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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Lulu~ What fanfic were you and Brenda talking about that night something about 58 nights?

Sarah~ I am almost finished re-reading Twilight hold on let me check that page outd
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by TwilightFan87 »

Thanks!! I had planned on reading more tonight but now I can't get past that line! So confused. Makes me want to read the rest of Midnight Sun (I've read part but never finished and have been refusing to since Stephanie said she won't finish it I don't want to torture myself).

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by older_twilight_fan »

~Hello everyone!

Hubs and the kids left this morning to drive to east Tennessee to the in-laws for Thanksgiving, and I'll be heading that way myself after work Wednesday. The lack of responsibilities at home left me with the perfect opportunity for a second viewing of BD2, and I wanted to post my thoughts. I enjoyed it even more than the first viewing, because the theater was a little quieter and it was easier for me to soak it all in, and knowing what to expect made it easier to take in the small details.

Please disregard this lengthy post in its entirety, if you wish. I hope to respond to all of your posts tomorrow, but had to get these thoughts out of my head and onto the I'm in withdrawal and consider it part of my Twi-therapy. :D

I think what struck me the most about this movie is that Bill Condon and Melissa Rosenberg gave us the adaptation we've been waiting for, and reminded us that Breaking Dawn Part 2 (and the Saga) is at its core, essentially a love story....a love story between Bella and Edward, a love story between two adoring parents and their unexpected gift of a daughter, a love story between the rather unique and unconventional Cullen family; and finally, a love story between an amazing and unforgettable Saga and its fandom. ;)

Random thoughts about BD2~

Opening Credits~ I was pleasantly surprised to see the cast and crew listed at the beginnning of the movie, with the rather lengthy opening credits a departure from the previous movies. I loved that Carter Burwell seemed to incorporate a bit of the musical score from each of the previous movies here, and the powerful crescendos and dynamic music helped differentiate this movie from the rest, and gave it more of an epic feel from the start.

Wardrobe, Hair, and Make-up~ I loved everyone's hair, make-up, and wardrobe, and can't really find anything to nitpick in this department. Kristen looked especially gorgeous as VampBella and they used just the right amount of makeup to gorgeously transform her by highlighting her eyes and cheekbones. I loved Bella's outfits as well....a lot of leggings, pretty, fitted shirts and jackets....fashionable, yet still inherently “Bella”. She looked petite, but strong and powerful....if that makes any sense.

Cottage Scene~ I agree with Jaclyn's assessment. I loved the tenderness, passion, and emotional intensity that was subtly portrayed, and preferred seeing these scenes instead of a growling, more carnal VampBella throwing Edward against the wall, as we've read about so often in fanfiction. We saw more close-ups, some seriously intense facial expressions, and a greater amount of skin in these scenes than Isle Esme.....and boy, do these two sizzle in PG-13 love scenes. :swoon:

Bella/Charlie~ I've always thought Kristen and Billy shared a wondeful rapport, and loved their interaction in the reunion scene. Billy Burke knocked it out of the park, as we knew he would. I know most of us have agreed that the Cullens and Jacob would never have left Bella alone in the room with Charlie the first time, but then we would have missed out on some of the emotion and poignancy displayed in thise powerful and tender scene. I've always wondered what Charlie really thought happened to Bella, and when Billy Burke said, ”You look like my daughter.....but don't.... :( ” or something along those lines.....he just about broke my heart as he struggled helplessly to deal with and accept the situation.

Funny Moments~ I was surprised there were so many funny moments and one-liners sprinkled throughout, but think they were a refreshing way to balance the heavy, emotional scenes in the final third of the movie. Edward laughing while Bella ripped Jacob a new one for imprinting on their infant daughter, Bella and Emmett arm wrestling, Jacob phasing in front of Charlie, and the Cullens teaching Bella to “be human” were just a few of the laugh-out-loud moments enjoyed by most of the audience.

