Rob's Halfway House #11

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Jazz Girl »

*ducks into the House, notices all the posts she's missed, hangs head in shame*

I haven't time for anything more than a driveby at the moment. But, I wanted y'all to know that I am thinking about you. I'm hoping to have time to post this evening.

*mimes great big group hug for everyone*

*dashes back out the door*
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Songbird »

Hey, Siblings!! I've missed you!!! It has been one LONG week. But, birthday celebrations for Mr. Man are finally over. He got to bring his treats to school this morning, as today is his actual birthday, and that was the last thing. Whew. Now I get to start baking for MY birthday. It looks like I'll be working next Monday and Tuesday, so I have to bring something to work with me to share. Well, I guess it's not technically required, though it is pretty standard practice. And Tuesday of course I have choir, same thing. So I am making zucchini bread and truffles, both of which can go in the freezer so I can do them in advance and not have to rush since I'll be at my in-laws' the whole weekend and won't get to bake there. I'm so sorry that I've missed SOOO much and I don't think I can completely catch up, so I'll do what I can to remember the things that have been posted because I have been checking in.

Suzan, don't listen to that woman. For one, some people don't interview can't always tell from one conversation what a person is capable of. People often think I am a complete ditz because I'm very smiley and "perky"...they are often surprised to hear that I was an honor student in school. For two, you weren't expecting an interview...just a get to know you thing, which is completely different. When you are caught off-guard, you are not at your best. And for three, you know what you want and you know better than she what you can do. I don't know about you, but I always find that when someone tells me I can't do something, it makes me want to prove them wrong. It makes me want it more. My dad thought my going to college would be a waste because I'm a girl and probably wouldn't be able to finish anyway...I not only went to school but finished in the top 10% of my class and graduated with honors. A teacher at the Dutch language school told me I didn't know enough to even bother taking any part of the placement exam but the speed test...I took it anyway and got placed in a high level group. Don't let someone tell you what you can't do. You can do whatever you want to if you want it bad enough. Well...maybe not grow wings...but barring self-flight, you can do it!

Marielle, I'm so sorry about the mortgage issues! Is that a Koopzeker mortgage? That's what we have and it sounded the same...we have to give them the chance to buy it back from us, and hubs says he thinks they are obligated to buy it back, but it would have to be fair market value for it....they can't just undercut, and then if there's a say you paid 125,000 for the house and you sell it back to them for 130,000, then you divide the 5000 profit. Was their offer significantly less than the appraisal said it was worth? Because I don't think they can do that.

Desiree, I have no idea which email you are talking about, so I guess -I- forgot...refresh my memory?

Susie, I am so jealous about you getting to go to the St. Olaf Christmas program. Who is directing there? Is it still Rene Clausen? He is amazing to work with and I have no doubt he gets great results. We watched the program on TV every year and it's always spectacular.

Lulu, that sounds like a great day! What was the Christmas concert like? Is it kind of a variety show where people audition with a selection of their own choice and they pick the best ones? Or is it a 700 piece ensemble that practices and performs together? I have never really enjoyed solo singing since elementary school due to some bad experiences with hecklers and bullies, but if it was an ensemble, that would be sooooo amazing to be part of should totally audition!!

Naterpie....I don't remember ever seeing your name before. New member or prodigal sister returned?? Welcome either way!

Sarah, I hope you slept well!

Jaclyn, do you like the snow? I love it, but most people here hate it. I think because it makes me nostalgic for home, it's something i enjoy. I wish it didn't have to be so cold though.

About Benjamin's fire....I was just thinking of this...if he can control fire, and in the movie, Jane throws Vascilli into the fire without dismembering him first...and in the book, I don't remember if they dismember Irina before Caius sets her on fire...but if they don't have to be in pieces first, wouldn't Benjamin just be able to send a wall of fire to descend on the volturi and just kill them all at once without having to even fight?

To everyone else, Hi! Now that the big birthday celebrations are done and I have everything cleaned up, I hope to get back here more often! Mr. Man now has swimming on Mondays, but maybe I can get on while the kids are at school.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by marielle »

Just a few quick replies.

