Rob's Halfway House #11

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by TwilightFan87 »

Oh fun, tech discussions! It's fun to read but I have nothing to add, as I'm an iPhone girl, though I think a tablet might be fun eventually!

Long day today- very little sleep and I went into my father in laws office for a few hours and got some work done, then cleaned out my car since we're getting her towed tomorrow to the body shop. Depending on the severity of the damage, I may be looking for a used car soon since apparently my car has lost half it's value since I purchased it 4 years ago! We'll see what happens though.

Spent some time listening to BD 2's soundtrack and it's really growing on me more and more. Sooo good!

Lynne- what sort of business do you have?

Naterpie- it just depends on who is around to post :) I'm off tonight which is why I was able to pop back on..that and I'm addicted to my iPhone :)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by older_twilight_fan »

Hello everyone~

I took an extra day off work again this week as our patient census continues to be low at the skilled nursing facility where I work. I ran some errands....a little Christmas shopping, and ordered my daughter another backpack from Land's End when her current one ripped from carrying such heavy books all the time :? . I also looked for a simple window treatment and throw pillows for our bedroom and found a ton of cute and very inexpensive window treatments at Target, of all places. I really need to get back to working my usual schedule of four days a week instead of three, to pay for all these purchases, as well as the rest of our Christmas shopping. ;)

I appreciate all the "tech" talk about tablets around here as we're planning to purchase a small tablet for my daughter as her primary Christmas present this year. We've thought about the Google Nexus 7 and I appreciate reading your thoughts on it, versus other tablets. Something called "Bring Your Own Technology" has become quite the initiative of our county school system, especially for high school and middle school students. Students are enouraged to bring their laptops, tablets, iPhones, etc. to class, as long as they're used appropriately and in the right manner. Personally, hubs and I are not huge fans of this initiative, especially for sixth and seventh graders.....but I guess the schools consider it the wave of the future, yet we're still living in the dark ages. :roll: .

Sarah~ We'll keep fingers crossed that the damage to your car isn't as bad as you anticipate. Our car was declared a total loss after our accident in October, because it was a 2006 and the cost of repairs would have exceeded what the car was worth....but I imagine your car had less body damage and you'll hear more positive news. The BD2 soundtrack really grew on me as well, especially after seeing the movie three times. I love Jim and Pam (Jam :D ) from The Office, and can remember painstakingly setting our VCR (before we had a DVR) to tape so many wonderful episodes where I was desperate to see every little interaction between the two of them. I hope your husband's job interview was successful.

Amanda Beth~ Speaking of the unnecessary cost and uselessness of iPads, have you ever seen Jimmy Fallon's "Rob is Bothered" skit featuring iPads? It's hilarious, and Suzan had a link to it somewhere around here, a few days ago.

Austin~ I'm glad to hear you've been pleased with your Google Nexus tablet, as I mentioned above how we were considering purchasing it for my daughter for Christmas. I'll have to read hubs your informal yet thorough review. You should receive some sort of compensation from Google. :D Speaking of air shows, although not necessarily the kind to which you were referring....hubs, the kids, and I attended one of the Blue Angels' practice sessions that was open to the public in Pensacola last summer. It was amazing and breathtaking, and like seeing Top Gun in person, but way better. 8-)

Marielle~ I seem to recall you being inundated by family birthdays this time of year and hope you enjoy celebrating all of them. Good luck as you continue through the homestretch of the home buying process, and we'll keep fingers crossed that all goes well. I'm sorry you've had to deal with all the extra stress and emotion, as that can't be too good for your health.

Susie~ I laughed at your Mary Poppins reference. ;) I'm glad you and Mary enjoyed the St. Olaf concert. I think I asked you in a previous you know when/if the program will air on television? That's wonderful news that Daughter Dear seems to be acclimating so well and enjoying herself so much in Argentina. I'm sure she's making memories to last a lifetime. I know you must be pleased that your coworker enjoyed reading the draft of your memoir. Are you still having unseasonably warm weather? It was 72 degrees here yesterday.....crazy. :shock:

Naterpie~ Hi, and welcome to the Halfway House! I'm Tracy, or older_twilight_fan. We're glad you stumbled into our humble abode and hope you enjoy yourself here as much as we do.