Happy Edward~ Watching Rob's portrayal of a happy, joyful, and carefree Edward was well worth the price of admission, and something we had all been wanting to see a little more of, for quite some time. Seeing Edward smile and laugh freely as he interacted with his wife, daughter, and family.....I was dazzled, every time. :D

Jacob and the Imprinting~ I thought this was portayed onscreen about as well as could be expected. As Jaclyn said, I found myself actually liking Jacob in this movie! :lol: Thankfully Melissa Rosenberg didn't try to elevate Jacob's role above Edward's and relegate Edward to the back burner as I had feared. I think Taylor is at his best during these subtle comedic moments and he played them off quite nicely....taking his clothes off in front of Charlie before phasing, interacting with the other vampires... “There's a lot of red eyes in the room,” calling the Romanian vampires “creepy” (a cute moment that reminded me of early New Moon Jake/Bella interaction). I loved Jacob's line, “Should I call you Dad??" as well as Edward's response, and was so glad this was changed from the rather cheesy line in the book when Edward referred to Jacob as “Son," prior to the battle scene.

Little Things~ When Bella first woke up following her transformation, I loved the way she tentatively touched Edward and ran her fingers up his arms and shoulders and inhaled his scent, almost as if she were testing out her heightened senses. I know I would have....were I in her shoes. 8-)

I was thrilled to see the extra screen time and additional and noteworthy lines given to every member of the Cullen family. Even Emmett was given more to do than just stand around in the background leering or smirking..... I loved the arm wrestling scene, and nearly lost it when Emmett valiantly walked across the field with Bella and Renesmee to meet Aro. :(

When Edward thanked Carlisle for “this extraordinary life”...... :(

Michael Sheen~ He's quite the scene stealer as Aro here, as usual. Obviously he's probably well compensated for his performances in these movies, but I appreciate the fact that such a talented and celebrated actor of his caliber seems to enjoy portraying this delusional and bizarre character, and makes the most of every scene.

The Battle Scene~ As disturbing as it was to see Carlisle's and Jasper's “demise”, I found the following just as heartbreaking.....Irina's apology to her family and the Cullens, and her resignation to her fate; Garrett holding back Kate after Irina's death, Jacob leaving with Renesmee, seeing Seth die, Leah's subsequent mournful howl after Seth's death, Jacob's response after "hearing" about Seth--Renesmee calling out to Jacob was the only thing that kept him going; Leah sacrificing herself to save Esme, and Sam's vengeful response to Leah's death. As many of you have said, it was just as difficult to watch the battle during a second viewing, in spite of knowing what to expect; and I was more emotional this time, versus being completely shocked and stunned, the first time.

The Ending~ I loved it all! Alice's vision of a happy and content Renesmee, Jacob, Edward, and Bella was perfect as it was, and not too over the top, as scenes of a future Jacob/Renesmee wedding might have been. I'm so happy they moved the final scene out of the cottage and into Bella and Edward's meadow, and as soon as I heard the first notes of “A Thousand Years,” I was a goner. The carefully chosen impactful scenes for the montage of Bella's memories couldn't have been set to more perfect lyrics, and I don't even want to think about how many times I'll rewatch this on my DVD in a few months time. Giving credit to every significant cast member from all the movies was such a nice touch, and gave us a chance to remember and honor each and every one of them, and to say goodbye. Finally, when they interspersed Stephenie's actual text from the books with the final scene, and pictures of Jacob, Edward, and Bella....what a brilliant way to end it all.....reminding us where it all began. "Here come the waterworks," as my daughter always says to me when she knows something will make me cry. ;) Thank you to Stephenie Meyer and Bill Condon and even Melissa Rosenberg for this amazing adaptation, and I can't imagine a more fitting way to end this wonderful Saga.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by marielle »

Good morning all!!!

Did you all see that interview with Rob about Mission Blacklist? He wants to shoot in Iraq!!! That guy is insane…there is no way he is allowed to go to Iraq… too dangerous..

Kayla, thank you for having the threads together again…I was a bit confused but I found your post. How relieved were you with the movie? Your theory from Chicago had me very scared…
Sprakling mod wand??????? I was thinking sparkling lollipop… or something else sparkly… ;)

Paula, I haven’t heard any reactions to the ending of Jacob and Renesmee… it’s like most people just except it like it is.

Jaclyn, I would love to do a secret santa but sadly I don’t think I’ll be online much during or before Christmas with the move and everything. I’m not even sure if I’ll have internet access. If you all are going to do it I’m in but you’ll have to excuse this santa if the gift comes in a day or two late…
I thought the same about Benjamin being able to control fire… he would be the only really immortal vampire..

Austin, aww man I feel for you. You much have the patience of an angel with your wife. I think I would have snapped already.
I don’t know why we get to see big movie releases before the US or the rest of the world. It was the same with the HP releases and I think it will also be the same with the Hobbit. I think it makes up for the lack of fan events and red carpets we have here. I mean there has never been a fan event by the twilight or HP cast here. So having an early release makes up for that a bit.