Susan, yes it's the koop garant arrangement. Actually they are obliged to buy it back for the market price. If it's higher than you pain you divide the money fairly but if you loose money on it you divide it evenly as well.
With our apartments the prices has plummeted massively over the last year. So the loss is big as well.
You can disagree with them but the other option is bringing it on the market yourself, which is something that you rather not do because you'll only lose more money.
Songbird wrote:About Benjamin's fire....I was just thinking of this...if he can control fire, and in the movie, Jane throws Vascilli into the fire without dismembering him first...
I think this goes back to a fanfic I have read. it's a jasper/bella fanfic. In this fanfic the write described that vampire venom is actually the combustable part of a vampire. He will only burst into fire if his venom is leaked out of him. a whole vampire can only combust if the fire reaches his mouth or eyes.
I think that maybe MR and BC have been diving into fanfic more than we like to know.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Susan ~ For the forks info. I am emailing you right now. :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

Morning all!

I did all my correction on The Heir yesterday, but, now I'm going through the new file, I'm finding more. Fortunately, not as many! It's amazing how easy it is to miss things, especially bits here and there that have to be altered as a result of other changes in the editing process.

My boss, Rochelle, saw BD Pt2 on Sunday night. She loved it! She said, "I bet the battle wasn't in the book, was it?" I said no, and explained the canon problems we had with it. She hasn't read any of the books. I don't think she'd like them, so it's probably a good thing!

Naterpie - You bet! I'm dying to show it to my husband!

Jaclyn - yay for snow! Here in Brisbane today we're having the hottest December day we've had in 11 years.

Austin - yeah, it does seem a little problematic. I'd love to talk to SM about that.

Songbird - I'm glad Mr Man's birthday celebrations went well. They did dismember Irina. They tore her arms and head off. Even then, Benjamin should still have been able to stop the fire and they could have put her back together. But I guess that would spoil things!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by corona »

Songbird wrote:About Benjamin's fire....I was just thinking of this...if he can control fire, and in the movie, Jane throws Vascilli into the fire without dismembering him first...and in the book, I don't remember if they dismember Irina before Caius sets her on fire...but if they don't have to be in pieces first, wouldn't Benjamin just be able to send a wall of fire to descend on the volturi and just kill them all at once without having to even fight?
Bingo! My thoughts exactly. The child is thrown in the fire and WHOOMP! Up he goes. The same to Victoria. OK, she was leaking a little, but the entire body erupts into flames?

I think even the first TW movie had it repeated that the vamp must be torn to pieces first. By Eclipse it's just the head, and then by BD it's just toss the whole body in, they go up faster than a Duraflame log doused in kerosene.
"It will take an amazing amount of control,” she mused. “More even than Carlisle has. He may be just strong enough…the only thing he’s not strong enough to do is stay away from her. That’s a lost cause.”
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Amanda Beth »

I'm almost positive Victoria was decapitated but I haven't read the book in a while(didn't bring it when I moved). In BD they "surrounded" Irina and "in the same instant, a horrible metallic screeching ripped through the clearing" and then they started the fire. I always assumed they decapitated her. Throwing the kid into the fire was probably just a cinematic choice (because ripping the head off of a child is a bit much) or an oversight.

Benjamin's ability to control fire -- which is a very temperamental element -- may not be as advanced as we're giving him credit for. COULD he control an entire inferno? Not sure about that.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Susie »

First off, I’m very glad that I have so many pages to respond to, that the Halfway House has been busy just like the old days! Whoo hoo! Way to go, siblings!

The St. Olaf Christmas Fest was so beautiful. The only drawback was that they didn’t have candles at the end like they usually do. It really made a difference. That last song is so peaceful and the choirs are all spread out around the auditorium and usually the singers are each holding a candle. Not sure why they changed – must have been a fire marshal thing.

Report on Reader’s Reaction to my Memoir – She said she was amazed at how brave I was, going on all of those adventures and that it was a good lesson to her for her life right now because she often just assumes people aren’t interested in getting together with her if they don’t respond right away. She admired my perseverance. She said it was a very fun read. I was so emboldened by her reaction that I’ve given it to another person at work to read! (This is a hard copy because that’s what my first reader wanted.)

Naterpie– Welcome to the Halfway House!
The only requirement here is that you admire our hero, Robert Pattinson.

– I’m sorry you’ve had such a horrible start to the new job. Wow. I hope it is going much better now.

– Yep. You did the right thing getting a haircut! I think it is great that you’re writing again. Do you think I’d understand it, or is it necessary to understand animae? Sorry you’ve been feeling ill lately.

