Rob's Halfway House #11

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Suzan »

*Peaks in through the window with a face more red than Bella's has ever been.* Am I even still allowed in? :blush:
I can't believe my last post was two weeks ago. Again! It's on page 112 and it was a fly-by, not even a real post. I'm so sorry! And most of all I'm sad that I don't even have the slightest clue what has been going on with you guys. I didn't even have the time to only read. School, internship, real life... Blah blah blah. I'm already boring myself. But what can I do... And since there has been so much activity around here (btw: YAY!), I can't even try to catch up with you all. So for now I'm just going to spew some random stuff that I stumbled upon over the last week and then I'm going to try to get back in the swing of things here again... You have no idea how much I hate having to say that every time. Anyways. Please let me in again?

First of: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SEAN!! And thank you for giving me an excuse to post a Kristen pic again. :D LOVED her hair and make-up at the premiere. Yes, it would have been better if she wore a tan underdress, but I still LOVED the dress anyway.

Jazz Girl wrote:Security is tighter than a frog's butt
:lol: You know how to make a girl laugh even in the midst of a very serious rant. But you are absolutely right! It is ridiculous. There's just no way to justify it. I haven't seen the photos or the video, but I can only imagine it looked a lot like the Black Friday riot video someone posted here. It's just... too crazy to even come up with an appropiate word.

Third: Remember when Robert was announched to appear on Jimmy Fallon and we all wished Jimmy would do one more Robert Is Bothered? Well, instead we got this beauty of a hilariously HOT wet-Rob. Which I will be ethernally gratefull for. :swoon: (If only he could have worn the white see through shirt in stead of Jimmy...) But guess what?! Jimmy did a Robert Is Bothered as well last week! (And while you're at it, also watch his "Mirren, Mirren". I'm really becoming a Fallon fan...)

Fourth: I don’t know if any of you watch New Girl, but there was this really funny quote in last weeks episode about Twilight. It's a conversation between Nick (Jess - aka New Girl - 's roommate) and Jess' father. Here it is:
Nick: - I’m writing a novel.
Jess’ father: - Really, what’s it about?
- It’s about zombies. And it’s a relationship story. It has a great love story in it that could be made into a movie, I think.
- And the love story is between…
- The zombie and Carol.
- And Carol is not a zombie? She’s a regular person.
- No, she’s just a girl.
- Oh, so it’s like the Twilight thing where…
- It’s not like the Twilight thing!
- … where the vampire falls in love with a regular person.
- No, you don’t really get this! You don’t get it.
- It’s the same thing.
- Oh really, is there another guy in Twilight that there’s a little bit of a love triangle with?!
- Uh, yes. It’s the same as Twilight.
- Does Twilight have a wolf in it?
- Yes.
- It does?
- Yes.
- Is Twilight in Seattle?
- Uh, yes!
- Well… Then whoever wrote that is smart.
BWHAHAHA! It was so good. And for once this is a respectful reference to Twilight. Anyways, Thought I’d share.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the little things that help me get through this stressfull period. I hope you are all doing well. And hopefully I can come back within two weeks this time... Bye!
P.S. I hope this makes it in, because my pc is acting weird... Has it been that long since I've been here that my pc doesn''t even remember how to post... :?
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

Suzan - there is a zombie movie coming out where the zombie falls in love with a human. It seems to be a humorous take on Twilight.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, though it wasn't the greatest of birthday's by any means. But it's helped me feel a bit better.

I didn't get up until about 7:30 tonight. I just spent the last 45 minutes or so talking with one of my co-workers about bereavement pay, and that if I'm eligible for it, my mom would like for me to take tomorrow off. If not, I'll try and make it in to work, even though with the way I'm feeling right now, maybe I should take tomorrow off, just to have a day where I can try and get back to normal a bit.

Brenda and Susan: Thanks for the birthday gifts. That made my day a little better too.

