Rob's Halfway House #11

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Amanda Beth
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Amanda Beth »

older_twilight_fan(sorry still learning names) Unlike most TMI fans I actually like TID better, but mainly because I am head over heels in love with Jem. He blows all of the other fictional boyfriends out of the water. :lol: Also, I think CC should have stopped with three TMI books, so far 4 and 5 have done nothing for me. The last one doesn't come out until 2014 and I really don't care. She's already planning ANOTHER Shadowhunter series that takes place in L.A. after the end of TMI (it's called The Dark Artifices). She's already released character names and the back story even though the first book won't be out until 2015. She's really milking the Shadowhunter thing for all its worth (which is millions of dollars).

I just watched Kristen in SWATH and I don't know why people gave her such grief about her acting in it. Had it been ANY other actress she wouldn't have been hated on that much. I'm looking forward to the sequel (esp now that Rupert has been fired). Afterwards, browsing YouTube, I ended up watching all five Twilight trailers. Will the denial that its over ever go away?
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by lulu »

Uuuuuggghhhhh.... Still haven't gone to bed at 4:30 am because of random computer issues on top of my cramming night...blah.

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Songbird »

So far so good with me not getting sick, but I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch. I could really have used Hub's help this week, but I got everything done. Tomorrow morning I'll make the cupcakes for the kid party then Saturday I'll have to bake the cake for his big party, the zucchini bread for his treats at school (really ridiculous actually...they aren't allowed to bring cupcakes or cookies or anything because they aren't healthy...the prefer "healthy" things like sausage and cheese trays. Seriously? THAT'S considered healthy? Just because something is savory rather than sweet does NOT make it a healthy alternative!), and hubs promised he would help me hang up balloons and streamers and stuff later and then I'm ready. I'll probably have to mop the floor again on Saturday after having 6 boys running around tomorrow, but things are (knock on wood) on track. Then decorate the cake and get the cheesecake and truffles out to thaw on Saturday night, cook the chili on Sunday morning, and all is well with the world. I'm thinking Hubby might find himself on mopping duty since I've done everything myself and he CAN'T do the cake or the zucchini bread.

Susie, aren't you sweet to say that! I do my best. Have fun at toastmasters! When do you speak again?

Sarah, glad Jason liked his gift. It sounded really could he not like it?

Sean, I hope you feel physically better soon...glad you are feeling better at least mentally.

Tracy, you have your plate full enough!! Enjoy the extra day off. Glad you are liking the new look!
My hubby actually isn't a bad patient. He just hibernates. He's not whiney or demanding. I don't really have to do anything for him...just let him sleep and play on the computer and he's fine. The timing's not great as I COULD have used his help this week, but he'd have had to be at work if he wasn't sick anyway. Though he would have helped me in the evening when he got home if he wasn't sick, but I've managed so far.

Lynne, glad Harry is feeling better! And that your dental appointment was uneventful. Is that rare for you? I've never had a cavity or braces or anything...I had a small deformity in a tooth that I had fixed when I was a teenager, which I'm actually not sure I even had...I think it might have been invented by the was a new dentist and no other dentist had ever discovered this deformity and he didn't show me on the x-rays, so I have my doubts. But regardless, having never really had any problems, I am a total wuss about going to the dentist because I'm terrified that this will be the time I have a cavity. I'm always relieved when I get a clean bill of health. My husband always has a TON of tarter buildup on his teeth and he takes a lot longer at his visits. I can't imagine it...I think I'd cry if it were me.

Hi everyone else!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by corona »

Susie, don't you worry for one second about posting any Robcrack. I've pitched a tent down by the beach and I'm perfectly happy where I'm at. I didn't show up here to change any rules or to cramp anyone's style.

Brenda, you asked me a while back about Leah. I have my location as being at "Leah’s hideaway", so let me explain.

No, Leah doesn't actually tickle my fancy, but when I joined up here a couple years ago I had a conflict. I wanted to join the discussion, but I didn't want to cramp it or alter it by constantly announcing that I was a guy. If someone wants to gush they should do it without being self-conscious, and it never bothered me in the slightest. I wanted to discuss Twilight, period, and I didn't want to distort that discussion. It did come up a few times, but rarely. On the other hand I felt uncomfortable if I was actually leading someone to think I was female since this is an overwhelmingly female forum. So...I put my location down as "Leah's hideway" as an indicator.

I don't know, maybe some people thought I was lesbian.

