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Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 3:42 am
by smitten_by_twilight

Happy Birthday Edward! Someone's gotta close the party down ... that would be me.

I posted an Edward quote that tickles me today over on FB. From NM Chap 16 I think: Bella: "How dare he!" I screamed. For all that Bella thinks Edward's perfect, she also knows he can drive her abso insane. I like that this shows that. Other favorite quotes include the entire Eclipse tent scene. The book lines are better, natch, but I like the movie version as well ... because Rob delivers his lines much better than Tay. S'ok, Tayter, not everyone can play a dreamboat supernatural monster so well.

A gift for Edward to hang in the cottage, or wherever they are now:


And a little party favor for the guests that I just randomly found. I don't know what shoot it's from but it looks 2008ish plus or minus. The first to identify it gets brownie points!


Susie - thank you for this! And good pic ... the walk of a 107 year old vampire who cares only that he is walking towards the woman he loves.

Suzan - compliments on your correct use of the word muggy, which has nothing to do with Muggles ... because English makes no sense sometimes.

Marielle - hugs, honey! I've thought you were sick. Get better! If you have desktop fans over there, a company called Vornado makes ones that are great for really moving the air. Even their tiny fans work well.

I will get out the broom to clean up, and leave you with my siggy:

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:10 am
by Songbird
Yay!! I'm glad a few people dropped in to celebrate Edward's birthday!
I am hungry! We ate hamburgers last night and there was one left, which I put in the fridge for my lunch today...I was looking forward to it all morning, but when I went to the fridge I couldn't find it. Apparently hubs couldn't sleep, so he came downstairs and had himself an old fashioned pigout. He ate my burger and he ate almost the whole bag of doritos I bought yesterday for my son. Of course, I didn't realize this until AFTER I did the grocery shopping, so I didn't know I needed to get more and I didn't want to drag my kids to the store in the rain when I picked them up, so there's nothing to snack on today. Hubs blamed it on a leprechaun. :roll: I can't wait for the chili tonight! It smells so good!

Suzan, yes, you used "Muggy" correctly. It has been really muggy here the last couple of days. Where I'm from, there's very little humidity, so while it gets hotter than it does here, it feels different. Here, I keep a fan blowing at night or I can't sleep!
Tips for the bachelorette party....cake is always a good idea. I love the idea of the boat ride and picnic. Sounds fun! Maybe you could do wedding themed The Wedding Singer, or Bridesmaids, or A Few Best Men? Have fun!

Marielle, I see your point...perhaps some other book would relax you? Are you a Jane Austen fan? I love the wit in her books, and they are some of my "go to" books when I want comfort. I'm assuming you don't have a ligbad?

Sarah, I love how Disney makes you feel like a kid. And their customer service is great!!
The kiddos are great, thanks! They are all excited because the new class lists for next year just came out and they get to spend a morning next week in their new class with their new teachers, which is very exciting! And I'm very happy that MM got the same teachers that Bug had this year, and I know them and like them and I know when I go to them and tell them that he can already read, they will take it seriously and make sure he gets appropriate level work so he doesn't get bored. Very happy about that!

Lynne, that's good that all copies count at least. Do you get regular tallies of how many copies you've sold? I applied for a job at the grocery store since they were advertising for cashiers...if I get hired on there, it's 32 hours a week, which would increase our income by about 50%...then I'll buy a bunch of copies for my friends.

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 4:31 pm
by Tornado
Morning all!

it's Saturday here, and today we have to take our dog to an animal behaviouralist whose been helping us with a couple of issues. It's a closing meeting, because things have started to improve with a bit of training. I hope he doesn't act up today, though, especially since he's been quite good lately, but if Murphy's Law has anything to do with it, he will!

Susie - I do love the walk!

Songbird - bad Hubby for eating your lunch! I'm not sure exactly how it works with finding out how many copies I've sold. I do know that i will get royalties for every copy. I'll have to wait and see how it works. Feel free to buy as many copies as you like!

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 5:04 pm
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone.

Had a good day at work, but Jeep's still screwed up. That, along with money issues, means I'll be finding an alternative way to get to work next week. Tomorrow, the Jeep's supposed to have a new fuel pump put on it.

Also tomorrow, it's Le Mans. As I've mentioned, I'll be offline all day tomorrow and into much of Sunday. It's not like I vanished, just watching a really, really long race on TV. This'll probably be the last year I do it, though. It's getting harder and harder for me to stay up and watch the race, and next year, it might not even be on television since Speed Channel is being rebadged as Fox Sports 1, Fox's equivalent to ESPN.

I'll be headed to bed early tonight so I can get up and watch the race tomorrow morning. So aside from looking stuff up here and watching some TV later, I don't have much planned.