Caryn: I don't think that I need to say this, but I completely agree with how you put it with how Kristen and Rob were treated at LAX by the paps. Strangely, it wasn't Kristen who was phased by it as much as Rob seemed to be by some accounts. Yeah, there were the "cheater" comments, but then someone had to ask Rob if he was "screwin' Lindsay Lohan" What the hell! That was a pretty low blow to Rob right there, not to mention flat out random! That got a bit of a reaction out of him it seems.

I read about this at IMDB, and they asked the same questions that you did. We, us "normal" people can hardly sneak a toothpick as you put it, but these a-holes can loiter and do what they please? And I don't want any of that "it's their job, they were just doin' their job" crap. Kristen and Rob were off the clock, just trying to get back to LA to relax and have a little fun or maybe work on their future projects. What they do when they're off the clock isn't really anyone's business, let alone these morons who just are trying to milk as much money out of them as possible. Aren't there cops or private security at LAX? And aren't their state laws in CA that can deal criminal and civil penalties for this crap, which is harassment?

Not to mention that these paps could be hindering and holding up business for other people at one of the world's busiest airports. I don't fly, so I'm not a good example LOL, but anyone who uses that airport is a customer more or less. It doesn't matter if it's you or I, or Kristen and Rob. They do have an obligation to protect their customers, no matter who they are.

I know that there will be people talking about Kristen and Rob's current relationship and how Kristen's cheating indiscretion may've altered it. But to accuse Rob of being a cheater without any real proof! That's a low blow to Kristen and Rob IMO.

They seem to be trying to get a rise out of them, and so far, Kristen and Rob have done a good job of depriving them of what they want. And they seem to try and go for Kristen because she used to curse them out and flip them off, but I have to say that Rob might be on the verge of snapping based on how he acted at times during Cosmopolis promo and his response to that guy asking if he slept with Lindsay Lohan.

Maybe they should travel separately with their own security groups from now on to avoid more scenes like this, or airport security should be doing their jobs. I don't think that the paps would want to swarm people like that when facing down guys with M-16 assault rifles or M-4 carbines or shotguns. And what if fans decided to go vigilante on the paps? Well, that wouldn't happen if security would do their damn jobs, and the paps were reigned in by state and federal laws.

At least Kristen and Rob showed restraint--something that the paps wouldn't know about, clearly. But clearly, something has to be done before someone gets hurt, especially an innocent bystander, and I hope that the people in charge don't wait until that happens. But I do have an evil side to me when it comes to these scumbags, and my feelings for them are perhaps best summed up in a scene from an old episode of the violent as hell Bio-Booster Armor Guyver OVA cartoons (spoilers ahead) where Guyver I comes back to life after being regenerated by his control medal in Chronos' HQ, and goes berserk because Sho isn't in control of the armor. And as such the control medal dictates his action, and much violence ensues. Just the scene where Guyver I walks slowly and robotic-ally towards an injured zoanoid that attempted to kill him says it all, and is in a dark way, humorous. You knew that his a$$ was gonna get kicked, it was a question of how bad, how fast. That was actually what made that scene funny, even if unintentionally.

And it's appropriate, because in that state, a Guyver is truly out of control, living up to it's name (Guyver is a made up word that in the canon of the manga and animes means out of control in an alien language), and I feel that the paps and tabloid industry is out of control. I swear to god, Kristen should've had about 20 babies with Rob by now if the tabloids are to be believed. And Rob should've cheated on Kristen with about 50 women if the rag mags are to believed again. It goes to show you that these guys know nothing about Kristen and Rob, or, most likely, are making stuff up and either believe their twisted fantasies or don't care as long as they're getting a huge pay check. I'll bet on the latter there for sure.