Aww, Tonise, it’s okay… We all still have issues with the movie. And I share your withdrawal issues. I’m trying to make excuses to see it again as well.

Grayce, I have been thinking about Marcus’s comment as well. I just can’t find an explanation. The most logical is that he is referring to being a vampire but maybe SM is throwing us off…

Desiree, stomach flu is not feeling well, having cramps and your body not really accepting food. Most of my colleagues had it and couldn’t eat for a few days because everything would come out again. Because I got the flu shot it’s less worse for me but my body is still having issues with food and I’m really tired…but today I’m feeling better…
No I haven’t found the necklace yet. There is one site where you can order it but the site doesn’t work correctly so I do not trust it. Maybe if I get an end of the year bones from work I’ll order it in the US.

Sarah, did you ever read the leaked part of the book-that-must-not-be-named? I guess you didn’t if you ask if the Cullen’s talked about killing Bella. But in that leaked part they have a discussion about what to do with Bella after Edward saves her from the van. Certain members were afraid of the volturi and wanted to solve the issue…

Tracy, I agree with your thoughts on the movie. I too loved the scene where Garret is holding Kate back. It’s just like in the book. He really does care about her.
I had a question, a while ago you mentioned a fantasy book about a girl and being able to see shadow people or something like that. I can’t find your post again in the closed thread but I wonder if you remember which book that was?

Alright time to focus on work.
See you all later.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

GrayceM wrote:After the battle, Nahuel has come out and Aro asks him at what his diet was like. "Blood, human food. I can survive on either." Marcus looks at Aro and says, "These children are much like we are" or he may say "like us" but then of course Caius interrupts with his comments about the wolves and everything moves right along...
Does this mean that Marcus, Caius and Aro were/are similar to the hybrids or does he think Nahuel and Ness are just like vampires instead of the immortal children?
Grayce - That was in the book, and in context, I believe it referred to the similarities between vampire hybrids and vampires themselves, as you point out, and also the necessity for secrecy. That was Aro's big driving force when it came to the reason they should continue to pursue Renesmee, even when they realised she was not an immortal child. She was an unknown quantity - they couldn't be sure that she would remain secret enough to preserve their edict that no human knows about vampires. However, the revelation that Nahuel can drink blood and not age shows enough similarities that would make the need for secret paramount amongst hybrids (it also proved that Nahuel had been able to remain hidden from the human population).

Sean - that's a shame.

Sarah - have you read the Midnight Sun draft on SM's website? Some people don't want to read it, I know, but it does describe in full this very scene. I won't post the details here, because some people object to seeing details about Midnight Sun, as it hasn't been officially released, but you can find the draft on SM's website and read it yourself.

Tracy - I liked your take on BD Pt 2! It seems I'm one of the few who didn't like the cottage scene. I'll see if my opinion changes when I see it again on Thursday.

marielle - they are shooting in Iraq. The director's already scouted the locations. They're shooting in Saddam Hussein's old palace, apparently.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by twilightsagaaddict »

'I just wanted to introduce myself...I'm Edward Cullen...'
Sorry, got carried away :lol: . I did want to introduce myself to all of our new members - I'm Sandy, and its been forever and a day since I've been back here (except on the Spoiler thread the other day). Real life has completely bogged me down this past year, however, after seeing BD2, I realized how much I missed all of you, how special our bond has been because of this amazing saga, and how, no matter how long we've been away, the HH door is always open. (and I thank the gods for our FB page so I could keep the thread that connected us alive!).

I've seen the movie 2x now, and am hoping for a 3rd viewing over the next day or 2. The 2nd time through was almost as hard as the first - even though I knew what was coming, it was still so difficult to watch. And, I totally broke down during the Meadow Scene at the end - I think I was just too overwhelmed the first time through to really appreciate it.

Bill Condon & Melissa Rosenberg (as much as I hate to add her here ;) ) deserve soooo much credit in giving us such an incredible ending to our Saga. They/she finally realized what it was the fandom was yearning for, and nailed it. Were there some plot lines that may not have been canon (ie - Alice being able to see the wolves future), sure, but within the scope of the movie, it really didn't matter to me since they were able to make it work.

