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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2013 7:16 pm
by Edwards Ragazza
I love seeing all the activity here. Ok this is a quick drive by however, I will be back tonight to make a proper post.

Does anyone have peoples address on here. I need someones address cause I am sending her something but don't want her to know about it . ;) . PM me if you do and I will tell you who I need.


Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:08 pm
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone. I tried my damnedest to find a photo of what the BD2 Valentine's candy tin looks like so you'll know that it'd look like if you try and go out to buy it to add to your collection or whatever it is that you'd like to do with it. I only found some decent photos on Ebay for it--not even the company's website has photos of it. But here I go, hopefully this will work: ... 2a2838010b

I'm about to shut down the laptop for the time being, so I can bring in some wood and split it and watch some TV and have dinner before I possibly return to work on some fan fic either later tonight or tomorrow. If I don't make it back tonight to work on some fan fic, I'll be back tomorrow :)

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:58 pm
by Tornado
Desiree - sorry no. I don't know anyone's addresses.

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2013 10:24 pm
by TwilightFan87
I know Jaclyn's got a few since she sent a few of us books not too long ago :)

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 11:09 am
by Edwards Ragazza
Well it’s Saturday and my hubs works so it is always a struggle to find something for the little ones to do. Not sure yet what I can plan since it is pouring rain outside and has been like that since yesterday and will remain like that till Monday. I’ll probably work on my homework and house while they work on their homework that I give them and then have something fun afterwards.

Lynne~ I have tried to get my little ones to watch Star Wars so far it bores them. They have a hard time watching movies and only a few kids movies capture their attention the first HP, and Diary of a Wimpy kid.

Marielle ~ Is Rover suppose to be a action movie about military?

Jaclyn~ What is haggis, neeps & tatties?

Sean~ Sorry you are not getting a break . I do hope things turn around for you.

Sarah~ I might have asked you but what classes are you taking for school? What is your major?

Susie~ Is sonny boy home now for awhile?

Ginnie~ I wondered about actionRob. How perfect he is.

If I don't make it back here have a great weekend everyone.

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:48 pm
by GrayceM
Hey Siblings!!! I've missed being on here so much but do not have time for hardly anything anymore. We got a new puppy a few weeks ago and what I can tell you is...I was not ready for this!
This is the dog my husband wanted and he's been patient so I told him we could do it after the first of the year.
She's a monster. Looks very sweet and you just want to pick her up and snuggle her...but she has other plans. So far I think she has peed on every square inch of floor we have and will not be happy in her own room (kennel) so she now sleeps with us and goes to work with the husband every day. She bites and chases the cat and will not quit chewing on the furniture or our older dog. Doesn't even chew her food so she ends up with the hiccups and then throws up because she wants to play right after she eats. She's either tormenting the other animals or sleeping.
In the middle of all this have been giving the pit, Reese, treatment for heartworms. So we have our 14 year old cat, our 16 yr old neurotic lab mix who is on meds for her joints, our two and 1/2 year old pit bull confined and on steroids which makes him thirsty and have to pee.... a lot, and our 8 week old Australian Blue Heeler. My own pack...
Sitting in the living room with a towel under my feet and wet socks from the ice on the ground outside and both dogs peeing on the rug. Massive headache and recovering from yet another kidney stone this past week. While the husband installs a new bathroom fan.
But I've watched both last week and this week's Vampire Diaries and have moved on to Forks. All is right with my world. I'll try to post pics soon.
Love to you all!

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Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:34 pm
by Tornado
Morning all!

Well, it's pouring buckets outside, and looks set to be doing that all day today. I guess we'll try and stay inside most of the time, although we do have to go over to my parents' place to celebrate my father and brother's birthdays.

Desiree - yeah, Little Man was bored in a couple of parts. I think the plot-related stuff was over his head. I don't think I'll let him watch the other movies yet. They're a bit plot-heavy.

Grayce - you bought a Blue Heeler puppy? You're a braver person than me! They are very high energy dogs (as you've clearly discovered) needing constant mental and physical stimulation, mainly because they were bred to herd cattle and sheep. It takes huge amounts of work to wear them out! Good luck!

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:48 pm
by Chernaudi
Hi Everyone.

