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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by moon.cherry.twilite »

Wait! how could i forget...SNL. I LOVE saturday night live!
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by mz.cullenn »

My two favourite shows are Gossip Girl and Heroes! Woo!

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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by LindsOuimet »

Battlestar Gallactica, Venture Brothers, Lost, Dexter, and Firefly!

Yes, I am a huge dork. I can deal, though. :)

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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by tsvety »

Oooh ooh!
*How I Met Your Mother - bet show in the history of TV!
*Two and a half men - same goes here :D
*Privileged - it's AWESOME
*Gossip Girl - it's nice :P
*I'm on The List.* *The name's Pancakes* ^^
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by Twilove »

Gossip Girl it's my current number 1
ANTM I dont really like Tyra Banks but it's fun watching the compatition
That 70's show and thats rally it other than those 3 i dont really like TV that much :/
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by cedwardrox »

My favorite TV shows are Pushing Daisies, iCarly, and KiBa (Which is actually a Japanese anime cartoon that I watch online because it is only on TV in Japan, and I live in the USA.) By the way, I'm obsessed with Japan. Not as much as Twilight though. If it was a bigger obsession I wouldn't be posting here, I'd be looking for a Japanese discussion forum. Hmmmm...
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by eternitys_charm »

my favorite tv shows are
THE EX LIST (with our very own esme)
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by Belle »

First of all I watch way to much TV so this is kinda long.
But here are my favourites:

Still making shows:
-Gossip girls, Smallville, Fringe, The big bang theory, Scrubs, Simpsons, Samantha Who, So you think you can dance, Pushing Daisies, & How I Met Your Mother. Occasionaly House or heroes. but I think heroes kinda is twisted and gross soometimes. But so is fringe so who's talking :P

No more: :(
-Friends, Dawson's Creek, 8 Simple Rules, Gilmore Girls, Joan of Arcadia & Charmed.
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by velvet_voice »

My favorite is FRIENDS... I love this show, it's so funny and just amazing. I've watched every episode like 100 times and I still find it interesting and funny. I just can't believe how they found such great actors for the roles... they are all fantastic. :D
I like House and Heroes very much too. And I loved the first season of Prison Break!
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Re: Favorite TV Shows

Post by Michiyuki »

I would say my tv shows would be nothing but anime, but then that would make me a nerd, but I do enjoy watching True Blood alot, and sancuary.....hm.....Bones... some others too
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