I'm one of the ones reading new fanfic (new to me) and will probably restart the Series again, because I just don't want it to end. As I posted on FB, no matter how many times I have read the books (or seen the movies) every time I reread them I get that same pull I did the first time I read them; and I smile at the small, intimate details that only the books can provide. :)

laters! 8-)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by corona »

Tornado wrote:Sarah - have you read the Midnight Sun draft on SM's website? Some people don't want to read it, I know, but it does describe in full this very scene. I won't post the details here, because some people object to seeing details about Midnight Sun, as it hasn't been officially released, but you can find the draft on SM's website and read it yourself.
I'll second that. Read it. We have no guarantee the full story will be written anyway, or it may come out years from now.

A number of TW mysteries are solved in MS, and it's a great read as well.
"It will take an amazing amount of control,” she mused. “More even than Carlisle has. He may be just strong enough…the only thing he’s not strong enough to do is stay away from her. That’s a lost cause.”
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by twilightsagaaddict »

corona wrote:
Tornado wrote:Sarah - have you read the Midnight Sun draft on SM's website? Some people don't want to read it, I know, but it does describe in full this very scene. I won't post the details here, because some people object to seeing details about Midnight Sun, as it hasn't been officially released, but you can find the draft on SM's website and read it yourself.
I'll second that. Read it. We have no guarantee the full story will be written anyway, or it may come out years from now.

A number of TW mysteries are solved in MS, and it's a great read as well.
Agreed! (although, be prepared ~ it'll leave you wanting more, and begging her to finish it ;) )
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by GrayceM »

Hey siblings! Is it Friday yet? Seeing BD 2 three times this weekend has honestly left me a little stressed. It's still not easy watching that scene and even Edward's "thank you" to Carlisle makes the look on his face during the final almost more excruciating to see. The shock! :shock: Still leaves me breathless.

I wasn’t completely sure I would get to go to my 3rd viewing until after work yesterday. Tried all day long to figure out how I could work it out. The youngest came up with his mother and stayed the night with us, so I met him and the husband at a restaurant to eat and then he and I rode to the theater. I’m sure the husband appreciated a few hours to himself at home. I’m used to being there before anyone gets home so it was probably a nice change of pace. Although I got home about 15 min before my usual bedtime and that means no rest for the weary. That's why I stayed up and posted on here. I have trouble sleeping normally and take Rx every night, but normally I take it at 9 so by 11 or so, I'm ready to sleep.
Both boys will be at their mother’s for the rest of the week so the husband and I will get some time alone. First time in since summer, but I’m not going to complain. This time next year we could have one in the Navy and the other may still be at his mom’s…he’s still struggling with it. He hates it down there and said that he realizes now he only moved so she wouldn’t feel alone. We originally told him that he has to finish out the school year but as many times as he's called crying, we told him yesterday that if he wanted to move back during Christmas break, like before New Years, he'd have to convince his mother. I'm not sure at all he'll be able to convince her or even talk to her about it. I was hoping by now, he'd be alright but he seems to be getting worse.

I didn’t see “The Host” trailer at either theater. I was sort of surprised at that, but I saw it on YouTube. I’ll admit that after reading Twilight Saga it was difficult to get into this book. If I’m being honest, it was difficult to read any story after that for a while. I had to read them all four back to back twice through before I could even stand to pick up something else and before I read the first one, I was in the middle of another series that I still haven’t gone back to…The trailer made it look like a movie I would really like, so I may have to read it again too.

There were several other trailers that looked promising, so here’s my upcoming movie reviews:
Red Dawn” absolutely! I loved the original! It had a lot of big names, though the acting seems a bit cheesy now; Patrick Swayze, C. Thomas Howell, Jennifer Grey, Charlie Sheen, Lea Thompson. I think they may have been waiting on a country to use that would not only be believable for the use of technology and warfare, but also where we didn’t have an embassy. It’s unlikely that N. Korea will ever see this movie but then again, I thought the same thing about the Soviet Union.
I remember having a foreign exchange student at our school from Minsk my senior year and this movie was on. It was difficult to explain the entire concept to her, but really opened my eyes to how good we have it here. There was an entire busload of students that all came to NC to attend our schools for two weeks. It was an experience I will never forget. The girl at our school, Nastia, cried when my parents and I took her to the grocery store. And then I cried when she told me it had been 3 years since she had seen a banana. We bought her all kinds of stuff to take home with her, and at that time there were long bread lines in Russia. I’m about to cry right now thinking about it. I’ve never known hunger or cold like that. Of the times that I have “suffered”, the majority was my own stubborn ego, not because of shortages. Sometimes I had to choose whether to put gas in my car or eat lunch and most of the time, I would forgo the food but it was never because there I didn't have any option. I was too proud to ask my parents for help when I moved out at 19 and bound and determined to make it on my own. Boy, was I stupid... :blush:
Anyway, I think “Red Dawn” will be good!