I actually DID have one short-lived Leah fantasy that came up when I was trying to figure out the nature of SM's imprinting. I remember hypothesizing about her imprinting on a 13 year-old boy and what would happen. I answered that, to myself, by placing me in that role. What would I have done, how would I have reacted once Leah explained everything to me?

I know damn well what would have happened, hence Stephenie would never have allowed that. ["Prove it, phase into a wolf." Leah explodes into wolf form with the tattered remains of her clothing settling onto the floor. "OK, now phase back." Hmmmm, I think this is going to work out.]

Sean, don't you dare try to shame me by saying you would never do that. Remember, we are back into our 13 year-old selves, and that gives us a really good excuse. She's a hot 19 year-old chick who had her heart broken, she needs healing. It's the least we can do.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by missp »

Hello, Siblings!! I'm just dropping in for a quick peek today. I am home for the next couple of days resting and trying to once and for all get rid of the infection that has been hanging on for dear life for going on two years now. :banghead:
So... no school... no church stuff... no outings... at least until Sunday. Tis a good thing, actually. I have two Systematic Theology tests now to prepare for since I missed one Wednesday night, a paper on Calvinism vs. Arminianism due Wednesday night along with two tests, and two book reports due by the end of December. So... while I am hold up in the house, I will do some work on those projects.
*SIGH!* How I long for the time to write and read a little fanfic!
I hope you are all doing well! I know most of you are gearing up for the Christmas Holidays! Mine will be simple this year. I am trying to leave all the commericalism behind and focus on celebrating the true reason for Christmas... CHRIST. :)
Well... got a couple of things in the dryer to fold! I'll check in later when I can!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by marielle »

I'm lurking today... I'm physically and emotionally exhausted...
I'll do a proper post tomorrow...

(Susie, don't worry, I'll be okay after a night sleep and a phone call to my financial advisor...)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Susie »

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

Those of you who have been around a while will remember that my daughter was in the (internationally known) St. Olaf Christmas Choral Festival concert the past 4 years. Now that she's an alumni, she gets 2 tickets, and since she's in Argentina, I'm taking her tix and going with my friend, Mary. It's 2 hours of top notch orchestral and choral music with 500 students involved. It's done in a worship-style with applause at the end only. The audience gets to sing Christmas hymns too, and since most people are parents or alumni, genetically and individually, we're, as a whole, good singers. It's an awesome experience!

Before the concert, there is a Norwegian (St. Olaf has Norwegian heritage) Smorgasbord - 5 stars! A ton of absolutely delicious food. This is an additional charge, so not everyone does it, but it's definitely a highlight for me!

I'm going to have nostalgic feelings, though, since Daughter Dear is no longer at her college - those 4 special years are done. And also, it will remind me that she won't be back until July! I'll try to think of it more as going to the concert in her place and reporting back to her about it.

- I sure am glad you wrote that little p.s. to me so I wouldn't worry. Take care of yourself.

- Beach house!! HAHAHA! I'm so glad you put up with us? At least does hanging around us and reading what we write help you understand your wife a bit? I mean can you more easily get inside the typical woman's brain from what you experience here at the HH?

- I absolutely loved what you wrote about what you want for Christmas. That was very touching. I'm so sorry your mom lost her job. I know what it's like to want to give your kids things, so I know what that's like. You'll have to just let her do what she feels she must do as far as giving you money.

- I'm so glad your doggie is feeling better. It must have been a doggie virus or something that had a course of its own. I guess sometimes you can wait it out.

Amanda Beth
- All those dogs in your life! I love dogs, but my husband never wanted to have one because of the expense. Plus, his family had a bad experience with dog ownership when he was a child - basically, his mom was not into it at all, and she was the one to take care of it, of course.

- I'd say you're pretty much an overachiever in the kitchen department. And that's coming from someone who makes everything from scratch. Your son is a very lucky boy to be celebrated in such a way. But you know what, they really do appreciate it when they're older if they don't already appreciate it now. I'm speaking again next week.

- Sorry to hear you're not well again. It is hard to keep you down, though, isn't it? PLEASE take it easy so you can get well. No more burning the candle at both ends.

- Sorry about your frustrating computer problems! At least you're good at pulling all-nighters! Hang in there!

Tracy - Is it too late to request that the bedroom downstairs be a guest room for when I come to visit? It sounds really nice! I have noticed your increase in posting frequency, actually. Very good!

- Hooray! I'm so glad your husband loved his gift basket!! I don't quite believe he came home early for a 'nap', though!(cue Edward's line: "It's not intended for sleep".)

See you tomorrow!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

Morning all!

I'm working for Rochelle this morning, but from home, which makes life a little easier. I've finished going through the first proof of The Heir. There are a lot of things to fix up!

