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Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2013 11:13 am
by Songbird
Happy Cake Day!! I need it today! MM is being a poop! At lunch he asked for a sandwich, so I make one and then Bug came in and asked if she could play on the ipad and I said no, it was lunch time. We eat, THEN we can play. So then MM says he's going to eat fast so he can play first, which upset Bug because she asked first. So MM goes and throws his sandwich in the garbage and comes back and tells me he ate it...but I had JUST given it to him 30 seconds before, and he had no nutella around his mouth, so I could tell he was lying to me. The rule in our house is that if you don't eat what you asked for, you get nothing until the next meal. So because he lied to me, he lost his turn on the ipad, and because he didn't eat his sandwich, he went hungry. He spent the next 20 minutes crying hysterically because he was hungry and bored. So we had a discussion about making choices, and when you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences, and about how we're going to try to make better choices tomorrow, and then we read some books together instead of playing on the ipad. It was SOOO hard to make him go back to school hungry, but I know logically that he needs to learn to make the right decision the first time...and giving in and giving him something else would be just to make ME feel better, not to actually teach him anything...but man it was hard.

Susie, yeah, there's the problem. I won't have transportation at all. I don't have a valid drivers license expired because I couldn't get there to renew it. So I am relying on other people to come pick me up, drop me off, I wouldn't be able to come pick you up or anything, and the problem with Wyoming is that there are no major airports in the whole state. We have to use Denver, CO or Rapid City, SD OR pay up the wazoo for flights to the small more local airports. And the closest major airports I mentioned are still 3-6 hours away from where I will be. The only time I will actually be at or near those airports are when I fly in and out...but I don't fly in until evening on the 2nd, and we'll most likely be traveling during the day on the 25th to get TO the airport to fly out...the only other possibility I can think of is that hubs and I go to Denver on the 24th instead and stay in a hotel that night so we don't have to make the 4+ hour drive the next day...the problem with that is that my brother's birthday is on the 25th. I don't know if he has plans, but I am betting if he does, they don't include driving to Denver to drop us off at the airport and he may want to do breakfast with us that day instead. Hopefully, if this doesn't work out, I'll still get to meet you in October?

Suzan, that cracked me up....that you took so long to choose a pic that you ran out of time!

Sarah, with me, I'm not going to get more regular hours...I have limited availability because I don't want to put my kids in daycare. So I only work when the kids are at school, and they have every Wednesday and Friday afternoon off, so I can only work Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays during school hours. Plus, they really only ever need help on Mondays from on call people. Mondays are busy because orders have come in on the weekend and piled up. But once you get through those, the rest of the days aren't as busy and they can make do with the people they have on regular contracts. Unless I want to go on contract, I won't get the hours, and I don't want to do that right now.
I know what you mean about the fight in Eclipse! I have the same thing...AND in Breaking Dawn. Even though I know exactly what's going to happen, I still get caught up in it!

Jaclyn, we've been getting that same thing, though yesterday and today weren't as hot. I sleep with the fan on since we don't have air conditioning.

Lynne, that's so great that you sold some more copies! Shasta told me she was at the partwhere they are in the ship and Sarah has just confronted Keridan, and she is sooooo anxious to find out if he loves her, and she thinks he does. So she's almost done with it and it sounds like she'll want the next book, too! I'm so glad because I know how subjective taste is and just because -I- loved it, doesn't mean all my friends will. So I am always nervous when I tell someone how much I love a book and recommend it, because then I feel guilty if they don't feel the same way....I have the same when I am reading something someone else tells me is one of their favorites...I know they love it, and what do I say if I hate it? So I was REALLY glad to hear that she is loving it. But I am plugging it as far and wide as I can! I'll bring the flyers you sent when I go to the states this summer and plant them strategically. I don't think it would do much good to put them out here since people mostly don't read in English and the English sections in book stores, if they have them, are very small and limited because they don't sell well.

