The Jonas Brothers

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The Jonas Brothers

Post by Pel »

Discuss the band here.
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Re: The Jonas Brothers

Post by clumsy_bella »

I just bought 'A Little Bit Longer' the other day. It's pretty good.
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Re: The Jonas Brothers

Post by Scarlet »

I just got their new CD too! I admit, I am a Jonas Brothers fan. My friend got me hooked on them last year, and now I'm kind of obsessed with Burnin' Up.
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Re: The Jonas Brothers

Post by xMoonlightxTragedyx »

I wouldnt say I am a huge fan, but I do enjoy some of there songs. you can dance to them.
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Re: The Jonas Brothers

Post by Edward's Vampheart »

Just a few days ago I got absoloutely addicted to the Jonas Brothers. My friend mentioned them and I went to listen to their music. Now I'm hooked! I really like the jumpy feel of their music. It's my style ;) .

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Re: The Jonas Brothers

Post by Cinderella85 »

Guilty pleasure!
How can you not love those boys!?
They're so cute! And their music is wicked :)
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Re: The Jonas Brothers

Post by Miss Vengeance »

I am not afraid to admit that I'm a fan of the Jonas Brothers.

I saw them live last year in October and they were really good. It was totally worth standing out in a hundred degree weather with a bunch of nine year old girls for about an hour or so.
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Re: The Jonas Brothers

Post by Daydreamer89 »

I love the Jonas Brothers! They're so cute and such great people, plus there music is great. It's so upbeat and easy to dance to. How could you not love their music? They're new album "A Little Bit Longer" is amazing, there are so many great songs on there. I really wish I could have gone to see them in concert, but I was busy. :cry:
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Re: The Jonas Brothers

Post by Likeasunburn »

I'm actually extremely curious as to how THIS fandom feels about this dance-off thing between the two bands next month. I can tell ya right now, Taylor doesn't have a prayer. The boy falls all over his big old size 14 feet daily lol. Isaac... maybe. But watch out for Zac! I think he'll be the brother to beat here (heh beat, drummer, heh...) Since this whole thing was his idea, I'm betting he's got something up his sleeve.

Well, I guess, technically the Jonas guys wrote the darn song, Zac's just the one who called them out on it.

My friend and I predicted that it'll turn from a dance-off to a jam-off after like 2 minutes. And if THAT happens, mwhaha...

In any case, should make for interesting YouTube-age!
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Re: The Jonas Brothers

Post by jasperlovesme »

because of CAMP ROCK..I now LOVE THEM. lol
Nick's voice makes go crazy!

who wouldn't love them? such great voices. such great talents. such great acting skills. such good people :)
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