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Re: True Blood-- Based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries Series

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2009 4:44 pm
by Landiana
sounds like series two finale was not good!!

just had episode 8 of series one over here, and it annoyed me so much! Tara after the exorcism and at the party was just plain stupid, and the bit where she drove into the tree and you saw the first glimpse of the meanad was just was too over dramatic. and i HATED the vampire tribunal. they are way more refined than jumping around a scrap yard. i mean seriously.

i am taking it as Trueblood is a totally different series, otherwise i may butcher someone.

Re: True Blood-- Based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries Series

Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2009 12:11 am
by Twilight<3
I am in love with this show. I've only seen season two, however. Is season one worth watching because I was told that season two was much better. I'll watch it anyway because I loved season two so much. By far, Eric is my favorite character and I'm a huge Eric/Sookie shipper. I looooved episodes 9 and 10 of Sookie's dreams with Eric.

On a scale of one to ten, how good are the books and should I consider reading them?

Re: True Blood-- Based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries Series

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2009 3:16 am
by Edward_Addict
Twilight<3 wrote:Is season one worth watching because I was told that season two was much better.
Season 1 is MUCH truer to the books, which is the only reason I like it more. I read all of the books before the show premiered, so the changes they made in season 2 really bug me. The only good thing about it was that it had more Alexander Skarsgard, cuz I think he's hot.
Twilight<3 wrote:On a scale of one to ten, how good are the books and should I consider reading them?
On a scale of 1 to 10, the books are a 10 and the show is a 1.5
Not reading them would be a sin. Seriously. You don't even know who Eric is until you read the books. What they portray on the show doesn't do him any justice AT ALL. If you think you're team Eric right now, just wait until you read Dead to the World. Or even Dead and Gone. Or any of the books actually, but especially those two.

Re: True Blood-- Based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries Series

Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2009 3:43 pm
by Dxplora07
I completely disagree with Edward_Addict. I love the shows, and I think they do a much better job at establishing characters in the show than in the books, In fact, it's pretty ridiculous. How can you tell me someone who is supposed to be so business savy, so cool and malicious, has no problem showing up to an orgy in neon green spandex? a vicious, aggressive tiger is going to take seeing his girlfriend kissing another guy, or getting bitten by a vampire in stride? yea, that's totally within character. Or even better, a wild-child player is suddenly going to settle down with an over-bearing b just because he knocked her up. Even better, a supernatural world he knows NOTHING about just forces itself on to him in a dramatic way, and you see nothing from him, no emotion or anything, he just takes it all in stride. So personally, I think that the tv series is much better than the books. Sorry, but when I get involved in a series, I want actual established characters, not a name that just bends to the whim of the writer just to suit her story. It's too hard to stay involved in a story that way.

Re: True Blood-- Based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries Series

Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 6:09 am
by Edward_Addict
I'm sorry, but Dxplora07's comment is completely ridiculous. Considering THE BOOKS are the whole reason the show even exists, I consider them to be the truth as far as what the characters are really like. Saying the show does a better job at displaying their true qualities is like saying that Catherine Hardwicke showed the true story of Twilight. That's just ludicrous. CH only did an adaptation of a story that was already developed and loved by many, as Alan Ball did with True Blood. Stephenie Meyer created Twilight, she's the source of what is true. Just like Charlaine Harris created the Sookie series and they are HER characters and HER stories.

As far as how business savvy Eric could show up to an orgy in fluorescent attire, I think that's just attributed to him being a 1,000 year old vampire who has seen and done just about everything. He's pretty much free of any inhibitions, embarrassment, or shame that would hinder normal people. Sookie herself describes him as having flare, and we see throughout the whole series his spunk and hilarious quips. He is by no means conservative, so I doubt a little human orgy and some spandex pants would ruffle his feathers. He enjoyed going to that sex party and causing a stir, which in my mind fits right in with Eric's character.

In regards to Bill's reaction to seeing Sookie kissing Eric at said orgy, I'm guessing he didn't overreact because he was only courting her as ordered by the Queen. Sure, he may have come to eventually have feelings for her but they obviously were not as deep as her feelings for him, or else all the events in Club Dead wouldn't have happened. And again, we're talking vampire here. Lived many years, has seen some outrageous stuff. Not some human who might get overly emotional about a kiss. Especially about someone they didn't pursue by choice. And Eric is his superior who is also much older and therefore stronger. What good would it have done to cause a scene when Bill saw them kissing? If memory serves correctly, he did make some snarky comments to Sookie about it after he saw them, but all was quickly forgotten in the excitement of Andy's gun waving and then the maenad's appearance.

As far as all that stuff with Jason, it wasn't just some average chick who he knocked up, and it was indeed a supernatural being who he claimed was different from any other woman he's known, even before he knew she was supernatural. I don't think it's that far fetched that he'd want to settle down with her and have a family. She excited him and held his interest like no one else had. And it wasn't like he was just thrown into that supernatural world and took it in stride the same day. He had weeks and weeks of being locked up, essentially being tortured, contemplating what was happening to him. And considering he had Sookie as a sister with all her quirks and mind reading abilities, and he knew about the existence of vampires, I'm pretty sure the existence of shape shifters wasn't too much of a stretch for him. Sookie even prepared him a little when he said Crystal was a tiger in bed, and she reacted as if he meant literally, which alerted him that such creatures actually exist.