Desiree: My week did get better on Friday, thank god. At least I have some positive vibes going into next week :)

Lynne: I've seen almost all the Star Wars films at some point. My older brother is a big fan of them, but I've just never really gotten into them the same way. I won't deny that they're, especially the early films, are among the all time classic films ever made for their technical achievements and story telling, but I'm just not an insane fan. And if you ask me, the first three (volumes IV, V, and VI) are classic, and I liked watching them, and they're better than I, II, and III. However, I'm not a really big Star Wars fan like you or my brother are. But then again, he's a big manga and anime fan, and the only thing of that like I've ever gotten into was Guyver. Twilight was the only thing so far that I've become a big fanatic of as far as a big media franchise. The Star Wars films aren't my thing, but the first three, IMO, are better than the last three, just taking into consideration how long ago the first three were made and, IMO, the story telling also just seemed to be superior.

Beth: I had a beagle for about 15-16 years, and he was healthy up until the last couple of months of his life. However, he was too big to spent a lot of time inside, but every winter we'd have him spend the night inside. Of course, that was after he destroyed the insulated and heated dog house we made for him.

Aside from that, I'm not really a dog person. Most breeds are to big to own at my house unless they spend a lot of time outside, and we have quite a few cats, and that's enough for me IMO. Although we do have a cat that sort of acts like a dog at times (she wags her tail like dogs do when she's happy).

Request for cooking advice: OK, may I ask for some advice from those of you here who like to cook? I've been wanting fried chicken breast for a while. My mom will be getting me some tomorrow, and of course, I get paid next Friday, I get my SS check next Friday, and I get my food card refilled the Monday after that.

The question is which do you think is better: boneless or bone-in chicken breast? I usually get boneless and my mom does, too, because that's what we find at Dollar General. I tend not to think as much about bone-in breast, because it takes longer to cook, and you do have to worry about swallowing the errant rib piece. However, there is a difference in taste--the bone in breast do tend to have more flavor when cooked right.

So I'm asking for this as advice, and one other question: Is there a difference in price between boneless and bone-in chicken breast? I know that I probably should be asking my mom about this because she has 40+ years of experience with this, but I thought that some of you might have advice or opinions on this.

Thanks for any input you can provide.

I'll be back later :)

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 5:02 pm
by Songbird
Hi Siblings,
Finally a chance to say more than just hi. Very productive week! I worked 3 days, managed to embarrass myself thoroughly in front of my co-workers, and got the kids to all swimming lessons and otherwise normal activities. Wednesday night the company I work for hosted a BINGO night. They do different activities throughout the year and you can pay each month to belong to the activity group, or you can just go to certain events and pay for each one. I’m not a member because I don’t work enough to make it worthwhile for them to take the pay out of my check. But I went to the BINGO night, won myself a nice little baking set. But as most foreign languages, Dutch says the numbers backwards from English. We say twenty-four, they say four and twenty. So here’s me trying to get the numbers straight in my head as they are announced so I don’t mark off the wrong square, and the only other person at my table is half deaf, so she kept missing numbers and I would have to tell her what number they just called, but then I’d miss the next one. So I asked what the last number was, and apparently in Dutch, that means “When is the last time you....baked?” (Sarah, are you familiar with our code?) but I didn’t KNOW that’s what it meant, and the guy who had been calling numbers had been making innuendos all night long, very citrus y, so my asking that was just really funny and for ME really embarrassing. But it was a great time.
In other news, Bug is apparently engaged. She and a boy in her class have decided to get married when they are old enough, which is age 24 because that’s when I got married.
MM has started reading. YAY! He read a page in a starter book to me the other day and only missed a couple of words that weren’t familiar to him. Bug was about the same at the age he is now, and now she’s reading 2 grade levels above her own, so hopefully MM will take off with reading, too.
My brother had to put one of his dogs down the other day. :( Very sad. He was my brother’s baby...his first dog (my fur nephew) and was a real sweetie. I’m not sure what was wrong...could have been just old age I suppose, but I don’t think he was THAT old, and he is a small dog, and smaller dogs usually live longer.
Bug is doing really well in swimming, but she’s her mother’s daughter and isn’t confident in her ability. She’s ready to move on to the next level, but she has to be able to swim through this hole under water without coming up for air. She has to jump in, touch the bottom, and swim through the hole all in one go. She panics after jumping in and comes up for air and THEN swims through the hole. But for that, she could move on to the Seahorse group her friend is in. But I tried to encourage her last night and only succeeded in making her upset and dig in her heels so she says she doesn’t WANT to move on. *sigh*

So, on to posts:

Lynne, how long is Rob going to be shooting? Surely your friend could do some scouting after her son recovers from the shingles! Or is it because vacation is almost over that she can’t go looking anymore?
I will order a few copies of your book in the next few days. I will have to make several purchases because everyone I want to send it to is in a different country and if she’s going to mail them out for free, I’d better have her mail them directly to those people rather than all to me and then I have to pay shipping to get them to everyone else! You said it was only for you know how long that is then? I should have a few days, right?
The other girl doing the baby shower is ok with me. I can’t be there either way, and it’s got to be much more fun having everyone there, playing games, chatting, etc, than people just ordering stuff online and having it sent. I understand, so it doesn’t bother me. I just wish I could be there so I could be the one to do it.
Did you find out what’s going on with your boss? Is everything ok? It’s not to do with your book is it?

