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Re: Lost TV Series

Post by TwilightRose1 »

The ending of Lost was fantastic! Once you saw the ending, It was sort of like it didn't matter what had happened on the island. It was a very peaceful ending, that I think was very satisfying. I cried, of course. I loved how they brought all the characters back in some way or another - even some of the less known ones.

I realllly hope that we see these actors in many other things, because I have definitely grown attached to them while watching 'Lost'. I heard Evangeline Lilly has already started another project.. is it true??? :))) I love her as an actress - she's great! Watching her interviews is so much fun because she seems so natural... And she has fun with the hosts and stuff joking around and all that. She is one of the few actresses I actually respect as a person. :)

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