Lynne~ I can't imagine 100 degree plus temperatures at Christmas, although I remember many Christmases we were in the upper 60's ourselves, in the northern hemisphere. Our significant time differnces and opposing climates always throw me for a loop and seem almost surreal, but it's one of the really cool things about posting here and having friends from all over the world. ;) I hope you and your husband have the opportunity to see Skyfall soon, as I thought it was worth the extra bucks to see it on the big screen.

Songbird~ That's wonderful that your little boy's birthday celebrations went so smoothly and I'm sure he was beside himself with excitement. I hope you're able to find a minute or two for yourself to relax. Maybe treat yourself with a night out with your husband?

Hello to Caryn, Sean, Lulu, Desiree, Jaclyn, Suzan, and anyone else I've missed. I'm glad you enjoyed your caroling, Lulu, and I'm sure the lucky recipients enjoyed hearing your voices and sharing in the Christmas spirit.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Susie »

Hi All!

Just saw BD2 for the 4th time today. This movie is so fun to see over and over again - it's fun!

Random thoughts -

Why was there just one shot from Eclipse (meadow) when Bella removes her shield? I mean, what about the proposal????? Come on! There were so many more scenes from the other 3 movies. Is this some sort of political/director thing?

I'm getting very attached to some of the minor characters and really hope to see those actors in more movies in the future. I especially like the actors playing Eleazar, Ben, and Garret. (sorry, too lazy to get their real names)

I'm even getting attached to some of the wolves! Leah-wolf looks so beautiful in this movie.

In the second-to-the-last scene, why does Bella all of a sudden have her hair all messy, all human-like? It's so inconsistent. It looks like she didn't have time to get ready for the scene.

Tracy - Bring your own tech - That's a lot of expensive gear for such young kids. I know I wasn't responsible enough for that until I was much older. I would have lost or broken it several times. I want you to work enough to pay for Christmas presents, but maybe you'll start getting Fridays off???? ;) I don't know about the St. Olaf broadcasts - I'll have to check it out. I'm out of the loop since DD isn't part of it.

Sarah - Cars! I hope you don't have to buy a new one. What a hassle for you. Sorry it happened. You're a good sport. It seems like you handled it well.Life not exciting? Go out and find it.

Marielle - I just love all of your dreams! You are so funny! Do you mean that from Dec 15 to Christmas you'll be partying and off work?

Amanda Beth - I'm too low tech to get all that you're saying. All I know is that I should ask you for advice when the time comes! Life not exciting? Go out and find it.

- I'll ask you for advice too when the time comes for me to get a tech update! Gotta pay for Sonny Boy's tuition for 2.5 more years. Yikes!

- Do you eat a lot of potatoes, or do you nater on and on? Just trying to figure out your user name!

- Your son would love an advent calendar of some sort. It's not too late....

Sean - OK I'll wait until you're further along with your fic before studying up on that stuff. Good idea to schedule in some writing time.

Nighty Night!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by marielle »

Hello all!!!

I’m going to make this quick, I have to be in a meeting for the rest of the day in an hour…

So I’m jumping to the posts immediately:

Sarah, yeah, it’s a sad Christmas these times. It will be the second Christmas for my bf without his father. His mother passed away 6 years ago. Both completely unexpected so that makes it even more difficult. My mom is doing everything she can to fill up the gap but for him it isn’t the same…
I hope your hubs get he position permanently. It’s always nice to have that security.

Amanda Beth, I feel sorry for your brother and his wife. It must be difficult to feel obliged to visit a person that is so horrible during Christmas.
I too have been addicted to Andriod it works great for me but I prefer the apple system to the windows system. I like that it has everything in it and that you don’t need many updates…my old computer was constantly begging for updates.