Marielle, How’s it going with the house? Are you almost done? I was thinking of you yesterday. I browsed some house listings in Huissen for when we win the Queens day lottery and have a house built...I was looking for ideas, and there were some really good ones, but I was struck by how many houses there are for sale that you look and NOTHING matches all the things I want...and I remembered you saying that. That some houses were perfect on the inside, but then the garden wasn’t nice, or the neighborhood wasn’t right, etc. Man it’s hard to find something great!
I’m so with you on the snow now...I love it to begin with, but now it’s just annoying and needs to go. The bike paths are a MESS and all the slush just gets caught under the wheel guard and makes it nearly impossible to pedal with the friction. Not to mention being deadly slippery!! Monday was SO hard, and I almost fell a couple of times.

Sean, I think Sarah posted a picture of that same thing a week or 2 ago...maybe that was on the FB page, but I know it was a box of candy with a Twilight necklace on it. Made me wish we had Wal-mart here!!
Glad your day was better!
I think bone in is usually cheaper because it requires less work from the Butcher, but I’m not positive. But if you want to get boneless, there are lots of great seasonings so it doesn’t lack flavor.

Susie, a Valentine’s party sounds fun! My kids have spring break at that time, too, so I SHOULD be able to make it. It would be nice if they were still staying at my in-laws then, but I doubt they’ll be there that long, so I won’t be able to stay LATE, but I can at least make an appearance!
Glad Sonny Boy made it home safe and sound, and that he had a great time! How could he not?

Sarah, so you got out of jury duty? I’ve never been selected. I think it could be interesting, depending on the case, but it could also be BORING!
Didn’t you say there was video surveilance of the girl who stole your phone? Should be a pretty cut and dry case, right? Maybe you can even settle out of court. She’d be an IDIOT to go to trial if there’s video of her doing it!

Jaclyn, happy celebrating! I want to watch the Big Bang Theory, but it’s on right when I have to put my kids to bed, so I can’t. I’ve heard good things though!

Tracy, I hope you get out of the jury duty! It sounds like the LAST thing you need to add to your schedule!

Hi Desiree! I know Susie had some addresses..and Jaclyn, because she sent out Christmas cards. Ashley had some, too I think.

Hi Ginnie! Nice to see you!

Grayce, nice to see you again! Sorry the puppy is a monster...I think most of them are in the beginning. It’s a good thing they are so cute! I remember when we first got my childhood dog and he chewed apart power cords, kleenex, blankets, a feather pillow, a set of coasters...and as he got older, he got at several other things. He escaped the house once at my brother’s birthday party, where the boys were sleeping in a tent in the yard. We had made homemade pizza and the boys had taken a 14 inch pizza out to the tent for a snack brother came inside and saw MASH was on, so stayed in to watch, the other boys came looking for him and they started watching, too. By the time they got out to their tent, Rascal was back...this was a SMALL dog...cocker spaniel and chihuahua mix...and his sides were all pooched out and he just groaned...and in comes my brother “Mom! Someone stole our pizza!!!” Then one time I was selling chocolate for something at school and I bought a box of mint meltaways myself. I had them sitting, closed, on a table and came home to the open box on the floor, empty, and a few foil wrappers from some antiacid tablets my brother had been prescribed the week before. And we were playing ball with him at a friend’s house once and he ran after the ball, but came back with a green pepper instead, which he had stolen from the garden...and he ate the whole thing. Hours and hours of entertainment, these puppies, even if they are driving us nuts.

Re: Rob's Halfway House #11

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 5:46 pm
by marielle
Just a quick drop by for tonight.

Desiree, no the Rover is about a gang of criminals in a kind of syfy like movie... the one you mean is Mission Blacklist. that will be shot later this year.
I'll send you a pm when I wake up in about 7 hours

I'll do posts later!

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