But Caryn, I totally agree that the way that Kristen and Rob have been treated, irregardless of their perceived or actual sins, is disgusting. Only they know what's going on between them, along with friends and family, and that's where I think it needs to end unless they want to open that aspect of their lives up to us. Why make up stories and hound them for photos unless money and rampant amorality is involved? But as has been pointed out, there is a demand for this stuff, and though most people dismiss this as garbage or are at least indifferent, these guys still find it to be worth their while to be doing this, and greed is what drives it, as well as preying on people, be it celebs or movie and music stars, or gullible people. It's pretty sad when you think about it... Sorry if I rambled too much, but this stuff still pisses me off after facing almost four years of it, and I'm not in the best of moods anyways, which I guess that's understandable, but I feel like I still spoke too much. And thanks for the Birthday wish :)

Sarah: All of my days are like that--since I'm single and only live with my grandma and my brothers. But at least three days a week I have to get up and go to work--well, except for this week, which is understandable. I've spent much of the past two days sleeping. I just never really felt that motivated to get out of bed, and it's cold and there's really not much on TV right now, so I've been kinda bla. But thanks for the birthday wish :)

Everyone: I felt like crap since I got up, I've just felt out of it. I'll call work tomorrow to find out about the bereavement stuff, because my mom think that it's a good idea for myself to take tomorrow off if I can get it. I do sort of want to get back to work just to have a routine again. But with me feeling out of it, I'll probably take tomorrow off if I can get it just to have a day to try and relax a little bit. I might get my check tomorrow, depending on how I'm feeling, but I might not. It depends on my mood and how I'm feeling physically--overall, I feel pretty wiped out now. I might take some sinus medication (I feel a headache coming on) and try and write some fan fic when I'm doing looking up stuff online. Then I'll try and get to bed early to read and rest in case I have to go to work tomorrow.

And I wish that the weather would decide to be normal for once--it feels like hell froze over compared to average right now, but by Saturday, it's supposed to be almost 60! I can't figure it out, aside from the fact that it's not helping me feel any better physically.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by TwilightFan87 »

'Ello all. After a six hour stint that seemed non-stop (lots of customer service and display making, my specialties), I'm home and watching the Voice with hubby. Tomorrow I seriously have to wrap his gift (and will post pictures, I think Song wanted to see it?) once I'm done. I've considered making another cake but we'll see, we've eaten so much in the past week (I made one sheet cake and we got two giant individual slices from Safeway for his bday dinner with his Mom) I'm not really sure if I should!

Sean-without anyone forcing me up, I love sleeping in 'til my anti-anxiety meds make me sleepier which doesn't help. Still, I don't accomplish as much as I could during the day which is why I think he was bugged.

Suzan-the movie Lynne is referring to is called Warm Bodies and it's trailer was shown before BD 2 for me. I love that reference though, hilarious!! And we understand, RL gets busy busy! Hope you're doing good!

Caryn-That's a great idea :) I am definitely hoping to treat myself to a second viewing sometime in the coming month..I think I've earned it, with the December schedule already out I know I'll be working a ton! :) And ooh, is that final pic from Eclipse?! Yum!!

Marielle-ah yes, Song filled me in on Sinterklaas. Very cool, learning about the different traditions from everyone. I can't imagine NOT celebrating Christmas, but I suppose that'd be like you not celebrating Sinterklaas? That sounds like an incredible amount of work house wise, wow. It'll be worth it though in the end.

Tracy-so glad to hear the damage on the car wasn't as bad as you feared, but frustrating!

Brenda-it is really fun to establish our own traditions..we're still learning how to make our own, especially Christmas, because we're in such high demand (three parents to visit since his are split up), we're not really that far into it yet..I'll have to keep thinking...maybe check Pinterest for some ideas :)

Okay, I'm off to go crack open my Algebra book and maybe stay up and watch Parenthood. Too much to do, not enough time. :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Susie »

Happy Tuesday!

I finally finished preliminary editing on my memoir in progress so I can give it to our assistant teacher at school to read. She expressed interest, so I'm going to use her as a cold reader. She knows me and that I've traveled to meet online friends, but other than that - nothing. It will be good to find out if it all makes sense to someone not involved. I'll let you know what she thinks of you all! She's 70 years young and very fashionable. I'm 75% done - 142 pages. I have 5 chapters left (I think). Light at the end of the tunnel. I started writing almost 2 years ago - December 2010! Yikes!

