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Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2013 3:41 am
by Songbird
Sounds like a fun date, Lynne! We went out to a Mexican restaurant on ours, and then went to the Greek for dessert...Baklava!
We all slept here at my in-laws though. The kids are happily playing on the computer now.
My friend will be in Melbourne. So not at all close to you, but one of my other friends lives in Pakenham so I am going to "introduce" them so at least she has a friend there, and someone to help her if she needs it. I don't know when she'll be going, but she should be there by the time The Reign comes out, and she loved The Heir and is excited for The Crown...maybe I can get her to go to the launch of The Reign if that would be ok. She is very cultural and social and goes to art galleries, concerts, book clubs, etc.

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:21 pm
by TwilightFan87
It's nice to see more activity around here!

I went to IKEA yesterday and got a new rug and side table for the living room :)

Song-oh your nephew sounds awful :/ I can't stand kids like that, that are just mean for no reason. In-laws are quirky, huh? I'm glad they don't bother you beyond the cleaning issues, but that would personally drive me nuts. It's probably because my Mom comes over and does the same thing ;) she always asks if she can come over and clean my house...and I clean houses for a living. I just never want to come home and clean my house! I had an almost-marriage like that too that I thankfully called off as well...except the guy was crazy, not his mother. Congrats on the 12 year anniversary! Sorry about your friend moving, that's rough :(

Lynne-sounds like an amazing date :)

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2013 4:48 pm
by Tornado
Hey there!

It's school holidays here (again) so Little Man and I are off to Dreamworld again. These are the last holidays while our annual passes are valid, so we'll probably go twice these holidays. I think I've got my money's worth out of them!

Songbird - Baklava is yum! Sure, if your friend feels like coming up here for the launch, she would be welcome! :)

Sarah - yes, it was good fun.

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2013 6:09 pm
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone.

Sorry I haven't commented earlier, but I watched the entire 6 Hours of Austin WEC race, and was toughly entertained. Finishing order was Audi-Toyota-Audi. It could've been Audi-Audi-Toyota if not for early problems for the #1 Audi that cost them a lap.

Other than that, I don't have a ton of stuff planned. I think that I may take a nap, unless my brother is in the bedroom playing his XBox. If that's the case, then I'll try and find something to do while I wait.

I do plan on working on fan fic later tonight, and my whole week is clear for stuff like that now.

I'll be back later :)

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2013 4:57 pm
by Tornado
Hey there!

I forgot to tell you yesterday that I finally saw Cosmopolis on Sunday night.

After sitting there for nearly two hours going, 'What the hell are they talking about?' I think I ended up enjoying it, if only for Rob. I was a little worried about his performance at first, as I thought the first few scenes seemed to contain too many expressions he'd used when playing Edward. However, he soon got into his stride. By the time of his last scene with his Chief of Security (if you've seen it, you'll know the scene I mean) I was completely convinced in his portrayal of a cold, distant man unravelling in dramatic fashion. So, while I still don't understand much of the dialogue (and a lot of it sounded stiff on everyone's part, probably because David Cronenberg insisted on every word being taken from the book verbatim) It was an interesting movie.

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 12:36 pm
by Chernaudi
Hi everyone.

Sorry I didn't write last night, but I had a doctor's appointment this morning. Bad news: my blood sugar is creeping back up because I haven't had medication for nearly 2 weeks now.

Good news: my A1C is down from 11 to 8. Anything around 7 is considered to be about normal.

So far, that's been my day. I may be able to pick up my prescription refill later, and maybe get a couple of grocery items before I get paid on Friday. I have plans for fan fic and a few other things since I've gotten the WEC stuff from this weekend and my appointment out of the way.

I'll be back later :)

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 1:36 pm
by marielle
Hey everybody!!!

Pfff.... I'm sorry I am a week late but things are so crazy at the moment. But I promised myself to make time regularly to come here.

Work sucks big time at the moment. I really starting to hate it there. More I start to hate my manager. She keeps nagging about things and blaming things on me that I didn't do or had good reasons to do in the first place. She treats me like I'm five and don't know shoot... I'm really hoping the economy is getting a boost soon so jobs will be available again...

Health wise everything is going great! My doctor is really positive about everything and is massively cutting down on my meds. I'm going from 7 different pills to only 3.
Also I have also started a new diet. For the last two weeks I have been eating according the Primal Blueprint. It's basically lot carb, high fat diet. Gluten free and full of meat. It's really doing wonders for me. I haven't lost any weight yet but I'm feeling tons better and I have more energy and am not tired so early in the evening anymore.

The kittens are doing great. we had a bit of a scare last week when we thought they were both starting to get sexually active. They are too young for a visit to the vet but not too young to think about the birds and the bees. However it was just a day and now things are back to normal... the vet my mom works for had great advise and we stuck to that. So no visit to the Vet for another month if we are lucky.

Okay lets see if I can make some sensible comments on your posts.

Amy, I'd love to have you back here... I have missed you greatly.

Lynne, I saw a pick of you holding up your new book... How did your first book do overall. Are you happy with how many you sold?
What holiday do you have? spring break? I guess sumer is coming for you.

Susan, how was your trip to your dad? I don't think I have seen anything about it on FB. Did you manage to get everything arranged?
Are you looking forward to the girls weekend? Are you staying at the cottage?

Sean, how is work going? and your cats? are they behaving?

I'm sorry I couldn't make any more comments on something. I'll try to do my best to be here more often.

Bye Bye!!

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 3:58 pm
by Chernaudi
Marielle: Cats are doing fine, though one likes to piss on my brother's bed for some reason.

My job sort of sucks right now--the main receptionist got promoted and now I'll be doing a lot more of her old job until they hire a permanent replacement or until Nov.

In Nov, though, I do get a promotion to a scanning job that's supposed to be up and running by then. I just gotta survive possibly close to two months of a job that I just don't really like doing right now.

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 4:58 pm
by Tornado
Morning all!

A man is coming this morning to rip up the vinyl floor in our kitchen. Tomorrow it will be replaced with some new stuff, and on Friday the rest of the house will be have new carpet. It will be wonderful to have it done ... finally!

Sean - sorry to hear your blood sugar's back up. :(

Marielle - good to see you back. Sorry work is a pain. Can you find another job? Glad to hear the kittens are now behaving themselves! ;) Basically, we have some school holidays once every quarter. The next holidays will be the big holidays in summer. We've probably sold a few hundred of my book (including the ones I've bought to sell) and that's not too bad. I want to sell a lot more, though.

Re: Rob's HH #12: Sisterhood of the Pattinson

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2013 9:38 pm
by TwilightFan87
Hi everyone :)

Busy few days work wise..I'm glad we're getting away to Portland this weekend! I attempted to start Beautiful Creatures but I found it similar to Twilight, so I'm not sure if I'll keep reading. The last thing I want is to get sucked into another trilogy! Twilight, Hunger Games, and Divergent is enough I think :) but that's just me. I know a lot of our HH sisters have read it and liked it though!

Lynne-your school system is a lot different from long is the holiday for? Dream World sounds fun :) and yay for new floors. Vinyl is a pain to rip up, I'm sure..glad you don't have to do it!

Marielle-hope things improve work wise and I'm so happy to hear you're doing well, health wise. It's amazing how a diet change can improve everything, huh? I love seeing all your kitty pictures!

Song-Hi Song! Hope you're doing well!