Songbird - I'm glad to hear you've avoided the dreaded lurgy thus far! Although I haven't really had many problems with my teeth as an adult, I had a lot of problems as a child. My mouth was too small to hold a full set of adult teeth, so, over a period of about four years, I had 13 teeth removed by the dentist (some were baby teeth, some the less important adult teeth). On one occasion it was five in one sitting. It was not a pleasant experience.

Austin - I certainly thought you were a girl at first! Most people usually think I'm a boy because my handle sounds masculine.

Tonise - you do sound busy!

Susie - wow, the St Olaf's concert sounds great. I hope you enjoy it.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by ♥midnight_sun♥ »

*waves at everyone on the way to the HH hot tub, and then later crashes onto the bed*

Oi. I swear this week at work has been insane. One of my clients fired me, because she swore up and down that I did nothing while at her house and left it worse off than it was before I got there - which is complete bull. Then I drove a half hour outside of town to another client, just to find out that they are in the hospital - which my boss was supposed to have told me beforehand, and then there were a lot of other things that messed it all up. So today after my first client, I ended up having to go into the office and have Amy write me up an entirely new schedule - some of the clients are the same, and others were dropped in favor of others. Good news is I've got more hours now than I did think I'd end up having with all the changes. Bad news, is that I'm now working 4-5pm some days, and with commuting time, won't be home until 5-6, meaning it's going to make the days I can get doc appointments and things to a much smaller number. At least I get paid for mileage and double for holidays. :)

And now if you all don't mind...*turns and does a spinning jump onto the bed and immediately falls asleep*
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone.

I survived work today. I was pretty sick at times, but I was still a million times better than I was the past several days. Now, because I don't get paid for my time off (I actually had up to 5 days, but I couldn't get paid because I didn't work there long enough yet), I'll be going in to work from 12-2 tomorrow. At least this week is ending on a good note.

Austin: What are you referring to? I don't know if I can look that far back to what you may be referring to. And besides, with how this week has gone, I'll be damned if I can remember back that far to that item.

Susie: I'll let her give me the money if she wants to, but it's not a requirement--I already know that I'm gonna have more money than I know what to do with, and I bought most of the stuff I want for Christmas--only that last Twilight film book remains. But I'll bet that I can find other things to spend my money on, since I have to keep in under a certain limit in the bank.

Amanda Beth: Believe it or not, I haven't watched SWATH or BD1 yet, though I now own both on DVD. But with the week I've had, that can be excused, can't it? Actually, I don't know when I'm gonna watch them, since I work and run a lot of errands now. But at least I have them. It wouldn't hurt if I could get a new VCR/DVD player, too.

I don't have any denials as far as the saga ending--Bella and Edward's story has been told, and though the stuff with Renesmee and Jacob is a bit of a cliffhanger, I guess that's what fan fic is for LOL. With that stuff, the story will never end, and it won't leave my heart, ever.

Lynne: Great news about your dog :) I just hope that what I've been dealing with is a stomach bug plus stress over my grandma's passing. I'm still not 100%, but I'm still better than I was even this morning.

Tracy: I think that's mostly what's been making me sick. At least I do play on re-celebrating my birthday sometime next week probably.

Sarah: You get that message I sent you yesterday? I know that it's a long one, but it does go into how I feel not ashamed to be a Twilight fan and how it's not "just for girls".

Caryn, Jaclyn, Tonise, Lulu, anyone I might have missed: Hi :wave: At least you'll be happy that I'm feeling better and starting to return to my normal self, whatever the hell normal means LOL

Random dream: I did have a fan fic related dream last night and I did think a bit about it today. It's pretty cryptic, but it involved my OC's Lia, Camel, Mel and Jess, along with Bella, Edward, Nessie and Jacob, and Sho and Agito from Bio-Booster Armor Guyver. As I said, it's kinda cryptic, and doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense. I did get some more info maybe on Lia's and Jess' powers, and Camel's battle form, though, and maybe a story angle for a later chapter.

Everyone: Long John Silvers has this 2 for $10 deal, where you can get two fish, chicken, shrimp or mixed dinners for $10 dollars. That's great for me, because that means two meals for the day. I had a fish one earlier, and I have a chicken one that I can reheat later. As for me, I might try and finally take another stab at finishing my fan fic chapter tonight, and work on a new one during the weekend. At least the story is coming together.

At least things will warm up for this weekend, which will help with my writing and reading in bed at night, and will allow us to save up some wood.

I'll be back later :)
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