Today at the check-out at Walgreen's saw one of those trashy mags (sorry I can't remember which one) and it had a picture of Kristen on the cover with a shocking headline about how she'll probably have an affair with Ben Affleck since she's working with him next. I don't care what anyone thinks about her disgrace of the summer - this is out of bounds.

Sean - Happy Birthday Again - Sorry you had a bad day. I hope you feel better soon, both physically and emotionally. I think you deserve to celebrate your birthday again, on a day you're feeling better.

Suzan - Thank you for those links! Believe it or not, I hadn't seen the water fight yet. So funny! Rob's such a nice guy. Don't be so silly!!! I mean really! As if we wouldn't let you come back. We love to see you whenever you can make it.

Lynne - I hope the blood test went OK. I have very large veins so it's not painful for me when they draw blood. You must have tiny ones. I hope the results are good too. I saw the trailer for that zombie movie and I think it looks really fun.

Austin - Wow - your wife must have really been sick. Take good care of her. I hope you don't get it too.

Caryn - The airport scene is definitely disturbing. Agree about the TSA allowing it! By the way, I didn't know you couldn't take a toothpick in.... All this time, I've been breaking the rules! (just kidding!)

Tracy - I'm so glad the damage to your car wasn't as bad as you expected. Your boss is so nice to offer to give you the day off.

- So what is your next cleaning project, now that you've finished the blinds? Are you still taking classes, or have you taken a break? Thanks for the heads up on Stephenie's website update.

Sarah - In my age old experience with marriage (26 years), I recommend that you try to get on the same sleep schedule as your husband, or at least close. It will be good for your marriage. When you wake up, do something active, rather than get online right away. He'll be impressed. Not that you asked for my advice or anything!

- You must be really anxious about the move and that's why you're having trouble sleeping. It's OK if you can't make mega posts for a while. Just check in so we can make sure you're OK.

Amanda Beth
- It's scenes like that that make me feel so embarrassed for the U.S. What must people overseas think of us when they see that video? That's one big reason I don't participate in Black Friday.

Brenda - From your post and the link to the green suit, I'd say you're positively smitten! Regarding counseling - if you ever want to talk, just give me a call. I know I'm not credentialed, but as I've said to Sarah, I've been married 26 years... Congrats on finishing your fic! I'll have to read it.

OK Time for Bed!

Nighty Night!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Chernaudi »

Susie: Check out my post to Caryn on how Kristen and Rob got treated by the paps at LAX--irregardless of any past or current actual or perceived sins from either of them, as you said, this stuff is out of bounds and overkill in my book. And read the section about my feelings on the out of control paps and tabloid people, who might need to meet up with something "out of contol", as in the comic book/manga character who's name means "out of control".

Susie and everyone: I think that I'll celebrate my birthday when I feel better, maybe with a turkey breast of my own and an ice cream cake. Or maybe a pork roast and pork chops, since I have a lot of pork gravy here at home. As I said, I'll try and call work tomorrow about the bereavement deal, and I might take tomorrow off, since my mom thinks it's a good idea, and I'm starting to think that it'd be a good idea, too. I might still write some fan fic later, but I might call it a night soon and rest up for tomorrow, since I might run errands just to get my mind off of things, that it if I'm up to it (namely, I haven't collected my pay check yet, but it's no big deal and can maybe wait an extra day, since I'll be taking the day off for myself).

I'll be back later .
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Happy Birthday Sean! ....better late than never. ;)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

I had the blood test. She took three phials! I hate it when the needle is sitting in my vein while she swaps them over. Ugh!

Now the dog's not well. He's gone of his food and drink. I took him to the vet but she said he could have just eaten something that disagreed with him and to wait and see what he's like tomorrow. Great. Something else to worry about! And, I have a dentist's appointment tomorrow!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by marielle »

Hey everybody...

