Rob's Halfway House #11

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Edwards Wheels »

Flying visit, and I promise to pop in tomorrow to give my full views on the finale…yup, I visited the cinema tonight.
Considering it's been open for 2-3 weeks the theatre was pretty full which wasn't great for comfort but made a fab atmosphere…lots of oohing and ahhing, me trying very hard to not give anything away to my friend who I went with, me chuckling away at her reaction to the film and me also nearly wetting myself when she dropped her coke over herself right at the start of the film and swearing quite loudly then apologising for her language.
Anyway, a couple of things I noticed about the film are… since bella became immortal she got a few sets of false eyelashes, and has amazing make up. Jacob was tolerable, and the same as everyone else said, bella being alone with Charlie.
I'll put my thoughts into better words tomorrow. Hope you're all good?
Take care x

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by VirginiaMay »

Tornado wrote: Ginnie - good to see you back! It's nice to hear your take on BD Pt 2. I wish I could justify seeing it that many times in the cinema.
Well... I have to admit, with the exception of the first one, they've all been the 10am showing. The $6 ticket price is the only reason I managed it. That, and an AMC Stubs reward, which meant I got one free ticket. But, um... two of those viewings may have been that torrent I was talking about. :blush: I'm not proud of it, but once the dang thing was playing in my house, it was a little difficult to resist watching. I DID NOT HIT THE PLAY BUTTON THOUGH! I wasn't even in the room when it was put on, I just sort of... gravitated there as if pulled by an invisible force.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone.

For those of you who wanted to know how my day went, I overslept and missed a half hour of work, but at least I did get some meaningful stuff done. I then got some grocery stuff, and a Bumble for my mom (anyone who's seen the one Rudolph Christmas cartoon will know what the Bumble is). All and all, a decent day at least, and I'll be damned happy to put this week behind me and get back to normal.

And I know that I've been advised to check out the science thread here, but I'd like some opinions on this. I know that I'll probably ask this question again at a later point, but could someone school me a bit on vampire physiology in the Twilight Saga. Is vampire venom thicker than normal blood? It's a question for my fan fic, for a plot element concerning the acidity of vampire venom and the Guyver armor and the venom's effect on some creatures as a weapon, since it's acidic and flammable--anyone say "flamethrower" anyone?

At least this weekend features decent weather and I can sit up in bed at night and read.

I'm not an insane fan of Christmas Carols being constantly put on the radio (they started on the station that I like to listen to the night after Thanksgiving), but here's one major exception. I hope you enjoy:

I've always like Mariah Carey as a singer and songwriter, and this is one of my favorite songs of hers. And it's better than some of the humorous Christmas songs I listen to. Just consider the names Eric Idle and Denis Leary, you get the picture. At least this is an upbeat piece without resorting to being a cluster-F bomb. So at least I'm in the holiday spirit.

And It reinforces my deal about if you have family and friends, that's all you really need this time of year, and don't sweat the small stuff too much.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by smitten_by_twilight »

Hello siblings! Another busy day at work. Scored 3 perfect dolls for triplets, including one I had to bid for on EBay.

Caryn - Always nice to see you here. Reminded hubby boy of your hub's offer to help other Twilight husbands today. We'll see ... hubby seems to be struggling with this more over time rather than less. But we had a good and productive conversation today. About the fire: It's a possible theory, and others have indicated thinking they are less externally flammable than I suggest. Even in canon vampires sometimes enjoy fires; Alice lays a fire in the cottage the first night, Bella warms her hands over a fire before her second meeting with Jenks. But it doesn't work for me. In order for vampire bodies to move and bend, there has to be venom between the cells, lubricating their slip and slide. Including the cells of the skin. Thus trace amounts of venom on the surface of the skin. I'm not going to protest the movie or anything, but I still don't buy it.

Ginnie - Hi honey! Are you enjoying the bookstore work? I worked in a library once ... not exciting but nice to be surrounded by books and people who like them. Luffs!

Lynne - Yes, really easy to miss problems in your own work, and autocorrect makes as many problems as it solves. I keep looking back and noticing that the computer has changed my words! Glad Harry is better, of course. Your Christmas tree looks beautiful.