I just think it's hilarious when someone tries to question the creation of a bestselling author, claiming she didn't adequately develop her characters, while a TV series that shows little resemblance to the original story and essentially butchered the characters AND the plot, somehow did it better. Give me a break.

Re: True Blood-- Based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries Series

Posted: Wed Sep 30, 2009 10:26 am
by Dxplora07
no, Edward_Addict, you give me a break. For one, I never said it was a TRUER representation of the character, I said they did a much better job at establishing characters. Obviously the show can't be truer that the orgination source. But no, I don't feel the author did a good job at establishing her characters, and I have a right to feel that way, it's my opinion, just like it's your opinion that the book is better.

Eric is thousands of years old, yes. No he doesn't have the same inhibitions that we do, which is why he is find showing up to an orgy. I can see that. An no, I don't think Eric is conservative, but that has nothing to do with showing up in a ridiculous outfit. It makes it unbelievable, and tears the reader out of the element of the story. Really, a vicious vampire who loves indulging in sex and killing things is not going to think about neon spandex. It just breaks the mood.

I have no idea where you got I was talking about Bill seeing sookie kiss eric at the orgy. I was talking about the tiger-shifter that the whole sup world is afraid just seeing Sookie with Eric and being ok with it. But you pointed out something pretty interesting. It seems like everyone of sookie's "boyfriends" has seen her with another guy and just take it in stride. Men are men, period. No guy is going to just be o.k. with their love interest being physically involved with another man, and not say or do anything about it, whether it be physically acting on their emotions, or at least confronting Sookie about it verbally.

And yes, it was like Jason had been thrown into that supernatural world all in one day. He was bitten by a were-panther that he didn't know existed. I'm sure that Sookie's comment did strike him funny, but if someone said that to you would that break your whole world? Would you automatically realize there were supernatural beings that you didn't know about through one off-hand reaction like that? no. I'm sure he thought it was weird and shrugged it off.

Basically, she establishes a basic, shapeless, undefined idea of these characters to associate with a name, but then doesn't develope them. And I can say that because that's my OPINION. I'm sorry I'm not falling in line with what you feel.If you think Charmaine Harrison is the best writer in the world, and you love those books with all your heart, you go right ahead and do so. That's your thing. But just because she's a best seller doesn't make her a great writer. It just means a lot of people bought her book. There's also a lot of people who read the tabloids now, too. Does that mean that OK Magazine writers are pulitzer-prize material? Paris Hilton had a best-seller, does that mean she graduated top of her class at Yale and her word is fact? I would hope not.

Last time I checked, God created us with different minds and free will, I never said that your remarks were ridiculous or outrageous, I said I disagreed. And in all fact, this is a True Blood forum, not a sookie stackhouse novel forum, so I think I have a right to be praising the SHOW, considering this forum is for fans of the SHOW.

Re: True Blood-- Based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries Series

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2009 3:41 am
by Edward_Addict
Actually, I believe the full title of this thread is "True Blood-- Based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries Series"
And in fact, the moderator (Nena) who created this forum specifically stated in the first post on the first page that this thread is for discussion (not just praise) of the show AND the books, since there is no separate thread for just the books.
Nena wrote:This thread is for discussion on the new HBO series "True Blood" that starts on September 7th.
The show is base on Charline Harris' Southern VAmpire Mysteries Series
You can post about the show and the books here!
So given this information, I think I have just as much of a right to criticize the show and praise the books in this thread as you do to praise the show here. Make sure you know the facts before you start telling me what this thread is for.

Obviously, we will disagree about the books and the show and character establishment until the cows come home. But I do have to correct you on something. Jason did not just shrug off Sookie's comment about Crystal's shape shifting, as you implied.

Here is the conversation that takes place in the beginning of Dead to the World, paperback edition, pages 29-30, in which Jason clearly understands what Sookie is telling him and he finds out there are other creatures out there.
[Jason asks what Sookie thinks of Crystal.]
"She's not your kind," I said, looking into the fire.
"She surely ain't a vamp," he protested.
"No, not a vamp."
"Well, then." He glared at me belligerently.
"Jason, when the vampires came out -- when we found out they were real after all those decades of thinking they were just a scary legend -- didn't you ever wonder if there were other tall tales that were real?"
My brother struggled with that concept for a minute. I know (because I could "hear" him) that Jason wanted to deny any such idea absolutely and call me a crazy woman -- but he just couldn't. "You know for a fact," he said. It wasn't quite a question.
I made sure he was looking me in the eyes, and I nodded emphatically.
"Well, sh*t," he said, disgusted. "I really liked that girl, and she was a tiger in the sack."
"Really?" I asked, absolutely stunned that she had changed in front of him when it wasn't the full moon. "Are you okay?" The next second, I was chastising myself for my stupidity. Of course she hadn't.
He gaped at me for a second, before busting out laughing. "Sookie, you are one weird woman! You looked just like you thought she really could--" And his face froze. I could feel the idea bore a hole through the protective bubble most people inflate around their brain, the bubble that repels sights and ideas that don't jibe with their expectation of the everyday. Jason sat down heavily in Gran's recliner. "I wish I didn't know that," he said in a small voice.
"That may not be specifically what happens to her -- the tiger thing -- but believe me, something happens."