Oz” another absolutely! This looked to be the story of the wizard and his adventures in Oz long before Dorothy set out on the yellow brick road. The CGI and everything looked amazing!

The Hobbit”, I’m in on that too. While I didn’t see Orlando in the trailer, I was glad they had so many returning characters. It makes it seem like coming home.

Parental Guidance” probably a yes, but may not go to the theater for it. I can’t believe how old Marisa Tomei looked in this trailer. But then, I guess she is in her late 40’s. You can definitely tell she hasn’t had any work done! Sad thing when those are the ones you notice. Billy Crystal and Bette Midler

Did anyone else in the US see the commercial or whatever with the dolphin and Megan Fox? Wth was that? :? Is it a movie, was it really just a computer commercial? Any thoughts?

Caryn - Was it the tent from Eclipse at the bonfire that made you giggle? All the posts are shuffled now and I can’t find your answer.

Desiree – I don’t think Ness can change Jake into a hybrid. Ness isn’t venomous since the book says she bites Jake all the time. Nahuel was the one to change his aunt but says his sisters are not venomous either. It seems like Carlisle mentions that maybe it’s only the male hybrids. Plus, I think they also mentioned that the venom is poison to the wolves and will kill them. Seems redundant though doesn’t it because it kills humans too but, I think it was meant that it wouldn’t transform them into something it would just literally kill them.

Jaclyn – I missed the sparkle too. I mentioned that about the first part as well. I mean, true you don’t want sparkling vampires at a wedding (wouldn’t that have been spectacular to see though!) but on a tropical island? Come on…little sparkle for the fans wouldn’t have hurt.

Sean – I hate for you not to see the movie and here we’re all talking about it. I’d be willing to buy you a gift card to use for two tickets if you could find a way. Hell, if I lived close enough, I’d even swing by and drive you myself. I know what you mean about going to theaters. There’s always someone talking, sitting in front of me (unless I go to the big theater with stadium seating) so I have to lean the whole time to see around them, pulls out their cell phone so the light distracts me or sits right next to me and smells like gym sock. I’m not big on crowds or people in general. I’d much rather be at home with the DVD or Blu-Ray, so I can pause and have a break when necessary. I all but stopped going to the theater for many years because it kills my knees and back to sit for so long. But as I told Susan, when you go to a Twilight movie, you are never without friends and are never alone. Even sitting right next to a complete stranger, I didn’t feel strange at all when she started talking to me and even grabbed my arm once. She apologized when everyone caught their breath later, but I didn’t care. It was a natural reaction to reach out and had I not been holding onto the edge of my seat probably would have done the same thing.

Sarah – I read MS several times simply to get a better feel of Edward in my mind. It does explain that fight though it ends right before the meadow scene. If SM isn’t going to finish it, then I didn’t see any harm in reading what she posted. I didn’t come to the Twi-verse until the first movie was out. I’d heard about it but the oldest told me he hadn’t read it because it was a “chick thing”. I was in the middle of another series at the time and didn’t get to it. I absolutely loved MS though. That is the movie I want to see! There was a video on YouTube, may still be, that someone did a 6 part series using the words from MS and pictures/scenes from Twilight. It was amazing! If you get a chance to read it, please do! And if you’re interested, the YouTube name was darksoulvamp. If you do read it, you'll need to watch Robert's performance in Twilight again. He tries very hard to put all of Edward's emotions and conflictions into the role so much so that I think they had to tell him to lighten up. I think because once he's admitted he's in love with her, he's almost giddy.
The fight he has with Jasper and Rosalie after he saves Bella is because they are trying to convince him it’s necessary to kill her. Rosalie doesn’t want to move again and Alice tells him that she doesn’t think he can leave now. That’s actually when everyone realizes that he’s falling for her, including himself. Read the line that corona (Austin) has under his post. That’s from MS and explains some, what Alice knew before anyone else.
The husband and the boys didn’t think twice about Jacob and Ness…either they didn’t think about it or just assumed that there was some way it would work. Maybe they thought that scene was only about 8 years later and Jacob wouldn’t really have changed all that much but Ness would be full grown by then. Of course, E & B wouldn’t have changed either… Maybe they think the general public and non-readers will just think she'll be full grown in 6 1/2 more years so it wouldn't be that far in the future. Ness asks Bella if they will all be together now and she answers yes, then Alice has a vision of them, just a few years later and they are all together, unchanged and happy.