Lynne, I don’t think it will have any use to explain how jealous I am of you and the weather you have… Seriously… But I’m pretty sure that you would like a white Christmas every now and than… maybe we should think about house swap for the holidays for once…

Naterpie, I filled in all the question you posts on the Thesis thread…

Austin, it sound like you are using the tabled the way I use the Nexus phone. I use it for quick browsing, watching trailers and do small twitter and FB posts…
I have been thinking about getting an Iphone in march but they are bloody expensive…

Tracy, nope these issues with the new house aren’t good for my health. Emotionally I don’t know how much more I can take but physically I feel like grumbling in pieces. Every morning it gets harder to get out but I do it so I have a bit of distraction from all the misery. I’m sure that in a month’s time I’ll be okay…
I’ll work through it with tons of chocolate and a good book…

Susie, Bella showed Edward her happy memories of him, I’m pretty sure that the proposal wasn’t very high on that list.
Uhm yeah if you put it like that… Yeah, I only have parties and house decorating to do from the 15th on… on the 17th we will get the key to our house so between parties I have to paint.

Alright that’s it…
I’ll do a longer post tomorrow
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Chernaudi »

Hi everyone.

I had a long day at work today, but it wasn't as stressful as yesterday. I didn't get groceries today, which I'll do that tomorrow, as well as maybe sort out some stuff with getting a debit card. I don't know how much longer I'll be staying up, since I'm sort of tired and I can feel it getting colder out. I personally feel that the reduced daylight does mess with my system a bit, but you can't control nature.

Susie: You might have to wait a little while, because I'm still at the part of introducing things. It won't be until the next chapter that something really exciting happens (with Melinda, exciting stuff always happens LOL), and we get more of the story. But if you want to know some basic stuff and have some fun doing it, look up Guyver on TV Tropes. It has some spoilers (sort of, if you don't want to learn too much about the powers of the Guyver armor), but still has a lot of good info. It's sort of a shonen/shojo (pre-teen/teen boy and pre-teen/teen girl respectively) manga with some action and fighting and comedic violence, ironic humor, dark or odd humor, and some magical girl/cute monster girl thrown in (well, actually a lot of the magical girl/cute monster girl--lots of female vampire hybrids). I think in the third chapter, you'll like how Melinda handles an ex-boyfriend who ditched her on her wedding day, her knowing that he's immortal. Some major "don't try this at home" there LOL.

Austin, Tracy, Amanda and Sarah: I'm lost on the tech discussion, to be honest. I have an iPod that I haven't touched yet that I have to learn how to use, we only just bought a flat-screen TV a couple of months ago, and I still don't have a cell phone. At least I know that I'm out of touch there, though I do well with the internet and I hope to be able soon to buy stuff online for myself (when/if I get my debit card). I know more about cars and aircraft than I know about computers, smartphones and MP3 players. I can tell you about forced induction and direct fuel injection for engines, I can tell you about wing loading and how superchargers on aircraft engines work, and I can tell you about odd-ball stuff like the Guyver manga and a lot of things about the Twilight Saga (obviously), but, trust me, you can't get nothing out of me on technology. Sorry about that, but I am totally lost on that stuff LOL.

Maybe for advice, one should talk to motorsport's Mr. Twitter, 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Champ Brad Keselowski, who started the motorsports Twitter mania when he tweeted photos with a smart phone from Daytona this year during a red flag period during the race. Or maybe my brother, since he's more interested in that stuff than I am. After all, I'm sort of a "whatever's cheapest and will do what I need it to" person. With food, though, I'm a bit different, but with technology, I don't understand a lot of it, and I tend to aim for simplicity. But at least I'm starting to move into the 21st century, albeit about 12 years too late ;)

Zombie talk: I know that some of you are talking about a zombie film or TV show called Warm Bodies. Well, I'm not that much into the zombie stuff, but I have been thinking of incorporating something like that into Bio-Booster Armor Twilight just for fun. Hey, I can't just have my hybrids, the Cullen vampires, the shapeshifters and Guyvers just fighting off a limitless supply of vampires and zoanoids (mutated alien-like creatures). One, that would be a stereotypical beat 'em up/action story, something that I want to shy away from a bit, and I sort of want to state my views on a "zombie" apocalypse within the canons of Twilight and Guyver.