Marielle - I hope you feel better! Houses are always a pain, but better than the alternative. I'm very pro-pet for kids, but hubby boy has early childhood pet trauma - his dad took away a family dog after giving it to hubby's older brother - hubby was only 7 at the time so didn't understand clearly but was very upset. I would have loved a bigger dog, big enough to run around the neighborhood with my son a few years ago, but hubby thinks a toy will be less difficult to care for. Our cat is a relatively small cat who has lived with a small dog in the past, and is a little older so fairly calm now.

Sarah - Hubby boy brought up the puppy idea to the kids, which is like a match to a tanker truck, so maybe we will have a puppy at some point! I love cats but I've always advocated a dog for the kids to play with, it's funny that it's taken us a tortoise, lots of fish, carnivorous plants, and a cat to get to it.

Hi Jaclyn, Desiree, Sean!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Amanda Beth »

Caryn and Brenda - Not sure if this is a stretch, but Benjamin's power would allow him to control the fire so it stays just on his finger tips. Perhaps if he allowed it, it would spread to his palms too (Uh, fireballs? COOL). As for why his finger tips still wouldn't burn -- My first thought is that they are "flame retardent" as a part of his power. I see it the same way as how Kate doesn't get electrocuted when the electricity is running through her -- she's a conduite for it, built to be the lightning rod, and therefore protected against it. Next, if there was really enough venom on the surface of their skin to catch fire, then they wouldn't be able to have ANY contact with the werewolves since it's poison to them, even if its a minor reaction more like an allergy. I'm sure there has been open werewolf flesh to vampire skin contact at least once, and it was never a problem.

But I guess we shouldn't waste too many brain cells on figuring out why a fictional character in a fictional world can or can't do something though. Especially since it's 230am and I need to be up in a few hours. lol.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by marielle »

Hey Sisters and Brothers...

How is your weekend going?

As promised I'll explain my break down... Now I have spoken about it with my best friend I'm in a much better place about it and am able to talk about it without freaking out... :rant:
To explain it all you all first need to understand that our current house was bought in a plan that ensures the project developer is obliged to buy the house back from you. We knew that and that is why we are able to move house in this climate. A few of our neighbors did it and they were very positive about it. They all said the offers were okay.
Also with that deal would we contact them that we wanted to sell our house it would take only 3 months before you had to be out of the house.
So when we started with our new house we waited till we were sure the mortgage was arranged before offering our own house to the developer. However last week we heard that they needed the selling contract of our current house before we get the money for the new one... no need to say that it cause a lot of stress... but we had started the process and could switch quickly.
Thursday we got back the offer... which turned out to be massively lower than expected.... with the short amount of time we have to hand over the selling contract we don't get a chance to have an other evaluation and see if we can get it higher..
This whole stupid thing left us with two options, either scramble together 30.000 euros and buy the new house, or pull out of the contract and take a 10% fine on the new house... (which is about the same amount)..
I'm sure you all understand that I was broken... I couldn't do it anymore... I had enough.. I cried the whole evening and hated it. :rant:

Now after some calculations we are pretty sure that it is manageable but still it doesn't help the mood...
Amanda Beth wrote:Caryn and Brenda - Not sure if this is a stretch, but Benjamin's power would allow him to control the fire so it stays just on his finger tips. Perhaps if he allowed it, it would spread to his palms too (Uh, fireballs? COOL). As for why his finger tips still wouldn't burn -- My first thought is that they are "flame retardent" as a part of his power.
I have been wondering about this as well... with Benjamin able to control fire it would make him the unbeatable vampire. because they wouldn't be able to burn him... I kind of like that because I totally fell in love with Benjamin... he is so cute...
smitten_by_twilight wrote:I would have loved a bigger dog, big enough to run around the neighborhood with my son a few years ago, but hubby thinks a toy will be less difficult to care for.
I can help him out of that dream... small dogs, especially terriers are very difficult to train them and make them listen... they have their ears for show.. they need much more attention, care and training than a labrador or a Golden retriever... besides that Terriers aren't always the most friendliest of dogs if they are't trained properly. They can get aggressive quickly if they are let loose...In general the bigger dogs like retrievers, collie's etc are much easier to take care off. They are bread to listen, to be trained and serve humans...
Jazz Girl wrote:Hollywood, as we've seen, is vicious. They delight in building up to tear down.
I know, I wouldn't survive there for long... I think Rob and Kris will be much happier with a little cottage on the Isle of Wright...