If I don't post anything further tonight, I'll be back Sunday :)

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 7:23 pm
by TwilightFan87
Hey everyone :)

Today has been my quiet day, where I really haven't done much besides play Farmville and read :) Got to read an except of Susie's book and it was great! I also started one of the books written by one of the guys from Duck Dynasty, a show my Mom has so gotten me into!

Tomorrow I'm hitting a community wide yard sale..last year I scored an awesome Twilight t-shirt for a dollar so I'm pretty stoked :)

Lynne-sounds like you're getting some good help for Harry :) we had to take Rolph to a trainer so he'd calm down a bit and let me walk him more. He was very attached to Jason but now he loves me. I hope you're selling lots of copies of your book!

Song-I'm glad it's not just me..I felt like a kid and ended up with two different stuffed animals and a Stitch pillow pet I used on the plane. It's comfy :D I finally saw Bridesmaids last night and it just wasn't that good to me..I'm not sure why! Glad your kiddos are good :)

Susie-thanks :) I really do feel like a different person. It's just weird, knowing it's all done. First time since high school (which was 8 years ago) that school is totally done, forever..even though I'd taken college courses in high school :P

Hope everyone is well...keep coming back here, it's fun to read!!

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2013 7:35 am
by Songbird
I rented Pitch Perfect last night finally. I had already watched it online for free, but then I feel like I need to rent it, but I think I may have to buy it at some point because I watched it twice last night and once this might be my new favorite. Rebel Wilson cracks me up. She is a comedic genius. Apparently she improvised most of her lines and she is just so so funny I don't know how they managed to get any good takes where they weren't all laughing hysterically. She is such a scene stealer! I wonder what it would be like to hang out with her.

Lynne, yep, bad hubby for stealing my lunch! Maybe I'll have to put my name on it next time. He loves my burgers...I had to start buying a bigger pack of meat because he eats so much when I make them.
How did the behaviorist go?
Oh believe me, if I had the money, I'd buy a bunch of copies right now. But we just replaced our heater, which cost about 1500 euros, I have my trip home in August that I put on the credit card and need to pay off, and our washing machine stopped spinning last we are going to have to get THAT fixed again. But IF I get that job at the store, we're saved and then I will buy about 10 copies or so with my first paycheck. Wish me luck!

Sarah, I'm sorry you didn't like Bridesmaids...I love Melissa McCarthey in it, but if it weren't for her, it wouldn't have been NEARLY as good. I didn't like the very first scene...I'm not a fan of gratuitous sex. (one of the reasons I won't read 50 Shades) But the scene with the dress fitting is one I can't watch (like the scene in Pitch Perfect where they are fighting over the pitch pipe after the semi-finals) and I thought the cat fight scene was a bit immature...but every scene with Melissa McCarthy in it was just so much funnier because of her.
Man, when we took the kids to Disney 3 summers ago, I think we came home with about every souvenir possible. Hubs went CRAZY buying stuff for the kiddos. I was going to let them each pick one or 2 things, but he was like "Did you see the toothbrushes that light up? We have to get those!" and "We need cups for them to carry around in the park with us...let's let them each pick one" and "Well, if Bug gets the Sleeping Beauty set, we have to let MM get the Jasmine one, because you know he will cry if he doesn't." So we came home with stuffed Mickey and Minnie in prince/princess clothes, and several sets of mini dress up dolls from the various princesses, and cups, toothbrushes, plus I got a t-shirt and PJ bottoms...TONS of stuff. I'm not sure who had more or the kids!

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2013 2:54 pm
by Suzan
Hey girls!

It’s so much fun to read everyone’s birthday post! I loved seeing so much Robward pictures on the forum again! BTW, what ever happened to HumpDay?? I guess I should blame myself for that one as well.
Not much happening over here. Except going out for groceries in the pouring rain without a coat, twice. :roll: It was only two days ago that we had 30 degrees C. Now we barely get 17. No wonder so many people feel sick. Anyways…

Sarah – Yes, he is. Although I think it was only a small cameo. I though that one has just recently been released in cinemas. What’s Duck Dynasty? Never heard of it.

Lynne – I think that was one of the first scenes that got me hooked as well. I remember the movie was playing regularly on this movie-channel on tv. When I came across it, I always thought “What is this blue-green-ish movie about a forest?” Then once, I switched past it and the parking lot scene was on and I just kept watching. :D How did it go at the animal behaviouralist?

Sean – Favorite quote… Hmm, there are so many. But right now I’m really partial to the proposal from Eclipse. I actually really love the scene in the movie:
I’m from a different era. Things were a lot less complicated. And if I had met you back then, I would have courted you. We would have taken chaperoned strolls and ice tea on the porch. I may have stolen a kiss or two, but only after asking your father’s permission, I would have got down on one knee and I would have presented you with a ring.
Then there’s his wedding speech from BD1 of course. And I could cite the whole last page of BD when Bella lifts her shield… There are many, many more, haha. Have a nice race-weekend!