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2013 5:10 pm
by Tornado
Little Man spent most of yesterday evening vomiting. He seems better this morning, but he hasn't eaten yet, so I don't think I'll be sending him to school. I really hope I don't get it!

Songbird - ah, just wait until she gets to that little scene that's coming up in the next chapter. She'll be sooooooo happy! I'm really glad she likes it too. Thanks for being so supportive.

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2013 7:49 pm
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone.

Sorry I wasn't able to write in yesterday. But the strange-Why are we talking about a donkey? week continues.

Apparently, just before I got home yesterday, my house or a utility pole/wire got struck by lightning. It didn't do any damage, aside from the fact that it fried out internet router, the HDMI/Internet ports on my brother's XBox 360, and my grandma's DirecTV receiver. So we have no TV in the living room, had no internet until late last night, and my brother has to eventually get a new 360. At least we were able to afford a new router and the DirecTV receiver replacement will be free apparently.

At least it stopped raining, but my yard's still a mudhole, so I can't just walk around it yet because of that. I have to visit the library downtown near where I work tomorrow to get some stuff, and I plan on getting a pizza to celebrate my surviving this week with my sanity. It's simply been a bizarre week and I'm glad that it's almost over.

I'll be back later :)

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:48 pm
by Susie
Hooray! It's so great to see the thread hopping again!

Susan - It looks like we'll probably have to wait until October to meet up. Oh well, at least we looked at the options. How about talking on the phone while you're in the U.S.? That would be fun.

Sean - It's a good thing no one's computer got fried by the lightening. You deserve that pizza. What is your favorite kind?

Lynne - Two hours? Wow. That's impressive. I'm going to work on a speech for my book in my Toastmasters club in the near future. That's actually why I joined TM - so I'd be ready for the possibility of having to talk about my book...

Jaclyn - I love seeing you here! Wow. You ARE having warm weather there! Enjoy it while you can. Fingers crossed for October. That would be so fun to get a whole group together.

Sarah - Don't you like the naughty pictures? They're not that bad; it's mostly the thought that counts! Your choices were stellar, by the way. Hump Day was a long standing tradition that has fallen by the wayside. It's a good way to get people back here at least once a week. You said you write some fiction - have you written any fan fiction?

See you later!

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2013 12:18 am
by TwilightFan87
Hey everyone :) Crazy day for me-long cleaning day but it's helping me lose weight since it burns so many calories :D Starting Breaking Dawn tonight and I just caved and bought the extended edition of BD 1 off of Ebay (gotta love Ebay gift cards!), so I may try to read it slowly so I can watch it when it comes in.

Susie-It's the crotch shots that I don't care for....I don't know, I feel like that's an invasion of privacy. Shirtless pics are okay though!I haven't started any fan fiction for Twilight but I'm finally writing again, a gymnastics fan fiction actually. First time in a long while (probably since I was about 13) I'm actually enjoying it again. We'll see how long it holds though..I've always found Twilight a good inspiration ;)

Lynne-I hope LM feels awful :/ I'd love to read your Christian book if you ever need more eyes for it. I've found very few adult Christian fiction books I care for, though Robin Jones Gunn (have you heard of her?) wrote some great YA fiction.

Song-oh man..your story about your kiddos sounds stressful..I don't know if I could've done it!

Remind me about cake day again? I see you mention it frequently..and I always want cake afterward!

I'm trying to think ahead about work like that as well..we've come to the realization that if I stay at the store for the next few years, the hours are perfectly set in the afternoon that Jason will be able to come home and take the kids so I can work and get out of the house. My parents worked opposite shifts when I was a kid so they wouldn't have to put us in day care either. You're a good Mom!

Hi Jaclyn!!!

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:09 am
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone.

I'm about to get offline--maybe for the night, or for a couple of hours. But anyways, I have something that I'd like to try and do tonight before I go to bed.

Susie: I'll be getting a Little Ceasar's deep dish pizza with pepperoni and peppers on it tomorrow after work. At least this week is almost over and things should be back to normal soon.

