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The Musical Wicked

Posted: Sun Aug 17, 2008 11:22 pm
by Pel
A place to discuss the Broadway hit musical

Re: The Muscial Wicked

Posted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 11:53 pm
by KahlanCullen
Wicked is my favorite musical! I've seen it on tour three times so far. Twice with Stephanie J. Block, my favorite singer. She was the perfect Elphaba, I think.

Re: The Muscial Wicked

Posted: Wed Aug 20, 2008 11:53 pm
by Lauralai
I saw wicked three times when it came here a few weeks ago. Twice I played the lottery (if you knoe what that it) and won seats, ending up sitting front row center both times. The third time i lost the lottery, but still wanted to see it and do stage door, so me and my friend (plus my mother hadn't seen it yet, and she wanted to) got tickets rather fat back in the center and watched it and then did stage door and met the traveling cast, getting our programs signed.

The show was utterly amazing each and every time i saw it and i would see it again in a heartbeat. The music is breathtaking and the acting was pretty spot-on when i saw it.

The cast was also extremely nice afterwards when we asked for autographs and pictures.

What a brilliant show!

Re: The Muscial Wicked

Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 3:47 am
by chessley_meyers
I got to see this a couple of weeks ago when I went to New York for my senior trip. It was amazing! I love the music and the meaning behind the story. Also, when I got to see it, the actress who plays Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter movies was playing Madame Morrible.

Re: The Muscial Wicked

Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 9:30 pm
by Crooked_Rose
I am going to go see Wicked this summer.

I am so excited. <3

This has got to be one of the most amazing shows ever. So emotional, dark, happy, exciting, heartbreaking, funny....

Not enough words to describe it.

Re: The Muscial Wicked

Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 9:31 pm
by Wish.I.may
I really really really wanna see this one.
Idina Menzel was the first reason I did.
She's my idol.
But then I read into it, and it sounds really cool.
But, when I was in Chicago, I couldn't go see it.
So my chances are probably slim.
I hope they release it on DVD (Like a recording, like they did with the original Sweeney Todd)

Re: The Muscial Wicked

Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 9:55 pm
by Crooked_Rose
^I wish they would air it on TV like Legally Blonde.

BUT...I heard somewhere that they are in the process of thinking of a Wicked Movie.

Now, don't take my word for it, but I'm pretty sure I heard that.

Re: The Muscial Wicked

Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 10:21 pm
by xMoonlightxTragedyx
I saw it last year and Im seeing it again. I love that musical soo soo much.

Re: The Muscial Wicked

Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2008 11:52 pm
by CastMeNotAway
I LOVE Wicked! It's my 2nd favorite musical after PotO!

I got to see it once on Broadway (with Julia Murney and Kendra Kassebaum... they were AMAZING! And I got to meet Julia afterwards and she was SO nice!)... it was fantastic! And afterwards my friends and I got a quick backstage tour... we weren't allowed to touch anything, but we got to stand on the stage and look and a lot of props and set pieces up close and get a lot of questions answered... did you know that the "Green Elixir" is Listerine with a glow stick inside? LoL!

And I also saw it twice in Boston when the tour was there... not as incredible as NYC, but still amazing! :D

Re: The Muscial Wicked

Posted: Fri Aug 22, 2008 2:13 am
by mlola619
Oh gosh WICKED! I found out about this amazing musical about 1 year ago & i saw it this past was AMAZING. Needless to say i spend alot of time singing along to the soundtrack with my older sis whenever she comes down from college. Haha it's awesome- we go for a drive and put in that sucker and blast it...ignoring all the people who stare at two teen girls sitting in a car enthusiastically singing along to a Wicked Cd...hehe