Everyone: Tomorrow, I have to go to the bank to see about the debit card stuff, and get my groceries, and call someone at work about a paperwork thing that I need more info on. Outside of that, I'll try and work on my fan fic and try and relax a bit, and might buy some stuff to help me either sleep better or feel more energized, such as some fruit juices or energy drinks (not Red Bull or Amp--I'd rather use cough syrup when I'm sick, and I hate that stuff and that's how that energy stuff tastes to me! So I'm thinking like Gatorade or Powerade or something like that) and a new pillow that might be useful when I'm trying to read in bed.

I'm also gonna try and clean up my room a bit, mostly clean up change off my desk, use a file thing for paperwork that I got recently, and move some stuff around.

So that's what I'm up to, and hi to everyone who I didn't reply or post to :wave:

I might start to work on my fan fic in a little while just to give me something to do before I decide to go to bed.

I'll be back later :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Tornado »

Sarah - we run a real estate photography business. I do the bookkeeping. I hope you can get your car fixed soon.

Tracy - yes, it is cool to have friends all over the world, isn't it? The only trouble is I can't see any of you face to face. It's such a shame, as I have very few close friends. It seems that I'm closer to people I've never met before. I wonder if that says something about me.

Susie - my opinion on the shots they showed when Bella is lifting her shield for Edward is that they wanted to get to the wedding scene with him waiting at the altar when the song arrived at the line than mentions "standing there", so it was a question of how much they could fit in before that. Personally, I would have left out the shot of him leaving and put the proposal scene in. Maybe Bella just felt like fluffing up her hair that day! It was probably done to try and demonstrate the passage of time.

marielle - maybe we can. I've often dreamed of a white Christmas. It would be nice to experience one, instead of sweating my way through it!

Sean - I'm glad work wasn't too stressful for you and I hope things continue to improve.
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Amanda Beth »

To the untech-savvy - If you guys are ever in need of a tech nerd...I'm your girl! I read tech blogs for fun :)
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Songbird »

Hi ladies and gents!! I'm watching Ellen and it's finally Twilight week!! I just watched (and sang along with) Christina Perri. *dreamy sigh* Love that song!

I'm going to Breaking Dawn 2 for the second time this weekend for my birthday. Yay! Hubs finally gets to see it! I can't wait!

Today is Sinterklaas, so the kids had lots of fun at school and later we have to pick up their presents at the grocery store. I kind of wish I could make them take a nap this afternoon, but then they won't sleep tonight and will be grouchy tomorrow morning. Lord grant me patience.

I don't really have time to respond to posts today, but I wanted to at least say hi and I already welcomed Naterpie, but wanted to actually introduce myself. I'm Susan, not to be confused with Suzanne or Susie. I American but I live in the Netherlands and I hear my 2 munchkins fighting upstairs, so I better go check on them before they murder each other. Welcome!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Naterpie »

Thanks everyone : )
Everyone here is super friendly.

Thanks to those that have answered my questions in the thesis thread. It's very much appreciated!

All this talk of tablet is making me remember how much I want one! I haven't wanted a tablet for years but all of a sudden they're actually becoming more and more of a great piece of technology that are more than just a gimmick touch screen for apps, which was what I first thought when they first came out. I'll have to see what I can do after my studies about saving up for one....

Susan - I'm so jealous you get to see Breaking Dawn 2 again at the cinema! Anyone else seen it multiple times?

Susie- My username is actually a nickname a friend gave me a few years ago. He really liked Pokemon and there's a Pokemon called Caterpie, which rhymes with my real name Natalie - so he made up a song for me called Naterpie the Caterpie and it's stuck ever since! One of those embarrassing nicknames that you hear so often it stops being embarrassing!
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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Post by Edwards Wheels »

Another quickie post from me. Buddy (my nearly 6 year old son) has got a school play next week so trying to find everything for his costume and helping my mother make his trousers, then cake baking for their Christmas fair and Christmas shopping blah blah…I've been a tad busy. To be honest I should be putting the Christmas tree up because buddy begged me to but I feel so lazy/lethargic/wiped out that just the thought of getting up out of my snug sofa is tiring me more haha. (In my defense I have changed jobs so do 2 different jobs in split shifts and last night we were up til passed midnight trying to get buddy's trousers made)
Glad to see you're all ok and managing to fit in so many viewings of BD2, I wish I could, but time and money isn't on my side.

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