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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by Bellsuz »

Okay, here we go...

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Sex and the City
The Office
The Big Bang Theory
Project Runway
Top Chef
Flipping Out
Kathy Griffin: Life on the D List
How I Met Your Mother
That 70's Show
American Idol

Hmm, that's all I can think of for now.
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by pennybug84 »

break4jake wrote:Am I the only one on here who loves the series Monk and Pysch?
NO!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE Psych! (sorry. I was just excited to see that someone else watches this great show :D )It always cracks me up! Shawn is just hilarious and the actor who plays him is hot. (can't remember his name though) I like Monk but Psych is awesome.

I also like CSI (the original is the best)
Numb3rs, (the actor that plays the math wizard is very good looking)
The Closer
Criminal Minds
Mythbusters (this show is awesome & hilarious sometimes)
Instant Star (very sad that's it's canceled)
Boy Meets World.
and it's an oldie but I love it, Happy Days

EDIT:does anyone else watch the Ellen show? I don't normally like talk shows but she is HILARIOUS! she cracks me up every day. she's just great
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by rain.on.me »

I don't really like tv...but if i had to choose my favorites:

American Idol
Jon & Kate Plus 8
The Bachelor
Dragonball Z
Yu Yu Hakusho
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by twi-nerd »


I Love Kename Senpai and Zero.
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by Lunna-san »

May I say something? I hate Psych. I think it's so silly. But I love Monk. I'm so excited that Sharona is going to show up in the last season!

Well, shows that I love:

CSI : Well, I watch the 3, but my favorite is definetely the original. I miss Grisson, but Lawrence Fishburn is a great actor too. I like CSI:NY a lot. I don't know what happened with CSI: MIami, but, sometimes, I have the impression that Horatio will come out with some floating cloak. Ugh.

The Mentalist
: I just love Simon Baker

Criminal Minds

Lost : I have to see how that is going to end, you know?
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by maddy<3twilight »

okay does anyone remember the show zeena?
I used to watch that show all the time when I was little.

I LOVE SMALLVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by Mrs.TeddyBear »

^^I used to be sooo obsessed with Smallville!!!Did it end? I havent seen it in a while, but i assumed my station just changed their schedule and it was on when I was at school so I was missing everyday because of that.

But my new all time fave show is called What I Like About You! Amanda Bynes is in it and she cracks me up! It's great!

Some of my other faves are American idol, Gilmore Girls, Lie To Me, and a bunch more! But Lie To Me is on right now and I have to go watch so I won't list all the other shows I like!
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by TwilightSequel.com »

-Big Bang Theory
-How I Met Your Mother

Both are on monday nights, one right before the other. I am also a big fan of scrubs re-runs and also Seinfeld and Friends!
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by -Jasper »

- Friends, classic :lol:
- Top Gear, always really funny.
- Britain's Got Talent
- The X Factor
- Pimp My Ride :lol:
- Hollyoaks
- And other stuff I channel hop onto.
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by The Dark Knight »

Deadliest Catch
NBA Finals

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