I'm done with work for today!! Finally... I have started really early and just now I have time to sit down...

first off... I have this amazingly funny HH dream last night... I dreamed that we had a HH con in Holland and that Ann-marie came here a day early to help me out with shopping for food and drinks but we got side tracked and were buy shoes, clothes and were on a complete Alice style shopping spree... only in the last shop we realized that we were to buy food and drinks... as we were walking back to the location of the HH-con we were giggling and high on shopping everybody else showed up completely oblivious why we were giggling... when Austin asked about the food we showed him the bag with pound of chocolate...that was all the food we got... and a bag full of bottles of wine... Than Rob showed up and he told Austin and Sean that it was the only thing you could expect by sending women doing the shopping... so the three men went to do the groceries together..... it was such a funny dream!!!

anyway, lets see what I remember from the posts...

Lynne, it sounds like a week from hell...I hope your dog is feeling better soon.. it's always terrible so have a sick animal...

Sean, I hope you are okay... yes, make sure you celebrate when you are feeling better. treat yourself on good food and fun... buy something nice for yourself... you need pampering now more than ever...

Susie, maybe your right, the stress of everything going on could be the cause of these vivid dreams... they are mainly about my cat and about how I can't find him or there is something wrong with him... I guess he is such a big part of my life now... but honestly I'll be happy when I have the key to my new house and can start the paint work...
I saw that magazine as well...just ignore them, it was so funny that they front page came out the same day as an other magazine had a front page with Rob and Kris getting a baby... they sat together in the stands...

Sarah, in Holland Christmas and Sinterklaas are celebrated when the kids are still young enough to believe. after that it's mainly a festive day with too much food...but I always love playing games and cards with my family in front of a massive fire place...
It's not that much work actually for the new house. before we went for this house we seriously considered taking on a renovation project of an house from the 40s...that would have been a lot of work...

Suzanne, that conversation was so funny!!!
How is your study coming? Almost done? will you be done before christmas?

Caryn, no I had never connected that man with being Kris's dad...Now I have seen him I can understand why Kris is the way she is. Her dad is to me completely rock and roll and like you said eccentric and her mom looks a bit like that as well.. I can understand why Kris is a bit strange as well...
I can relate to that...if you see my dad, everything falls in place as well... you immediately understand why I am the way I am...
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Jazz Girl »

Good morning, siblings!!

Most importantly,

Happy Hump Day!!

Lynne~ It must be so hugely exciting to be working on your own project!! I am so happy for the success you are finding and you have earned every bit of it. As my grandma used to say, it is the lows that remind us how high the highs are. This too shall pass.

Suzan~ What do you know? You found exactly the key to get in the door. :lol: Yes, that’s about the way to describe it, only worse. The words being hurled in their direction were the worst part and so awful. OMR!! Thank you for posting Robert is Bothered~ Thanksgiving Edition!!! :rotfl: That was bloody hysterical!!

Sean~ I have a feeling that, if I addressed anything of what you said, I’d probably not be very nice. So, I’m going to go with the ‘smile and nod’ to acknowledge your comment.

Sarah~ Which pic are you referring to? Well, I’m a full and complete supporter of treating yourself once in a while. And, when it comes to the Saga, I have no self –control, so I will never encourage anyone else’s either. Go as many times as you can.

Susie~ Your work has been so amazing. I can’t wait to hear what she thinks of it! I agree that the assumption about Kristen is well out of bounds. But, it’s also fairly standard for Hollywood. Once someone gets a reputation for hooking up on set, it tends to follow them. And Rupert makes twice. It’s disgusting and completely unfair, but not surprising. I can imagine the amount of attention she’ll get onset from paparazzi all trying to ‘catch’ her will be slightly crazy. Okay, I might have been exaggerating slightly. But, the point about riotous behavior still stands.

Marielle~ It’s true. No matter what, whether it is being exactly like them or rebelling against them, our parents tend to explain us just a little. I must say that I do feel bad that, smack dab in the middle of her upheaval, her parents decided to divorce. It can’t be easy to deal with that on top of all of the other drama in her life.

As it has been all week, I'm back to paperwork and research. I'm putting together some pieces for a major project. I love the work, but it can also be very tedious. The contradiction makes me laugh.
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