The Worst Song Ever

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Re: The Worst Song Ever

Post by dazzlingdynamite »

I like Katy Perry . . . am I the only one?
She's quirky, and fun = goooood.

People that don't take themselves all that seriously are great.

Anyway, I dislike . . . anything X Factor related. Especially when they friggin' ruin a good, timeless song. Hallelujah does not deserve to be a mass marketed type of song. and why the hell didn't Jeff get to no.1? His version was way better.

Sorry a long lost rant resurfacing ^^

Oooh, I hate Ashley Tisdale and her music. She can't even sing, she sounds like a baby crying.

Leona Lewis, she annoys me no end. Actually any big dramatic ballad singers dooo . . . but especially her she has like zero personality.
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Re: The Worst Song Ever

Post by hen-c »

That Numa, numa song or whatever it is called...that drives me crazy. And don't throw rocks at me, but I don't like David Archuleta(i think i didn't spell his name right) and Tokio Hotel, Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus. Oh and also Womanizer by B. Spears makes want to jump out of the window.
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Re: The Worst Song Ever

Post by LittleMs.Hale11796 »

Miley Cyrus.. She is the devil
I ttly hate her, she is a brat and a horrible singer
srry HM/MC fans but its true

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Re: The Worst Song Ever

Post by XAlicexLoverX »

I cannot stand these "scene" bands like:

Jeffree Star
I Set My Friends On Fire

Writing songs about partying gets old, FAST.
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Re: The Worst Song Ever

Post by Mrs. Black »

Lip Gloss by Lil' Mama. I HATE that song.

I can't stand screaming heavy metal music either. It gives me a headache. O.o

I like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and the Jonas Brothers. Hannah Montana appeals to 8-year-olds. I don't like Panic At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, or most punk rock bands. I like Linkin Park, Paramore, Muse, The Black Ghosts, and all of the artists on the Twilight soundtrack.

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Re: The Worst Song Ever

Post by cedwardrox »

Under my umbrella by some person I don't know the name of. I don't even know all of the song but it drives me insane. That and the Oscar Meyer Weiner song. :x
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Re: The Worst Song Ever

Post by roo-roo91 »

I lke under my umbrella... Oh and it's Rihanna who wrote it.
Anyways. I hate the song "Crazy B****" By BuckCherry. I just do, so don't ask why I hate it.
Then again I hate a lot of the songs they play by them on the radio... Except their new song "Rescue Me".
I love that song... My bro just heard it a few days ago... And he loved it too.
But yeah......
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Re: The Worst Song Ever

Post by TeamAliceWins »

Personally, and I really dont want to offend anyone who likes it, but I HATE, DETEST, DESPISE, AND SIMPLY DONT LIKE the song "Mercy" by Scruffy, Muffy, Fluffy, whatever her name is.

I really can't stand Tokio Hotel either. Sorry to anyone that disagrees, but I just wanna tear my ears off everytime thats on.
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Re: The Worst Song Ever

Post by fanpire_336 »

dazzlingdynamite wrote:I like Katy Perry . . . am I the only one?
She's quirky, and fun = goooood.
I like Katy Perry-to a degree. Some of her songs are pretty catchy.

But, I can't stand anything from Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, or Brittany Spears.
They drive me up the wall.
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Re: The Worst Song Ever

Post by Jasper<3 »

^ Yes, like Vanessa's song about sneakers... and Brittany's Womanizer... Does anyone even know what she is saying?? Don't even get me started on Miley...
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