Okay, sorry for the lack of proper replies but it's time for making dinner...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Edwards Wheels »

As promised, here are my thoughts on breaking dawn pt 2......
If I didn't already know that Bella would be in pain from her thirst to be honest I wouldn't really have known while watching the film. I know Edward tells jacob that when Charlie visits that she would be, but otherwise there's no indication that she has such a burning thirst.
The film skirts over her adjusting to her new life so quickly. I loved the idea of the family being stood around waiting for her to open her eyes, Alice saying "she'll open her eyes in 30 seconds", and then Bella's reaction to Edward when she first opens her eyes
. Edit: why didn't they show Bella in the ridiculous dress and high heels that Alice had dressed her in? I'd've loved to have seen her fear of her awkwardness. She managed to jump without any hesitation, any thought of would she be able to do anything that the others were capable of. :end of edit
Like i said it made me chuckle that because Bella has become immortal she suddenly has 3-4 sets of false eyelashes on :lol:
The 'fight' scene was hysterical for me as I knew the twist, so was half watching the film, half watching people's certainly did the trick and fooled all of those that hadn't read the book. The Romanians just weren't right for me...I can't put my finger on what it was that seemed wrong, but something there was wrong. I wish we'd been able to hear more from each of the visiting vampires and finding out about their gifts.. Like Maggie and her gift for knowing when she is being lied to etc.
This is probably the first Twilight film where I didn't really notice the music, maybe I was too engrossed to realise.
I loved the film, although I also felt quite sad :cry: that we wouldn't be waiting for a new one, waiting to see what MR had done to the story we love, :banghead: :rant: would it be easy to forgive her this time? I explained to my friend that it is best to see the films first, then read the books as you'll be less disappointed with the story then if you knew the books and saw what MR had done.
Quite chuffed that there wasn't too much of the wolves as for me they're meh. They're part of the story yes, but the less of them the better for me personally.
I think I'll have to wait until it comes out on dvd before I watch it again to start seeing some of the things you guys saw. I was fascinated to see what it was during the tent scene though? I can't justify paying to go and see it at the cinema again, so maybe it'll be out just in time for my birthday in march? :clap:
Overall I did thoroughly enjoy the film, I know my post sounds like I'm having a go at everything, but even with the twist I think this was probably the best film.
Anyway, Hi to all the new guys/gals, hi to Marielle, Suzie, Desiree, Caryn, Ginnie etc etc and everyone else that I haven't mentioned.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by TwilightFan87 »

Marielle- that's definitely stressful :( especially around the holidays, ack! DIY projects can be fun..we're still in a apartment so I haven't gotten a chance to do any of that beyond putting together some furniture :)

Brenda- that's a lot of animals, how cool :) I grew up like that too! Puppies are fun :) Jason is still deciding when I'm allowed to get a kitten :)

Lynne- It's fun that it's finally Christmas time! It's my favorite time of year :)

I'm working most of the weekend again but it's fun for me- I really like helping people finding gifts!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

Morning all!

We've got a few bits and pieces to do today. We're hoping to get rid of some old tables we don't want anymore. Not much more on than that, though!

Mel - Yes, I think all of us raised our eyebrows over Bella being left alone with Charlie. glad to read your take on BD 2. It is sad to think that there will be no more. :(

Ginnie - one of my screenings was at that time, too. But I don't have the time to go again! :(

Sean - I've been answering that one on FB, so I think I'll let my answers there speak for me.

Brenda - It is a different kind of venom, though, so maybe it's only flammable in large quantities, rather than in the amounts it would be across the surface of the skin, which is more of a diamond consistency than human skin. You know, if you want a small dog, you should try a Cocker Spaniel. They are lovely and great with kids. Very gentle.

Amanda Beth - you know, it's interesting to speculate if Benjamin could ever be killed at all. The book makes it clear he can control fire. I guess it depends how his ability works. Can he control it even if his head is detached from his body? Could he command it to stop burning him? Maybe he could.

marielle - I'm sorry to hear all the stuff with your house has become so stressful. That does sound like a bit of a mess. Has it been sorted out?

Sarah - yes, I love Christmas too!
Amanda Beth
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Amanda Beth »

Lynne - If his head is detached I'd say no, he wouldn't have his powers still, but I'd think if any vamp got close to him he could just shoot fire at them.