Susie – Thanks for posting The Walk! No party would be complete without a fantastic entrance. :swoon:

Brenda – Actually it was 2009. A photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly with Kristen and Taylor. I think I was first to identify it only because Caryn wasn’t here, haha. Here’s a link to some more shots from the shoot. :swoon:


Susan – Oh no! Bad hubs! Doesn’t he know leprechauns only live in Ireland? You would have never fallen for that excuse. ;) We were definitely going to pick a wedding themed movie. I think the suggestions were 27 Dresses and The Wedding Planner. I think Bridesmaids is a little too much for the friend that’s getting married. She’s quite religious, so I’m not sure how much she will enjoy some of the scenes in that one… But Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy are definitely hilarious. Have ever seen Melissa’s new sitcom Mike&Molly? Anyways, we could always go for the classics: “Four Weddings and A Funeral” or “Runaway Bride”, haha. Cake is a very good idea, thanks. We were planning on bringing our own snacks for the picnic anyway.

That's it for now. Bye!

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2013 4:25 pm
by Tornado
Hey there!

The animal behaviouralist with Harry went really well. She was impressed with the amount of work I'd done on him and thinks he's on the right track to becoming better behaved. There will still be up and down times, but I've got a more positive outlook.

We went to a place called Woody Point, by the sea, for the training. There's a boardwalk there where lots of dogs were walked. It was a little difficult to keep Harry from going crazy, but I managed most of the time. And you should have seen the animal behaviouralist go off and a woman who was training her border collies off-leash! That's illegal here, when you're outside certain areas, and she tore strips off the woman, especially when her dogs ran up to Harry and then she blamed me for the problem because I had no control over my dog, who was onlead and by my side the whole time, even though he was barking at the other dog.

Sarah - I can't wait for my turn to read Susie's book. Yes, dogs can be a challenge, can't they?

Songbird - Pitch Perfect is on my list of movies to see. I'll get around to it soon.Good luck with that job!

Suzan - yes, I remember it so well when I first saw that teaser trailer. I've always loved romances that follow this scenario: girl meets boy. Boy does something amazing that proves to girl that he is not normal. Girl must find out how boy can do this. They (usually) fall in love. I'd heard Twilight was romantic, and it sounded like it might be up my alley, but I was terrified of vampires. I was thinking Twilight would be more like True Blood! So I avoided it for a long time, until the movie was about to come out on DVD. Then I thought I might be able to rent it and forward through any horror bits. So I decided to watch the teaser trailer to see if it would be something I liked. If you think of the teaser trailer and then look at the scenario above, you can probably imagine my reaction. I can still feel that feeling coming over me, a feeling I recognised. It was OBSESSION. From the moment I saw that trailer I was absolutely hooked, and immediately watched everything I could find online.

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2013 8:50 pm
by TwilightFan87
If we're going back to when we realized when could possibly be into Twilight..then mine was the New Moon trailer. I'd heard of Twilight and didn't get the appeal but the NM trailer is what caught my eye and I went-hmmm..maybe I could be into that. It was my friends who made me read the books though :D

Today I went to a huge community wide yard sale and felt sorry for the few copies of Twilight I saw..I'm always tempted to buy them and give them a nice home where they'll be loved and read! :D

Lynne-glad to hear about Harry :)

Suzan- Duck Dynasty is about a family who invented the best duck calls there are for duck hunting..they're all very southern and redneck-ish, so it's all about their family and the business and all the craziness :) Very sweet.

Song-wow that sounds fun!! Jason went a little overboard with the collectors pins at first so he basically set the tone shopping wise :D I ended up with a Stitch pillow pet which is quite comfy :) we plan on taking our future kiddos there at some point of course.

I think it's harder for me because I know Melissa McCarthy primarily as Sookie from Gilmore Girls and I'm not really into raunchy stuff..I just wanted to see what the big deal was so me and a friend watched it. I loved Pitch Perfect though-that movie is great :)

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2013 4:31 am
by Songbird
I have a dance workshop for choir today. I really would rather stay home today, but we're learning new choreography for one of th new songs, so I HAVE to be there or I'll be SOOOO behind. Oh well. It might be fun.

Suzan, 27 Dresses and the Wedding Planner are great! I can see Bridesmaids being too much...and then you don't want to do A Few Best Men or Bachelorette either. I haven't seen Mike and it on here? When?

Lynne, glad it went well! How could the woman blame YOU when it was HER dogs that came up to YOU? That's insane. What did she do when the behaviorist scolded her?

Sarah, yeah, I'm a huge GG fan, too...I have all the seasons on DVD, so I know Melissa as Sookie as well, but that's what I think is so great...she's so versatile. The character of Sookie is pretty much the polar opposite of the character of Megan, and yet she's brilliant with both!