Tracy - I especially liked that they showed more of him for the love scenes. For the honeymoon, they showed her eyes, her lips…but that was all about Bella having a human honeymoon. I think for the cottage love scenes they were trying to make it more about her focus is on him and her new vision of him.

Awww, Tonise, it’ll all be okay DearHeart! We're all going through withdrawals. It does feel sort of desolate and like everyone is moving on at times, but I’m still explaining stuff to the husband and boys since they leave all that “research” up to me. I know that when the DVD’s come out I’ll be back on here to check what everyone else can get. We still have the FB page and here, if they leave the Lex up. Rob’s bound to do more spectacular things in the future so Rob’s Halfway House can’t just disappear. Guess that’s why we aren't Edward’s HH :lol:
…and they’ve been discussing all the other projects these actors are involved with throughout the saga so I think it could continue for a while.
How was your test?

Austin – I think the moments that Bella showed Edward were the defining moments of their relationship progression. There is only one moment like that in EC that I can think of that would/should have made the memory list, but it was a much bigger deal for some of us and for Edward than it was for Bella. That’s the proposal. I can understand why SM would leave that out since Bella didn’t think of that as a milestone but more of a formality. Maybe there's another reason... :unsure:

It sounds like your wife was truly testing you at least on Aro’s name. The youngest overheard someone at his school yesterday talking about the movie so when I asked if he would have time for us to go see it he said, “Someone at school already ruined it for me. I know Carmichael dies.” I’m searching through my mind for who he could possibly be talking about and did I mention to him we were going to see BD part 2. Maybe he’s thinking of another movie altogether. I didn’t want him thinking we’re going to see something else and be disappointed. It finally hit me who he was talking about and then I couldn't even correct him because I couldn't tell him anything!!

Marielle – hope you’re feeling better. It was so late when I got home last night I only had time to post my comment about the hybrid thing. I haven’t seen anything about Rob’s new movie. Where did you find that?

Tracy - I agree with you about the every member of the family having a bigger role. Instead of focusing on one or the other, they were all there with their input. Of course, this is the first addition to the family since Emmett so I can see why they’d all want to be there for the “firsts” of most of that stuff. Garret was one of my favorites in the book and Lee Pace just nailed it. “The red coats are coming…” Everyone cracked up at that…
I especially liked MyAnna’s line when she and Kate are blinded. “Gimme my sight back”. That’s exactly how I pictured her saying it!

Nice to meet you Sandy!

All the funny moments are what made them seem more comfortable in their characters to me. OH! I can’t wait to see the extended and/or deleted scenes…*crosses fingers* BC won’t disappoint a second time! I want to see all of it. Deleted scenes, extended scenes, even bloopers or gag reels for both Part 1 & 2. I thought the “journey” and the wedding video was great for the first one, but come on…we want to see when those goofball moments. Especially during the honeymoon! :beg:

On Marcus’ comment, maybe I’m over-thinking it but he seemingly said it more quietly directly to Aro rather than directing it towards the group gathered there. He didn’t even seem to be telling Caius but rather pointing it out to Aro. He doesn’t speak often on any subject so this seemed to be a remarkable concept for him to comment on. Especially because no one other than Aro, Edward and Alice knew what we all just witnessed as a possible outcome.

Lynn – That was in the book!?! Uh oh…another read coming up shortly. I haven’t quite finished with the last fanfic I’m reading but it hasn’t gotten to that part yet. I’ll look it up later.

Got to get back to work now. Talk to ya'll later.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

Morning all!

I am definitely going to be able to see BD Pt 2 again on Thursday! Woohoo! It will be interesting to see what I think the second time around.

I'm off to work for Rochelle today. She sent me a few new fonts the other day, but I didn't really like any of them. We're going to try and sort out the font situation today, so hopefully, by the end of the day, I will have another book cover to show you.

Austin and Sandy - Oh, what I wouldn't give for her to finish it! But I don't think there's a hope for at least the next five years.

Grayce - yes, it was in the book. Sometimes it's hard to remember what was where ...