So there you go. He took Sookie's comment seriously. He was not thrown into the shape shifter world all in one day. He was exposed to the knowledge of other supernaturals and the fact that Crystal was one herself before he was transformed. And the transformation too was also not an overnight process. So I think he had a fair amount of time to contemplate the whole situation and adjust.

Comparing Jason's reaction to how I would react to the same comment is not really a logical comparison. Jason lives in a world where vampires not only exist, but their existence is publicly known. And he grew up with a sister who is a telepath. He could accept the knowledge of shapeshifters A LOT more easily than I could. As far as I know, vampires only exist in fantasy and I have never come across any telepaths.

And in light of your "God created us different" comment (which I fail to see a connection to this conversation), I'm not saying you can't have your own opinion. Obviously no one can change that. But you calling Charlaine Harris' character development ridiculous and the reasons you stated why you felt that way, just seem unreasonable to me. I don't think you have valid arguments. It sounds like you analyzed the book details to death and because the events didn't fit with YOUR idea of how things should develop, you criticize the author. Just because the books are not up to YOUR standards doesn't mean the development is ridiculous, as you called it before. That's my personal opinion, which I am entitled to as you felt the need to point out.
You criticize her writing but I feel there should be more credit given to a New York Times bestseller, with not just one bestselling book but a 9 book series. Comparing that to tabloid sales is really undermining the NY Times list credibility, and it's like comparing apples to oranges. A pornographic movie might sell just as many copies, or even more, than an Academy Award winning film, but does that put them on the same level?? Not at all. And I'm pretty sure Paris Hilton's book sales had a hell of a lot more to do with who she is than what she wrote, though she wasn't the one who actually wrote it. I think it's safe to say Charlaine is a bestseller solely for her writing and not her fame outside of writing, unlike some people. So, in my opinion, I don't think her writing is poor or underdeveloped like you're trying to make it sound.

Re: True Blood-- Based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries Series

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2009 7:12 am
by Sannois
WOW It seems I have been missing a great discussion. Well first off, I dont have much to add to Mandys assesment, I could have said the same thing, except you write better girl! LOL
But I will say that it seems that some folks comprehend writings different from others. To say that CH's characters are not developed is a gross misunderstanding of her writings. Eric fairly jumps off the page and into your bed... errr living room. LOL
Even Bill was far more likeable in the books. And the whole story line with Jason, Crystal, the were panthers living in their little town was very detailed. I feel that folks either take a liking to a character and their situation or not, and if it does not hold their interest they see if far differently than those of us who are totally in to it. Just my take.
But I will say that I have recruited 3 people I know and they have read all the series and have found it to be utterly addicting and are all jonesing for CH to write another one.
I think Josh Wedon should have done True Blood.. now that would have been interesting. Lets hope we are not all dissapointed when Eclipse is made. Lets face it we all like our Vampires, I personally like vampire stories more than any others, and TB was too out in left field for me, Alexander Skarsgard aside! ;)
So is there a Vampire Diaries thread?? :? :P :lol:

Re: True Blood-- Based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries Series

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2009 10:39 pm
by Twilight<3
So I picked up the first book at the library yesterday and although I haven't gotten much reading done, I am enjoying the book. I read the description for book four, though, on and it said Eric lost his memory? Is that true..? Also, one last thing, I mentioned Alexander Skarsgard to my friend and she told me to look him up on YouTube for TMZ. While I normally hate TMZ because it is filled with uneducated people who twist people's words, I found this awesome clip with Alexander: click! He takes a hit at Twilight, kind of. He's so funny, I love it. He's so tall and sexy :)

Re: True Blood-- Based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries Series

Posted: Fri Oct 02, 2009 2:35 am
by roseaurora
I want to jump in and say that I agree with much of what Dxplora07 posted. I think that the characters are better developed in the tv show. And for me, they are more believable. Tho I do find TV Bill to be a bit too much of a pansy :roll: :lol:

If we want to get into semantics over the title of this thread, it does say based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries Series ;) which can have many meanings, but to me doesn't mean it will be exactly the same.

I did find the books addictive, but I still found parts of them hard to believe and not completely consistent with books that came before. The author has recognized the inconsistencies in interviews, which is cool of her to do, but makes the story hard to follow/ believe (for me at least). Example: Bill being able to levitate/fly in the first book, and there have been others, its just been awhile since I've read them and I can't remember the others.

There is nothing wrong with us disagreeing about which is better, its not worth arguing over, we are all entitled to our opinions.

I do like book Eric more tho ;)