– I like The Office, but it often is much too cringe-worthy, too much like real life and it’s hard to watch. I love your enthusiasm for helping people find gifts at work. You have such a good attitude. You will be very busy in the coming weeks, though.

Suzan – I’m so sorry you had that horrible interview experience! Maybe the big picture purpose of that experience is that it solidifies your goal to do that work – it is making it even more important to you. You probably have this “I’ll show them!” attitude that will force you to come across stronger. That woman was sooooo insensitive and rude to you. If you still really want to do it – go for it. I do recommend that you check out a Toastmasters group. It’s an international organization and it’s geared to help people with speaking. There are people there who need tons of help and people who are already accomplished. I’m having so much fun in my group. Check out this book: QUIET The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking By Susan Cain It might make you feel better. Or the video
Keep me posted on any HHH Plans. Daughter Dear is doing well. She has lots of friends there and people taking care of her.

– Your son counted the number of sleeps until the Christmas tree? Now he’ll be counting sleeps until Christmas. Do you have an advent calendar? I got a cute German one this year – just a paper one – for me to enjoy, just me since my kids are both gone. It’s fun. That must have been very satisfying to add your own book title to the online cataloguing sites!! You must have had a proud smile on your face.

Ginnie – Awww! That was so sweet. We love having you come back! That’s great that you got a part time job at a bookstore – very fitting indeed. BD2 7-8 times? That must be a record for you, right? Good for you. Thank God for that 10am showing. I’ll pretend I didn’t hear about that other medium…

Songbird – Congrats on the successful birthday party. I saw the pics on facebook. Fun! The cake was beautiful. It sounds like your still overachieving in the kitchen again, though! The St. Olaf concert was all 5 choirs, which means 4 directors, and then the director of the orchestra. No Rene Clausen isn’t one of them. I think it is so cool that we have so many singers here at the HH – you, Lulu, Caryn, Tracy

Mel – How did you find out about the twist before you saw the movie? I’m glad you had fun watching other people’s reaction. Bella’s eyelashes. I suppose that is the easiest way to show how vampires are a more beautiful version of the human.

Caryn – I just wanted you to know that I could really feel that group hug you gave us. It’s better to pop in with a quickie than not show up at all. I love seeing that blue font….

– Love your take on the BD2 – Can’t put any coherent thoughts together to join in the discussion at the moment, though! Enjoy your new tablet. I don’t have one.

– Hooray for getting all of the finances settled for buying your new house! I can certainly understand why you were so upset. I would be too! That’s so nice of your parents to help out. Your question on my memoir – I’m three chapters away from HHCON. I’d love to see your pics. Ideas for publishing? Yes, I plan to submit it somewhere. I’ll have to see what Alphie and Pel advise – they’ll get to read it first. It makes sense to submit to Little Brown first. What am I doing for Christmas? Going to my parents’ house about 40 minutes drive away, but it’s in the country. They have 85 acres of property.

Jaclyn – What happened to your spare room? I promise I didn’t do it! New fridge broken? That’s REALLY bad consumer relations. I hope they were very accommodating about replacing it. What a pain. Yay for the fun Christmas lunch thingy for work!! Yay for snow! Today was a record breaking mild day: 54 degrees F (12 C) Usually we’re frozen now. It’s all that global warming. We might get some snow on Sunday, though.

Desiree – Regarding my memoir, remember when I asked you to choose a pseudonym and you chose Serena? That was a long time ago, so maybe you thought I hadn’t followed through on the writing. That’s great that you are getting some good experience volunteering at your kids’ school. When do you think you’ll be able to go back to school yourself?

Amanda Beth – I know what you mean – no more Rob and Kris on screen together. Well at least they left the party while they were still having fun.

Tracy - I so understand your need to be sneaky, but not outright dishonest with your husband. I’m the same way! Most of the time he doesn’t even ask what I’ve been doing! And like your hubs, mine doesn’t understand why anyone would see a movie more than once! In my old age, though I’ve pretty much told him I’m going to do what I want since the kids are gone. I’ll take the upstairs bedroom because I assume that’s the spare room. I’d hate to kick you and your hubs out of your comfy room. I can be upstairs with the kids like Mary Poppins.