I'll be back later :)

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2013 5:08 pm
by Tornado
Hey everyone!

Little Man is all better, and so far we're fine, so hopefully we'll be okay. However, because Little Man was sick, I wasn't able to go to a funeral yesterday. A wonderful old lady from my old church passed away and I'd always promised myself that I would go to her funeral, so I was very disappointed.

Susie - yes, I thought it was impressive. I mainly talked to them about how to get their book published, so it wasn't just all about my book.

Sarah - Sure thing. My Christian book is a little different from many American ones. I find them a bit sterile. The writer seems to be always trying to make sure they don't put in anything even vaguely offensive to anyone. I tried to make mine a little more realistic. Of course, there's not going to be bad language or sex scenes, but I wanted the characters to seem real.

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2013 5:52 pm
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone.

I haven't been up to too much so far today. I'm about to make me something to eat in a few minutes and then I'll try and plan my evening.

The DirecTV receiver showed up today, and that's been hooked up for a while. I'll have to get used to a new remote, but at least the system was free.

Other than that, I haven't done too much. I'll probably try and work on fan fic later and watch a few videos that I've been waiting forever to watch.

I'll be back later :)

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 1:31 pm
by Suzan
Hey everyone!
Happy Stewart Sunday!

Here’s another long post from me again. I’m completely exhausted from all the parties last week. Good thing I have a lazy Sunday right now. First there was the birthday party I talked about in my previous full post. A quiet, but fun family gathering.
The next day was the bachelorette party, which was sooo much fun. We ended up having the perfect weather for our scheduled boat trip and spend two glorious hours basking in the sun while floating through a beautiful natural reserve. We all brought snacks and drinks to munch on during the trip. Afterwards we went to a nice restaurant and had a delicious dinner on the terrace. Then we went to one of my friend’s home to have a drink. The weather was too nice to sit inside and watch a movie, so we just sat in the garden and talked. We attempted to start a card game, but everyone was pretty tired at that point so I didn’t go so well, haha. But it was a fantastic day! And the bride thoroughly enjoyed it too, so that was one mission accomplished. :D
Friday was the actual wedding. I had to scramble in the morning for a dress, because the dress I intended to wear was made of a fabric that made me break out in a sweat just putting it on. I couldn’t even get it off again because it was sticking to my body so much. The fact that I gained a tiny bit of weight since I bought it had nothing to do with it, I swear. :blush: I ended up wearing a Christmas green dress, but I don’t think anyone noticed with the light-beige and nude vest, shoes and bag… Anyways, I thought I looked great considering the last minute change. And obviously it wasn’t about my outfit. All eyes were on the beautiful bride. They had a ceremony for the law and one for the church afterwards. Then it was off to the reception and my friends and I finally had a change to meet the husband. He was very nice and they’re obviously very much in love. I’m really happy for her. Though it is weird to think I now have friends who are married… It’s so… adult! lol
Finally, yesterday was my grandmother’s 65th birthday. I don’t know if it’s the same in the US or Australia (or any other country you all come from, lol), but here 65 is the age that you get to retire so it’s a pretty big deal. The whole family went on a guided boat tour through the city of Dordrecht, where she lives. It’s the oldest city in Holland, so it was pretty interesting. And again we had perfect weather. I even got a sunburn, which admittedly was my own fault since I didn’t apply any sun block. Oh well. Then we had a wonderful High-Tea and ended up for drinks back at my grandmother’s house. Another fantastic, but tiring day. :D

Wow, that was a long message… Enough about me. What have you all been up to?

Lynne – Finished my second read of The Heir in the past week. Will start putting together a review after my post. I’m so glad your talk at the writers’ group went that well. I hope those people will help spread the word on your novel. The pictures of Rob in the grass are also high on my list. In fact, a long, long time ago I made a wallpaper from one of them that’s still on the old pc I use when I’m at my parents. I matched it with a picture from Kristen and Taylor so it kinda looks like they were in one photoshoot. It’s the piece of photoshopping I’m most proud of - for an amateur. Here it is. :) I’m sorry your son was sick. And if I read correctly on fb, you seem to have it as well. Hope you’ll feel better soon!

