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Re: One Tree Hill

Post by eden1437 »

lovvetwilight wrote: And that was a PG way, and I agree, they should. But they won't. And I hate both of them, so I wouldn't mind if they went back to Omaha and I didin't have to see them again lol.
Lol, I love that you hate Mouth and Millie...everyone I talk to on my end love them to pieces but I just find them really annoying because they created their own problems. They probably should have just have stayed wherever they had moved to at the beginning of this season, but what is OTH without Mouth??

And for a second there I was like who in the world is Kellar, but that was Tyler Hilton's character right? I only know some of the actors by their real names because they didn't say them enough on the show...

It totally sucks that there wasn't a new OTH on today I was looking forward to that because I get to take a designated break from Spanish hw, but it didn't happen today.

I feel as though they need to get back on track regarding Hayley instead of her sitting in the background just being a supportive wife when she's so much more than that. They don't even show her at school teaching anymore. Speaking of school, I really miss Q. It would have been great if he had a brother around the rest of the crews age, that way it can spice up the story line a bit.

I was watching some older episodes and it surprises me where the characters are now. Well, not Nathan and Hayley. We all knew they were going to be together, the fact that they are still together though is a surprise. Last season I had really wished that Lucas went through with marrying Lindsey because he pinned after Peyton way too long, and I just wanted him to stop trying.
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Re: One Tree Hill

Post by thisheartitbeats1 »

ha, i think everyone here is gonna hate me, but i love leyton.
i have since season one. their storyline at the end of this year got a little henky, and they beat the whole 'peyton could die in childbirth' thing to death for wayyy too many episodes for that conflict to be over in like 15 minutes of the finale. that irritated me. i definitely didn't want peyton to die, she's my fave, but they could have gone a different route with the pregnancy storyline.

and i do miss the old mouth. he was a lot more... free-spirited? than he is in seasons 5 and 6.

i like julian, but i think there should definitely be a brooke-chase reunion haha.
from season 5 you could definitely tell that he was still into her. it was cute :)

and jake should come back.
especially since luke's leaving.
jake and rachel should both come back.
isn't this the season where their five year hs reunion should happen?
they could bring EVERYONE back.
even like, tim and bevin.
which was really weird, i might add.
i liked bevin and skills.
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Re: One Tree Hill

Post by emilycullenx »

And all of those eps. with the crazy ex-babysitter/house maid lady were INTENSE when she kidnapped Dan.
I was like OH DANGGG. D:
Jamie's the cutest little thing; Peyton and Luke had me on edge for a few eps. when Luke finally asked her to come to LV with him; and then they didn't get married RIGHT away so i was like kjdsfg...... but it's all working out.
Mum and I thought Peyton was being ridiculously selfish, though....
she'd rather die and give Luke a baby to raise alone, knowing it killed her, than just abort it and try again later...?
Come on now... I mean, yeah, everything worked out, but honestly. It was so selfish and way too risky.
Ahh overall, I'm excited. I love old school OTH, but I'm so excited for new eps.
AND I LOVE MOUTH AND MILLIE TO PIECES LOL. They're so cute and FINALLY back together; as it should be. (x
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Re: One Tree Hill

Post by clpviolet »

Ok, so I wasn't too interested in this show when it first started....Probably because I was too into Dawson's Creek, Gilmore Girls, etc. And I guess I was being bombarded by new shows....and when it first started it just seemed like the same old teen drama that I'd watched too many times....I know better know. :) ;)

I got into the show around season five and everyone is gonna hate me for this but I love most characters/couples(Leyton, Millie, Mouth, Julian) :oops: . I caught up via soapnet and the internet. It sucks that Leyton left and they didnt even give us a good explaination... :shock: ..I miss them. I would have loved to see them as a family. I love that Brooke finally found a guy, Julian is so great and he's cute too! I have no problems with the Mouth and Millie thing, everybody makes mistakes no reason for me to get all hot and bothered... :lol: it worked out eventually anyway. (and plus I was playing catch-up, so I pretty much saw it resolved a couple hours after I saw it fall apart) I am upset that Millie has recently become like a junkie since she became a model, she really needs to get her head "hello, Brooke made you a model 'cause your you!!"
I wouldnt mind if any characters came when Chase did, he's adorable!! Oh!! Rachel is back, I almost forgot and married to DAN!!OMG :shock: :o
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