– Awww- You are too sweet! Thank you so much for your kind compliments about my memoir. I’m lucky to have all of you too! We both had Choral experiences this weekend! I’m envious of your caroling. It makes me want to organize something here. Too bad Daughter Dear is gone – we make a pretty good family quartet even though we are 2 baritones and 2 sopranos! Next year…. I love the idea of your neighborhood facebook group. Very good for community.

Brenda – Good luck getting the pet issue sorted out. My hubs never wanted a dog because of the cost of the upkeep. Congrats on getting the triplet dolls. You have so much more to get done for Christmas than I do with 4 kids! I mailed off Daughter Dear’s box of little gifts already and Sonny Boy just gets lots of little things too since he gets $8,000 for Spring Semester tuition.

New Twi Friend!!! My local Starbucks Barista – she must be a TwiBarista! She even went on a pilgrimage to Forks and La Push. The only problem is – She’s a huge JACOB fan. As much as we are Edward fans. I don’t think she’ll be joining our little group anytime soon. I still like her, though. We’re facebook friends now and are planning a BD2 viewing for next week.

Whew! Sorry for the extra long post today!!

See you tomorrow!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

Yes, I'd say they dropped the kid in because it wouldn't have made PG-13 if they'd shown him being pulled to pieces. I think every vampire in the end scene was at least decapitated before they were burned. Most also lost limbs as well. Yes, fire is a temperamental element, so maybe Benjamin's control is not as great as we think with that one.

Susie - I used to have an advent calendar when I was a kid, but we've never done it for Little Man. I've just never got around to it. Yes, it was fun to put my book on the cataloguing sites, although it was a bit freaky. I was actually doing one of my father's books at the same time, which made it even more bizarre.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone.

I had a busy day at work today, and I was pretty wiped out. I do go in to work from 1:00 to 4:00 tomorrow, and, especially if I get groceries, I might not be online tomorrow, at least until late tomorrow night. My little brother had an online race he wanted to do, so that's why I'm late tonight.

Austin: I've never been to an airshow, at least not since I was really little. But I've been a fan of World War II era aircraft since my youth, thought. Speaking of which, I have to start getting back into playing some WWII VGs myself. I've dug out the books, so why not play WWII VGs to relax?

Susie: What I've decided that I'm gonna try and do is dedicate an hour or two on each night that I can to writing fan fic to relax, too. I do think that if you want to understand my story once I get it done, even though I'm gonna try and explain things (I do know that my audience, for the most part, aren't manga and anime fans), I do think that looking some things up will help, such as the stuff that I linked in my reply to Tracy. It'll also probably help to an extent with some of my OC hybrids' powers, too.

And, also, I actually never got an iPad. I got an iPod, in fact, about the cheapest I can find, thought I did specify a color (metallic purple). And I still don't have a cell phone, though I should be getting one soon. And I don't think that I've talked much about BD2, since I actually haven't seen it yet, but I do think that I've talked about the mentions and opinions on the endings and how it was probably the best compromise to satisfy everyone, namely those who wanted the canon ending, and an action ending.

Naterpie: Welcome to the RPHH here :) I hope that you can post often and enjoy your time here.

Everyone: Hi to everyone who I didn't mention, since a lot got posted while I was at work and asleep.

Well, as I posted, I do work from 1:00 to 4:00 tomorrow, which means that it'll be damn near dark when I get off work (friggin' DST), so I may or may not be getting groceries after work. I also checked out the Twilight movie compilation book--was it supposed to take the place of a dedicated movie guide for BD2? I noticed at that it did have some photos and materials from BD2, so I wonder if they didn't just shoehorn in a bit of a BD2 movie guide into this book. I also might buy a couple of books when I get my debit card soon--I might work on that Wednesday, since I'm off work.

But I do have a longish day tomorrow, and I have to admit that for something that seems easy, office work can be hard. I ran all over the damned building I work at today because of phone calls and asking for help and advice on them. Not to mention the repeated sprints from the paper shredder to the desk to answer phone calls. Some days are more busy than others.

Also, I have a helluva lot of coffee items that I like, such as some spicy and vanilla chai stuff, some peppermint mocha, and some mocha, the latter I don't like a ton--it tastes good, but it's a pain to mix, almost like I need a wire whisk to mix it when I add water.

But anyways, since I might have a pretty long day tomorrow (I haven't decided whether or not to put off the groceries until Wed, though I'll probably do that), I'll be getting to bed fairly soon, so I can get some reading in and some rest, too.

I'll be back later :)
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