Sean – I definitely agree that career-wise, the ending of The Saga has helped both Kristen and Rob. As I fan of The Saga, I wish they could continue living in the Twilight-bubble forever, haha. But I’m also really excited to see where they’re careers are headed.

Sarah – Naughty? Us? Never! Theehee. ;) HumpDay can definitely stretch the limitations of a PG-13 forum. Sorry, if you were caught a bit off guard by that. It’s definitely not a rule so please don’t feel like you have to participate on that level. That said, I loved your contributions! That Walk from New Moon is still one of my favourite scenes. Talk about an entrance :swoon: Have you finished your re-read of The Saga yet? I just recently re-read Twilight, but had to take a break before I started New Moon so I could read Lynne’s novel. I’m planning on reading the Beautiful Creatures series next and then go back to New Moon. I definitely have enough to do this summer, haha.

Kristina – Great to see you here! Hope you’re doing wonderful and that you can come back soon!

Susan – And, did the website have the episode you were looking for? I’ll definitely check out Levidia if I’m ever in need, thanks! Your auto-pilot story sounds way too familiar. I can never remember if I’ve locked the car. Pretty irritating, haha.
HHHcon - Oh, I’d love a Dutch HH meeting! October/November is great as long as we stick to the weekends. I also have my own (17th) and my dad’s (7th) birthday to watch out for in October, but I’m sure I can schedule around that. Don’t have any plans yet. It would be fantastic if Susie and Jaclyn (and possibly more people) could make it as well! Count me in!

Marielle – Any word on the date that you’ll get the kittens? I hope the weather stays this nice so you can play outside in the garden with them. What festival are you going to? My mom and I wanted to go to a small festival nearby for the band VOF De Kunst, specifically for their song Suzanne. lol But when I double checked the dates, I realised they were at the festival the previous week. :doh:

Susie – Congratulations on Hubs’ new job!! You must so relieved. Hope he’s doing great. Is it the same kind of job he had previously? Loved your HumpDay contribution! So glad to see people picking up the tradition again. :blush: You caught me on that one, haha. I do adore his many facial expressions, but the furrowed brow look is on the top of my list. It’s like he’s staring straight at you. Or through you for that matter. Like he really sees you for who you are and 100% “gets” you. Like he knows your deepest, darkest secrets and he still thinks you’re an idiot for not thinking you’re a great person. Or maybe I’m just projecting too much Edward-ness onto him. Or too much of my own philosophical musings. And now I’ve definitely put too much thought into a single picture. :lol:

Jaclyn – Hi there! Love your enthusiasm! And thanks for the HumpDay pics! The weather over here has been fabulous as well. Don’t you love it when you get that sunny holiday feeling right in the comfort of your own home? Best part is that you don’t have to buy plane tickets or spend money on hotels, haha.

Hi Brenda! Always great to see your banner again. ;)

Phew, all caught up I think. See you next time!

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 2:35 pm
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone.

Well, I can tell you that I think that the weather sucks in my region of the world. It might not be raining, but the humidity is pretty bad and that combined with the temperature outside just makes things suck--when I went outside a few minutes ago, it felt like a blast furnace.

And it's gonna be like this most of this week. At least I have a fan and AC at my house, at work, and in the taxis I'll be going to work in and going home from work in on Monday, and even the Jeep you can roll down the windows and it helps at speed, and the library and Walmart have AC.

I haven't been up to too much so far today, but at least the groceries have been dropped off and I only have 3 days of work this week, but Monday and Friday will be 12-5.

Hopefully the weather will improve come Friday, when it's supposed to cool off. But the heat and humidity def. aren't my favorite things. At least with the fan and such, it won't be bad when I try and work on my fan fic and such later tonight.

I'll be back later :)