their own thoughts and feelings, but then they have their pack mind. Never before was the pack all in agreement. In New Moon and Eclipse Jacob was conflicted the entire time over Bella, Leah was hurt over Sam and in Breaking Dawn first Sam said leave the Cullens alone when Jake didn't want to, then they wanted to kill Bella and Jake didn't, then the packs split. It wasn't until the confrontation with the Volturi that they all had one goal in mind. If their individual minds match with the pack mentality, is it possible she could then see them? The fight was Aro's call and only Aro's call, the wolves were all there for the same reason.

I don't know...I'm just trying to make myself feel better about it, though I don't really care -- the fight was done so amazingly I can overlook that. I wonder if Bill will answer that eventually.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11 **SPOILER FREE ZONE**

Post by Susie »

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Be back later ....