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Linkin Park

Post by Nena »

Discuss everything Linkin Park in this thread.
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Re: Linkin Park

Post by trhmllr »

I love Linkin Park!!!! I like the music, the lyrics, and everything. It is funny how Chester Bennington sings System in Queen of the Damned. I watched the special features of the movie and it shows him screaming the song when recording. It is funny because he is kind of small and had blonde short hair. You just wouldn't picture that voice from him!! I love the song and the movie too.
They are just a great band. Their CDs are the few that I like all the songs on the CD!! I love Hands Held High, What I've Done, Shadow of the day...well the whole Minutes to Midnight CD!!!
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Re: Linkin Park

Post by mcdowellswife »

I have loved Linkin Park ever since the first album.

Shadow of the Day really reminds me of the Twilight saga now.
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Re: Linkin Park

Post by waiting tobe dazzled »

I love Linkin Park!
Minutes to Midnight is amazing!!
One of the few cds that every song is great.
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Re: Linkin Park

Post by Elizabeth »

I think I liked Linkin Park's older stuff better. I'm not really liking the newer songs from their latest cd. I know that they trid to stay more rock this time, but it sounds so mainstream. At least they had a real distinctive sound before, the newer music seems to blend in more with what's already on the radio.
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Re: Linkin Park

Post by Fanpire »

I love Linkin Park....But I liked their old music better too...
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Re: Linkin Park

Post by AllTimeLow »

I love Linkin Park <33
This girl I go to school with is like, their biggest fan x]
I prefer their older stuff, but I'm like that with most bands...


my heroes <3
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Re: Linkin Park

Post by x_mystical_dreams »

linkin park
went to see them in concert a few months back
they were awesome!
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Re: Linkin Park

Post by darkrider »

I used to really like them...but I kinda grew out of them quick. loll

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Re: Linkin Park

Post by flying fish »

I love Linkin Park and every single one of their songs!
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